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Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:06 pm


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Rumor had it that a member of Fourth Division had been engaging in...less than noble combat engagements, shall it be said, with Shadow Fall in America. There was no official confirmation of it as far as Abalia could tell, and so she could not take any formal action, much as she would have liked to. Subterfuge was neither her preferred approach to combat nor the aim of their division, and she would under no circumstances support it so openly as allowing it to continue under her watch. With all that said…

Abalia glanced at the paperwork on her desk for some requested supplies in America. Wasn’t that just the most peculiar thing… Of course peculiarity was hardly enough reason to deny a request. If it were, she was fairly certain nearly every request made by the typical Gotei member would simply be turned down on the basis of their character. So instead, the vice-captain carefully inspected the requisition paperwork, judging each individual bit of equipment and support on an individual level.

Did it take time? Yes, certainly. But taking time was preferable to approving what might have otherwise been a questionable request. Ultimately, however, Abalia located her seal and stamped the entire sheaf of paper with a single stamp: Approved.

She had sworn neutrality in these conflicts. Her aim was peace and order, not warfare like this. But all she was doing was providing a member of her division reasonably-requested assistance. There was nothing which went against division protocol, nor nothing that she could question the validity of. In the end, it was all perfectly acceptable, and Abalia sent the whole packet off to be handled and carried out accordingly.

It was not her concern what Magnolia Everfrost chose to do with this equipment. It was a sign of trust in her division that Abalia approved such a thing at all. Of course...should it become a problem, she as the vice-captain would naturally take corrective action as necessary. If that included discipline, then such was simply the way.

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