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 Arrancar Racial Information

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Arrancar Racial Information   Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:59 pm



1. What are Arrancar?

Alright, below are the race specs for the Arrancar race

What They Are: Arrancar's are considered to an evolved species of hollow as far as Platinum Heart's Lore is concerned. They are a race of hollow whom have attained the power of a Shinigami. This change of power is what allows them to become humanoid in shape and, on average, attain a much better potency and evolution in their powers when compared to their hollow forms.

However, going beyond the surface, these are often considered the epitome of despair, fear, regret, brutality and all things vile as far as Platinum Hearts is concerned. This is because there are often a cluster of human spirits that compromise an Arrancar which leads to greater levels of corruption.

Or, in other cases, the soul of the Arrancar is so tainted that they have a greater spiritual awareness through the amount of pain they have ingested and mediated upon within their mind and soul. In turn, this then leads to a more potent batch of wickedness contained within their body when compared to run of the mill hollow.

Thus, it's up to you how you wish to have your character reflect this aspect of the Arrancar.

2. How To Become One

How To Become One: It is possible to become an Arrancar through a few methods.

Method One - Birth: This is the most common method as far as the Platinum Hearts Universe is concerned. It is possible for Arrancar to simply be born into existence through one or both parents having Arrancar blood in them. Since there are a high population of NPC Arrancar in the PH Verse, this is the most used method in the 25th century.

Method Two - Infection: There are new strains of viruses in the 25th Century that can corrupt a soul and turn it into that of an Arrancar. It is possible for most races to be converted through varying clusters of spiritual diseases and become an Arrancar. However, it is up to the person creating an Arrancar if they wish to have their character made through this method. And, if done in IC, it will have to be reviewed by staff even more-so. Which is why the infection method is recommended prior to character creation as opposed to doing it in thread.

Also, it's worth mentioning that you may also start out weaker than normal Arrancar because most need to feed in order to become stronger as hollow before making the jump to Arrancar. This does not mean that your character CANNOT become stronger; as they can become as strong as you train and develop them to be. But, odds are, their starting tier may be weaker if proper context isn't given in their history as to how they acquired their strength.

Method Three- Mask Removal: This is one of the other common methods. Any hollow, as far as Platinum Hearts is concerned, can become an Arrancar at any level. Therefore, the jump is relatively easy to make it and can be done in the history or in thread if you wish to evolve your hollow.

Method Four - Hogyoku: This is considered the most rare method as far as Platinum Hearts lore is concerned. Just like in the canon, it is possible to create Arrancar by using this gem. However, this will often be done through staff reviews because those birthed from this gem are usually stronger than the average Arrancar due to the power of the Hogyoku. So, more often than not, Hogyoku approvals will be done through admins or multiple moderators.

3. How To Kill An Arrancar

The primary method in order to kill an Arrancar is by destroying their body as far as PH is concerned. Depending on how developed it is, you can kill them ensuring that their heart or skull is crushed. Or, in other cases, you may just have to obliterate their entire body.

If a Shinigami kills an Arrancar? Then chances are they will most likely reincarnate and be restored back on the soul cycle.

If a demon kills an Arrancar? Then there is a high chance they'll be reborn as a demon or sent to hell.

If a Quincy kills an Arrancar? Then their spirit will simply cease to exist more than likely.

If an Angel kills an Arrancar? Then their spirit does have a chance to be purified and can be brought back as a kinder spirit.

Should a human or any other race kill an Arrancar? Then they just die and there is a slim chance for reincarnation.

These are just general occurrences, as there are exceptions to these rules and most of what occurs after death is dealt with in the thread or between role players.

4. Persona Of Arrancar's

Persona: Most Arrancar do not have a defined way in which they act. That is utterly up to you. However, for the NPC's, they have been noted as being brutal, longing for battle, craving destruction and can fall to impulse and temptation quiet easy.

They take the negative aspects of humanity and amplify it to great levels more often than not. Though, to re-state, Arrancar who possess greater self control or yield high quantities of power will often have more diverse personality sets. And, even if your Arrancar does not, it is up to you how to incorporate these traits. They do not have to be static "bad guys".

5. The Aesthetics

Appearance [Covers Hollow Hole & Estigma]: More often than not, Arrancar will have a humanoid appearance when you create them. Along with that, they will usually have a hollow hole placed somewhere on their body. This is meant to otherwise represent their lack of heart and spirit. Furthermore, it's also up to you where you wish to place the remnants of their Estigma. As, the Estigma is the remains of their mask.

As an example of free-form customization with this trait, in the case of Rose Mischevang, through modifications to her body, she covered her hollow hole and mask. These were achieved thanks to various cosmetic changes made via surgery. So, again, you are free to do with as you please. These just set the tone for the generic Arrancar and you can do what you wish for your PC Arrancar. As, more often than not, the PC Arrancar's are the outliners of the race.

6. Locations Of Arrancar

Where They Can Be Found: Due to how accessible dimensional travel is in the PH Verse, Arrancar can appear anywhere you can desire them to be with plausible explanation. So while most reside in Hueco Mundo, there are also quite a few whom roam Demon World, Earth, K-World and even a scarce few who creep in the Soul Society. Their home is just considered to be Hueco Mundo because that is where they were born and because the realm resides between the living realm and Soul Society.

7. Powers And Skills

The Power Corruption - The Arrancar's Unique Powers: It is a worthwhile note to state that most of their powers should represent some aspect of their human life, regret or reason they became a hollow to begin with. These are creatures whom are the embodiment of all things negative with the human spirit, so it makes sense to have their abilities reflect that. So, when creating their unique powers, please try to have power sets that enforce this lore trait.

As an illustration, if I were to make an Arrancar, I would undoubtedly go the path of regret. In this example, my Arrancar would have regretted not giving his full passion in life. From this conflict in his spirit, when becoming an Arrancar, this person would have gained the capacity to harness the power of apathy once they became strong enough to wield it. This is because apathy is considered the reverse of passion and, due to the corruption of spirit Arrancar undergo, the most logical choice to choose for a power. Then, this could be role played out by his ability set inducing debuffs to energized attacks by draining the sense of vitality and energy from them with said apathy enforcing his spirit's reflection via his reaitsu acting as a medium to induce the effect.

Now, while this is a complex example, it shows the amount of free-form you can do when it comes to the message you try and enforce with your Arrancar's corruption. Try to keep a steady theme and you'll be able to create a great Arrancar.

So, on a finale note, if you want a basic understanding of how to make a unique power for an Arrancar:

Yammy Ryaglo is a fair example to take homage from. The reason for this is because rage was his general theme, and in his Ressureccion, that allotted him enhanced strength the further enraged he became.

Zanpakutō: It should be noted that this is in reference to PH lore, not what is written in canon bleach lore. Therefore, on Platinum Hearts, this is considered the essence of an Arrancar. The reason why they possess is because it seals and contains their prime origin of corruption. It takes homage from their despair, former progression as a human and the embodiment of what they were as a hollow or their regret from their former life. When they unleash it, they are releasing the whole of their corruption and reaching an augmented state of power. More often than not, they'll receive an evolution in their power, an augmentation of their strength akin to ten times (no matter what tier level) and further alteration of their body when they release.

Also, to note, there is no limitation on what your Zanpukto can be either. They can be sealed weapons, physical companions, tangible energy or something your mind can imagine. To each their own when it comes to crafting a Zanpukto.

Activation of Zanpukto: This can be done mentally, verbally or physically with a command motion. It doesn't matter how the Arrancar achieves it, but there needs to be some form of active action in order to signal the release of their Zanpukto's power. The act of release is called "Resurrección" and will be explained in the next section.

Resurrección: As explained above, the Resurrección is the main release form that most Arrancar have. Yes, you have the choice of not having it, but your Arrancar may potentially be weaker if they lack it. Now, having addressed that, this release often brings the primordial embodiment of their corrupt power to the surface. This is where you will want to make them their strongest, enforce the aspect of their regrets and revert them to their primal hollow states. So, in essence, this considered their true face to the world that they unveil when released.

Therefore, most appearances in Resurrección are often animalistic in a lot of cases. However, it is NOT restricted to that. The physical form they take when released is ultimately up to you and how you feel it operates with the theme of corruption your Arrancar is enforcing. For example, for something simple, you could have your Arrancar's eyes, arms, legs and chest be devoured by flames to represent the rage of a life unfilled and transformed into the element of fire.

Additionally, as stated before, most of the usual traits with their Resurrección comes in the form of a ten times augmentation boost in all tiers and stages. This is what originally made them such a harsh threat for the Shinigami race to cope with in the beginning; so it stands to reason this trait would stay in such old age now that hundreds of years have passed. Most of their stamina, speed, durability, strength and spiritual power are often bolstered and taken to prime levels in order to evolve their essence into a more enriched and whole form.

This is also the reason they are limited to one form until reaching a suitable tier of 0-3 to 0-1 for Segunda Etapa due to how high the boost is. And, why that higher release form is comparable to something akin to a Shinigami's Shikōkai . (AKA their third release PH wise)

Resurrección - Segunda Etapa: As far as Platinum Hearts is concerned, Segunda Etapa is considered the last stage of an Arrancar's Resurrección. This is because it serves as an enhancement to their corruption and brings it to a higher plateau of power. Similar to the way that Bankai does a Shinigami's, but to a much more grand and rarer scale. As, only a handful of Arrancar are able to achieve them due to them being reserved for 0-3 to 0-1 characters.

In terms of appearance? Most Segunda Etapa forms will have some sort of physical change to reflect the symbolism of their corruption being awakened to a higher form. For example, going back to our previous example of someone with the ability to produce flames of rage, their whole body could potentially be devoured by flames to induce the unfathomable amount of hostility and aggression their pained spirit expresses when unleashed in this form.

Additionally, in terms of power, they may branch out into other related power sets in this form. In our example above, rage could be complimented with hatred because the two are very similar and further abilities could be crafted from that additional power set enhancing the character further. Along with that, they'll often receive a double boost in power when it comes to their previous augmentations. Hence, you will be taking the ten times boost, applying it by two and getting a twenty times boost from their BASE (not Resurrección form) when released.

8. Racial Abilities

Cero: As far as Platinum Hearts is concerned? A Cero is an extension of the user's spirit. Therefore, they can mend in most forms they choose. The most common way to perform a cero is by gathering a cluster of energy, directing it towards your palm and then shooting a destructive burst of energy at the target. However, as you become more masterful in your cero skill, you can can begin to mold it and customize it to a greater extent.

As an illustartion of what an advanced cero user could do, say this Arrancar in question yielded the ability to manipluate ice as one of their powers. With their skill over their cero control, they could begin to elements of their frozen element into their cero. In turn, this Arrancar would then be able to make hundreds of meters of space around them explode in solid ice chunks with frozen explosions.

Or, as you become a master, you could even produce entire weapons made from your Arrancar's energy. As, for instance, it would be in the realm of possibility to forge something like a cero blade that is constantly powered by your Arrancar's spiritual energy. And, when combined with their powers, very versatile means of combat could ensue depending on how you creative and imaginative you are with this weapon.

Honestly, it could be molded into armor, crafted into equipment, morphed into energy cores and so on and so forth. The sky is the limit the greater your control is with cero in the PH verse.

Bala: What are bala's? Well, they are essentially the same thing cero's, save for the fact they are often smaller and much more easier to utilize. And, due to this fact, bala's are also infamous for their swift speed. As many Arrancar's can summon these quickly in battle and change the tides with their rapid fire capacity. Which means the higher in skill and strength your Arrancar is, the more instantaneous they can summon and spawn their creations of energy.

Granted, they will be weaker, but it is often worth it if attempting to surprise the enemy or create something on the fly. Since, in the PH verse, Bala's are still extremely adaptive depending on how ingenius you can get with your creations. They can be made to create temporarily blades of energy, or you could perhaps have it devour your characters arm in order to form a gauntlet that produces rapid fire burst of energy at the opponent. The examples can go on, but you should have a pretty fair idea of how to craft your characters attacks from what was written in the cero section.

Hierro: This is the Arrancar's natural born defense. Hierro is a form of protective skin which makes them resistant to brute force damage from attacks ranging up to Zanpukto slashes and even energized blast. As far as the PH verse is concerned, this durability even extends into their organs and bones in order to create a form of double layered defense against foes attacks. So the stronger an Arrancar becomes, the more potent this durability often becomes.

And, as the character grows in tier and skill, the more customized this defense evolves into. For instance, some characters are able to further multiply this skill and create additional layers of defense to further soften the blow against attacks. This way the foe is having to attack through, in some cases, six layers of skin before making their mark.

In other illustration, they'll also merge it with their powers in order to make a more durable range of abilities. As, when they have more control over their hierro, they can even see the durability of their energy improve to create more potent attacks. So, for instance, a master level Arrancar could produce a form of spiritual hierro which enriches his attacks in order to resist be easily broken or shattered by barriers or other energy attacks.

So, as you can tell, this ability is highly altered and advanced in the PH verse and is up to your mind's limit (and common sense + limitations) to create.

Soindo: Designed to be the equivalent of the Shinigami's Shunpo, Soindo is a form of high-speed movement that allows Arrancar to move in fast burst of momentum. But, unlike Shunpo, most Arrancar seem to have a natural instinct for it. As, even on lower levels, they appear to be able to move in short, but very rapid flashes of speed.

With that said, the duration, stamina and distance will vary from character to character based on their tier, skill sheet and powers. Some will be more designed towards long-distance running where they are conditioned to go at slower, but more stable rates of speed. While other Arrancar may craft their speed to be extremely short, but quite difficult to keep close of in short ranges.

And, as far as PH Arrancar are concerned, they can even apply this soindo to their attacks. This is performed by channeling their instinct into their energy, giving a manual impulse for the instinct of "soindo" to be activated and then giving up sums of their power in order to have greatly augmented speed when it comes to the movement of their assaults. This can result in enhanced cero attacks, further spamming of their abilities and allows them an edge over an opponent in battle.

So this is a rather potent skill for an Arrancar to vest their time and energy into.

Pesquisa: In the PH Verse, Pesquisa is a means to feel out an opponent's energy and aura. It is activated by the Arrancar consciously tapping into their spiritual energy and sending a pulse throughout the battlefield of the thread they are in. From there, they can then begin to attain a sense for how many different energies are in the vicinity, how strong they are and what race they are.

And, like many of the abilities before it, this to has the potential to become customized. For instance, someone with a higher end skill in Pesquisa, say, around, advanced level, could attempt to create a constantly active version of this technique. One that allows all of their senses to become augmented and their perception of the battlefield to become precise. In turn, they can have a more keen sense of reaction when it comes to the slightest of movements on the battlefield because of how attuned their awareness is.

Now, that is but a brief illustration, but it drives the point home of getting ingenious with the way you want to use this racial power. So, as stated before, it's all up to how creative you are in making this ability tailored and suited to your character.

Regeneration: The title says it all. Arrancar do have a choice to lower or trade in their Hierro for regeneration. This allows them to naturally recover from injuries, illness or any other damage their bodies may be dealt. Below are the different levels of regen that PH Arrancar possess:

Beginner: Flesh wounds are mended rather easily. Cuts, scrapes, bruises and thins like that can be recovered. Granted, it may tire out easily due to the level of skill associated with the character, but it is still a useful trait to have. If given enoguh time, they can regenerate entire organs and bones over the course of a few days if they are broken or damaged.

Adept: This is where regeneration starts to show it's real perks. Burns, fractured bones and blood loss can be restored within the same post or next post. Additionally, their bodies can stand a higher amount of abuse and endure lethal attacks much better. Such as if an opponent slashed their bodies all around and made them bled excess blood, they would still be able to stand and fight most likely. And, unlike beginners, they could restore their bodies back to normal within a single day if more critical injuries were dealt to them.

Advanced: Advanced level Arrancar who have regeneration can restore limbs and mend bones back together within one or two post if given enough time to recover. They are also capable of restoring nerves, fending off toxins and can retain a constant state of youth with how their body is rapidly regenerating itself. And, while it isn't anything like the masters regeneration, they can still restore their organs, but at a much slower rate. Roughly within one to three post depending on how much focus and energy they put into it.

Master: Masters can regenerate at fast rates of speed. In fact, it's possible for them to recover their injuries within the same post if they expend enough energy and stamina to do so. However, they are still killable if their heart or skull is crushed. So, it is ill-advised for them to take too much damage to these areas of their body. Otherwise, they are even capable of complex internal restoration; such as restoring organs and other structures of their body with relative ease.

Grand Master: Grand Masters may take the whole of their body being obliterated to kill. This is because their level of regeneration goes above and beyond the normal version of the Arrancar's regen. It is very likely that Arrancar of this caliber of skill are able to come back even after having their skull or heart crushed so long as they have the energy to perform the feat. They are often in a state of constant repair and their body is always seeking to mend and repair any damage done to it. Granted, it still takes energy and tiring them out could work, but it makes killing them quite difficult as they are often rather powerful when reaching the rank of GM.

9. Organizations They Can Join

Shadow Fall: This is by far the most popular organization for Arrancar to join. The reason for this is because it is where the former Espada merged together with Sin Fall. In doing so, they both created a powerhouse org composed of some of the strongest members of the Demon and Hollow race combined under one roof. So, if you are looking for a massive home to call your own, it is recommended you join this org.

The Kokuryuteshi: This is another organization that allows Arrancar into their ranks. The Kokuryuteshi are lawful antag faction which are focused around making the ideal world for those whom join their ranks. Therefore, they are open to any and all races who are loyal to their cause. To learn more about it, click the link below

The Monsuta: This is another organization which appears to be taking in Arrancar. Their goal seems to be aligned with terrorism and generally being a fierce antag force in the world. With changes in their leadership, their goal seems uncertain, but they are accepting all races. To find out more, click the link below:

Vanguard: This one is probably the best choice for protag Arrancar. However, you will need to receive a special clearance from the organization to be accepted. This is because they are often in war against many factions which are filled with Arrancar, Demon and Hollow races. So it stands to reason they'd be leery, but open to the idea if you could prove your loyalty.

To find out more about the Vanguard, click the link below

10. The Template For Arrancar & Other Links

The template to create an Arrancar character is linked below:

The template to create custom bala's/cero's is linked below:

New Hueco Mundo

Quote :
Hueco Mundo is located between the Human World and Soul Society, though it is separate from the bordering dimension known as Dangai. It can only be accessed by tearing the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, allowing Hollows to travel to any other dimension at will. Depending on the Hollow, the effect of this process varies.

Defenses For Hueco Mundo




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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Racial Information   Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:07 pm


T H E . D U E S . E X . E N G I N E

Taking the form of a small, metal object the Dues Ex Engine is an attempt by the Arrancars at making a future of powerful warriors less of a dream and more of a reality. Initial tests were run on Hollows to ensure the engine would be compatible and if they would yield the results the people were after. Once an entire army of what was dubbed as Dues Hollows was created, the Arrancar began testing amongst themselves. This caused a breakthrough in evolution and granting Arrancar across the Universe access to a boosted form.

T H E . D U E S . E X . R E S S E R E C I O N

Via an implant into the Arrancar body in any location, the Dues Ex Engine can force the Arrancar to enter a state greater than their standard Resserecion. Sadly, this form is below Segunda Etapa state and also overwrites the standard Ressureccion, but is best seen as a bridge between being a standard Arrancar and one of the strongest.

In this form, the user tends to change appearance and grow stronger with additional abilities upgraded from what would have been their standard state. Their general appearance becomes somewhat metallic.

For example, their wings could be coated in metal, their bone sections may be metallic now etc. Their veins may glow their reiatsu colour in a similar way neon energy moves through a pipe. Spotting a Dues ex isn't too tricky when their glowing like that but it is wise to note they wont always be charging their reiatsu so it wont always glow.


  • User must have purchased the Implant from the Hallowed End Store

  • The User must be Tier 2-2 or higher. Expect this upgrade to give a boost above this tier however.

  • The User must be an Arrancar since the Dues Ex Engine was designed with their genetic make up in mind. The user cannot be of multiple races and if they would gain additional genetic make up, the Dues Ex would become unusable.


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Arrancar Racial Information
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