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When the Mountain Crumbles - Page 2 Empty Re: When the Mountain Crumbles

Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:18 pm

When the Mountain Crumbles - Page 2 6EdIfMt

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Come on, colder.. Colder.. Get colder..!

Calypso's fingers dug into the sands in irritation as cold rain slowly became falling bits of hail. It wasn't getting cold fast enough, though she did notice the sound of fighting suddenly quiet. What the hell, did it give up? Her hands released from the sands, any signs of cooling off or rain instantly vanishing as she no longer materialized her energy's will upon the land, running to the edge of the cliff to take a look at what was going on, her heart dropping once she saw the volcanic entity swell and glow with power.

The land around them only continued to get torn up by his presence, the billowing of poisonous gas, the firings of volcanic rocks into the sky, the young one's heart roared in her ears.

He was going to make himself into a volcanic eruption to kill both of them.

She looked to Murasaki, her thoughts going a million miles per hour as she tried to think. Horror only continued to strike her as she thought; If Murasaki struck him with a physical attack, of which she seemed to be focused with speed and swordsmanship, it would only set off the eruption early. He needed to be cooled down immediately; and with a frozen gaze of terror looked to Murasaki, she yelled in sharp warning to the green haired shinigami,


There was only one thing she had in mind to prevent this disaster of an attack. A hand went right to her neck with zero hesitation, a gentle 'snap' from that region as she looked at the object she had just forcefully pulled from her being; The obsidian necklace Tatsuya had created for her. She held it in her hand, staring at it as many emotions danced in her mind, Nostalgia, Fear, Anger, Joy, Sadness, Regret..

"I'm sorry Tatsuya, I couldn't help you, but at least i'll put down the monster that killed you.."

The sclera of her left eye had suddenly taken a tone of black, darkness leaking from her eye as she crushed the pendant in her hand, her brilliant blue blood being drawn, as she focused her energies into the sacrifice. An item of sentiment, her swirling cascade of emotions, the chill in her heart, and most regrettably of all, parts of her memory of joyful time with the man, were brought together to create the force necessary to attack this creature; A glowing frozen spear made of the culmination of these elements, her fist tightly gripping the weapon as she jumped off the cliff, her wings of energy forming whilst in freefall, flying directly for Aggramar.

Her movements were not stopped or halted by the flying volcanic rocks, the flaming stones striking her and burning her, but she did not cease momentum. All she knew was that this thing before her needed to die, and the weapon to do so was within her hands. She descended, feeling almost as if time was slowing down, the pain of fire and brimstone touching upon her being hardly surmountable to the pain this creature caused in her heart. A demon's most defining trait were their powerful emotions, and such emotions could be far more powerful than even physical wounds. The young Asthavon only closed in, closer and closer, to the being who made the mistake of creating an attack of which he could not move..


The sound of squealing energy and hissing flames would be heard. At the core of the being's body, was the sphere of sheer cold, impaling it as it's user stood there, while being burned harshly by the heat and her hand almost completely submerged in his burning chest, did not move. She did not leave, she did not falter, no. The look upon her normally sweet face was one of a determined killer, a cold expression of exhaustion and strife, as the young Asthavon twisted the spear she had rammed into his being.


Her voice was cold and dry, stated so softly and simply, as her skin blackened and bubbled with blood, the weapon slowly freezing the volcanic arrancar's body from it's entry point. Any attempts at being swatted away were met with shadowy tendrils exploding from her body to stop those attempts, said tendrils burning up upon contact, but the demon did not fall down. She would be there until she knew he was nothing more than a cold corpse.

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When the Mountain Crumbles - Page 2 Empty Re: When the Mountain Crumbles

Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:41 pm



Unlike demonkind, shinigami were not inherently strengthened by emotion. It held only as much sway as one allowed it to hold, and in this moment of imminent destruction, Murasaki knew that to feel anything would simply interfere in her final duty. In the duty she had sworn to uphold. She took a single breath, annihilating all that was unnecessary.


No regret, no feeling. She heard the words the demon spoke to her. She already knew that would be the case. Physical attack was dangerous, deadly even. Conceptual, however, was another matter. Murasaki waited, weaving her way through the onslaught for the right moment to strike, her spiritual energy quite literally nothing- There it was.

The demon had incapacitated the Arrancar, and he had already locked himself into place. No longer was avoidance of this strike a concern. Nothing else concerned Murasaki now but the assurance that this ended. That it would never happen again. She dashed toward the beast as it froze through, and the moment she reached it, she struck with everything that Calypso had not. There was no compassion. No emotion at all. Only the absolute void that was Musonzai, made manifest in a stroke that was nothing but "kill" made manifest. It was unstoppable, for all it struck was simply folded into that very same concept- "kill."


Mercy did not exist. Love did not exist. Nothing at all existed in that stroke, but herself and Aggramar Brimstone. Murasaki felt nothing as she cut through the Arrancar's very being, through all that he was in but a fraction of a moment. Her blade would swing again and again, the speed of it unfathomable even without any spiritual power exerted. Such was simply the nature of one's existence being the blade itself.




Murasaki would not stop. Not until Aggramar, until the very soul of he who had once been Tatsuya Oda, was nothing but mere memory.

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When the Mountain Crumbles - Page 2 Empty Re: When the Mountain Crumbles

Fri Jan 24, 2020 5:06 pm

The Madman of the Outlands

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

Cracks and screams appearing throughout its body. Searing screams almost like ghosts screaming out. His body was yelling as Aggaramar crumpled to the ground. His body aching as he screamed internally. Trying to heal through the pain of his body. "Why, why did you...exist why did it have to be this way...Why can't I do what I want? Why can't I be free, WHY must these chains bind me??!" His body ached as he laid upon the ground screaming. Desiring an answer from someone. The sands whipped around him as someone decided to answer. A man walked through the desert as sands passed through him. He was a reflection, a shard of the soul this creature consumed. The fragment of the memory of Aggramar coming to light. Fifteen hundred years he lived in shadows and darkness. The man who'd recently died came through the desert sands. Walking by the pyres of flame and smog. Tatsuya Oda, the image was a reflection of him who sat down. His frame sitting as he looked sadly at the situation.

"Fitting ending for us, forgotten in the deserts of Hueco Mundo." Aggramar growled as he slammed his fists on the ground. Attempting to move only causing the sinking of that cold spear further. "No!!!No! We should be a god in this world. We hold power unlike anyone else in this place. We should be rulers with an iron fist...DAMN YOU!" Aggramar was dying but he held on as the ghost of Tatsuya sat smiling. He didn't have anger or anything in him at this point. "No, we lost the right a long time ago. To rule anyone Aggramar, long before Jefferson City. Back when you first formed out in those outlands. " Aggramar's hands clenched sand in them in agony as he laid there. "Why you were a winner why not take the throne? You had every power to do so. " Tatsuya stood up dusting off his legs now of sand. Though it poured through him going out the other side. He wasn't corporal in any sense of the word.

|You languish over my failures, I was no king for a ruler and leader is something more. Power does not make a King, a King is born out of the people's desires. It is both a dream and a nightmare. Only a few can truly embody what it means to carry those hopes. I lost that right killing on those fields. " Tatsuya said his voice seeming to echo across the sands. He was but another corpse upon the desert sands. Tatsuya had no home to bury him so these sands were fitting. A mural and reminder of his crimes and transgressions. So many lives lost to his time-fighting. Bloodstained hands as he fought to survive far from the Gotei. "But...I...wished to be King..Why end here?' He had a tear trickling down his eye now. Why couldn't it have been freedom? That was the anguish inside of the soul of Aggramar. Why did the Gotei have to hound him? Tatsuya patted him on the head as his hand went through. He finally turned around to face them.

|We are where we should be Aggramar, I see my gift was good for something. That's good to see, that my actions helped end my nightmares." Tatsuya said offering a sad smile. Sitting down next to the figure of Aggramar now in the sand. They'd both be vanishing together, forgotten in the sands. |I'm sorry, Captain Murasaki and Calypso. That you had to sully your hands with my blood. It would have been a good life for what it's worth." He offered them a sad smile as he had no regrets. Fifteen hundred years of life despite tragedy and sadness. Tatsuya Oda lived and died in a way he accepted. Forgotten in the limitless sands of Hueco Mundo. Perhaps if fate saw fit he would get another chance. A chance to make things right and truly live. That would be what he would do. But if not and this tale was his ending. It was acceptable for him in the end. Tatsuya Oda could accept what Aggramar couldn't. The beast had sub comes to its injuries and fought in futile as it grabbed for Tatsuya.

Reaching for the hand as the two sat in the still-burning sands. Tatsuya's ghost merely smiling at Calypso. "Well, you make the world we hoped for Calypso. Maybe someday we'll meet again and I can make it up to you." Tatsuya said as he had a small tear trail down his cheek. A tear of sadness for the pain caused a true friend. This would be his last moments here to see either of them. A ghost of Oda who wouldn't likely be seen ever again.
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