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Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:23 am

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"Hmmmmm, I can't be Kade Hiroshima so let's see look like Spider-Man so better pretend to be him that should work well for a while. Ok it's been a long damn time since the incident but I''m back here now where are those punks hiding now got to find them and I guess teach them a lesson. It feels wrong though but maybe I feel will feel better they spray painted Hanako's pub with graffiti...since I'm playing Spider-man gig for a while let see how well this turns out. Alright you punks where are you???" He thought. With his demon sensing, Damien followed the shinigami trail but waitaminute this wasn't right it was heading back to the soul society still the demon knew about Kade Hiroshima's incident with them. But the noble demon thought they probably won't know who he is after all neither the Soul society nor the Yuudeshi clan systems couldn't fully identify him. How could they? Maybe it had something to do with his creation but sooner or later they will find out who the demon might be and they might find it to be impossible.

Damien thought this visit was long overdue because after his altercation with some people the demon should get some answers because something was wrong here. How much damage did Hagokumo Masada do the former name the demon knows that he's the clone of Kade Hiroshima but so much has happen. Their was one thing that could help him gain better power and that thing was the hogyoku but what happens when the demon meets up with the true Kade Hiroshima. The Captain Commander forbidded the demon to learn anything more about it during his time serving the soul society saying demons didn't need or deserve such power. But that was Kade Hiroshima's lifetime and he was gone and he couldn't just go back to that name anymore. Damien did a lot of research on the weird thing some of his old connections were still good within the demon world and karakura town. The demon rumors told him about the thing but Aizen that bastard was the only one who had knowledge and control over that weird orb. He hadn't been seen for a long fucking time if he was only here then the demon could get answers about that weird black orb and if so could another one be created.

Damien would have a lot of questions for that guy to think the original meeting his clone that would totally set up the scene for a battle. However, Even though over the years the demon had grown in power the guy was no match against the original who knows how much power and skill the mad demon has now. To his memory when Mana Asthavon released the death energy into the mad demon it started a nexus void separate most of Kade Hiroshima from the mad demon's mind . In the process, Damien's mind was restored gaining all of Kade Hiroshima's memories the clone of former demon hero but now. How much damage was done to the name of Kade Hiroshima for Damien himself to take everything back and restore his good name but only time will tell. Who knows how far Kade Hiroshima was gone from the original demon and perhaps maybe it was a lost cause after all but still the demon was still noble and he had a mission to take care of. Three shinigami punks who thought they could get away the bastards spray painted Hanako's pub leaving a horrible reference saying "Shinigami rulez and Yuudeshi sucks". The noble demon tracked them here but inside was a big problem but the demon managed tricking the gate guardian who let him in. Nothing body manipulation could handle now where did his three little friends head off to finally with his demon sensing the noble demon finally tracks down the punks.

Damien wasn't sure about the whole Spider-man gig but it might just make him famous even legendary now to see what those shinigami were up to. From the corner, Damien saw them messing with a few female squad members maybe some of them were trying to have a good time or something. But this was business and personal both at the same time, Damien thought this was an perfect opportunity if he runs into somebody dangerous the demon might have to use force or escape. Now to deal with some graffiti artists, Damien appeared close to the shinigami punks after the trio failed into scoring a date with those female shinigami.

"Now did you guys miss me??? You guys kind of damaged to that poor girl's pub with your spray painting art nice though. But you should try your painting skills at an art school the county jail within Karakura town having a great place for that and other creative things you can do in there." Damien said.

"SPIDER-MAN" Shinigami #1 said.

"Who the hell? Omigod it's him....The same guy who beated us within Karakura town that same person who been causing trouble for bad guys. Look web dude someone paid us a lot of money for that jobs and we can't have you spilling the beans to our superiors so I sorry um Spider-Man. But we going to have ta kill you Spider-Man we don't want to go to the Maggot's nest so this is the end for you." Shinigami #2 said.

"Wait-a-minute he...h..he can't be how the fuck did he track us here. Yeah I think this is Spider-Man we get to take down someone famous." Shinigami #3 said.

"Guys, Please language but wow never knew I had a fan club that sort of an honor first day on the job and still making headlines. Even though I was a former hero this will make up for everything now where were we. Oh yes you guys tarnishing Hanako's pub, I mean the girl may have had a nice rack never seen it but once when she was showering accidentally. Yeah Koichi was away....Um nevermind.....But really I'm not the one in trouble here because your paint is still on your hands from the spray cans you used. Easy giveaway to what you guys did so how are we going to this the easy way of the Spider-Man hard way either way is good for me." Damien said.

"How about we kept our secret and kill you Hadō #33" Shinigami #1 said.

Damien did dodge the attack still their were weaklings why would they do something bad like this only to be caught. The noble demon started blocking their Hadō shots still this was going to be an experiment to see if he could restore his old name but really did he really want to. The shinigami trio started drawing out their zanpakutos and then it was time to hero plan into motion by activating his magic powers the demon managed managed to shoot magic web from his wrists. The magical web grabbed their zanpakutos trapping them within a web cocoon now the trio was weaponless what could they do now. They started some unarmed combat with their fists yet again the noble demon tried his magical webbing again trapped the thugs within a web prison. The web prison should hold them for a while but only for a hour the demon magic wasn't strong enough the demon might have to train still if he could find where this scared black orb was. The noble demon knew it was wrong but these punks might have stolen something and then the demon started checking their bag but the demon finds a black demon gem. Damien was wondering what the hell was this thing it had demon power to it and he wonders where these shinigami thieves stole it from. What were shinigami doing with demon stuff??? This didn't make any sense maybe he should take it to somebody who might share better insight to this however the graffiti artists were caught. Too bad Hanako wasn't around to see it the woman would be fuming over what happen to her pub not only that her husband would make quick work of these fools. Some more people were coming the noble demon should hide until planning his next move, Damien jumps to a rooftop and starts running. He was hoping to keep himself hidden....know these shinigami they might be able to track him the demon needed to blend in with the crowd. The demon did have some control with his shifting power and body manipulation combined it might prove to do the trick for starters the demon needed a shinigami outfit. He started sneaking and then started looking both ways seeing if the coast was clear almost like a secret agent or something. Everything looked alright if he was evil like the original Kade Hiroshima this would be a golden opportunity to find out what strategy and battle plans these guys had. Damien knew that was wrong how long will it take for them to be on his tale and who knows if this will land him into some hot water for getting those punks.

Some other shinigami arrived on the scene seeing some unseated guys within a sort of web prison and these guys were criminals. They were thinking about calling this in because who the hell could have done this because this didn't feel like a shinigami this was kind of weird. The criminals were saying that some sort of Spider-Man grabbed them they didn't believed it at first but what if this was true they called it in.

"Central come in please.........Central come in...Hello Sir, Um your not going to believe this but somebody beat us to the job. Yeah, Someone did out job for us the got the people responsible for spray painting Hanako's pub. The three suspects have been caught but it seemed they trapped in some spider web they saying some Spider Man caught them and webbed their zanpakutos into a cocoon. I know this sounds ridiculous but it might be a trespasser. Their saying this guy was strong but I really don't believe it was Spider-Man." Squad member said.

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Spider-Man??? In the Soul Society??? Empty Re: Spider-Man??? In the Soul Society???

Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:50 am
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Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:30 pm

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