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Danava Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Thara
» Titles: Danava of Avarice, Lady Greed, Mammon,
» Age: 500
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

Thara [Tier:3-3/Hazard Rank:E | Race: Danava Demon][Rehaul/Updating In Progress]  Tharja_fire_emblem_and_2_more_drawn_by_raikoart__a45af579dd8c057b8efdb092644f6c1a

Thara [Tier:3-3/Hazard Rank:E | Race: Danava Demon][Rehaul/Updating In Progress]  Tharja_fire_emblem_drawn_by_olga_narhova__sample-875921cd3244aacf7c9b5cb460ceb7a0

Thara [Tier:3-3/Hazard Rank:E | Race: Danava Demon][Rehaul/Updating In Progress]  Robin_robin_tharja_and_lissa_fire_emblem_and_1_more_drawn_by_kurosawa_tetsu__50e930c06e03723d97d07bc

» True Appearance Picture:

Thara [Tier:3-3/Hazard Rank:E | Race: Danava Demon][Rehaul/Updating In Progress]  Raven_dc_comics_and_1_more_drawn_by_hyun_sung_oh__sample-113071bba59856872039ef5b62e67a66

Thara [Tier:3-3/Hazard Rank:E | Race: Danava Demon][Rehaul/Updating In Progress]  Raven_dc_comics_and_1_more_drawn_by_blondynkitezgraja__sample-7d08ea8f13ba6b5cdcdfe24f3b13bac4

I. Personality

» Personality:

Greed is her foremost defining trait, exceeding the realm of common sense. That ardent craving to obtain anything she desires is otherworldly, and it defines a large portion of who she is as a demon and as a person. Thara is a demon who operates a lot on both emotion and the sin she represents, and since those two often coincide, Thara is typically shown to take anything she lays her eyes on, without anyone’s permission. Her name means wealth, and so by all accounts, she must live up to plundering and attaining anything in the world she yearns for, even if it is often done through forceful acts. Even if she has a lot, she still wants more.

This covetous nature is the core of who she is and yet - when one truly looks beyond the layer, they will find that she is quite childish when she is told no or rejected, if not outright emotionally unstable.. Thara is easily the type to point a finger - like a spoiled child would - and claim that what someone else has is her own. If one refuses it to give it to her, she can often act equally childish by stealing it away from them, an act often done without any remorse.

Having been raised in an isolated environment, Thara is often unmindful of her actions or the fallout that occurs from her acts of thievery. As a result of her childhood as a demon, she never truly learned a sense of wrong or right and would easily tell you that the vast majority of her actions can be excused under the idea that avarice is all that she is, and all that she ever will be.

An uglier side of Thara’s avarice is when she is constantly rejected or she feels threatened by someone who might steal or take something away from her. Thara abhors the thought. The very idea that she has to lose something or have anything taken away disgusts her beyond every measure that the mind can fathom. Taking something back from her can result in a murderous rage where she will become far more irrational than she may have been at the outset. Any of the beauty you may see in her appearance will be distorted by a hellish aura of greed and the maddened craving to have what her heart desires at all costs.

Charismatic: Even though Thara’s true personality is childish and cowardly - when she’s presenting herself to the public eye, Thara possesses an immeasurable mixture of seduction, wit, and charm. There is a pronounced grace and air behind the way she operates and talks. There is never a dull moment within her presence and she always aims to impress anyone who sets eyes on her.

The magnetic quality of her charisma allows her to operate with such a level of persuasion that she can convince those who are weak-minded and gullible to buy into anything she says, especially if there is even a shred of merit to her ideas or belief that it’s a possibility that can truly occur.

She adores being the center of attention and will often waste no time in displaying her charismatic front to all who are impressed. Her charismatic nature is so strong that it ties heavily into her abilities as a Danava of avarice. Though, to no one’s surprise, her charisma while exceptional to behold, is little more than a front that easily falls to pieces when things go awry, to a point where she can be on the verge of death.

Gullible: Alluded to in the many layers of her avaricious nature, Thara is very gullible, to a point where it’s almost comical at times. She adores being complimented and desires friendship on an immense level. Isolation has turned her into someone who is quite naive about the inner-workings of the world and the various people that inhabit it.

For example, if you were to tell Thara that she is the most beautiful demon on earth and that she should enter a modeling competition… she would do just that; Or, if you told her she could be a world-class athlete, she would enter a sport and excel at it without restraint. No matter how silly the request might sound, if you encourage her enough she will do it to impress the person who showered her in compliments.

It is not often said for many people but singing this demon’s praises reaps many benefits. Thara will be a friend to those who adore her company and she will protect those friends she acquires at all costs, even if those friends might house the desire to manipulate her. Her cravings to have the things humans have is so strong that, even if she knows someone isn’t truly interested in her, she will force the issue even at the cost of her own well-being.

Frightening Obsession: Obsession is another defining trait comprising the core of Thara’s personality. It mirrors her avarice but in a far more irrational way. As she is a demon with more human emotion than one might imagine, her craving for companionship is immeasurable - to say nothing of romantic love.

As someone who has read various fairy tales and romantic novels, Thara has created this idea that she is a princess awaiting her prince… or maybe another princess. She has these images in her mind that she dreams of where she’s living in a castle and being married to that special someone while her friends congratulate her and tell her how wonderful it is that she is getting married.

These passionate dreams have often manifested in Thara kidnapping unwilling participants she thinks would participate in her fantasies and when she is rejected, she forces them to do what she wants regardless of how they might feel. She is the demon of avarice, after all. Why should she bother with what they say?

She’ll take anything she wants! Furthermore, Thara is not one to take the answer no without a fight. The voracious demon will use every tactic at her disposal to attain what she wants. In her childish eyes, she deserves it all and it is unfair if you tell her otherwise. Whereas other demons in the demon world seek fame, fortune, or the allure of being recognized by Mana herself, Thara is obsessed only with what goes on in her own mindscape.

Her mind does not comprehend how others might view her obsessive cravings for love and compassion. One or two things are not simply enough. She wants to have it all. In other words, one chooses to be this demon’s friend or lover, their mind should never even harbor the thought of abandoning her. As once again, such emotions will bring back bitter memories and with it, a murderous rage that can frighten mortals.

» Likes: Gold, fairy tales, romantic literature, jewelry, and being showered within an infinite amount of compliments and kind gestures.

» Dislikes: Being insulted or having insults thrown her way. Rejection. Isolation. Someone telling her no. War. Abandonment.

I. History

» History:

Born into a family of Danava who resided in a large castle within the multiple layers of the demon world, Thara was the youngest of many brothers and sisters. Her family always prided themselves on the versatility of their skills and their individual origins.

There was always a sense of competition among her siblings. They would often engage in duels between one another to prove who was superior among the other. Some of these duels would often lead to the death of some of her siblings but seeing as though her parents were rarely present, there was no one to hold any of them accountable.

In fact, dying in a duel was seen as honorable and worthy of praise. At some point, their parents had died on the battlefield themselves, with nothing but prideful smiles on their faces. Their children shed no tears over their death which confused Thara.

Her siblings did not seem to be phased by the loss, save for the few who watched over Thara. Kiara - her older sister - was the closest thing to a mother figure for Thara and whereas most of her siblings were only concerned with personal glory or their foolish ambitions, Kiara only had eyes for Thara and spent time with her away from the duels they engaged in.

The two sisters spent many days and nights where they would venture out into the demon world and go on adventures or meet other demons who were friendly and welcoming. Whenever they returned home, Kiara would read countless stories - from romantic ones told in the demon world, to fairytales on earth, and even novels her older sister enjoyed.

The demon of avarice was not a fighter by any stretch of the term, so her older sister had often made it a goal to never keep the young demon out of her sight, lest a cowardly member of her family threatened her and aimed to attack her.

No one ever cared for her in the way that her eldest sister did and she was raised with a sense of self that was in complete contrast to the confrontational - eat or beaten - her siblings reveled in. In time, most of her siblings had left the gothic castle that they lived in and Thara and Kiara were the only ones left.

However, one day Kiara had left out to go find them a meal on earth and… disappeared, leaving the young demon to fend for herself. Thara had spent each day wondering when her sister would return but she never grew worried nor lost hope.

As a young child, she felt she could operate well enough. Days passed by until days turned into years, and with each passing year Thara grew up in the castle her family once lived in, isolating herself from the other demons. Kiara had told her to stay in the castle when she was away, but she had not returned yet. ‘

Even so, Thara had no intention of disrespecting her sister’s wishes. She simply grew into a woman, preparing her own meals, reading the same fairy tales and novels her sister had read to her during her childhood. Each year, she repeated that same routine until the sting of loneliness finally set in and she desired to see the world outside her castle. She stepped outside of her castle walls to meet other demons but her family reputation invited more enemies than it did any friends, and so Thara isolated herself in the castle.

She could not properly fight as she wasn’t raised to be a fighter, and the idea of being stolen or taken away from the castle to be a victim of cruel demons that roamed demon world was far too frightening.

Things would not remain this way forever. Thara utilized the spellbooks and memories of the battles she would witness her siblings participate in, studying every skill and strategy she could get her hands on.

She grew particularly obsessed with the idea of magic, placing specific emphasis on practicing and performing various demon spells, as well awakening to her ideal reality and a sin that would come to define who she was in the future - avarice.

With this new awakening, Thara found herself growing less fearful as her heart yearned for more, to no longer be lonely, to step outside this castle, and make her own friends.

However, due to her ineptitude of understanding right and wrong, the demon of avarice would often roam the demon world, curious to challenge and fight new opponents in order to test her skill in combat. The first victims were her remaining siblings who she handled with little effort thanks to mastering her skills and her growing awareness of her abilities.

Her efforts in dragging them back, however, were unsuccessful as they wanted nothing to do with her or return to the castle. She killed most of her siblings by devouring them and draining them of their essence. This way, they would be with her forever.

The only one she would never touch was Kiara. She wanted to find her older sister at all costs but always ended up distracted by her own greed. She would steal from humans and demons, escaping to her castle.

Her obsession to have more grew day by day. It went from stealing possessions to kidnapping people against their will, although she always viewed such an action as being completely innocent; She never learned social skills or how to properly befriend someone, operating only on how she felt and what she desired.

Of course, the results were anything but successful. Thara could fool them into enjoying spending time with her for months but they always requested to go home.

Some would want to go home immediately without even giving her a chance to show them the scenery and possessions in her castle. For humans who told her no without changing their mind - she would often devour their souls, but it was never done out of spite. She simply wanted them to stay. Thara could never explain it but it always angered her whenever people never wanted to stay. Why were they always like that?

She offered to share with them but some of them were so spiteful towards her. Demons were no different. They were different from objects that couldn’t speak. This was a mystery she had trouble figuring out. Fortunately, with time, as she became attuned with her sin, she could manipulate and influence the people she chose to bring to her castle flawlessly.

The war between demons and earth had made things complicated in the present day, and so Thara isolated herself in her castle once again, visiting only when she saw prime opportunities to find people to be her companions. She eventually looked past companionship and revelations of her spirit and body made her realize that she desired a lover. Her search so far has ended in failure but she won’t let war or anyone stop her from what she desires; she is a demon of avarice, after all...

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Demonic Worship: Worship is important to Demonic Magic. The reason for this is because of the fact that they can become empowered and enhance their magic further when they are able to build occult-like followings with the teachings of their possessive magic. It is part of the reason why Khala herself was able to wield so much power when she waged her holy war against the Soul Society. There was a high number of devote followers of her religion that would give their lives up for the teachings of her seemly holy possessive magic.

Therefore, worship is a noteworthy way for a demon to build their magical strength up. However, for most IC characters, this will often have to be done in thread unless staff otherwise say so upon approval on their app. This is to prevent people from abusing the system because potentially anyone can just say they built a large following from scratch in the context of their history. Additionally, Demonic Worship is often stronger when IC characters give their praise to the demon in question because our private characters are far stronger/potent than the average NPC.

How Demonic Worship Can Be Applied

Demonic Worship is practically applied when there are pre-set worship spells put in place by the demon for their followers to execute upon. They can give them offerings, sacrifices (see sacrificial demon magic for more information), praises and wish for their blessings. For example: since Khala has a massive following for those who execute Khalaism, she could create Worship Magic which blesses those who pray to her power with a temporary boost in power from their collective pool of worship in connection to her power. In another illustration, perhaps a damaged fire demon could receive worship from his followers by them offering their energy to give praise to him.

Really, it's ultimately up to the demon in question to figure out how to best execute this within the constraints of their power. As it's best to network with other people in order to have a larger system of energy to tap into to create these followings of worship. Either that, or focus on quality and try to create tribes of IC characters who are invested into these followings to increase their worship magic.

Places Of Demonic Worship

It is recommended that a demon, in thread (not during the creation of their profile), create places of demonic worship. This is important because they can build large volumes of energy from their possessive magic and their followers in order to create sanctuary zones for themselves where their magic can become more potent in the way it possesses the world around them.

Additionally, in these areas they can begin investing time to train in them because they will be able to accelerate the growth of their magic by further bonding with this element over time. For instance, The Temple of Khalaism is where Khala and other Khalaist often train if they are looking to increase their connection to Khala, their power or energy because they have a strong sentimental connection to this land as it's where her teachings are taught to them.

Za Koa Core: Za Koa Core is stated to be an energy enhancer and is often used to help augment the powers of demons. In fact, it is crucial to some of their Possessive Drives when it comes to maintaining a more enhanced and controlled version of their release forms. And it can be utilized to help further increase the potency of their magic, possessive powers or racial abilities.

This energy enhancing racial is made possible by the fact that demons have a natural connection to a hidden sub-realm within the demon world that hosts a core of sacred demon energy. It was forged from a large cluster of energy from the demon race's creator with a mixture of its power and death. However, it has grown to be much more than that throughout the hundreds of millions of years it has exist.

Demon energy is described to be possessive and aggressive in nature, so to sustain it's existence, this creation of sacred demon energy known as Za Koa has fed off the demon realm in the way of taking energy from long since deceased demons, prayers and even other realms by agents of Za Koa that have acted out its will. And, considering there are tens of billions of demons that exist, that is a tall order to fill and requires a high amount of energy to sustain and distribute.

With that said, however, demons are NOT forced to use this trait. Some outright have disconnected this link from their bodies as they do not care for it based around the fact not all demons praise their creator. As there is a strong lore around this power that states Deveta (the demon god ICly) forged this and other demons reject it out of a desire to grow on their own power. So it is up to the demon in question to determine if they want to invest in their skill, but it can be of great beneficial use for those that do decide to embrace it.

Incantations: Incantations are important to demonic magic because of the fact it shows further bonding with their spells. Therefore, if the demon in question wants to reach their strongest magical potential, then it is recommended that they create an incantation before their spell. However, the primary limitation with this is that the incantations have a limit to how many times they can be used before their effectiveness wears out. Thus, skill plays a factor in how potent this ability will be.

Possessive Influence: Possessive Influence is a demon's ability to possess elements in the world around them through the medium of their energy. Since they are a race that thrives on both inner and outward possession that is related to their power, it makes sense that this thematic extended to their racial skills in this matter. As with this skill a demon can begin to understand how the world functions around them, increase their senses, consume energy and otherwise manipulate the existence around them with this skill.

External Augmentation: A demon's magic is at it's strongest when they are in their prime element. Once again, I'm going to use Mana as an example. Provided she hasn't directly caused an event of mass madness, destabilization or destruction/chaos; Mana can potentially tap into her possessive element of chaos to help siphon energy from this element of chaos to help empower her magic.

Thus,if they can possess the energy around them that is RELATED to their possessive element, then their magic will often be two times stronger than normal. However, this buff has a cycle for when it's active. When they first enter the zone where their possessive element is active, they can have a variable augmentation (it will be listed below based on skill)

It should be noted, however, each usage after the first time will cause a strain on their body. So it should be used with surgery in mind. Every demon gets a free pass the first time they activate their external augmentation, but they will notice their body growing more heavy, weary and tired the more times they use it per thread. And, if they are critically injured, they CANNOT use this augmentation boost. They have to be at least 50% health and energy in order for this to work. Otherwise, their body will NOT handle it.

Possessive Augment: Possessive Augment is one of the key elements that make the physical might of demons rather difficult to deal with. This is because the bodies of most demons are possessing the energy from the world around them passively in varying volumes. They then store this energy within themselves, digest it and convert it into the fuel needed to help them create a physical boost in power. As a result, they can create Possessive Augment which deals with the elements of possessive body manipulation and speed in which their energy movs in their body.

As unlike other races that depend on things like shunpo, Hierro or hakuda; a demon's Possessive Augment houses all of their body manipulation and speed in one skill. And, what makes it different is that they can have some control over all these elements, but they most pick which element of their physical attributes will be their major focus. Thus, depending on their level of skill, they can have varying degrees of control and mastery of these attributes.

Possessive Shifting: Possessive Shifting deals with a demon's ability to shapeshift their body. In essence, the higher your possessive augment is, the more grandiose these shifts can become. On the lower end of this spectrum, one will often only be able to do minor things such as cosmetic changes (hair color, height adjustment, assuming other identities, etc), where on the highest end of the spectrum you have demons like Mana who are able to perform sub-atomic manipulation of their bodies to create regeneration based abilities and not need a physical form with organs and such.

I. Origin Powers

» Origin Name: Rāga(Greed)

» Origin Power:

Raga is the manifestation of Thara’s inner self - the supreme definition of who she is and a divine representation of her nature as both a Danava and a warrior in battle. Raga is the manifestation of Thara’s immense charisma - her greed symbolized in influences of captivation and enchantment; the magnetic quality of her charisma allows her to operate with such a level of persuasion that she can convince those who are weak-minded and gullible to buy into anything she says, especially if there is even a shred of merit to her ideas or belief that it’s a possibility that can truly occur.

She cannot override the will or personal values of others but Raga can feed off of the cravings of others and extend its influence through her to cause others to be drawn to her and the longer anyone is within her presence, they can slowly but surely be drawn into her influential aura of charisma that she exudes.

The various forms of how it shapes her personality and the way she can go about seducing or convincing someone are endless in terms of possibilities but just as a stronger force can overpower a weaker one, her charismatic aura will have no effect on those who are stronger of mind and have an indomitable will.

Indeed, Raga’s fundamental flaw is that for as powerful as its influence can potentially be, the indomitable will of another can affect Thara to a point where she can be severely compromised in a battle. She will doubt herself and in doubting herself and the cravings of her soul, her body will break down. Endless cracks will form in her skin, her essence will seep out in the form of dark blood, and her body will begin to break down, causing her to become hideous and unrecognizable. If her doubt gets the better of her, she will self-implode. Therefore, her greatest strength is also considered her fatal weakness.

» Origin Abilities:

Spellcasting: Raga’s versatility is something to truly admire, as it grants Thara a multitude of abilities that stem from its collective branch - and one of those skillsets is her personal form of magecraft - that is, the ability to utilize magic through the form of spellcasting. Her magic is inextricably tied to her avaricious nature.

Transmutation, creation, manipulating the surrounding area - through her Greed-based nature, she can achieve a variety of effects that revolve around the concept of avarice. Whether influencing others through their own desires of greed, creating greed-based minions, transmuting her surroundings, or influencing the battle itself - Thara’s magic excels at allowing the demon of avarice to hold her own through ingenuity and strategy.

Legion: One of the mystical spells that Thara can enact through her origin ability is the creation of an army of greed demons - resembling imps - that can protect her and influence the battlefield around her. They are the epitome of strength in numbers. Each imp will surround the enemy and overwhelm them through sheer numbers. Enchanted with her influence, their main objective is often to spread the influence of her avarice, to sing her praises, and enchant the enemy with thoughts of temptation.

If they are in the direct vicinity of the enemy, they can surround them within seconds and heighten the volume of their voices, spreading the powerful effect of her charisma, tricking you into questioning whether you should attack the demon of avarice or become one of her friends. Their goal is to convince any opponent that attacking Thara is bad, and no good can come of it, but those with adept willpower and above can easily dispatch them without much resistance. Those with mastered willpower won’t even hear their voices, as an iron will drown their voice out as if they were mute. In that case, the legion will attack the enemy in a conventional way or simply dissipate once the spell has ended. Now, there is a positive aspect of this ability.

As Thara’s avarice revolves around an axis of positive and negative traits, rather than aiming to force an opponent to submit through the influence of her greed demons---if Thara has companions fighting alongside her on the battlefield, she can send each demon in her legion around them and allow them to feed into their desires in a greedy way - when the greed demons feel those desires, they will combine that desire with their own influence, causing the legion spell to grant her companions or partners with temporary boosts according to a fighting style that suits them - for example, a swordsman who desires to master the art of the sword, can temporarily for short periods of time, gain an awareness of the techniques he desires to learn or the momentum and speed of his blade are increased - so as long as he feeds into that desire, the boost can be maintained. If that craving wavers, the greed demon’s effect is compromised and the boost is immediately rendered meaningless.

Casino royale[Player Permission required]: Positive-aspect spell allowing Thara or those she considers companions to achieve a metaphysical jackpot. As her conceptual world already resembles a dazzling casino, the spell brings this principle into the real world as a pitch-black slot machine appears before Thara. The spell utilizes some form of luck but not to a degree where it affects the battlefield - rather, this slot machine revolves around a variety of effects based on what she has endured during the battle.

When she or her partners pull on the handle, they must be filled with an intense emotion of craving or a desire to be better than they already are, possess a form of greediness towards that goal, and any strong emotion even remotely related to it. Once they do and the handle is pulled, the machine will activate its function and affect reality through supernatural means.

The effects in question can theoretically range from offensive boosts in power or providing a unique defense(based on the character or their mentality. I.E: Iron will may provide you with an iron shield that is powered by your will and fighting spirit, and so on. ) The machine could even provide a, albeit average, form of healing that can gradually fix her companion’s wounds. Offense, defense, or recovery - varying around these three concepts in battle - the Casino Royale can be a great tool in battle or useless until it dissipates from the battlefield.

In order for it to be used to its best capability, it must be touched by the hands of warriors who have defined goals in their minds and some form of a strong desire to win, coveting their victory with boundless yearning. Therefore, the unpredictable can become predictable or lead to victory if the will of those who touch it are strong.

Drawback: (Added to avoid any confusion and to fall in line with Shizuo's requests) Firstly, while Casino may seem like an ability with a huge surplus of potential, it requires a lot of attention to detail, meaning that Thara cannot simply use the machine with anyone. It requires that she uses it only in situations where she is with trusted comrades and by extension - those who trust her enough to utilize the ability in general.

While the way it is written may have given off an indication of debuffing Casino royale doesn't debuff the users who pull on the lever themselves. Rather, utilizing an analogy of the casino, gives you a result lesser than what you would like or imagine. If you were expecting, say, a your classic slot machine to give you triple 7s, and you get something like a cherry, a 7, and a wild? It doesn't give you anything.

To delve into that comparison one more time, if you got a two 7s and one wild, then you are given something but it isn't the same as you hit the grand total of three sevens. Applying these to those who pull on the lever, it varies on similar results. If you get a random mix, no effect will happen whatsoever which plays into the request of a weak buff to strong buff mixture.

No match=Nothing happens

No weapons will appear and no boosts will be added and the lever will have to be pulled again. If you get two sevens and one wild, you get a faint boost that only lasts for about a post after the effect is set in motion, and nothing more than that.

Weak Buffs or Weak weapons based on two sevens and one wild= 1 post

If and when you get a set of triple sevens, then you get a buff or to be more appropriate, a boost, weapon, or tool that matches your style of fighting - that is, if you're a hand to hand combat fighter who manipulates fire, you could possibly gain a pair of boxing gloves that emit and expel flames with each punch or if you utilize a sword, the cutting power of your weapon can be increased signficantly depending on your level of strength and prowess in wielding the weapon. The three sevens do provide stronger effects but it should be noted that all of these should be based on user preference and should fit the character in question.

It can't go outside the realm of common sense too much, as in say, if you have a water user who can achieve a jackpot where they gain some sort of time or space ability. It has to have a semblance or match to the character's theme and mentality in question. Sword should match sword, elements match their rightful elements, etc. etc.

Strong Boosts or strong weapons with triple sevens=2 posts, though for stronger more 0 tier based characters, 1 post in full.

Limit Use: 2 times per thread, just as was suggested.

Transmutation: Neither an offensive nor defensive spell, representing a unique form of Thara’s manipulation of avarice, Thara can use her otherworldly charisma and greed to influence her surroundings through her own form of transmutation, though the effects of her transmutation are more conceptual than scientific or metaphysical. This can vary from objects to most of her surroundings and the transmutation itself is nothing short of versatile. Using her natural enchantment and influence, Thara can touch objects that might seem mediocre to others but glorious in her own possession.

A rusted on the verge of crumbling to nothing - when touched by her hand - can be molded into a golden sword shining brightly as if the sword hadn’t experienced a single dent in its steel, to begin with. The remolded sword can be used as a weapon with increased striking power that can leave the opponent speechless out of sheer disbelief. Outside of turning weapons into opulent wonders with renewed life, Thara can affect the battlefield by combining the nature of her conceptual world with her transmutation, slowly molding the battlefield into one of brilliance.

What might have appeared to be a desolate wasteland now transforms into a shining stage for her to face her enemies. Renewed by her touch, the battlefield can be used to Thara’s advantage, allowing her to mold objects into shields or various types of crystals or blocks of gold that can hide her form from the enemy or cause major confusion as to what can occur. If her enchantment is allowed to spread, it can even affect the air, allowing her influence to spread even more into the area around her.

However, her influence can only spread so far - fifty meters from her own person at maximum - and so as long as the opponent can keep their distance or fight her from the skies, they can avoid any missteps she may cause them on the battlefield. In addition to that, against opponents with stronger willpower or the ability to warp reality in one facet or another, her influence can be overpowered, rendering the spell ineffective in its entirety.

Sin Solidification: Considered to be an ability borne of her origin power rather than an aspect of her spellcasting - Raga grants Thara the natural ability of forging her potent emotions of avarice into potent solidified objects that boast a wide range of capabilities and effects. Craving, desire, attachment, longing… each of these words represent different aspects of Raga’s nature and so Thara can utilize these potent emotions to varying effects - with that power growing the more she feeds into her cravings - solidifying them into weapons or objects that can spread those influences, feeding on similar emotions of desire and cravings.

It isn’t the highest extent of her power either, merely an enlightened grasp that she can utilize. The weapons or objects themselves may appear harmless. They are not meant to be imposing. On the contrary, Thara views her greed as a beautiful thing to be admired and so the weapons and objects can appear in the form of opulent treasure or enchanting items that bewitch the mind.

When touched, however, her influence can quickly spread to a person who has touched it. As with most of her abilities, her influence can spread throughout their body and impose itself on the opponent in question. Filling them with self-destructive cravings in their heart that can impede their battle performance or fool them into befriending Thara. If her influence successfully makes it mark, Thara can drain that person of their craving or desire and use it as a means of energy for herself.

Continuous effects or touches from these objects or strikes from a weapon can eventually cause an opponent to be affected physically, numbing their mind with the finest images of what they desire, turning it into a craving that almost even feels sexual in nature. Their minds can become irrational and the longer the influence holds its grasp, they can find themselves lost in the endless waves of her maddened form of avarice.

Even so, with all the potency of this ability, those with willpower outmatching her own or high on a scale can easily shake these effects off to a point where they won’t have any lingering effects, no matter how hard Thara may try. Those with willpower and the determination to move past her deceit can overwhelm Thara and render her creations ineffective.

Of course, it goes without saying that stronger warriors with firm minds can overwhelm her all the same. Given that it isn’t the highest extent of her avarice, while it has great potential to be a formidable ability when faced with opponents who are considered anathema to her nature as a demon of avarice, Thara is faced with an overwhelming struggle that is hardly surmountable.

Soul Boost: Support-based spell - situational and based around the number of Thara’s companions and if she can support them on the battlefield. As Thara’s avarice stems from her ardent desire for companionship, there are positive aspects to her greed.

Utilizing her natural charisma and genuine compassion for her companions, Thara manifests her positive aspect of avarice in the form of a spell that feeds into the passion and adamant cravings of her comrades or lovers, the dreams that they long for, that they desire above all else, she expels her influence in an outpouring wave of air that when touched - they feel a sensation akin to water touching their skin. When this wave of air graces their own aura - they must first accept Thara for who she is and that she desires nothing but their victory, even at the cost of her own wellbeing.

When that consensus is made, the air consumes them entirely and for momentary bouts during the battle, their body is filled with a charisma boost that not only increases their mental fortitude but increases their strength and physical capabilities, to say nothing of adding a boost - especially if they are of demonkind though it is hardly limited there - to their magical quality and capability.

Wholly dependent on race and compatibility, it serves as a representation of who Thara truly is when you are a genuine friend to her. Adding to that idea, the longer she utilizes this spell, expelling the greed that comprises her own soul, she is bringing her own self towards the edge of death.

Blissful Illusions: This ability revolves around a mixture of Thara’s influence and her ability to present the opponent’s mind with mystical illusions, illusions that often play on the opponent’s own sense of desire or greed that may exist within their spirit. Everyone has one desire or another and Thara easily plays on that type of mentality through utilizing her spellbinding illusions.

Her influence plays a significant part in these illusions but they are often used to seduce the opponent and fool them into joining her or becoming one of her countless friends. It isn’t entirely meant to be for battle and to those with even adept willpower, these illusions cannot do much to harm or consume them.

After all, their main purpose is in deception and once that deception is recognized, the ability is useless. For the sake of clarification, Thara’s illusions are not the type that actively affects the mind. They are more akin to mirages used to invoke a certain level of influence depending on her opponent’s mind. Someone with mental deduction and focus as high as adept can easily see through these and ignore them completely.

I. Eternal Partner/Conceptual World

» Conceptual World:

Sukhavati(“Land of Bliss”) - Thara’s conceptual world is the epitome of grandiose given physical form. It is a world separated in myriad realms(rooms in the context of her world) of what Thara believes to be the finest things in the universe itself. There is the primary realm she signifies as her vision of pure bliss, of the finest paradise her universe can offer. It is a room full of endless gold - from the furniture to the objects that inhabit it - with countless coins that float in the air and kiss the fingers of those that touch them, filling them with passion and desire and endless cravings.

The realm of gold transitions into the most graceful casino made in the history of man. This is the realm of material gain and a realm where one is given all that they desire - you forever reach your most favored conclusion and luck forever favors you.

The realm of consumption is filled with tables and walls bedecked with the finest decorations and otherworldly meals that are seasoned with the finest flavors and have wonderful aromas so potent, one’s mouth may water unconsciously.

There is a realm of passion where you feel invisible hands touching you, filling you with sensations and emotions that cause you to give in to your desires, be they genuine desires to do good to lustful desires of sexual bliss and release. Each hand is equivalent to the feeling of a soft and graceful touch that numbs your worries and your pain, leaving no option but to be consumed by blissful passion.

Each realm is more akin to a room that you enter through a door. The rooms presented are almost like mirrors of Thara’s soul and so it would not be far-fetched to say that traversing these rooms is comparable to traversing the deepest recesses of her soul.

» Rilīja Attributes:

Thara’s conceptual world and the manifestations it can bring out into the real world are ultimately dependent on both her mood and the revolving rooms that constitute its space. None of them hold any particularly strong effect on your average spiritual warrior but to normal humans who possess nothing of the sort, these effects can intoxicate their mind with its effects.

The realm of gold manifests in a rain of golden coins that can phase through physical objects and additionally touch a human, filling their bodies with sensations and fantasies of luck and a desire to acquire all the bountiful things in the world. The more the effect lingers, the closer a normal human would feel compelled to follow Thara.

The realm of consumption manifests in various tables of simmering meals and fresh fruit that can fill one’s mind with endless craving. The more they eat, the more they crave.

The realm of passion’s manifestation comes in the form of those ghostly hands that now have a shade of purple and whenever someone is grabbed, they are simply filled with a need to fully express their passion and lust and will more often than not find themselves feeling incredibly aroused.

I. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: lobha - The tome of boundless desire and insatiable avarice

» Atma Vatou Appearance:

Lobha’s appearance is often - though certainly not limited to - the form of a normal book. Its color mostly consists of obsidian with golden symbols and outlines. Her Atma Vatou can manifest in various forms between a sword, a bow, a spear, and other various weapons, resembling that core color.

However, if Thara is truly in trouble and she cannot properly open her book in time to summon a spell, Lobha’s true manifests into that of a physical partner that can protect her - this physical manifestation resembles a dragon that much like the tales of dragons hoarding gold in mythology, will protect Thara from harm or elude the enemy and escape.

» Atma Vatou Abilities:

Golden means: So strongly does Thara enjoy the sensation and fulfillment from gold - that it manifests itself within a spell within lobha’s pages that allows her to utilize her golden transmutation on a larger scale than what was previously seen in her origin abilities. The spell is near-instantaneous and the battlefield can be covered within endless shades of gold in an instant. One extra dimension is that Thara can summon a wave of golden dragons that instantly recognize the enemy as a threat to both their riches and their queen. Compelled by their goal to protect at all costs, they will swarm the opponent without mercy, though much like her imps - they aren’t entirely strong on their own but in numbers, they can prove to be quite overwhelming. The dragons themselves usually number in a total count of 100 with a medium-size between all of them.

The Creeper of Greed: Another manifestation ability, The Creeper of greed is executed through the various fusions of souls of greed that comprise Lobha’s pages, from the souls of individuals Thara has collected for herself primarily serving as its source of fuel. When a collection of souls has reached its limit, a humanoid creature is born. Capable of taking on a masculine or feminine form, this amalgam of greedy souls often acts like a shadow that looms around Thara and if you lose sight of it even once, it can sneak up on you in an instant. The odd thing with the creeper, however, is that it does not have any particular desire to attack the person it sneaks up on, reflective of Thara’s cowardly nature. It can attack but it doesn’t necessarily use any offensive skill. Instead, it attempts to embrace an opponent in hopes that it can exert its influence of avarice over the enemy. The hug feels like a sensation akin to being strangled but that is only a minor effect and in any case, if it senses that you have no killing intent towards Thara, it will happily return to the book. In the case that it does, however, sense you intend on killing her then it will warn Thara of your intent and disperse immediately, returning to Lobha as Thara prepares to escape. It is only up for two posts and disperses after those two are over.

Insatiable Ocean: Considered to be one of the stronger spells in Thara’s repertoire, an Insatiable ocean revolves around the concept of an overwhelming force of insatiability that can never be satisfied; it binds you within its waves and corrupts your mind.

When the spell is executed, a wave of what appears to be golden water floods through the battlefield and if you happen to find yourself caught within its depths, it can extend Thara’s influence throughout the area, influencing humans and even the opponent in question. This influence is nothing but a pool of desire and boundless cravings of depravity, of coarse emotions, and this yearning for satisfaction.

Those who lack the proper willpower would likely drown in this influence as they are consumed within the currents of avarice but to someone with even adept and advanced willpower can make their way out and those with willpower and determination higher than that - they can disperse and vanquish the ocean entirely. The flood can cover half of a battlefield in one post but maintaining it can be difficult. Therefore, Thara can only utilize it for three posts and once that limit is over, she cannot use it for the remainder of the battle.

Lobha - The Hoarding Dragon of Avarice: Lobha is in some ways as close as an eternal partner that Thara has. It is a collection of many souls but Lobha is the most dominant soul in the book and his only desire is to ensure Thara receives all the riches and things that she desires in the world and nothing more. Simplistic, yes? But Lobha finds no shame in that purpose for he desires the same as well. In situations where Thara is being overwhelmed by the enemy, Lobha will transmute into a black dragon with golden outlines around his skin.

Staying true to the mythology of dragons hoarding gold, when Thara is within his grasp, he will erect a gracefully beautiful barrier of gold that protects Thara from harm as he takes flight at the speed of sound, utilizing his blinding speed to elude the enemy and escape from battle.

He never intends to attack as his abilities are not meant to be offensive(Thara isn’t an offensive-based fighter either) and his main aim is to protect his “treasure”, his golden mistress Thara. It is an ability that is meant as her means of escape but it isn’t entirely full proof.

For example, depending on the level of power of her opponent, something like a cero from a 0 tier would shatter the barrier in an instant - while, on the other hand, a cero from weaker arrancar or vizard wouldn’t leave a dent. Similar principles apply for Shinigami with Kido(Up to level 40 at max and possibly lower depending on the strength and proficiency of Kido spells), demons with demon magic, and so on and so forth.

In most cases, this barrier comes down to the level of her opponent’s strength, their abilities, and how high they are versus her own parameters. If she’s trumped in power, this barrier means nothing and that goes for physical abilities and speed as well. It isn’t an impenetrable barrier by any stretch of the term and it heavily relies on the element of surprise. If the enemy senses Thara is trying to escape, she can find herself in a world of trouble.

I. Diverse Paths

» Aliṅgana State Appearance:

» Aliṅgana State Powers: Thara has potential to tap into the depths of Aligana but she still has far more to learn about her origin of avarice and what it truly represents to her. She can access its appearance but nothing else beyond that. When she learns to truly become more attuned with her greed, that is when potential will truly be realized. For now, these abilities are locked until she reaches that ascension.

» Aliṅgana State Abilities: Locked

» Unnata Release Appearance: N/A
» Unnata Release Powers: N/A

» Unnata Release Abilities: N/A

I. Merged Paths

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment: N/A

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Posessive Magic: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Possessive Augment: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Possessive Influence: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Roleplay Sample

» Roleplay Sample: It's mine! All mine!


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Potency vs Longevity: To an extent being able to generate random status buffs is fine, however I want there to be a clause stating the more powerful the buff gained from this, the shorter it will be active for. [give examples of what a weak buff would be, versus a strong one, then add a turn count for either or a general scale that gives a general idea on how the duration of a "buff" or status effect is determined. ]

Limit to use: I want this to only be capable of being used twice a thread, and if you want to do something particularly over powered, I want you to run it by staff before doing so. In short, use common sense when utilizing this ability, we will be watching this ability closely.

Tier: N/A (pending changes)
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Will Skills
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