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Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:40 am

Henrex Astillon

The Broken Raven
Descend Into Darkness

Fate seemed to hate the Raven, didn't it? First being forced into an awkward situation, which was the quick building of a crowd. However, it had soon dissipated. Was that a plus? People were very strong with assuming things. From how close the silver haired girl had put herself to him had only served to make it worse. The fake bravado that he had put on was crumbling ever so slowly. As the air was thick with silence, he could hear the girl trying her very best not to burst into laughter from the torture that she had been putting him through.

However, despite her attempts to over her smile and mask her enjoyment of this, Henrex's senses could feel that she was absolutely loving it. Knowing this didn't help him either. His face retained it's cherry color, with his eye refusing to look at Chifuyu. The silver haired deviant's teasing was relentless. His face slowly turned a darker shade. Almost the shade that leaves would turn in the fall. His hands clenched tight as his sides, trying so, so very hard to keep his cool. However, Chifuyu's next words of choice from her whisper left Henrex feeling very...terrified, to say the least.

He had never seen Shadin angry, nor did he want to. As the thought registered in his head, the previously red face of the boy soon went paler than ever before. The color drained from his face as the thought of Shadin angry stuck with his head. His entire body locked up. if that happened, there would be no place on Heaven nor Earth for him to find sanctuary. And all the while with Henrex's panic settling in, Chifuyu found it all amusing. She laughed at his panic. His fear of the fury of the Beast of Karakura. However, she soon settled down, and smiled at him. The color soon returned to Henrex's face. The color of red, that is.

Blushing furiously once again, Henrex simply refused to look at Chifuyu. Was she waiting for something from him? The serpent-like tongue of the deviant slithered and whispered to him once more. Canada....why did that...sound...familiar....

The realization hit him like a speeding train. Memories flowed back within his mind like a churning river. The aftereffects of the deadly mission known as "Operation Moon Massacre". He had gone to Canada to help out with the debris that had began falling from the sky. All this time, the memories had left him. But now, everything was coming back. Including the small little gift that the silver-haired girl had given him. A small crystal with a set of numbers embedded on it. His confidence melted.

His body retreated away from her, and his eye simply stared at her. Silver hair, royal blue was Chifuyu Yuudeshi. His hand slowly slipped within his shihakusho, his fingers gently pressing against the icy cold crystal that still lay within. His fingers gently wrapped around it, and slowly pulled the item out. His eye slowly found itself staring at the little gem that the Yuudeshi child had given him. He had never really known what to use it for, since the numbers were nearly meaningless to him. He had, at first, believed it to be her Cyberbrain ID, or something for a Denrenshiki, the Shinigami's communication device.

However, even then, he had still been completely clueless to the fact that it was much more than that. He still was to this day. He didn't know why she had given it to him, and his eye slowly went from the crystal, to Chifuyu's hypnotic royal blue eyes. Red slowly rose to his cheeks as yet another realization hit him. His entire body was shaking from his nervousness. Swallowing nervously, his hand slowly slipped the crystal back into his pocket, and he would simply just...stand there. He was entirely frozen. His voice was as trapped as a bird within a cage. He could only wait for what Chifuyu would do. Laugh? Grin and quip? All he could really do was wait.

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Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:59 pm