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Danava Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Melvin
» Titles: The great Melvin, Overlord Melvin. Emperor of Evil, Hand of Fate, Best character of 2417, Master of Disaster, the King of Calamity, the cheater, the schemer, the best boss now hiring, and coolest Danava this side of oblivion! Yes Mana, you're going to second place now.
» Age: 90 days + every day after approval
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Leader of Team Melvin.

» True Appearance Written: There is only one way to describe Melvin. Amazing in every definition of the word, including definitions of other words. It is the peak of the male form. Other words just can't do it justice, but an attempt will be made regardless!

The greatest Demon ever to be spawned stands at a fair and reasonable six feet tall. Dead even and perfect just like the man himself. Just tall enough to stand above many, but not a freakish giant like some other people that get their heads stuck in the clouds. His general looks are very youthful, fitting someone around the age of eighteen to nineteen years old. He might have just been created, but we're not wasting time with the boring kid years and are sticking right with where youth actually matters. The cool years where you're technically an adult and can do cool stuff while still having the stupidity and reckless abandon of youth.

Melvin has blonde hair that has no concept of the laws of physics. It's almost always perfect in a set of thick golden strands that flow down his neck and stop his above the shoulders. It almost looks like clumps of hair comes together at sharp points everywhere from the sides of the perfectly rectangular forehead to the back of his neck....Well, except when he gets caught up in explosions, then it gets into a gray-tinted mess and ends up looking like a ball of spikes on his head. His facial features are just on the cusp of transitioning from cute and boyish to mature and handsome...Kind of an awkward, but also an irreplaceable mid-ground that can only be encountered once in a lifetime!...Or always since he doesn't age and retains that boyish charm. He has pronounced detached ears that are a little on the bigger side, likewise with his nose. And it all comes together with a strong chin.

The rest of Melvin is pretty standard, a very lean-built figure with only the slightest traces of muscle definition. Right where he looks fit but doesn't quite have that buff or trained look. Just a healthy appeal overall. His arms are longer than average, but a bit on the lanky side. There isn't much in terms of scars or marks on his tan-shaded flesh due to his recent creation/ Everything turned out pretty normally, a fresh canvas that would probably come to be horribly mutilated and marked in the not-so-distant future, but who knew how time would go.

Melvin's sense of fashion is second-to-none. Most of the time he goes for simple, but stylish, starting off with a plain white undershirt that tightly fits his lean form. Clad around it is an open leather jacket with gray metal buttons, interchangeable between several shades of darker blue and green depending on the occasion. Long sleeves flow down his arms and a bit of leather pops up behind his neck. Below are a set of signature and standard blue-jeans from the early two-thousands, giving him a retro look from a great era long since past. And it all rounds out with a set of not-so-formal black shoes.

All of it together gives him a look more like that of a young Human than some big bad demon, but is that so much of a bad thing? For what he strives for isn't to fit in among the damned, but to rule and conquer the living! And what fits better than a not-so-modernized look everyone can relate to! The first step to conquest is a good first impression, one his looks set above -average at worst!

» True Appearance Picture:

I. Personality

» Personality: Personality, the thing ladies love and what defines the heroes and villains of the world. Like everything else about him, Melvin has a great one, full of characteristics and attributes that slightly differ from everyone else!..Or majorly differ. It really depends on who we're comparing to here!

Immaturity- Because not everyone is lame and takes things seriously all the time. Melvin is a very laid back down to earth man that respects the finer things in life. Countering arguments with vague and usually incorrect insults, a blissful ignorance to the severity of many of life's problems, and an unusually positive attitude even in the most horrible situations,...They always try to find some kind of child-like entertainment or joy in everything they do. Even their goals of world conquest are entirely based on the fascination of being the coolest supervillain and ruling with a plastic fist because iron is too dangerous. While not outright a kid, they do have a lot of youthful characteristics and probably act more like a teenager than the young adult they appear as.

Self-confidence- The trait that defines all great people. Sometimes you just need to be sure of yourself to cross that extra mile and make a difference, and Melvin has this in spades.In fact, he has a lot of over-confidence, almost complete certainty in their own success, except when they don't..Or they're intentionally trying to fail. But isn't failing when you intend to just success in a different light? It isn't losing, it's succeeding incorrectly! They tend to share that positive outlook with everyone that follows them, supporting the idea that you can do anything you put your mind to!..Just with a lot of failures first...Sometimes thousands of failures..But eventually, with confidence, you will succeed!

Blunt- Melvin is also known for his bluntness, and not his in his weapons of choice. There is no moving around fancy words and complications with him. He'll come right out and say it. Your best friend just died? Toss it out in the middle of the conversation like any piece of dialogue. Will this horribly kill you and make your life and eternal hell if you fail? Damn right it will. This often ties together with a good deal of honesty, as this very blunt approach is rarely used for lies. He isn't the magic 8-ball of truth or anything but is overall a pretty honest guy...Most of the time.

Overly Dramatic- Because what great villain isn't? Melvin endorses drama, lives it. He'll fake his own death pretty frequently for a laugh or some entertainment. Everything is a game to him, and he wants to make the most of it by making it as grandiose and over the top as possible! And if he can't? He'll make it sound that way at least! Over-acting, retelling things far more different than they actually happened. if it is for the sake of drama you can pretty much delete the last trait because he will go on and on about something to make sure people think it's amazing.

Good-Natured - Despite taking the role of a self-proclaimed Supervillain and always speaking about death, murder, torture, and other dark and edgy concepts, Melvin is actually a sweet cinnamon roll of generosity. They learn to love their comrades pretty quickly, even considering people friends after a few minutes of dialogue or even trying to befriend people that try to kill him. he is too innocent and pure for this world, the most heroic and kind-hearted villain in the history of villainy.But they won't let their soft heart get in the way of what is important. At the end of the day, he is a supervillain and will have to push these feelings aside for the sake of global conquest and nonsensical shenanigans.

Unpredictable- But at the same time, it's almost impossible to pin a trait to him. There might be six or something traits already listed, but you miles as throw all of them out of the window. Melvin's mood, opinion, thoughts, and even alignment can change drastically in a matter of seconds. While he does have a set trend he follows most of the time, it isn't uncommon for him to become an actual evil from time-to-time that will torture his enemies given the right motivation...Though most of the time said torture is also something nonsensical like listening to the latest Kidz Bop 4000. Other times it might actually be slowly ripping someone apart and feeding their chopped up remains to their closest loved ones or some other dark and edgy stuff of that design. But this is something rarely seen and usually reserved for those that actually earn the Danava's scorn...Which is pretty hard to do.

Gambler- If it wasn't obvious, Melvin is quite the chance taker. He has the utmost confidence in his luck, even if it ends up on the bad side more often than not. He is always up for games of chance for the fun of it, both in battle and any other applications. bets are no stranger either. It isn't uncommon for him to take strange and unusual bets without thinking about it, less the options are just too ridiculous even for him. Its all about getting that thrill and testing his power over chance and fate itself!

Other- What can really define the mind of something as weird as Melvin? Their traits are jumbled and always shifting, sometimes being a flirt, other times a coward, and even heroic when the time calls for it. They're a mixed bag of flashing rainbow Doritos with fifty different flavors shoved in, and that is the best way to describe them. So its hard to say what to expect from them and who Melvin really is. Being a newly born Danava, they're still defining themselves, searching for what the word Melvin means and its effect on the world. During that venture, there are sure to be all sorts of things that change about who they are as a person, but the one thing that will always remain constant? Is that they're the best there is. ..At what? We're still not sure yet!

» Likes:
Friendship- Melvin prides himself in his ability to get along with others and form bonds stronger than the greatest chains of iron; He takes much solace and a great deal of investment in those he considers friends, and even more in those he considers minion! It's one of the things a person should cherish most, for there is no power in this world greater than the power of friendship! It isn't very hard for him to consider someone a friend either, often trying to make them even in the midst of life-and-death struggles at the most inappropriate times. And while not exceedingly overprotective, he is easily upset when things go very wrong for someone he enjoys being with, often planning out revenge schemes for others or being becoming seriously agitated or enraged if substantial harm comes to them.

Success- Who doesn't like to succeed? Being victorious, winning a bet, finally accomplishing your goals of world conquest and making that douchebag from work suffer for all those clever comments they shared whenever you passed them? Yes, there is nothing better than succeeding over other and making people like Greg eat the dust in your wake. It isn't uncommon for Melvin to over dramatize his few victories, speaking of them with exaggerated detail and posing with every substantial victory he takes. Though he does love victory, he doesn't hate defeat as much as others. Rather, he sees them as a learning experience, a way to develop and grasp at future victories later down the line! The road to glory is paved in suffering and defeat, and it is one he is prepared to take in order to grasp success at his fingertips.

Games of chance- Like mentioned, Melvin has a huge gambling problem. It is not only part of who he is, his powers, and every aspect of his being, but the very nature of reality itself! Everyone is a gamble. The way the universe is constructed, the way matter interacts, the decay and evolution of reality itself. It's all done through microscopic gambles, chance dictating events in any number of directions at any given time. He always goes with the flow of chance, taking the roll of the dice in the best direction he can even when it's at its worst. It isn't uncommon to see him taking any game of chance that presents itself for the fun of it, even if it means taking ridiculous bets no sane person should make. All for the chance at success and whatever meager reward it offers.

» Dislikes:
Greg- Greg is the worst thing Humanity has ever conjured. It the antithesis of everything Melvin, and thus an abomination of this worlds that must be destroyed. Every horrible plague that has ever stricken the living and the damned has been caused by Greg. Every defeat, every failure, all to be blamed on one single person. Melvin has never met the fabled Greg, but he knows for a fact that they are the greatest evil that must be destroyed and the reason for every bad thing that ever happens. It's a matter of instinct, their eternal purpose to one day meet and destroy Greg, the root of all their problems. It's a mystery for how this came to be. The name is all it takes to send the man into a sour mood, his normally positive and friendly perspective becoming vindictive and hostile in any interaction with the word itself. Fortunately, Greg isn't a very common name in the PHverse, but one day some unfortunate soul will inherit the accursed name and forever be bound as Melvin's most hated rival and adversary!

Restrictions- Melvin is a firm believer in choice and freedom. It's a big part of chance to defy fate to be without restriction and take things in any number of directions. For this reason, he hates doing anything that would bind his own potential. That is why he never joined any big group and decided to venture down the path of his own instead. Powers centered around restricting someone can do or being put in more limited or finite situations are also very unfavorable because of this. But most of all? He hates definites. Situations where the result will always happen a certain way with almost none, or no chance at all of diverging down a different path of possibility. Examples could be a really one-sided war or battle, rigged games, certain factors of order and repition. He likes things to always be changing, where it's impossible to ever be certain of an outcome and let chance decide the flow of things.

Boredom- The war with boredom is one of the greatest mankind has ever wagered. It's a constantly changing front that seems to be without end! The ultimate adversary for the great Melvin to oppose. He lives for his own entertainment, to starve off boredom in any way possible! So boring people also naturally serve as some of Melvin's greatest foes! He wants to enjoy every aspect of his life, win or lose, pleasure or suffering, as long as it's -something- that isn't outright boredom. This is the disease that slowly kills, bringing down entire armies over time! Truly there is no greater threat to all than boredom itself. And as long as the man draws breath in this existence, his power will go toward combating this menace to the best of his ability, whether by playing the hero, the villain, or some third party that has no right being involved just to keep things interesting!

I. History

» History:
According to Schrodinger's theory, there is a 50% chance something will be true and a 50% chance something will be false. Therefore, there is a 50% chance Melvin will exist, and this reality has fallen into that realm. It all happened abruptly with little explanation or reaction. One day the Robinson's were living a normal, everyday life. A father, a mother, and a set of twins. It was a perfect family, living their mundane day-to--day lives...But one day an extra variable was added to the mix. The family suddenly had a fifth member, the eldest son that moved into their lives without any of the world taking notice. This is Melvin, a being that came to be purely by chance in the world of the living. There are no documents about them, no past to uncover, yet everything and everyone considers their life as true, an element that has always been there.

Melvin was a special case, turning the ordinary family from your mundane American home to an active and crazy lifestyle of hijinks and fun. Sky-diving, traveling the globe, mountain climbing. Their mundane way of life was suddenly changed, becoming more and more extraordinary the longer this new member of the family stayed in place. They lived fulfilling days together, going on countless adventures in the span of a few weeks. It was the best time the family ever had..But eventually, it was time for them to part. With Melvin growing up, it was time for him to leave his family, to make a stake out for his own life and make something of himself. With a heartfelt goodbye to his loved ones, the man departed from their suburban home, moving to start their own business in far-off Tokyo Japan.

...The business of world domination. Through those countless ventures, Melvin began to see the beauty of the world. He loved it, the fun he had, the people he met. The dark alleyway back stabbings by disreputable characters only for said characters to be graphically murdered when they realized this wasn't some ordinary Human...He loved it all and wanted it for himself. He wanted to make a difference, to let the entire world experience the grand life he lived in those three weeks and sever them from any ties of restriction of responsibility that would hold them back.

So grabbing a cardboard box, Melvin began their fortress of villainy and global conquests, going completely off a whim they had after their brief weeks of life to see the world controlled in the palm of their hand. Over this brief preparation period, the young Demon born from thin-air through the concept of chance itself began to gain the most basic understanding of their own potential and ability. They always acted in an odd manner, taking life by the reigns and experimenting at any chance they got. Just by imagining the possibility of their being hidden strength to be unlocked in themselves, the slightest traces of their concept began to manifest. As long as there was a chance to make something happen, Melvin rushed for it and made it into his reality.

Over that time, he experimented, testing what he could and couldn't do with his supernatural gifts. While limited compared to other supernatural forces, Melvin took great joy in playing with what few gifts he had. He twisted reality to his whim, enjoying the pleasure of the city life and testing his luck at every opportunity. Over time, these tendancies allowed him to tap into the most basic aspects of his power. While limited, it wasn't necessarily weak ever. In fact, just by nature itself, the first of these traits to manifest was one of the most unstable and useful talents Melvin would ever wield in his life! The power to influence the constants of reality with chance itself, to make things unpredictable and shatter the conceptions of what should and shouldn't be!

Now a month into his new life, Melvin has become quite the force to not be reckoned with. While there was a chance at becoming some corporate super power in a matter of days, things didn't quite go that way. Instead? They found themselves living in a dark alleyway in a fortress of neatly arrange cardboard boxes. They've created a home in the most unlikely and unusual of places, someone converting that trash heap into a fully functioning base of operations for the newest villainous group hell-bent on saving the conquering it! Though not much of a threat as a Danava still in their infancy, Melvin has pressed on with determination and the drive to succeed, ready to use the few powers at his disposal to slowly recruit followers, expand his cardboard empire and become the Saturday morning cartoon villain he was destined to be! His story starts now, the main character of the world that is Platinum Hearts beginning the long journey ahead to greatness!

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:
Novice- As a newborn Demon, Melvin has little to no experience with the traditional powers of his kind. Due to being born in the world of the living and being detached from Demon culture, his ability with traditional Demon powers is even less refined than normal for his age. Thus, he can only vaguely tap into the surface of each ability his kind has been gifted, with few exceptions. In fact, it's arguable that he has no idea what powers his kind actually has at all! Most feats using them may be purely by accident or coincidence, something he often attributes to his own powers of chance. Thusly he is even shy of being a beginner in the applications of the shadow-step, za koa, Akuma, and Demon magic...

Regeneration- Possibly the only exception Melvin has come across. Through his lifestyle as an active and lively sort with a dangerous goal and the defiant ambition and will to reach for it, he has developed some pretty impressive regenerative skill in his short time alive. It's nothing to write home about just yet, but it may be the most supernatural thing about him right now. His body recovers from injury at a superhuman rate, cuts and smaller gashes disappearing between the time you see them once, look away, and then look back. It is surprisingly potent as well, It's possible for Melvin to regenerate entire limbs given enough time, even organs and scarred tissue from horrific burns. However, it isn't yet at the point where this can be used extensively in battle. It's more of an excuse to justify his own recklessness in day-to-day life, knowing he'll be fine in the morning after a good sleep no matter how badly he harms himself. That has come to make him too sure of his own safety though, especially given his occupation. His confidence in this has become so high that he isn't against committing acts of self-mutilation for the sake of his own overly-dramatic gimmicks or serve his needs. "Sorry boss, can't come in today, my arm got crushed by a semi and I need to stay in bed!" Though this is dangerous, this frequent use of this ability has lead him to master and improve it at a substantial rate, compared to the stand still with every other demonic power.

To graph it on a chart.
Minor wounds like cuts and bruises would take a full post to recover.
Moderate wounds like large gashes and substantial burns take three posts to recover.
Heavy wounds like broken bones, punctured organs, and severe burns will take five posts to recover.
Severe injuries like lost limbs, destroyed organs, and heavy damages can not be repaired in combat yet but will regenerate over an extended period of rest.

Super Human- While not skilled at all in the Demon Arts, Melvin is still a Demon, an active one that drinks plenty of milk at that! Because of this, his body does operate at a highly superhuman level. His senses of sight, hearing, and taste operate much better than a normal man's, which has also given him an appreciating for good music and good food. His physical strength and stamina are where he shines best right now, leagues above the common man, but not quite at the level of a monster -just- yet. He has been known to knock some people out in a single punch, break weaker walls with his raw might and tenacity, and has shown the endurance to trek half-way across Japan in a single run!...Including over the water...Which was sort of like a swim-run switch-off tyoe deal? His speed and reaction time is exceptional, able to keep up with quick moving vehicles and turn a corner perfectly while still going at top speeds! And his durability isn't shabby either. Its been tested time and time again in his silly antics, trying to break himself in games of chance or to abuse his regenerative talents to get out of things. Melvin can jump right in front of a semi and come out from under it with only a few crushed bones and a little bleeding! While not at the level he needs to be to overcome the building-crushers that fight for power above, he is certainly greater than your ordinary Human and will only get stronger from here!

I. Origin Powers

» Origin Name: Chance and Fate

» Origin Power: Though Melvin is a being of Chance and Fate, his powers have thus far developed entirely around the former. It is possible the second concept will develop through his eternal partner when the time comes.

For now, his power revolves around shifting and bending the reality around him through chance. This can apply wildly in any number of ways and applications that will develop over time. Some powers may come to be through techniques with multiple outcomes that vary depending on the flip of a dice or the roll of coins. Others potency may be determined by unseen rolls with higher numbers generating bigger explosions while lower ones may blow up in his face. Its all about rolling a metaphysical dice, a concept that dictates the effect of almost every power he has, or ever will develop. While bound to such a strict rule, they also are nearly boundless in their application, This trait could evolve into almost any number of effects, being exceedingly versatile in what they can do to influence the world. Either bending natural and supernatural elements or creating new ones out of the blue. Adjusting time and space to the whims of chance, empowering and weakening the forces that be. The main rule that stops this from being something truly terrifying is that law of chance. While any number of effects could be harnessed into a power, they are -never- definite. They all have the chance to backfire or become even more powerful and dangerous than ever intended at complete random. It is like being able to reach into a box of every tool you can imagine, but not being able to look and see what exactly you're grabbing. This makes their origin extremely powerful and versatile, but also completely unreliable with the chance of failure at almost every turn.

» Origin Abilities:
Roll of Fate- The roll of fate is the main and only combat-ready ability Melvin has unlocked in his short life so far. But at the same time, it may be one of the most versatile he will ever have! The essence of the roll of fate is the ability to influence almost anything else with a roll of chance. To apply it, Melvin needs to only concentrate on something, be it a punch, a cero, a wrecking ball about to crash into a building, anything he can focus on the idea of. Once he is focused on that action, he can mentally roll a dice, bending the world around that object to fit the whim of the roll.

It's based on the classic 1d20 As a note, the roll will only affect the instance of an action, not the person itself. So while one punch may be affected by it, the next will be completely unhindered if done the exact same way unless another roll is applied. In addition, it can only apply to things Melvin can focus on and visualize. So unseen concepts or powers that he can't conjure and understand in his head can not be altered by this power. Furthermore, it can only affect one thing per roll, so it can only influence one strike or blast out of a barrage of cero or rapid strikes. And for the last bit of clarity, if a roll of fate is used on something with a duration longer than one post, the power shift will only last for the duration of the post it is applied.

1-2 is a critical failure, the worst possible outcome that can come to be from this ability. If this happens, something very negative will happen in regards to the point he focused on. A punch will land with almost none of the force it intended to, making some of the strongest strikes only a fraction as powerful and effective as they'd normally be. It'd feel like all the strength from your arm is suddenly siphoned away. Constructs of energy like cero may find themselves fizzling out, or if they're particularly strong and unstable? Imploding on themselves and exploding around the caster instead. This doesn't just apply to destructive things either. If applied to a burst of energy designed to heal wounds? The process would become agonizing slow compared to normal, even painful when it shouldn't be. In general, whatever is struck by this horrid roll will become vastly less effective at its intended purpose, whatever it may be.

3-8 are failures. While not as bad as a critical failure, they can still have some pretty negative consequences. A strike may only hit with half of its intended force, a blast of destruction may be less powerful on impact and have a weakened reduced version of their power., either occurring slower or being less potent. Like a critical failure, this will substantially reduce the effectiveness of anything it's applied to. However, where a critical failure is crippling, a normal failure will only reduce the overall effect of an action by a substantial margin. An attack like a gran rey cero would still be immensely powerful and threatening even with this applying to it, but would be a good deal more manageable and less destructive than it is normally.

9-11 are duds. Dud rolls have absolutely no effect. The action targetted by this will occur normally unless specifically stated otherwise by another ability.

12-18 are successful. granting a substantial bonus to anything affected by them. Where failures make something less effective, a success empowers and improves an action. Strikes will land with increased power and form, blasts like cero will become a great deal more destructive and powerful, mending techniques will be able to heal more and do so quickly in the duration of a post. Barriers will become stronger, able to fend off a good deal more damage. Overall the affected action will become a more efficient, more powerful and more effective version of how it normally operates.

19-20 is a critical success. Opposite to a critical failure, these will turn a normally mundane or impressive action into something monstrous or miracle defining! An ordinary punch will be drastically bolstered in strength, able to send foes flying with that wouldn't even be phased by the strike otherwise! Blasts like cero become devastating attacks that can leave giant craters in their wake and consume most defenses in their way. And some of the strongest attacks in someone's arsenal when blessed by a roll like this? They may become powerful enough to end a battle, and maybe the entire battlefield then and there! Barriers may become nearly unbreakable and methods of mending may be able to pull off miracles in the blink of an eye!

For a simplified direct number comparison.
1-2 = 0.2x effectiveness
3-8 = 0.5x effectiveness
9-11 = 1x effectivemess.
12-18 = 1.5x effectiveness.
19-20 = 3x effectiveness.

So a critically failed cero would be immensely weakened, only standing at a fifth of its normal strength and stability. While a critical success would be a staggering three times stronger than usual.

How many times a roll of fate can be used depends on Melvin or the user's tier.

6-0 to 5-1 can use it once every other post.
4-5 to 3-1 can use it once per post.
2-5 to 1-1 can use it twice per post.
0-5+ can use it three times per post.

Schrodinger's bend- A purely aesthetic power at the moment, but a horrifying demonstration of where Melvin's potential can reach. Schrodinger's bend works much like the very concept that gave life to the Danava in the first place. As long as something isn't being observed, there is a fifty percent chance it can be one outcome and a fifty percent chance it will be another This ability allows him to apply that rule to the world around him and bend it in a minor form of reality manipulation. At the moment this is harmless and only able to do entertaining or useful stunts. For example, if he flips a chalkboard and no one was watching what was behind it? He can dictate what will be drawn on the other side, even if others already knew what was there previously. If he steps behind cover and closes his eyes? He can step out in an entirely different outfit. If a room is completely devoid of people? He can alter it to be an entirely different place altogether with new furnishing and fancy decor. It can even be used to do things like altering the location of a ball between three cups without even moving them, or change the cards in his hand if he sets them face down on the table. But these parlor tricks and cartoonish breaks in reality are all this ability can do for now.

The rule is that no one, not even Melvin can be looking at the thing being altered. The rule is absolute, meaning no one, no person, animal, insect, camera, or what have you can be viewing the influenced object or area for it to be affected. Only harmless normal constructs like food and furniture can be created and manipulated through this process. Anything special, such as spiritual weapons or unique objects with any trace of supernatural energy to them can not be created, removed, or influenced by this power. Due to this rule, more grand changes in reality are drastically more difficult. It's almost impossible to have an entire space the size of a building be completely unobserved and uninhibited to be bent to this law. More extreme changes of that scale would be immensely draining, or impossible all-together considering his current power. as well.

I. Eternal Partner/Conceptual World

» Conceptual World: Melvin's conceptual world is an enigma of color. The sky is a constantly shifting mass of shades that looks like a never-ending watercolor painting that never dries. Drops of color are constantly dripping down the canvas, altering the sky each time you look up. it never looks the same one second as it did the last. The land beneath that sky is a giant table, a wooden surface that goes on seemingly endlessly. Various dice, coins, and other props are scattered across it. Some are more traditional, while several giant dice make up boulder-like constructs inside it. The world is constantly changing. one visit never quite matching another. While the wooden floor, sky, and scattered tools always remain constant, the world can have any number of themes. Sometimes it'll be filled with castles and blades, following a medieval setting. Another time it could be a more futuristic cityscape with skyscrapers that narrowly touch the rainbow sky. The setting has no limitations, the environment becoming something entirely new each time it is uninhabited. It isn't even uncommon for the world to change -while- Melvin is in it through meditation, constantly twisting and contorting every time he blinks. The best depiction of it would be a giant tabletop game where the setting keeps changing, the outside world obscured by the rainbow barrier that is the imagination and will of the universe itself.

» Rilīja Attributes: Due to being in their infancy, Melvin has not developed the ability to use these yet.

» Eternal Partner Name: Due to only having only the slightest grasp on their powers, Melvin's etermal partner has not yet manifested.

» Eternal Partner Appearance:

» Eternal Partner Personality:

» Eternal Partner Powers:

I. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: None yet developed.

» Atma Vatou Appearance:

» Atma Vatou Abilities:

I. Diverse Paths

» Aliṅgana State Appearance: Not yet unlocked. To clarify, I don't intend to play a constant release character. I just want to develop all of their forms later on.

サ Aliṅgana State Powers:

サ Aliṅgana State Abilities:

サ Unnata Release Appearance: Not yet unlocked.

サ Unnata Release Powers:

サ Unnata Release Abilities:

I. Merged Paths

サ Phyuja Rājya Appearance: Melvin has not unlocked the ability to use these forms yet.

» Phyuja Rājya Powers:

» Phyuja Rājya Abilities:

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Appearance:

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Powers:

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Abilities:

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment: A cardboard box fortress and a pocket full of sand.

I. Skill Sheet


Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core:Beginner
  • Posessive Magic: Beginner
  • Possessive Augment: Adept
  • Possessive Influence: Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability:Adept
  • General Speed:Adept
  • Strength:Adept
  • Weapon Skill:Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:Advanced
  • Mental Deduction:Adept
  • Pain Endurance:Advanced
  • Focus:Adept

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:


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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes: I'm giving this character it's tier because of the fact that it seems like a well put together character to me. I like his theme, I like his personality and he has a pretty good history and his powers are pretty diverse to me. So I'll give it a decent tier to start off with because of that.

  • Tier: 3-5+

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