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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Yugiri Shihōin [APPROVED, 2-3; Vizard] [HAZARD RANK C] Empty Yugiri Shihōin [APPROVED, 2-3; Vizard] [HAZARD RANK C]

Sat Dec 14, 2019 7:39 am
Yugiri Shihōin [APPROVED, 2-3; Vizard] [HAZARD RANK C] Musashi-1


Basic Information
» Name: Yugiri Shihōin.
» Alias':
▕ Yugirin.
▕ Nihana Shunshin..
» Age: 90s.
» Birthday: October 8.
» Gender: Female.
» Race: Shinigami [Vizard].

» Affiliation: Independent. Exiled.
Lady of the Shihoin Clan [Formerly].

» Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
» Nationality: Soul Society.
» Martial Status: Taken.
» Sexuality: Heterosexual.
» Ideal Mate: Manly Apex: Bishōnen.
» Special Skill: Hiding in plain sight.

» Height: 5'0"
» Build: Athletic.
» Hair Colour: Silvery Blonde.
» Eye Colour: Metallic Red.

Yugiri Shihōin [APPROVED, 2-3; Vizard] [HAZARD RANK C] Header

Psychological Analysis

Yugiri is a descendent of the Shihōin bloodline and at a glance she tries to be everything a noble ought to be. Standing on the dynasty of her forebearers while building that tower higher for her own potential children to inherent however when you're standing at the top of the tower you begin to realise you're quite lonely.

From the beginning Yugiri was a lonely child, her mother and father had very little to do with her to the point she only knew her mother was from the Shihōin clan. The addition of her legs that couldn't work only threw more obstacles in her way but while she knew only hardship to begin with Yugiri didn't turn away from trying to overcome her issues with a steel wrought force of will.

While not arrogant she is a proud individual, it is a trait that was inherited from her status and from the many challenges she's overcome but that is a fragile one. She acknowledges that she cheated, accepting the status of vizard so that she could move and regain the use of her body. It was no easy choice for her to make and haunts her to an extent despite all the good as done for her.

She is sensitive to people bringing it up, calling her a hollow or even vizard as accurate as the latter is ticks her off. Like it grates in her head and makes it hard to keep her cool. Her temper is quick to flare from those buttons being pushed unlike how she acts in most situations.

She has a chuuni streak to her character, often using very over the top sounding names for her techniques or following her own little train of thought. Not that she will admit it and is actually quite embarrassed if people ever point it out.

Her behaviour is heavily influenced by the position she perceives that she needs to fulfil, in some situations Yugiri can appear as a totally different person when she's not playing the part of a noble which makes it hard to know anything other than a facade.


Yugiri was born as the daughter of the Head of the Shihōin Family's sister, making her the cousin of Chidori Shihōin who is the heiress of the family. Despite her birth she never got a chance to meet her mother or father and was instead abandoned to her uncle to be raised by him.

The world was only more cruel to her with her by letting her be born with an ailment that made her unable to use her legs and possess a very fragile composition that would plague her for most of her younger years.

She was required to reside in a wheelchair, alone except for attendents for the most part and the odd time her family would visit her, despite their best intentions Yugiri only ever felt their pity for her situation and her envy for their's which made her bitter towards people and isolate herself. Growing depressed she grew up with stories of their most famous person from the clan who had earnt the moniker of Flash Goddess.

How could the girl that not move idolise the woman that could go the fastest? She spent her days trying to utilise kido and her spiritual energy, eager to still be a shinigami despite her degenerative disorder. With kido being the only thing she could do she became highly refined in the usage of her spiritual energy before she even officially dipped into learning actual kido itself but the system was much simpler to adapt to with these stepping stones.

After eight years of study into Kido, Yugiri was approached by a member of the Research and Development Division. The offer that was made to the twenty year old woman was simple; in exchange for her support to become a seated officer he would provide the means for her to be able to walk. Unable to comprehend the offer she was torn between accepting the help or accepting her fate, a choice only made harder by the requirement involving hollowification and becoming a Vizard.

She bit the bullet though and Yugiri couldn't resist her greatest dream when it was within her grasp. Without consulting her family she underwent the process, something some relatives never forgave her for when she told her family. Whereas some supported her, other's hated her for it. Some of them just showed her that same emotion she had seen as a child, pity.

It frustrated her, it irritated her. She hated it. She began a regime of training that tested her body and constantly pushed it to the limits. Many times would a servant find her passed out in a training room somewhere in the estate only to take her to bed and many times her body bled and wanted to break from the exertion. She didn't let it go though. She used her new found mobility to dive into the fields of Hoho and Hakuda without any kind of consideration for the pain she would feel from it.

Yugiri wanted few things, the return of her family to is proper status as it dipped following Yoruichi's defection and the loss of the Onmitsukido as well as the Second Division. For her Yugiri wanted to restore her family's seat of power and in doing so also make achievements that left Yoruichi's achievements shadowed in her own and all of this was necessary in her mind so that she never had to see their pity again.

Her lifestyle choices were a double edged sword though, Yugiri grew up with a sense of naivety to her, an arrogance as well. She was like a little sister to the heiress Chidori but she always loathed her cousin's attitude and slacking ways. She didn't act like a noble yet she was the crown jewel. With her decision to become a vizard as well only fanning their breaking their relationship even more.


Enhanced Durability: She is durable as is common of her race, having gone through a degenerative disease in her childhood her durability was naturally weakened although following through with her transition to becoming part-hollow she has since obtained that durable status she missed out on. It is not as strong though but pesky enough that she can survive some pretty terrible situations without dying making the only sure-fire way to kill her is by decapitation.

Secret of Pedigree: Being a child of one of the four noble families Yugiri possesses considerable resources and influence to her name however this extends only as far as Soul Society, specifically the Seireitei. She can call on sums of money, tools and manpower should she need it from this pedigree.

Zankensoki and More

Art of the Step: Of all the shinigami aspects of training she is most invested in her stepping techniques. Having been deprived of being able to move freely it should come as no surprise that when she was able to walk she never took it for granted, in fact the freedom of being able to move is something most would take for granted. She can be aptly described as a talented prodigy of the field with her creation of Shikko, most techniques within the field of Hoho are known to Yugiri that aren't strictly ones that a person developed exclusively for themselves.

    "Flash Steps"
    The most basic and common expression of Hoho. While simple it is the foundation of most techniques that derive from the art of stepping and so a critical component for any practitioner of the field. Most Shinigami have it covered to some extent through their education into shinigami teachings but Yugiri has learnt it to the point of being able to use it as though it was second nature to her.

    "True Steps"
    A refined technique used by Yugiri, described best as when she wants to go all out. It is in the most simple way it embodies the idea of stepping without effort. Through this technique Yugiri switches to instinct, with her body responding naturally as it needs.

    Strangely people note it appears to just be a regular shunpo as much as she argues otherwise.

    "Gentle Steps"
    Movement without sound, Yugiri sacrifices some of her speed to move more carefully which erases the typical sound associated with shunpo. However it only erases sound up to the point where it cannot be detected by the standard range of human hearing, those that have enhanced hearing or something to aid their sense of hearing can still make it out.

    "Flower Mirror"
    A variation of Senka, wherein Yugiri instead aims to pierce the Soul Chain and Soul Sleep in a single movement rather than one. It requires incredible precision wherein the user is able to damage both vital points with a single motion rather than deliver two successive strikes. Typically a speed clone will be used to draw attention to the front and leave the target's rear open appearing as though there is two of the user.

    "One Hundred Steps"
    A technique that works off momentum, the more successive flash steps she can make the faster she will go however should she stop or someone intervene and stop her she will need to restart the process. She can reach a maxium of three times as fast as she normally can before she sees a negative effect on her body begin to happen.

Art of the Spirit: Yugiri's skill in Kido is said to rival her skill in Hakuda. This is primarily due to her early years being plagued by an inability to move with her legs, due to this ailment she was usually restricted to a wheelchair and left with nothing to do. This prompted her to begin learning kido which she didn't need to rely on her failing body to do, Yugiri's finesse in control of her energy far exceeds any value of the quantity itself that she might possess making her quite competent with the utilisation of kido, spiritual energy and pressure as well as being one of the reasons she can mix Kido with other parts of her style to utilise Shunko and develop her own variant involving Hoho called Shikko.

    Chōdan Bakugeki
    "Butterfly Bullet Bombing"
    An application of her reiryoku that expels it behind her back as an array of energy discs. Using carefully calculated aims she can launch blasts of energy equivalant to a typical shakkaho. It was designed initially to be used stationary and is best utilised when stationary albeit able to move with Yugiri.

    "Wild Lion's Mane"
    Ranjishigami is a technique where Yugiri can use her energy to flow into her hair to manipulate it in a few ways, an example would be her controlling it in a prehensile manner to work as extra appendages to create a more complex fighting style when combined with her other forms of combat. She can harden and sharpen her hair to allow her to use it as a weapon although this requires a constant flow of energy into it otherwise it would simply return to it's normal properties with the exception of leaving her hair the length it was at. This manipulation only works when her hair is directly connected to her body and once it is removed or cut the control is lost in those strands.

    "Heavenly Demon Rain"
    A unique kido spell that Yugiri can invoke that creates a cloud above her, once the cloud has formed it steadily draws in energy from people underneath it, sapping the effectiveness of energy based attacks and abilities by a quarter before shooting blasts of energy at targets using this energy it drains. It lasts for a short period or until Yugiri cancels it due to it being a burden on her reserves as the larger the cloud increases the drain on her which can add up quickly.

    Incantation: "Four directions converge upon this place, the devils dare dance in your domain. Bless your beastly wrath upon them."

Art of the Body: As a Shihōin Yugiri was given plenty of opportunity to master the field of martial arts upon being able to walk. Since then she has steadily improved with decades of training with an iron will to try and succeed in her ambitions. She is able to use quite a few known techniques but always names her original techniques after Shogi pieces.

    "Reverse Chariot"
    Yugiri absorbs a portion of a blow before initating a counter strike that carries that force bolstered by her own.

    "Captive Bird"
    A locking technique that designed to pacify an enemy with force. It involves striking the vents of a target's wrists whilst simultaneously binding them until the target surrenders, passes out or Yugiri lets the pressure build up enough to explode. It doesn't give her much room to move however once she has a target bound making a third party intervention an issue.

    "Violent Dragon"
    A barrage of attacks designed to deal heavy damage by attacking weak points of the body, the force is highly concetrated to try and phase through armour as much as possible and hit the vulnerable body underneath,

    "Peaceful Mountain"
    A defence stance that focuses purely on evasion, all of the user's focus goes towards blocking strikes and projectiles until an opportunity to switch to the offense appears, this isn't a guaranteed block however.

    "Evil Wolf"
    A Hakuda technique that involves biting the target while making use of one's nails. Reiatsu flows into the nails to sharpen them and the user savagely tears into a target like a wild animal however defence is thrown to the wind when used making it a double edged sword.

    A technique that she learnt which the practioner exerts as much effort as possible to prevent their body from moving. It is a technique that braces them and aims to turn their body into a wall. An advanced user of this technique can be a fearsome tank.

Art of the Blade: Despite it being what her family attributes as her weakest field Yugiri is still quite specialised in the applications of zanjutsu however it is primarily focused on the tangible applications of a sword rather than an intrinsic and spiritual connection with her zanpakuto which is born from neglect of it since achieving shikai. She is competent enough to create her own style of swordplay but much of it can be attributed to martial prowess rather than any actual attempt to hone her connection with her zanpakuto.

    Zekken・Asa Kujaku
    "Decisive Blade・Morning Peacock"
    A move wherein the blunt side of a sword is used with the intention to do blunt force damage rather than actually slash an opponent. It is predominantely used in the case of trying to avoid wounding or killing an opponent, whether that is for discipline or capture.

    "Decisive Blade・Cheek Stroke"
    The technique that would be described as almost like death by a thousand cuts. Yugiri's technique is adapted from the official Hozuri in which superficial and passive attacks are made. The difference is that when she uses this technique the cuts are specifically designed to be superficial and do minimal damage when they form but as the fight continues they progressively get worse from the opponent's actions such as slashing a muscle in such a way that the person begins to harm themselves by trying to fight through it.

    "Decisive Blade・One-Stab Death"
    A simple technique that the practitioner takes up a position before launching themselves at the enemy to attempt to pierce them before they can realise it. With enough skill the user can appear to phase through their target, wound them and finish behind the target.

    "Decisive Blade・Revolving Heaven"
    Yugiri's Kaiten technique involves covering every angle, to do this she slashes around herself causing the air to churn around her. Depending on how much force is exerted she can deflect most projectiles and cause damage to those nearby howevever the effect only lasts a moment.

    "Decisive Blade・Hazy Inverted Moon"
    A technique that Yugiri initiates by feining an attack before swiftly getting behind her opponent and trying to attack them from behind.

    "Decisive Blade・Evening Elephant"
    A technique that is a firm and quick slash to the target's head. Condensing all the force onto a single point its entire purpose is designed to split through defences and armour. She also calls it Kabutowari.

    "Decisive Blade・Moonflower"
    The practitioner begins by gauging an incoming attack before meeting it with an equal force, a purely defensive technique that is intended to open up an opportunity to launch a counter attack after negating the strike.

Unique Techniques

    Feline Fatale: Bakeneko Method
    "Feline Fatale: Changed Cat Method"
    An art of the Shihōin allowing the user to change their shape, it is a transformation technique that allows for the family member to change their form into that of a cat.

    Yugiri Shihōin [APPROVED, 2-3; Vizard] [HAZARD RANK C] Yugiricat
    Yugiri's Cat Form

    "Cricket War Cry"
    The fusion of kido and hoho, for Yugiri this technique has special meaning as it is the fusion of the field that she was forced to rely on when she couldn't move and the she chose when she had a choice , it uses the hybrid principle that similar techniques--Saisenko and Shunko--make use of. However while those are zanjutsu and hakuda respectively Yugiri's own usage completes the set.

    The principle is close to Shunko to the naked eye except less visible, kido is flooded into her body and causes it to be constantly stimulated. Her energy causes a vibration effect as the energy resonates at an extremely fast rate that causes a persistent humming to be able to be heard by those around her which sounds distinctly like a swarm of insects. Shikko is said to raise her speed by a factor of ten however it is a recent development that only occured within the last decade and she cannot use it for extended periods of time due to a serious strain it puts on her body.

      Mukage: Hishou
      "Shadowless: Flight"
      Hisho is a technique that allows for Yugiri to remove the necessity to step in order to move. Typically Shunpo is still ultimately tied to the fact the user is stepping but through flowing kido throughtout her body she is able to mimick the Quincy Hirenkyaku to a limited capacity by instead using the energy to force her to move. This allows her to change vectors on the fly like she was controlling her body like a puppet.

      Mukou: Gaeshi
      "Lightless: Reversal"
      An external application of her Shikko rather than an internal one like Hisho, upon coming into contact with something she is able to invert the force. Causing it to change direction back to the direction it came, it is similar to Hanki however it doesn't simply cancel it out and the target moves at the same speed it approached with.

    "Flash War Cry"
    While Shikko is a more recent development of her's Yugiri had previously displayed the ability to learn Shunko with her fine control for reiatsu. The element of which her Shunko is tied to is the lightning one displayed by the Flash Goddess. When used the energy builds up in her back and shoulders before expelling as a thick aura around her.

      "Body Pathway Derangement"
      The aura around Yugiri causes those that touch her to have an electrical current run through them. A normal human could potentially die or be seriously injured whereas a spirit could endure it. Nevertheless the aura increases her capacity to fight in close combat due to making it harder on most people to deal with it.

      "Lightning Rod"
      The nature of her Shunko causes her to absorb attacks from an electrical nature. Lightning, whether natural or artificial do not affect her in this form and fifty percent of the energy is absorbed by her as extra reserves.

      Raikō Shishi Rendan
      "Lighning Flash Lion Combo"
      A fancy display of martial prowess wherein Yugiri charges her hair with electricity before attacking her target with a swift series of blows, her hair attempts to wrap around them while this barrage occurs before delivering a powerful shock followed by another attempt to smash them into the ground.

      "Electromagnetic Murder"
      An assassination technique which involves frying a target's soul chain and soul sleep. Typically this will incapacite them and allow for Yugiri to deliver a final shock that stops her target's heart. Due to being an assassination method it's obviously limited in application on the site other than on NPCs because people don't like assassins.


Zanpakutō Name: Hitokiri, this is not her actual zanpakuto name. It is the name she assigns to the spirit that she invokes her shikai with, she presumes that as she speaks the name Hitokiri he is speaking her true zanpakuto's name she isn't aware of.

Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Yugiri's zanpakuto spirit takes the form of a humanoid covered by a thick cloak. The cloak is black just as his skin is from what she can see of it. The only jarring thing of his (she presumes it is a him) that stands out is the white skull mask that makes him look eeriely like a hollow.

Inner World: She's seen it but she can never remember what it looked like. She can only vaguly remember the details that everything was still, water didn't flow and there was no breeze. It was like the place had been frozen in time and she couldn't feel, hear or smell anything.

Sealed Powers:

    Ten Colour Flowing River
    Yugiri's zanpakuto can control the flow of energy to an extent, by controlling the flow of energy within her body her zanpakuto can prevent the hollow aspects of the energy from keeping Yugiri able to walk if it so wanted. It can also be used to increase or decrease bloodflow and rate of electrical signals between nerves, allowing her to prevent blood loss or reflexes through controlling her nervous system. By touching an opponent with the blade of her zanpakuto she can impose this effect on a target such as increasing their blood flow to make them risk bleeding out or reduce their reflexes.


Shikai Name: ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐

Kanashibari (九金縛り, Bound in Metal)

Shikai Release Phrase: Tie down, ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐.

Shikai Release Appearance: Upon entering shikai Yugiri's eyes take on the form of a hollow's, due to her zanpakuto spirit having been canibalised by an inner hollow following her treatment to cure her degenerative disorder the very action of releasing her zanpakuto is the equivalent of initating a hollowification process.

Aside from her eyes Yugiri's zanpakuto takes on the form of tekko that cover her hands that match the steel braces that she wears around her legs. As the duration of her shikai increases these braces begin to turn white and cover her in a hollow bone-like exo skeleton that functions as a pseudo-armour.

Shikai Release Power: The nature of Yugiri's zanpakuto reflects her fear and joy, for her she fears nothing more than her paralysis that she grew up with and the liberating feeling of being able to move. It is because of this that Yugiri's zanpakuto power has an almost children's game like power that only allows one person to move at a time.

Being around Yugiri imposes the law of stillness, a person cannot move if someone else is moving however when activated initially it doesn't simply make everyone stop moving, instead it leads into the actual effect by preventing movement from people from moving once they stop if other's are and this process will continue until only one person is moving.

This one person after everyone else has stopped essentially holds the baton, once they stop moving it's within the grasp of another person to take and begin moving which means Yugiri is also subject to her own power. While people must remain stationary this doesn't stop them from talking or casting so long as their feet don't move one can reasonably still use their upper body to fight, cast kido and force a person to give up the status of the person moving by catching them off guard.

Bleed Through Effect
"Hollowfied Zanpakuto"
Yugiri's zapakuto is effectively consumed by her inner hollow which essentially hollowfies her in her shikai. As a result she effectively is wearing her hollow mask whenever her shikai is active while progressively hollowfying. Her behaviour becomes more animalistic and evil, when in shikai she gains access to some hollow skills such as High-Speed Regeneration, Cero and the ability to open Garganta. It becomes progressively worse the longer she remains in an active state.


Not Yet Achieved.


(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Advanced
  • Cero: Beginner
  • Mask Protection: Untrained
  • Hollow Control: Beginner


Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Beginner
  • Garganta : Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Adept
  • Regeneration: Adept


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Yugiri Shihōin [APPROVED, 2-3; Vizard] [HAZARD RANK C] Empty Re: Yugiri Shihōin [APPROVED, 2-3; Vizard] [HAZARD RANK C]

Sun Dec 15, 2019 8:03 pm
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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
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  • Focus: Adept

Hazard Rankings
  • Power: C
  • Influence: A
  • Resources: D

Comments/Notes: N/A
Tier: 3-2
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