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Quincy Racial Information Quincy


What Are They?
Quincy are a subcategory of humans that have been taught and acquired mystic arts. The group began as a tribe of spiritually aware humans that came across the Monk of Destruction Nozomi. Learning from Nozomi they adopted her moniker and learnt the powerful arts of destruction and domination of the world around them.

Around the time of Yhwach's birth a group of people also rose up similar in nature to the Quincy and while they were fundamentally the same in terms of their powers the difference came from inheriting powers through bloodlines rather training in the ways. Most of Yhwach's creations died with him during the Blood War with the shinigami and only a few remain that still possess this association.

How To Become A Quincy?
On Platinum Hearts there are a few ways to become a Quincy.

Birth: One of the more simplest ways to become one is to just be born in one. Older Quincy that claim to descend from Yhwach tend to believe in blood purity and assign titles depending on one being pure or mixed-blood. While a Quincy can be born in theory, unless training is undergone a person can live their entire life as a Quincy without even knowing it.

Training: It is possible for one to become a Quincy by training as per how the first Quincy showed up.

Inheritence: Through mystic means it becomes possible to transfer ones power to another, as a result it becomes possible for a Quincy to inherit abilities from another. While this can be used for a narrative purpose, it should be clarified that inheriting a power does not always translate 1:1. Rather it will provide it in the form of potential, for the person receiving it to discover rather than an easy power-up.

Racial Skills

Blut: An innate ability of the Quincy that generates over time as they study the destructive arts. Blut is the creation of reishi networks within the Quincy's body that allows for them to increase their defensive and offensive prowess depending on which system they have active at the time. As one's mastery progresses they can begin to force more esoteric uses of the systems with their own personalisation on the skills.
Untrained: You have neither created the networks yet nor can use them to any effect even if you had created them inadvertently.

Beginner: You possess basic understanding, you have successfully been able to utilise one of the two blut variants but not the other just yet. The variant that you are using at this level is very minor in its effect, one could give themselves a small attack or defence enhancement depending on their choice.

Adept: At this rank you can successfully use both of them to a competent level but only one at a time. You can switch between the offensive blut arterie or the defensive blut vene as you please. While you are skilled at it however there is a delay that occurs when you try to swap between the systems. You can begin to make some personalised techniques off the ability such as using blut arterie to force some pressure outwards to acquire some small range or cause your blut vene to specifically target certain factors like protecting against cuts specifically. There is a noticeable delay between your ability to swap between the two bluts however.

Advanced: You've reached into the realm of being able to enhance your physical prowess quite a fair bit. Personalised touches are a lot more commonly seen but more developed than they were from the Adept who was only beginning to touch into the possibilities.

While Adept is where the person can use both systems, Advanced allows for one to decide to specialise or not. Reducing the effectiveness of one to increase the potency of the other. One who did this could possibly demonstrate one of the systems in the realm of the tier higher but the other would suffer a penalty. There is a brief delay between being able to swap systems.

Elite: At this level you have mastered the regular applications of blut, that being the increase of defensive and offensive functions of one's body. Having reached the 'peak' of one's normal usage has granted the capacity to create more impressive feats of blut, such as extending Blut Vene outside your body as a forcefield or using Blut Arterie to create an explosion from your body however external uses of blut require a lot of energy and stress on the body. At this level there is a small, very difficult to notice by less perceptive individuals, transition period which can be exploited between the two systems.

Master: You are capable of being said to have completed mastered both systems, swapping between them with ease while augmenting offensive and defensive capabilities to absurd levels. At this stage there is almost seamless transition and even a small bleedover effect where the blut's effect does not immediately swap. Creating a small period of time where you'll have the other system's capabilities linger for a moment after you switch. Having reached beyond the normal range, you have overcome the small transition period between swapping systems.

Grand Master: You have reached the level of being able to use both systems at the same time. There is no need to even consciously swap which makes you an anomaly that has conquered the limits of your body and trivialised them. You're offensive and defensive capabilites are on the level of being many times over what you had previously but more esoteric applications of your blut becomes possible, such as forcing your reishi network into another to support them, reinforcing the properties of something you touch and increasing its function.

Reishi Absorption: Next up is physical, this relates to actually making physical objects and controlling the world around you. Breaking down the reishi to draw in or just controlling the environment around you. This is a much more literal, matter manipulation.
Untrained: You cannot control reishi, your senses to reishi are very dull and you can be said to be a dormant Quincy who has no idea of their lineage.

Beginner: you are capable of drawing in reishi in a radius of a city block. Your capacity to finely manipulate reishi is basic at best, meaning you cannot create shapes or forms with your reishi. You are incapable of breaking down objects in realms such as the Soul Society, because your capacity to rob reishi from reishi constructs is minimal at best.

Adept: You are capable of drawing in reishi in a multiple city block radius, your capacity to finely manipulate reishi has become better, allowing you to create basic shapes like slashes or blasts. You are capable of breaking down small clumps of reishi, but are unable to affect reishi complex reishi constructs such as kido.

Advanced: You are considered to be moderately powerful, capable of drawing in reishi in a one mile radius surrounding you. Your capacity to finely manipulate reishi allows you to create more fine-tuned objects than before. At this point you would become capable of potentially being able to affect dense reishi constructs such as buildings in the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. You would also at this point become capable of affecting low level kido, being able to slightly manipulate their trajectory so long as the caster of said kido is equal or lesser to your rank.

Elite: You are considered to be a powerful reishi manipulation user. You are fully capable of drawing reishi towards yourself in a multi-mile radius. At this point, while it would take some effort, you would be fully capable of breaking down buildings in the Seireitei, or destroy walls in Las Noches from reishi manipulation alone. Finally, at this point you would become capable of affecting low level kido to the point that, with some effort, you could even begin to break the kido down into reishi so long as it’s not an overly complex spell and the user is equal or lesser to your skill in Kido.

Master: You are nearly unmatched in your reishi manipulation potency. You are capable of affecting area’s up to the radius of a small country, at maximum with your reishi manipulation. At this point you are not only fully capable of breaking down dense reishi constructs such as buildings in the Seireitei, but you are also capable of slightly controlling the energy that comes from those buildings being broken down. Your fine control of reishi allows you to create virtually anything, even being partially capable of changing the very nature of reishi itself to imbue it with affects. Kido can be broken down into reishi so long as it’s not an overly complex spell and the user is equal or lesser to your skill in Kido.

Grand Master: The pinnacle of your reishi manipulation and beyond the scope of most people's limits. You are fully capable of affecting areas of reishi comparable to small countries at bare minimum. You have entered a realm of power where manipulating reishi has become as easy as breathing. Your control allows you to completely rip apart reishi constructs with ease, being capable of decimating reishi-made objects such as buildings in the Seireitei. You can imbue reishi itself with different elements, and powers at will, changing the very energy you use into something entirely unique to you. All but the highest of kido from other casters can be at the very least influenced by your reishi prowess, one can even contest forbidden kido depending on the foe you face.

Note: In terms of manipulating or influencing Kido; this skill can be applied to other energy based techniques and only uses Kido as a guideline.

Quincy Spellcraft: This deals with spellcraft, whether you are using spells like Kirchenleid or using reishi based abilities such as Licht Regen. All of these scale off of Quincy Spellcraft. (Spells, Ginto, movement techniques, Vollstandig)
Untrained: There is no knowledge of how to manipulate reishi into the arcane arts of the Quincy.

Beginner: You are just starting out, you have very little skill or knowledge of the arcane arts. Typically at this level your spellcraft will be basic, and straightforward. Complex spellcraft, such as rasotengai elude you. You are slightly better than your untrained peers. You can only craft very basic Ginto such as wolke. You can use hirenkyaku to move quickly albeit slow in comparison to others above your level, however at this level it's unstable if used to go too fast or focus is broken and the reishi at your feet might break apart.

Adept: At this point you have a marginal idea of what spellcraft truly is. You are capable of creating slightly more complex ginto such as heizen. Further proficiency in the Quincy arts allow you to begin to create basic ginto of your own. Your hirenkyaku is capable of moving long distances, but it requires effort on the users part.

Advanced: Typically they are considered seasoned individuals at this point. Their arcane arts have increased in their potency, and they are fully capable of utilizing complex techniques such as ransotengai with moderate proficiency. At this point you will be capable of creating more complex ginto, as well as utilize their hirenkyaku to move long distances easily and quickly; basic derivative techniques such as manifesting platforms for others also become possible.

Elite: You are a master of the arcane arts. Your prowess in ginto making, spellcraft, and hirenkyaku is something that others can only look up to in wonder and reverence. You are easily able to travel long distances in extremely brief periods of time with your hirenkyaku as well as achieve feats such as afterimage techniques and other applications the user can come up with. At this point you are capable of utilizing advanced spells like rasotengai at full mastery.

Master: You have gone beyond merely mastering the arcane arts, you have managed to make them your own. At this point, you knowledge of Quincy spellcraft has reached a level of attainment that allows you to use Quincy craft in manners previously unseen before. You are fully capable of taking spellcraft such as rasotengai and making variants of it that are only capable of being utilized by you.

Grand Master: The final bracket for those who have not achieved the peak of spellcraft rather than gone beyond it. Usage of spells is like breathing to them, making basic techniques used comparable to higher level ones just by merit of their knowledge. As a Grand Master one can be said to be limited only by the amount of fuel they have, as with enough time and energy at their disposal even very difficult feats could be achieved.

Spirit Weapon: The spirit weapon is the main weapon usage of the Quincy. While commonly a bow of some sort, the spirit weapon can differ from Quincy to Quincy. What makes the spirit weapon stand out compared to other weapons is that it is made purely of reishi, meaning that anything destroyed with the Spirit Weapon is removed from the soul cycle. It should be noted that while each level refers to how much reishi is in the weapon, it doesn't effect how the Quincy can manipulate reishi, only how well they can allocate it to the use of their spirit weapon.
Untrained: At this rank, you can't do anything. You are quite literally untrained and don't have the knowledge.

Beginner: At this level, you have either just recently acquired your spirit weapon or have never actually put in the effort to learn how to use it. You can only execute the most basic attacks with your spirit weapon and it's not incredibly effective when it comes to destroying reishi and you find it difficult to draw in enough Reishi from the atmosphere into your spirit weapon to use it's full potential.

Adept: By this point, you are no stranger to the workings of your spirit weapon but at the same point you are not master of it either. The average Quincy who has been studying for a while would be at this point in their skill. One can expect to be able to use most of the basic function of their spirit weapon more effectively, so a bow would only be able to shoot a single arrow but possibly at a faster rate than previously. Not only that, but the formation of the spirit weapon becomes much easier to do though still requires the thought and effort of doing so. It is also easy for the Quincy's spirit weapon to be influenced by an outside source, such as contact with a shinigami outputting a lot of power.

Advanced: The expectation of most Quincy. While the previous level can get you by, this level is seen as a necessity if you want to truly be seen as a skilled Quincy, at least with you spirit weapon. It becomes possible, at this stage, to use your weapon for more unrealistic and unorhtodox means, such as shooting Seele Schneider out of your bow as a crutch for other techniques or abilities. It is common, at this level, that the amount of reishi that is put into one's spirit weapon is the amount needed to make an average sized person.

Elite: The spirit weapon becomes an extension of the Quincy's being and is basically a second nature. Summoning the spirit weapon itself is as seamless as a snap, and the size and destructive abilities of the weapon are multiple times better than the level previous. It is also at this point where the size of the weapon ceases to matter, where a large battleaxe or great-bow will have the same strength as a dagger or hand crossbow. If anything, the latter would be preferred by most Quincy due to only having to compress the reishi into a smaller weapon, though there is no real drawback if they don't do this.

Master: Many view this as the ceiling of mastery over the spirit weapon. Observing one of this caliber often seems like an unobtainable level of master due to how fluid and in tune the Quincy becomes with the spirit weapon. Reishi that can be allocated to the spirit is roughly enough to build a town, buildings and all. Even though there's that much reishi in the weapon, it doesn't feel any heavier to wield, and in fact feels to be the preferred wait of the said Quincy. Anything is possible with the spirit weapon by this point, the only limit being one's imagination.

Grand Master: The theoretically impossible made possibility. The forming of the spirit weapon at level is as easy and natural as breathing. Meanwhile, the amount of reishi able to be put into the spirit weapon would be enough to build the entire Rukongai of the Soul Society or to build a reishi equivalent of a city from the ground up. It is almost required to compress the reishi to fit the size of whatever weapon the Quincy prefers as if it were not then it would be almost impossible to wield. If they are without their medium in which they use to summon the spirit weapon, then a Quincy of this level can make themselves their own spirit weapon.

Letzt Stil vs Vollstandig: Rather than talk about what each one of them does individually, it would be easier to explain the concept and practicality of these two by comparing them. The Letzt Stil is a technique that a quincy experiences and learns rather than something that they know, and it marks a new level of mastery in the world of the quincy as the prerequisite to this form is having completed training with the Sanrei Glove. Vollstandig, on the other hand, is something that all quincy can be taught and is meant to increase the overall performance of the person that is using it. What this means mechanically is that Letz Stil is focused on making a character more bursty as it increases the max amount of reishi one can use in a short amount of time while Vollstandig is a state that makes the quincy stronger in every are and tends to synergize according to the person that is using it as it can be molded to fit better with their play style.

Either of the abilities is strong, however both of them are strong in their own specific fields and uses. In the end, you can hit a higher max level with Letzt Stil, however it is only for a specified amount of time, way shorter than Vollstandig. Meanwhile, Volstandig will give a significant boost, though it is weaker than what Letz Stil will give you it is more reliable as it lasts more or less indefinitely.

When it comes to scaling, Letzt Stil goes with Reishi Absorption, while Vollstandig goes with Quincy Spellcraft.

Letzt Stil - This level is sort of a grey zone as it is unlikely that one would be this inexperienced with the art of Reishi Absorption yet still get past the Sanrei Glove requirement, however it’s not impossible. Those that find themselves in this situation would find that their Letzt Stil is anything but practical. While supplying a 200% boost, this boost only lasts for the same post it is activated in, or less than a minute for flavor. It can be activated abruptly and dissipates just as fast.
Vollstandig - This marks the stepping stones for what your Vollstandig could be, because right now it really isn’t much. Giving the user a measly 100% boost, it’s not really much of a tool to the user just yet. While they know how to form the spell, most struggle to apply it’s effects or it’s potential.
Letzt Stil - Those who have unlocked Letzt Stil at this level have been known to be the kind of people to rush things, as it’s not recommended to go through the Sanrei Glove at this level since said Quincy's skills can still be considered incomplete. However, if one does go through with it and passes, they’ll find themselves with a Letzt Stil that provides a 500% boost over the span of two posts.
Vollstandig - So you’re starting to grasp onto the concept and application of the spell, but you’re still having a difficult time applying it in situations. While training, you might find yourself holding a steady form, but in a combat setting you are still lacking the umph that a Vollstandig should have. This being said, you are given a 200% boost.
Letzt Stil - The recommended level for most Quincy to unlock Letzt Stil. By this point, you can pass the Sanrei Glove’s test with some ease, as it doesn’t prove to be that much of a challenge compared to what you’ve already been doing. Once passed, a Quincy of this level will find themselves with a 750% boost over the span of 2 posts.
Vollstandig - The defining point of those who have decided Vollstandig is something they want to dedicate their time to, similar to how Shinigami who focus on their sword skills would eventually reach Bankai. Despite that comparison, this isn’t quite the level of a Bankai unless it’s against someone who has newly acquired the form. What this means for you is that you are still inexperienced with the overall potential of Vollstandig. However, you still get a 300% boost.
Letzt Stil - By this point, it’s more surprising that one doesn’t have Letzt Stil. One’s level of reishi absorption has reached a level that makes the Sanrei Glove seem easy, in fact, by this point it wouldn’t be an insane idea for them to wear either stronger or multiple versions of the glove. Letzt Stil at this level will supply the person with a 1000% boost over the span of 2 posts.
Vollstandig - The expectation for most Quincy when a proficient user of Vollstandig is thought of. At this level, you basically have it down to a point that it becomes as natural to you as if it was a natural talent you were born with rather than had to learn. The potency has been increased to a 500% boost.
Letzt Stil - The pinnacle of Letzt Stil and reishi absorption in general. If one were to attempt the sanrei glove test they would most likely pass it within seconds and have no issue in the process. The initial use of Letzt Stil is upgraded to a 2000% boost over the span of 3 posts.
Vollstandig - The point in which Vollstandig becomes your own. Your knowledge of the ins and outs of spell really flourish her and you’ve reached the peak of what is known of Vollstandig by the quincy masses. At this level, you are able to form branch spells off of Vollstandig as well that supersede your normal personalization of the ability, furthering your versatility and potency of your Vollstandig. The actual Vollstandig itself will grant you a 750% boost.
Letzt Stil - The basic impossible of Letzt Stil as it is believed by most that no mortal body can realistically absorb this much reishi and still exist, but yet you have reached here. The sanrei glove is a joke to you at this level, seeing as how if you were to put it on it would simply disintegrate. This is technically the only level where the Sanrei Glove can be realistically skipped, as it serves little to no purpose in testing you. At this point, the Letzt Stil will grant the user a 2500% boost to their Quincy capabilities, making them a powerhouse for a span of 3 posts.
Vollstandig - The truly angelic point of Vollstandig, a level in which nobody thinks they can practically reach, however if you’ve made it here then you are proof that it exists. At this point, the personalization of your own Vollstandig overtakes the actual spell itself, to the point where most believe that it’s just your own custom release rather than something all quincy have access to. This gives them a 1000% boost.

What Are Their Origins?
Part I. The basics.
Due to deviations of the Platinum Hearts setting stretching back before the introduction of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, the Quincy of the site are different than the Quincy of canon. Meshing site canon with Bleach canon.

On the site, the original Quincy were taught by Nozomi. A denizen of the primordial world before it was split into the various realms, after such an event she inherited the power of Destruction from the Soul King. After the resulting split she honed her powers and became the first Monk of Destruction that passed it on to her pupils which became the first Quincy.

They were considered to be tribes of empowered warriors bound to destroying whatever demonic and hollow creatures dared to infest the lands they called home.

Therefore, many of them waged heavy wars and crusades against these beast. They began to form an organization known as "The Vandereich" and they sought to unite Quincy under one front. This group was created by Yhwach, a man that possessed powers almost identical to Nozomi and created spawn who believed in bloodline purity over training and work. Due to their similarities the two groups inevitably became grouped together as the same.

Through this they waged many rampages and began to get the attention of the Shinigami in the Soul Society. Most in the then Gotei Thirteen weren't too happy with how they disrupted the Soul Cycle. This is due to the fact that they eradicated these spirits and removed them from the Soul Cycle entirely.

Therefore, they first formally asked that they cease and desist and leave these task to them. However the Quincy did not budge. After many years of conflict, The Shinigami eventually decided that they would needed to be exterminated and dealt with. Therefore, this would lead to a war which took place between the factions around the 1800's.

Part II. War and Eradication.
This war between The Quincy and The Shinigami lasted for 50 years. During the initial start of the war, they appeared to be somewhat even. This is because they were led into war by the now deceased Yhwach. He was hellbent on ushering in their new age and slaying anything in their path. Therefore, he was relatively hard to stop given the fact the Gotei Thirteen lacked the proper resources to quell with the threat he posed.

However, once they anticipated the duration of this clash, the Shinigami went into researching different types of weapons in order to deal with this new enemy. After many years of extensive testing, they eventually produced their first weapon of mass destruction known as Radioactive to dispatch with The Quincy. Radioactive, when working together with the Eleventh Division and Kenpachi at the time, were all assigned to wipeout the Quincy by dropping multiple mass nuclear strikes against the Quincy race which helped in greatly lowering their numbers.

While there were many other Shinigami which helped in lowering the numbers, the cancerous effects of his modified powers were enough to have them die off progressively from radiation and in mass numbers due to the wide area of effect his nuclear assaults had. It is why both he and Kenpachi were revered as monsters during this period due to how many Quincy they would skewer and butcher on a given operation. It eventually lead to the death of Ywhach and ending the rebellion.

Though, it is also worth noting that Nozomi herself took part in this war but she was unable to overpower the sheer amount of strength the shinigami had in it's prime and was unable to assist her children. Therefore the Vandereich and Quincy were assumed to be mostly killed off and retreated into the Shadows.

Part III. Post-Awakening.

It is said that most of the Emperors of the Vandereich pass down their knowledge and power to a successor. Therefore, the next Quincy in line to receive this was Hulderic Hylham. It is unspecified as to how he received Ywhach's extract, but it is assumed there was enough of his organic body left to make the transfer and pass down his lineage. With it, he would take the Quincy into hiding for the next four hundred years in order to have them rebuild their numbers.

Thus, over the centuries the Quincy Population started to steadily grow and expand in order to bounce back from their near extinction level event. It is at this point, around the year 2260, where they started coming from the shadows of World War Three as a new people. During this period, they weren't as aggressive or active as they were in the past as they were still bidding their time for the most part. Under the leadership of Hulderic, he sought to rebuild his people and take them into a new age.

Granted, his direction would later lead them to another awful demise towards the end.

Part IV. Another Day. Another Genocide.
The Quincy were heard as coming on the up and up towards the start of 2410. This is around the time where their numbers were peaking a bit and Hulderic was making good on his promise of keeping them on the straight and narrow. However, three years down the line from that is where conflict would arise. Following a large-scale war for Australia, the Vandereich were involved in a clash against the forces of K-World as they sought blood. In doing so, they killed many of their soldiers which angered their princess, Sing Iramasha.

In a rage, she vowed war against the Vandereich and their people and launched a global assault against most Vandereich Quincy and bases. This was an extensive battle which lasted for two years prior; ultimately leading up to both Kin Iramashsa and Sing bringing it to their home base and destroying it along with many other Vandereich Quincy.

What came after was a period of succession, firstly a follower of Yhwach by the name of Ghislain took the role of Emperor; then a woman named Niflheim wrestled control. This turmoil and restlessness lasted three years for the Vandenreich before the Quincy settled and after Niflheim entrusting the future of the people to their current leader, but not Emperor, Cyrus things are starting to look up due to their horizons expanding from the narrow views that caused so much strife in the past.

A follower of the old ways or a more innovative Quincy, it doesn't matter. The race is free to decide its fate in the world and find a place.


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