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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Fri Aug 03, 2018 8:12 am
Running along, trying to get to her house, the lightning surging through her body wrecked havoc. A few minutes, and a muscular spasm made her stumble off path and launched her into a tree with such force she ricocheted into another tree. Along with her burning flesh from the lightning strikes, the pain from hitting two things at such high speed, and the spasms, Ulv couldn't keep hold of her consciousness, and passed out amidst Hvit calling her an idiot. It was nice to get some sleep, because the way she had messed up with that lightning, she really needed it to happen.

She didn't know how long she spent asleep, but she was woken up by shouting in her head. Ugh, couldn't they just let her get her head down for once? They were so high maintenance.

"Good to see you awake, Echidna" came a voice. A voice she knew. Fucking, Typhoon.
"Ugh, dude. I hit you with a Mountain, can't you just die already?" Ulv asked. Her body felt exceptionally heavy, and her arms and legs were trapped inside some mechanical restraint machine. Vaccum-sealed rubber pressed against her with extreme tightness - enough to crush the bones of a normal person - and the outer metal case added to that durability. Along with her weak body, there was no way she was getting out of here.
"Mm, that was a horrible experience. The initial blow knocked my senseless, but getting trapped under all that snow...that was the bad part. I was half dead when they dug me up, but Caanan had whipped up a few concoctions to aid with rapid regeneration. And so I got back on my feet. And we whipped up a triple-dose serum that is currently running through your body. Had to keep that monstrous strength under wraps"

Ulv groaned, not because of her body but because she had forgotten how much this guy liked to talk. Fortunately he seemed to have something else to do, as he cocked his head, and then just hit some buttons on her prison and walked off. A Helmet descended onto her head, covering eyes, ears and locking in tightly. Before it was able to do anything, Ulv commanded The Wind to slice it's wiring to pieces. But, it was still rendering her blind and deaf, and it's bindings were strong so The Wind could not cut them. Not having much to do, she slipped into her Inner World.
"Bloody stalkers. Maybe I shouldn't have been so passive with letting then live this long. Never thought they would refurbish Mirja's Restraint Machine"
"Well, you are trapped here. You and Beowulf do not connect well, your body is like taffy so I can't help much, and your Tulpa can't bite through those bindings. We've just gotta sit here till the drug wears off and hope they don't juice you again" Hvit spoke. She was never that kind of woman, to just give up. But this was a terrible situation.

Before either of them could do much, however, an exceptionally eager wolf girl appeared out of nowhere, springing up with both hands splayed.
"Iko has an Idea!" she exclaimed, with great vigor and enthusiasm, tackling Hvit in one swift move. Ulv, for her part, reacted with a shriek and jumped backwards, looking at this wolf girl with a mixture of terror and confusion. It slowly dripped away, however, as Iko started making out with Hvit in a very, hearty fashion. After the kissing finished and Iko went down to Hvit's neck, there were breathless moans and speech between them.
"I missed you...too, but...we have guests"

The Wolf girl looked up, and stared at Ulv, and then grinned.
"Well, you are certainly statuesque. What did we do to make you hang around here?" Iko was brash, loud, and very up front with her thoughts. Which was probably why it looked like Iko wanted to bang Ulv even while straddling Hvit.
"She's actually the new land-lady, Iko. This is Ulv" Hvit put in, getting her breath and wits back. Iko seemed to love the name, giving a laugh as she heard it.
"You are Ulv, I am en Ulv" she told Ulv, smiling and showing off her sharp canine teeth.
"So...where have you been? Everyone else has been here for a while now" Ulv asked, she was confused as to where this wolf girl had suddenly appeared from.
[color=#00ccff]"Ohh, that. Reforming was a real effort and the bed of unformedness was warm and comfortable. But then after everything, you created and perfected the Resolve Flame. And it sung to my heart in such a way, I was formed before I realised. But yes! Iko has an idea! Ignis Ragna, The Flame Wind!" she exclaimed. But before she could get any further, there was a commotion. Blind and deaf though she was, Ulv could sense them coming.

For outside, there was a gathering of souls. Four, she could feel. And not through her spiritual sense, but through the Divine Sense of her Dantian. The incident at Everest had not been taken lying down, and Wulin had rose to answer the attack on their people. A woman, of great age and power, a peak Black Gold cultivator, stepped up to the large metal bulkhead that kept the outside world outside. And then she charged her palms with power.
"Step back. This, is going to make a mess" she warned her partners. And then she struck the bulkhead. Thick and powerful though it was, nothing of mortal craft could stand against Five Element Mountian: Shaka Nyorai Palm. And so the door exploded outwards, sending metal shards as deadly projectiles down the hall.
"Wow. That's one of the Three Buddha for you..." Noctis Gandr commented, before the four piled in, and then split up. Noctis grabbed some poor scientist, interrogated him, and burst into Ulv's holding. What he said was missed on Ulv, for she was deaf, but the machine was shattered in short order and she was freed.

Falling on her hands and knees after a hastly departure from her Inner World, she looked up and then grinned.
"Noctis! What are you doing here?" She asked with a deep smile, getting helped up by the large Taiju Snake Style user.
"We were happy to let bygones be bygones after Everest. They attacked us, we killed a lot of them, both sides time out. But they kept capturing our young Bronze and Silver cultivators. We tracked them to this general area, and by following you after you were captured, Leoric managed to pinpoint this place. But enough of that, we must go! Fight awaits!" Noctis made sure that Ulv was on her feet, and then rushed back into the hallway.
"Leoric....Heh, that guy" she muttered, getting out of the hallway herself. And then, she heard a gunshot, and a bullet wizzed past her, taking out a Perfectus sneaking up on her. She heard the shot, but couldn't see the shooter, until Leoric came out from around the corner. He had curved the bullet, which could only mean....
"Was that Schuss der Länge?!" Ulv asked incredulously.
"Ahh, lady Auber, it deserves not praise. I have only Bullet Of Mind's Eye, Bull-Stopping Round and Breath Of Raging Dragon" He replied.
"How do you do it, extrusion exhausts a Cultivator with horrific speed" Ulv asked.

The answer never came, as a Troll stormed around the corner and screamed at them. A pair of bullets went in his direction, and hit him with the force of a Juggernaut Truck, each. Clearly, that didn't do him any favours in the surviving front.
"Fuck....Bull-stopping? New name. Troll-Stopping. Those don't go down easy" Ulv exclaimed, shaking her head.
[Color=#0000ff]"Ahh, lady Auber. Like a muse, you always bring me joy. I shall leave you to your devices, for we have ours" he gave a flourish of his coat, a tip of his hat, and he was gone. As much charm as his bullets had force, Ulv didn't hate the flattery. She did, however hate the new guy that stepped over the Troll. He looked like an Atlas, but stronger, more mean and less prone to exaggerated acts of pride. It would have been a tough fight, if it was not for the words of Iko.

"Grasp me as I grasp you. Call the wind, as I call the flame, and let this world burn before our resolve". Iko really did have a way with words at times. Donning the Storm Regalia as the new being in front of her checked on the Troll. Apparently, caring for it's friends. Lovely to see.
"Kaze ni toban el ragna. Sadame to chigiri kawashite. Kaze ni yukan el ragna. Todorokishi tsubasa" The song that came from her lips was both sudden and enthralling. The man-being stood staring at her, entranced as the wind blew around her and began to sing in return. While underground too far to be able to see him, Ulv could feel El Ragna's presence. Her Storm Regalia evolved in the presence of his royal cohorts, morphing into the Hurricane Regalia. The power of The Wind was incredible right now. And so she called to it, cycling it around her leg and purified it, enriching it immensely. And once it reached it's limit, just as the man was snapping out of his trance, she kicked. At the apex of the kick her leg burst into amber flames, and the air ignited. Roaring with passion and conviction, the flaming cresent crossed the hallway in seconds, carving cleanly through the floor and ceiling, and bisecting the man from head to crotch. So clean was the cut that he just remained standing for a few moments before his two have slid away from each other and collapsed onto the floor.

'Ok, Iko. I like' Ulv exclaimed with a giggle, before heading back to assist with...well, whatever the Cultivators came here for. Clearly they weren't friends.
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