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Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:30 pm

Kuchiki Keiko

Once Elyss restarted her movement, Keiko got back onto it too. That momentary break and breather, though it wasn't much of a breather since a lot of that breath was used on talking, gave her a bit of energy back to keep on pushing the box. It was during her pushing that Keiko went from being a bit heated, to intentfully listening. When Elyss talked about not having a family.... Keiko started feeling bad about what she said. Keiko did find some responsibilities of her family as cumbersome, but she always held it as a privilege. She attached herself to it with gratefulness. It was presumptuous of her to make a comparison. The girl couldn't help but stay silent until she listened to Elyss's words in full.

Her words caused a bit of welling in Keiko's heart. At first, it was a seed of sadness. But then, some hopefulness, a sense of camaraderie being formed between the two, and then a feeling of inspiration. When Keiko made her spiel, she didn't mean to say it to distinguish herself from Elyss, or to make a comparison between them. It was just some frustration she let out, as she felt insulted, even if the woman didn't mean for that to be conveyed. But, evidently, Elyss understood what she was saying more than she first thought.

Actually, this was the first time someone ever referred to her as family outside of her family. Family, to Keiko, was sacred. Soemtimes, it wasn't even really loving. That was mostly, actually almost entirely, only her mother. This sort of genuine affection and concern being shown to her was kind of unknown. Enough to have Keiko put on a complicated expression, like an Unfamiliar Face to herself. It felt good, though. It felt like something she wanted to become more familiar with.

"Elyss, I'm.... sorry, for going off on you. I didn't mean to be rude or anything, I just kind of blew up. But, thank you for telling me this. I'm also sorry about being presumptuous and stuff. I just... you know. I dunno. It's weird to say, but yeah, thank you."

This talk invigorated Keiko some, and in the end she heartily nodded to Elyss's dumb smirk.

Two boxes? Nonsense! D-don't underestimate me, I'm in the Seventh Division Family. I complete my tasks in a timely manner! I'll do... three boxes."


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Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:36 pm

ポ ス ト を 開 始

That’s the spirit! Three? Elyss doubts Keiko has the ability to exert herself that far, but the enthusiasm is all that matters. If the youngling keeps with that kind of attitude, eventually, she’ll be able to achieve anything she puts her mind to. That’s how Elyss kept growing, and that’s how the redhead is going to continue to grow. Keiko seemed a bit perplexed with Elyss’ honest answer, but it seems that the idiotic redhead’s thoughts hit home where they should. That’s all that matters right now. Seeing that she was able to inspire someone just a bit more made Elyss feel giddy inside.

“It’s alright Keiko. This is why we live and learn. Now, we understand each other a bit more, so let’s get this done and maybe we can hang out and get to know each other more.”

Wow. They haven’t even finished their first run, and there was a lot of boxes that needed moving. Elyss had already forgotten about how she wanted to relax the rest of the day. Helping Keiko is at the forefront of her mind, and that’s what she’ll do until everything is done with. Days like these are worth fighting for, yeah? Just people getting along and growing together. Something she’ll always want to protect.



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