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Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:36 am
"This door is nothing."

The male stated as he lifted up his cane with his right hand, pressing into the door and causing it to open wide. As he did so, a great clamor went throughout the entire prison. Just as always, when a visitor arrived, the prisoners began getting rowdy. This was, of course, the Maggots Nest, den of the unsavory characters that the Soul Society had decided lacked the power to keep in service.

"This floor is nothing…"

The male's presence continued advancing forwards as his eyes opened wide, his pupils narrowing in the center of his eyes as he reached out both hands, breathing out as he pressed his elbows downwards. Looking back and forth, he finally was surrounded by a ring of prisoners, with others slowly coming in from behind. However, what he said rapidly shocked them.

"Your abilities are nothing, so have them back." The male stated as a gigantic bubble appeared around the area, pressing against the walls of the Maggots Nest as it cracked the foundations, breaking the nullification on the prisoners as they could feel their energy returning to them, before the male laughed, his disabled body leaping into the air as he dodged a firebomb based kido, watching it slam into another prisoner.

" And now, an amnesty shall be granted to anyone who can defeat me." The badly crippled male told them as his body continued spinning through the air, small bubbles appearing as he performed rapid shunpo to keep teleporting about, the bubbles that he left in his wake scattering among the prisoners sa reishi began pouring through the area from their power, their attacks all shooting at the male. Dameda… zen zen… Dame...DA!" The poet shouted as his form landed firmly on the ground, his gaze turning to look at them as his only available eye stared at them with a piercing gaze, before each of the bubbles left behind began to rupture.

Explosions of fierce power were loosed in every direction from the bubbles as they shot out around the area, bursting and dealing damage to everyone around them, causing them to fall over and backwards as marks began consuming their bodies, damage even disabling one or two from the intensity it possessed. "Pain… I like it rough…? Because I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all…" The male muttered as a small speck of gold shone n his left eye, the only one which still held the capacity of sight.

And clutched his head as he could hear whispering at his back again, to him an illusion of a woman with gray hair appearing at his back as he closed his eyes shut tight, but could still feel her there as if she were real. It became rapidly dangerous as he rolled to the side out of sheer instinct, even as another kido brushed his side, tearing off the bandages and the golden stitches that were practically holding him together, his half-reformed right arm showing as the mismatched limb stood out on his side, his eyes glaring at everyone around him as he slowly closed his eyes, sweat pouring down his face as he panted while breathing in and.

"Very well." He muttered as his hand spun his cane around, pointing it to the side. As he did so, a strange rippling occurred as the staff was replaced by a sheathe, the male's right hand pulling something out of the sheathe and smiling. His body was in motion again, slowly descending from yet another shunpo as he focused his left eye, a great amount of energy roiling around his body as he placed the blower against his lips.

And proceeded to blow. And the blow produced bubbles, hundreds of bubbles pouring outwards towards his enemies as the bubbles poured outwards, pressing into them as it created a veritable wall between the male and the swarm of opponents, even as the last bubble formed a sword from the blower's tip, the male holding the blade at his side as he looked up at the sky for a moment, given but a single moment of peace. ...Oh, Tiamat… He sighed as he turned his gaze back at his opponents, his gaze turning somewhat cold.


The single, dangerous word left the male's mouth as around his body, slime began to exude from his flesh. From the top of his head, two antennae began to rise up, sticking out of his skull as his spiritual pressure could finally be felt by those around him… and the prisoners began throwing up, clutching their stomachas and falling to the ground as they lost their collective lunches, the smell of bile permeating the area as chain reactions occurred all over the area as Iriko stood there, looking at them.

"...Bubaru 1." The male said simply as he stretched out his left hand as it held the sword, a mystical blue energy flowing out from it as without warning an absolutely massive amount of bubbles began pouring out. The bubbles flooded the area before Iriko as they shone with a green shine, before rupturing with an emerald hue. This caused for a massive amount of green slime to explode voilently outwards as the ocean of bubbles exploded, covering the Maggot's Nest from head to toe in slime, even breaking the walls and ceiling as the entire prison, in all of its size and mass, was filled to the brim.

It was like a gigantic ocean of jello colored like slime was extending outwards of the roof of the Maggot's Nest, before suddenly it began pouring outwards. Out of the slime, and totally covered in slime from head to foot, was the Captain Commander. "It's over." He said as the bodies of the others began rising out of the ground, every single member of the Maggot's Nest having ascended outwards into the light of day as Iriko looked up at the sky, the wind gently blowing against his hair as he closed his eyes for a moment, before seeing in mind's eye that being once again. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! He screamed inside his mind as he forced his eyes open, looking at the collected Shinigami once more.

"This is the sky. This is what you were denied for so long. Do you long for it to continue being denied from you?" The male asked, as a stream of ice cloaked the slime on his right flank, pinning the underdeveloped arm against his body as ice began coursing down his legs, even forming on his forehead as the two antennae changed into horns of ice, the male's body slowly changing as his back grew more straight, his eyes widening. "You have two options, all of you. Be free, or die."

The male stated as a draconic claw of ice began to form out of his right arm, his mouth changing into a smile as he stared at them. "Bankai…" The Captain Commander smiled as even those brave Shinigami who had prevented from losing what was within them found themselves hunched over, their guts coating the slime beneath them. "Yes, that's right. This is who I am, a disgusting slug! AND I'LL NEVER BE ANY DIFFERENT, RIGHT?!" He demanded, a pained laugh leaving his throat as she appeared all around him, that woman again staring at him from every point as he breathed in and out, his draconic right arm gripping his blade as he sliced it through the smoke that had formed from his transformation.

"Come on, try harder, SHOOT FASTER!!" The male cried out at the prisoners who had remained fighting him, dodging about as their kido shot by his body, the Captain's body darting about in every direction as the six tails from his behind draped behind him, his feet finally stopping as he landed firmly on a plate of reishi in the air, holding up both hands. "Bubaru 2." He stated, as the same gigantic bubble which had prevented even the wrath of a Divine class being appeared above his head, the absolutely gigantic bubble which could hold an entire district within it, with a coating multiple times firmer and stronger than diamond forming in his hands as he threw both hands downwards.

Above his head, the bubble rapidly came downwards, shining with a red light as Iriko watched. ...You have so much power…. That voice said within his head, even as he grit his teeth, looking down at the draconic limbs that came out of either side of his body. "I never asked for these. I never asked for this. I can only do what I believe to be right, and as my life has lead to this, I shall use it!" The male exclaimed as the shining bubble slammed into the ground, a massive amount of ice forming through it as the massive pinnacle rose up into the air, forming a pinnacle of ice larger than the Maggot's Nest formerly was, before it suddenly came crashing downwards, smashing through the nest as it crushed the building under its own weight, the slime within it dispersing into every direction as Iriko rolled his neck around, his eyes closed.

"SO WHO REMAINS? WHO WILL FIGHT THIS POWER?!" He asked the pinnacle, before seeing two cracks appearing in its surface. Out of the pinnacle, two beings emerged, a male Shinigami and a female one. Iriko's body vanished as a stream of pure light emerged from his body, shooting over the pinnacle as his body instantly reappeared up there, bubbles emerging out of the slime which covered his body as they formed into weapons, covering the pinnacle in weapons made out of bubbles.

"..Why were you two imprisoned?" He asked them both seriously, looking at the both of them. The male had ginger hair, nearly flaming red, and his skin tone was very pale, his face covered in freckles. However, his appearance and stature were one of strength as he adopted a stance which Iriko recognized as martial arts.

The woman, however, had long raven hair, and her body was covered in scars, especially long her face. Both were garbed in typical prison clothes, and both held the same gaze of determination. The woman spoke up first as she looked at him. "My Captain couldn't believe I was stronger than him, and when I submitted a request of challenge, the coward blamed me for a conspiracy." She stated, as Iriko slowly closed his eyes.

"I am here because I attacked my squad's Vice Captain for attempting to force himself on my wife." The male stated as he grit hi steeth, looking directly at Iriko with cold eyes.

"Yes, I can see that. However… politics is not my strong suit. You see, I am a Poet." The male stated as a shinigami's cloak of pure ice appeared around his body, followed by a captain's garment, and on his back of his haori… a mark of One appeared, the single dashed line appearing as he looked at both of them. [color=blue]"Central 46 has been destroyed. The Maggot's Nest has been destroyed. Most of Seireitei is in shambles, as the two of you can see. We were put under attack while under an incompetent leader… and this was the result. The only reason I am still alive is because a demon saved my life directly. These are dramatically different times."finished stating as his hands pointed outwards, each gripping a blade made out of a bubble.

[color=blue]"However, despite that, I must prove to you my determination as well. Come."
The male stated as they began doing so, the male's swords suddenly changing into both of them as the bubbles became tonfa, a glowing blue energy swirling around them as small specks of gold began to course along them, even as the male's body shot downwards INTO the ice. The Kami Tonfa did their job as he swam through the ice, before reappearing behind the male sa the right tonfa spun around, smashing into the male's side as Iriko's body spun around, his mouth panting as his right tonfa opened wide, letting loose a hail of bubbles which popped all over the place, cracking before destroying the top of the pinnacle as they released waves of force into the female.

Meanwhile, Iriko's body had begun moving faster and faster as the tonfa slammed into the male's body from every direction, before finally grabbing the male's shoulder, pulling his weight out as he threw the male in the style of jujitsu, throwing his body weight over his own. "Tragedy… My old friend, it's come to visit me again." He stated as his feet walked forwards, looking sadly at the female as the male did not get up from the throw Iriko delivered to him. It wasn't particularly surprising; Iriko had hit so many vital points, the man should no longer be conscious.

"...This ice below is special. It can… feel the determination of those encased within it. Their determination will act like a flare, keeping their bodies alive within it. Those without it, however, will freeze to death… people are dying below us even now." The male explained as he looked at the woman, his right hand sliding to the side as the bubble wand expanded, the bubble growing to several times Iriko's size, sharp all over as every other bubble popped, returning the full power and influence of Iriko's zanpaktou into his right hand. The bubble glowed blue as the entire weapon suddenly froze over, becoming a large blade. "…" The male was silent as he lifted the blade high above his head, his left eye twitching as the wind from the building up of the attack blew away the wrappings over his right eye, causing it to be revealed to the world…

And all anyone could see was a gold light, deep within his eye socket. "… She's forcing me.. To watch her…" The male muttered as the face appeared over the woman's, his eye with a pupil twitching. "LEDRIC SKRAG MRA PRONGA!!" The male shouted as he threw the blade downwards, a massive amount of pure force exuding outwards as the massively crippled male released his attack. It was true, he had been speaking demon… and as for what he was saying… that was somewhat more difficult to explain.

In any case, the massive attack bowled into the woman, knocking her clear off the pillar as her body flew over the air of the Seireitei as Iriko watched her fly. His eyes were unfocused as he watched her body fly through the sky, his breathing shallow. The honest truth was, that final attack had exhausted him beyond all belief in his inured state; his muscles were refusing to respond any longer as the special sword disintegrated into nothing,

And the male's knees buckled as his ice became weakened as a result, even as he grit his teeth, blinking as two others rose out of the ice from behind his body. Closing his eyes, he saw the blades that were descending towards the back of his head… and were then denied by two tendrils which slipped out of his back, causing him to gasp in displeasure as they crashed into the two of them, sending them flying just as hard as Iriko's attack.

"I should have known it wouldn't be that easy…" The male muttered as he gripped his zanpaktou, forcing his foot into the gorund as he screamed, hollering as his body began to change, fings of pure ice forming on his back as th eblue property of the ice infected his very ahir, scales developing on his arms and legs as the six tails behind him crstallized before extending outwards from his behind, his voice literally screaming as he realized that there were Shinigami who had fleed instead to retrieve their own zapnaktou, attempting to slay him with them.

"I… Will stand my… ground until the end…" He muttered as his head threw itself back, looking up at the sky as the tendrils slid back into his back once more, the tonfa reforming on either arm as he began spawning more bubbles from the slime that covered his body."..Shikokai…. Seiryuu…" He finished as his eyes opened wide, seeing the tonfa's in his hands beginning to glow that golden color once more.

"……..What has happened to me…?" The male wondered aloud as the draconic parts of his body grew even stronger, his mouth opening in a roar as small golden flames lit on the tips of the horns on his head, his entire body radiating an ice-blue aura. "Whatever. Primal Ice." The male muttered as his hands flashed about, forming palms, then fists, then arriving to his lips as he leaned forwards, blowing into his hands as in front of his body a wave of pure carnal ice emerged.

This wave of pure ice swarmed outwards, attempting to freeze absolutely in its path before eventually coating over each one of the shinigami. Meanwhile, Iriko's hands were shifting once more, forming a kind of pipe before his lips as he began blowing once more. "Primal Flame." He let out as the fire echoed across the area in the wake of the ice, badly damaging anything in its wake. Anyone who was observing this battle would likely be amazed at the sheer amount of offensive power the male wielded, even as he began panting harshly.

"Can't… give up… yet… Primal Sand…" He muttered, his spiritual energy flaring up one more time as he brought the hands up to his mouth, his eyes shut tight as the massive wave of sand and earth flowed outwards, covering everything in a massive amount of damage and completely destroying the area around where the Maggot's Nest had been, leaving Iirko panting.

"...This is it…? This is the limit of the power of the Captain Commander/ This is… all that I am able to do?"

"Not quite."

And the male's eyes widened, as he realized his body was now standing in the middle of his zapnaktou spirit's world, the never ending expanse of space facing him in every direction. However, instead of his zanpaktou spirit, he instead saw a man… or a being of some kind, awash in a pure white light. "Why ar eyou here? Where is my zanpaktou spirit? It doesn't talk to me… are you here because of what happened in that battle?" He demanded the answers to his questions, to which the being of pure light only pulled the hood over his head, showing the extensions of a slug and the imprint of a slug around his body.

"I am your zanpaktou spirit…. Even if that weren't tur ebefore, ti's true now… I ca nfeel that… and I can feel.. That no… I have nothng to do with that Demoness… I am earnestly your zanpaktou." The male told him, sounding extraordinary cool and collected… although also somewhat confused. However… I can say… you have access to more power than you can imagine… but.. To reach it… You'll have to be fine with continuing what should have happened that day if not for that interference."

Iriko took the strange being's words into account within his mind, before slowly breathing out as he slowly smiled. "...That has been my wish since the beginning." The slug shinigami said in response as his spirit looked at him, the magnificent glow of his form shining on the male. "Very well then. But prepare yourself." He stated, before Iriko's consciousness left his inner world.

On the outside, the Shinigami were getting up from his primal attacks, but in no state to continue fighting. His body slowly began to shine, before his eyes opened wide, revealing a shining power within them as a glow covered over his entire body, his breathing coming to a halt as he realized that pain had consumed his entire body. Just as quickly, his mind began processing much faster than before as he lifted up a hand, summoning a bubble made of pure energy and holding it in that hand as he looked at each of the Shinigami…

And realizing that he could feel no loyalty from any of them. His mind opened wide, examining, somehow, each of the Shinigami who had been within the Maggot's Nest. Acquiring them all, five more of these spear bubbles of pure energy appeared around his body, before opening his mouth wide. As he did so, the six spears launched, and every single one of them passed through several Shinigami.

IN an instant, things had been settled. Some Shinigami clutched at their vital organs, all of which had been crushed and destroyed, before dying where they stood. Others were knocked unconscious from the shock of Iriko's spears passing through their bodies. "...End...End…!" The male panted as the strange power left his body, his torso falling downwards as he spread his palms onto the ground once more… but something held him upright. "...Ah.. That pain… Will be with me until I day, I suspect…" The male muttered to himself as he relaxed, his body exiting even his Shikokai as the only thing holding him together were now his ice.

Shortly, a rescue team would come looking for him. Shortly, the rest of Soul Society would know that the Maggot's Nest no longer existed. And shortly…. They would know that those who committed crimes against the Seireitei and never wished to be forgiven… would be executed, in the most impartial way possible… by examining their motivations, not their actions.

"...And I can't move… again… aha.. There's something wrong with me…."

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Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:24 pm
The eyes of one prisoner opened as the others began to get rowdy due to the newcomer. A frown marred the tanned female’s face. Her white hair was longer then when she had been sent here, now descending down to her shoulder blades. A low growl escaped her throat, but she made no move to follow her fellow inmates in their unruly actions. Unlike them she had long ago realized what she had done to get sent here and accepted the imprisonment. She had spent her time working her body, furthering her natural strength. However, today her eyes narrowed with suspicion. Most of the time shinigami did not come down to this prison, what she knew now was called the maggot’s nest. Stretching her hands above her head, she let out a low yawn, her mouth finally closing as a giant bubble surrounded the area. As the walls started to crack slightly, she felt power flow back within her body, something she hadn’t felt since before her imprisonment. A grin formed on her face as the prisoners started fighting the man, this was her chance. She was no match for him in a fight, but escape from him she would.

“Slice, spatium exterminatore.”

The words left her lips as a sword manifest in her hand, quickly changing as she released her shikai, or rather, her sister’s shikai. The thick blade with glowing green runes etched in to its blade, it was now, while the man was busy with the other prisoners, that she would take advantage of its power.

“Spacial Transmission.”

The other prisoners formed a buffer between him and her as a green box formed around her, a smirk forming on her face as the box completed. Then, with a wink, she was gone. The space she had been standing in now contained several medical instruments used in the fourth division, for this individual, Tamari Osumerukami, had swapped the space she was in for space that was in the hospital within squad four. Due to what had been transmitted back, it would be fairly easy for the man to figure out where she had gone, but for now, he had prisoners he had to deal with.

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Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:29 pm

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