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Sat May 02, 2020 1:54 pm
Welcome Aboard [Cyrus/Nicoletta] - Page 2 4QMtWSw


"I think, even if it did come to pass that all my dreams had been but naivete, that I would not regret my decisions. Even if they came to be naive, the ideal of a peaceful world is one that is self-evidently worthwhile."

Cyrus shook her head in response to Nicoletta's apology, not especially minding such direct critique of her plans. That was the sort of thing she welcomed in the Vandenreich, that the men and women might feel free to offer forth their own ideas without fear of retribution. Even if it seemed crassly worded, Cyrus never minded.

"Some may go back to that life, may return to the cycle of conflict. It is not easy to decide what should ever be done with those who were once at your side, Nicoletta. But one must bear in mind that the goal of the Vandenreich is to offer a peaceful world to the people of Earth. It is not to aim for racial purity, or the unconditional culling of all who do not originally hail from this plane. Those who call this world their home, and fight for its well-being, are welcome here."

Closing her eyes briefly, Cyrus mulled over her next words carefully for a moment or two.

"Those who fight against this aim, no matter who they might be, need be removed as all other opposition. It is the burden we must be willing to accept."

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Welcome Aboard [Cyrus/Nicoletta] - Page 2 Empty Re: Welcome Aboard [Cyrus/Nicoletta]

Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:32 pm


Enter Nicoletta


Welcome Aboard [Cyrus/Nicoletta] - Page 2 6EdIfMt

This was certainly the oddest..well, this wasn't really an interview, was it? Meeting worked. And this was certainly the oddest one she had ever taken part in. Before today, she had never spared more than a passing thought to the state of the world. And now here she was, having a discussion about it with someone who actively wanted to cause an upheaval in the way things were. That should have been a topic that weighed heavily on their conversation. But somehow, Cyrus managed to keep the conversation from becoming some crushing question of ethics or morality. That wasn't to say that she was trying to paint this picture as being black and white.

And of course, she found herself nodding along with what this woman was saying. In a way, it made sense. There was no need for some kind of mass culling of anyone who wasn't human. After all, most people found themselves living near someone who could be considered inhuman nowadays. Some places even had managed to figure out a halfway decent system for regulating spiritual powers.

But this place seemed..different. And she felt like she had become a different person just by having this conversation and experience. Cyrus's final words hung heavy in the air, leaving the two women standing in silence. Nicoletta thought on that for a moment, allowing the words to mull about in her head as she brought one hand up, running it idly through some of her hair. Eventually, she exhaled softly.

"Well. That is a hefty burden to put on someone's shoulders. But if I wasn't willing to accept that burden, I suppose I would have walked off by now." She said as she finally allowed her gaze to stop wandering, and instead focus in on the woman she had been walking with. Her own statement was fairly clear. She was willing to take that burden, and whatever burdens also came with being a part of this.

"I admire what's being done here. I've not been quiet about that. But I don't think that I need to mull this decision over anymore. If you'll have me, I'm more than willing to set myself up here with whatever sort of role you'd put me in."

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