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 Who 'Da Fuck Said Da Queen Was Dead? [Operation Fun Rebels] [SF Mission] [4/6 Spots Filled]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Who 'Da Fuck Said Da Queen Was Dead? [Operation Fun Rebels] [SF Mission] [4/6 Spots Filled]   Thu May 31, 2018 4:39 am


Song: Walking With Strangers - Word Count: N/A

Mana didn't give a gosh darn diddly damn whether or not Arianda or Calypso were still clinging to her at the hypersonic speeds at which Ol' Queenie moved to reach Flow City from the Asthavon's Demon World Palace. If they were dust in the wind, so be it. It's not like she didn't warn them they were in for the joy ride into hell itself! Mmmmmmm, yes! She was far too friggin' focused on havin' a bit of a feast, makin' a scene n' nommin' on the delicious flesh, blood, bone n' spirits of these lil' rebels that have been popping up in Demon World following her absence.

Oh yes~

People weren't happy with how unstable things were becoming with the current rule of her lovely lil' kingdom. Demons were upset that she had a lack of presence, others loathed the amount of heavy conflict the realm was under while some just were tired of the chaotic rule of the Asthavon's and Shadow Fall in general. And, like a fly on the wall, Ol' Queenie couldn't help but overhear this gathering of roughly 80,000 protestors gathering in HER city. n' what kind of a Queen would she be if she didn't entertain her a guest? A LOUSY ONE, THAT'S WHAT!

Thus, as the emerald moon shined down upon the brightly lit city filled with chaos, The Demon Queen's presence smashed into the scene like a freight train ready to railroad everyone's asshole straight into the depths of anal hell. Nothing but a series of childish laughs could be echoed throughout the city as this thick pressure weighed down on the city.

When this presence made itself known, protestors, citizens n' Shadow Fall warriors themselves knew one thing: their Queen was back....for better or worse.

So, after taking one large leap from the top of a ten story building (regardless of whatever Arianda or Calypso said at this point unless they had the power to cease her movement), Ol' Queenie stomped to the ground, made a jovial laugh n' wasted no time having a neon green tendril protrude from out of the base of her stomach to make a shish kebab out of about a dozen protestors. In one foul swoop, this tendril was then retracted as these men n' women alike screamed for bloody murderer as they begged for someone to save them -- before getting munched on by the stomach of Mana.

It was a bizarre sight to see as Demoness's stomach grew large toothed fangs, gnawed on the protestors one by one n' spread a series of crimson, silver, gold and emerald blood, guts, bones n' gore in every direction as her laughs n' the childish giggle of the millions of souls inside her body grew ever louder as she relished in this moment of carnage. If Arianda was still around Mana at this point, she'd take a dazed stare at her compaiono before uttering these words to her:

"I can't be a greedy lil' bitch can I? There tens of thousands of these lil' darlin's n' ya deserve a snack for me havin' abused ya worse than an African Slave. Go on, snack on some of these darlings as well. Ya earned the treat, babe."

While Mana could wipe the whole of this city out with her strength as a demonic goddess, ol' Queenie saw better fit to extract the fun out of this n' take her time eatin' like a good wittle kid. Therefore, as all the people looked onward, Mana only had this to say:

"Well, ya' got all these people rounded up to throw me a lil' party. WHO 'DA HELL MISSED THEIR QUEEN!? STEP UP, S'UGAH'S! <3"

...n' with that, The Queen of Demons was back on the scene....


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Who 'Da Fuck Said Da Queen Was Dead? [Operation Fun Rebels] [SF Mission] [4/6 Spots Filled]   Thu May 31, 2018 10:57 am

Cali felt... Very, very tired. No, tired wasn't the right word, out of it was. Mana had sedated the little demon so that she wouldn't scream or cry, as they had taken off into the realm with blinding speeds. Cali was only being held towards her mother via a tendril, keeping her tethered to the demon queen and calm despite the speeds being overwhelming. As they had traveled, Cali was out of it, mentally wonked, and taking the time to lament on the disconnect they felt, the dissonance between their mind and body, it was a surreal experience to say the least.

Huuh.. Am I trailing behind, or going forward..? Her mind tried to make sense of what this feeling was, though the experience was cut short, as something burned in the back of her mind...

Anger. Injustice. Fear. Empowerment... It was a flurry of noise that scratched the back of her skull relentlessly. And it was far more than enough to get the Danava up and perky. The emotions were almost too much for them to bear, the darling panting and edged into a panic, til Mana had dropped down, and shish kabobbed a dozen protestors, which caused Cali's dark eyes to widen in horror, watching them be eaten... By Mama.

The demon's heart beat rapidly, so hard that she swore it was going to burst out of her chest like a newborn Xenomorph. She simply watched in horror as her mother continued to consume people, becoming lost in her thoughts.

This isn't.. What I wanted... I just wanted... To have a calm time, with Mama...

Golden tears trailed down her face, as her body acted on it's own, getting off her belly and onto her feet, rushing to and hugging her mother very, very tightly from behind, trying to stay in contact as long as possible, for her body to bring calm, comforting energies to the manic queen, her body eminating a very strong, sweet scent, that would make any around her who smells it feel more inclined to an elated mood.

"Mama..! Please stop! PLEASE STOP!"
She begged to her, "This isn't what I wanted to do with you! This isn't anything that I wanted! I wanted to go somewhere calm with you..! Mama.." She almost choked on her breath, "There is... Something... Very wrong, isn't there? That.. I have to fix... I have to help..."

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Who 'Da Fuck Said Da Queen Was Dead? [Operation Fun Rebels] [SF Mission] [4/6 Spots Filled]   Thu May 31, 2018 12:46 pm

The Angel of Conflict

Arianda Vael

Artist: Teminite - Song: Ascent - Word Count: NA

It appeared a certain demon trio, at least Arianda assumed Cali was a demon, was flying to Flow City at speeds that required Arianda to look like a baby clutching to its mom’s chest. In other words, she was holding on for dear life as she drank her fill of Mana’s blood to revitalize her. Once her fill had been drunk, she licked her lips, licked Mana's neck, and then simply held on for dear life as the trio flew to Flow City like a missile inbound to strike the city.

As soon as the three landed, Arianda was basically flung off of the Demon Queen's front as she moved to devour people; protesters that seemed to want to do something about Mana. In the way that meant uprooting a demon queen that they thought had no place on her throne. Arianda saw this, looking around at the carnage around them; the mass of people that wanted a different queen. A foolish desire, really. The Angel of Conflict could only sigh as her wings spread from her back and she crossed her legs, levitating above the crowd, as well as Mana and Calypso; slowly creating a blue aethereal spear out of her own energy. The demon stared at the crowd with displeasure. Flow City was basically the Angel's own little territory, so, seeing so many beings act like this was... greatly displeasing.

"All of you are fools if you believe that such a thing will make a difference. Ah well, time to purge a REBELLION"

The demon twirled the spear on her hand before she threw it into the middle of the crowd, many of which have already abandoned their cause and left at the sight of the Queen of Demons. Maybe of Arianda, but, it was hard to say; not many really feared her. But, the second her spear hit the ground, many a person was incinerated; reduced to nothing in the crowd. Arianda sighed softly as she floated down into the middle of the crowd, who surged towards her, aiming to take down her and then Mana. It was pointless of them to even try. All they wanted was a change, and they turn to protesting; tis just a fools errand to protest the absolute.

"Oh~? Is that so, hun~? Why, I better get an appetite soon; some of these people look mighty scrumptious. And don't worry about being greedy, dear Mana~ I've come to accept it. Now, do try and save some of the tasty ones for me~ Now that I think about all that torture you put me through, I am absolutely famished~~"

The demon grabbed one of the rebelling SF warriors from the crowd and she spun him around like a flail; smashing many a demon to death or throwing them aside. Afterwards, she crushed the demon's skull with ease and looked around at the crowd; her eyes half closed. She was bored. Not that this was boring or anything, but... these people attempting to rebel; it was quite silly. The Angel of Conflict looked to her Queen before she gained a rather sadistic grin as her wings flared from her back again as she spun through the crowd; spawning her scissors as she tore through countless, countless, demonic rebels. Eventually, The Angel wrestles a few of these rebels, all of differing genders, and slowly wrung them dry of the latent Death Energy that was around them. She then kicked their dissolving corpses aside, grabbing a few people by the throat. From there, tentacles sprouted from her back and started to devour them piece by piece; eventually rendering them to nothing. The Angel of Conflict even took a few of the more good looking men and women -- listening to her lovable Queen about getting a snack or two -- chomping into their necks with unhinged jaws before her wings wrapped around Arianda, and her victim; and when they opened, only Arianda was left, licking a bit of blood off of her fingers. After a couple more snacks like that, she just had to stretch; a few bones popping in the Ari's back as she looked at the crowd around her before peering at Cali.

Arianda had no idea who this child was, she was clearly a being born from The Queen but something felt... off; different. One would think that if she was created by Mana, Calypso would be more on board with what her mother was doing; meaning that there most be a second factor that clashes with The Danava of Chaos's being. Whatever it was, the demon could only sigh and move towards the pair of Danava, cutting down rebel after rebel as she walked over. Arianda could only sigh at the sight of the child begging for her mother to stop this; it was futile. Mana doesn't listen to anyone but herself, and maybe a few others. Honestly, it would be hard for the Angel of Conflict to believe that even Cali would sway her desires. But, she simply continued slaughtering rebel after rebel, keeping a close eye on Mana and Calypso; wondering what would happen. After all, this child was new to Arianda; she couldn't help but wonder what secrets the two had kept from her. She was a curious little demon, and wanting to know the truth behind things was just a little ideal of hers. Besides, she would love it if a certain demon Queen would tell Arianda what this Child was about. She couldn't wait to hear the truth behind it all. Well, maybe she could; some of these demons were actually pretty damn tasty.

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Who 'Da Fuck Said Da Queen Was Dead? [Operation Fun Rebels] [SF Mission] [4/6 Spots Filled]   Thu May 31, 2018 4:48 pm

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: N/A