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Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:52 am


Liana was pleased with his response. Not just the excitement he displayed, but the fact that he was learning, that the engrossment was with the fact that it was a kidou. He seemed more childlike and excitable than the woman first thought at first impression, but she chalked it up to being the effects of the adrenaline-like symptoms.

"Yes, Enhancement type kidou seems to be fairly rare, nowadays. Many of us in the Kido Division of the Gotei 13 developed many enhancements through Kidou in favour of learning Hakuda or Zanjutsu to perform Shunko and the like. Many figured, why extend themselves to a different skill when they can get a similar effect through pure kidou? I actually did learn and come to a point of expertise in hakuda myself, but enhancements were important and diverse to learn as well.

When the lieutenant started to ramble in fervor before correcting himself, Liana let out a small giggle. What an interesting young fellow. It was this sort of attitude that Liana couldn't help but tease a little.

"Tell you what, Takehiko-san. I may tell you the secrets to performing this kidou, but I'd like to see how you fare yourself. The hallmark of a good kidou practicioner is to know both kidou theory, and be capable of creating and casting your own kidou. So, now that I've given you a taste of this one, I want you to try and recreate it yourself. Experiencing it should be all the clues and hints you need. Come back to me in a few days with your results."


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Tue Feb 04, 2020 1:11 pm

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Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

Takehiko's eyes lit up as he wanted to try it. But he understood here and now wasn't the place. Researching the effect and understanding it's practice. That was important for him to begin in this aspect. Takehiko had to show his excitement as he waited. "Yes that sounds fantastic Captain Unohana" Takehiko exclaimed as he was more than willing. To try and use this training experience to develop and grow further. Adding more skills to his prowess and developing himself further. He wished to be a reliable asset for the Gotei. For those around him and to do what he could. That was the nature of Takehiko's desire now. He wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Takehiko also had few people to draw upon in the beginning. He'd failed and burnt the bridge with Ulv. Not understanding or learning quickly enough. Now all he could do was give his all. Towards any objective or training, he gained. To help Captain Unohana better he would train. To make sure she never had to raise her blade.

That was his goal now, to protect her and this Division. They were akin to a family so with her leave he would depart this place. He would train until he couldn't anymore. Learning how to perform and use the traits available to him. Perhaps even studying Ruin's prowess as well. Using the skills she'd kept away since his father's time. There was an ache in him about asking her for more. She'd contained Akuma inside him. She deserved peace and rest within his form. His half-hazard dreams needed to conclude. But this Kido was possible as he felt giddy. Like a child listening to her explain it. Some could be blamed on the Kido itself. But other parts were him enjoying it. He found knowledge and Kido especially exciting. So learning it however he could be an important part for him. It developed into a fascination but one he found less and less. He began to understand a change had to come. To him as a person and a Vice-Captain. He had a duty to accomplish as he waited for her permission. He'd come back and see her again in a couple of days.

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