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Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:15 pm
She lay beneath the branches of the trees surrounding her favorite training area, a sigh leaving her lips. The clearing was surrounded by a ring of trees, the lush green grass only having recently finished regrowing in the area. The sun was high in the sky today as she waited for the training partner she had managed to obtain to arrive. How she had managed to get a captain to train with her, she had no idea, but that did not matter to her. After all, with a captain as her training partner, there was no reason to hold back, no reason to restrict herself. A feral grin stretched across her face at the thought, her tail twitching in excitement.

Finally, as the appointed time drew near Tessa Morrowend finally stood from beneath the shade of the trees and moved outwards towards the center of the training grounds. Brushing away the few blades of grass that had stuck to her shihaksho, the draconic shinigami stretched her arms upwards as her thoughts turned towards battle.

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