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Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:22 pm

Dealing Seconds 6EdIfMt


Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

Paperwork was the name of the game, but today he drew lots. Takehiko deflected Kido blasts from general members. Using his experience and understanding. To deflect Hadō Ones into the ground. They weren't very potent as of yet, though these were seated officers either. But it was still a display worth examining as he offhandedly observed them taking it in. His power had increased recently, not dramatically so. But enough that he was able to grow his power. That was his intelligent meter on it. The issues with his use of Kido into Swordsmanship were dangerous. But done with precautions in place at the moment. His digits played along his Zanpakuto.

"Take five, good practice you guys are getting better at using it without incantation. Once you improve beyond that into Byakurai the sky is the limit."

He said softly sitting down and resting now for a moment. It wasn't needed for him to push himself all the way yet. This was based on Kido instructions teaching them Hadō one. A simple and easy day of training them from not training himself as much. He'd not blown himself up yet withy his new idea either. So it could be counted as a win in the books for him. He'd started educating those under him so the Captain could spend her time more freely. Though no educator existed greater than her in this case. She was by far the best Kido user within the Division. Having many under her prowess. He had managed to use Enhancement Kido which gave him further ideas. On ways to use the Blood power inside of his body. This training was open so other Divisions could come. He left it as such to promote openness in Squad 2 and show they didn't mind teaching.

Kido was an excellent skill to learn and grow with.

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