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Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:48 am

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Shin was spending a lazy day, laying around while reading up on various materials. He was in this sort of mood of wondering how else he could sharpen himself. True, he was doing lots of work training others but, that didn't mean he should deter from his own improvement. That and he was getting bored. He really needed to pick into someone. But the list was vast to poke and prod. But, since he was only recently back, he should avoid outright annoying those with more pull that could make his life miserable. He already had the loose cannon of a vizard not on friendly terms with him. Regardless, there was something else bothering him. Not that he wouldn't be proficient with the 4th Division but, thing changed while he was gone and he was replaced, which was natural. That Kuro kid did peak his interest though. That thought instantly settled it, he'd bug him. Based on first impressions, he was very much the Onmitsukido born and raised. Shin had an idea of how his brain worked just from understanding that. It was then he'd pen a Hell Butterfly to be sent out to him.

To the Captain that replaced me,

I've gotten back. Stretched out my legs, re-acclimated to the Seireitei. Something is picking at my brain though.

Was my replacement an upgrade or a downgrade? That and to be honest, I could use a sparring partner with a little more resistance than my kiddos. They aren't at the point to really warrant me actually trying yet.

All that said, meet me in the abandoned hospital in the Rukongai. That should be private enough. If I'm actually going to try, I'd rather not have spectators. I'm sure you can understand the value of keeping one's abilities concealed.

So, Abandoned Hospital. Rukongai. There should be a lobby in one of the middle floors.


With this penned out, Shin figured it should be time to get ready as he sent it out. He stood up from his bed, threw his overcoat on and went into his draw of candies. He made sure to acclimate a few of them into Death Candies, and chuckled to himself as he grabbed the overwhelmingly long sheath of his zanpakutou and strapped it to his back. He then cracked his neck and started for the hospital. In a series of flash steps, he arrived in the center floor of the hospital and simply stood there.

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