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Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:02 am
"Dammit, it's not working! This sword is just too heavy!"

The voice came from one of the division's newest members, a young woman with a pixie-style haircut, and baggy clothing that made it impossible to tell her true build. Most of the other shinigami were busy eating, or talking amongst each other; a few even slipped glances at the girl, sneering or making some snide remark. But Shio simply stared from nearby, a book in his lap. She was trying to strike a wooden post with her zanpakuto, but each time she would find herself off balance, either sliding forward or falling onto her stomach from the force of the swing. Amidst the jeers and laughs, Shio let out a tiny sigh, and rose from his seat.

Walking towards her, the laughter subsided, but then grew even stronger. Among the division, Shio got as much scorn as most new recruits; the idea of being tutored by him was like a declaration of defeat. Shio paid no attention to the jeers, too used to it by now to be hurt. Instead, he grasped the blade, swinging it experimentally a few times, and then shaking his head. "It IS too heavy. This zanpakuto isn't meant to be swung like that. It's really more of a blunt instrument than a cutting one. Watch closely."

He swung around rapidly, swinging the blade underhanded towards a table. The blade struck from beneath, sending it flying towards the ceiling, where it struck and split in half. The bits of wood rained down, food following not long after. Most of the snickers subsided as he handed the blade back to the girl, and then pointed to the piece of wood.

"Don't think of it as slicing off an arm or cutting at the flesh. Think of it as breaking bones and causing internal bleeding. This zanpakuto is one of sheer force, not style or grace. Just swing away, however you feel comfortable. And remember, that thing's as much about results as appearance. Just break something, don't worry about how neat it looks." She nodded, her face halfway between confusion and gratitude. When she finally glanced at the remains of the table, she smiled.

"You're pretty strong."

Shio shrugged, his expression warm and almost inviting. He hefted her blade in one hand, shifted it to the other, tested the weight. It was a good blade...and this almost pixie-ish woman, he had a feeling, would be a good soldier one day. He did his very best to keep the roiling storm behind his head mind hidden away, a faintly warm smile covering his anguish as he did everything he could to diffuse the sense of tension that had suddenly rose.

"Nothing you couldn't achieve with a few years of training. And speaking of training, do you have a few hours free? I'd be happy to help you get better with your blade. I'm no expert, but I know a few people you could speak to. Besides, you can say that, but it's my pay that table is coming out of."
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Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:39 pm