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Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:34 pm

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He smiled, listening to her comments and apologies. "Oh think nothing of it, it's rare one meets someone who travels and shares interests. If I had a perfectly vivisected virgin for every time someone misjudged me, I'd have a lot of them by now." It was true though, he didn't have any familiars from the time previous. He had four main ones at the moment. So much was left to be done.

Spiders began spinning silk as the zombies began hanging dolls in the trees. They were making steady progress on that front. But something became an issue, the nature was much too bright and friendly. He could use this place and the life essence here to make a new being.

That would certainly creep it up more, he intended to make ten familiars. One for each finger on his hand. But the problem was, they had a guest. Not to mention it was a tiring endeavor. The forest would certainly change, once its life was converted by the spell.

"I have an idea, would you like to witness the birth of a brand new familiar like Tobias here? I'd like to have ten of them, they are made different from these lovey ones running about. The trouble is, it would involve a ritual converting the life of this forest into a suitable vessel. It's a lot of work, but it certainly would make this place far creepier. "

He was a specialist when it came to the rituals and how one could use them. Though there were some problems when it came down to a suitable body. Through his devious mind began working, he had something in mind.

It would be perfect, the girl almost seemed like a human at a theme park. So it was only suitable that she saw something akin to fireworks.

"Change of plans, all of my precious awoken and those rising. Gather some branches and leaves, bring me all that you can carry. Also, prepare the ritual circle around the Trail. I have a perfect body vessel in mind for our birthday girl to be."

This wouldn't require the dead bodies that a strong and perfect body would. But it would certainly allow him to create someone new, though the period of learning and teaching. That would be a problem so the body would need to properly age. Using the forest as he looked to his Raven. Who made a cawing noise before flapping off into the air.

The runes were being engraved into the earth around them, his target upon activation would not be Thara but the entire trail. He smiled as many things of nature were brought to him. Leaves of many sizes and shapes, bushes worth of it. Branches and thorns, everything that could be found.

His pets were going to play a part in the sacrifice as well. He rubbed his jaw it wouldn't do, would it? The fibers alone would make a fine flesh and skin, but more was required. Undead began gathering human beings, deer, and other animals. They'd do just well to fit into a vessel.

The circle of the larger one had been completed, a smaller one was drawn by Tobias and other creatures around the corpse beings. His head stung with pain as the others began talking all at once. He was good at silencing them, but occasionally. They got spirited and began to argue or talk. The souls of this forest, the trail, also the dead bodies gathered. His largest offering to date, he could banish one if need be.

Though as an artist that was always so deplorable an action. It would be like getting rid of a child, which of your five children would you delete. That is what the question amounted to.

He closed his eyes creating silence as his hands clapped together. The color drained from the surrounding area quickly, as the circle began to glow. Purple ripples of energy began flowing towards the source. As the life was taken from the trail and focused almost like a magnifying glass.

He almost seemed like a conductor, he moved his hands and quickly pointed them towards the other ritual circle. The corpses and plants began to fuse together. Merging almost like clay being molded. As the skin became green, with door horns and other parts coming in.

The body was female, having a chest as flat as a child. Her frame covered in green plant fibers that were sewn into clothing. The forest began to deplete its life force.
Slowly the zombies he summoned also began being sucked into her body. Powering her up like a battery, he was setting her parameters as best he could.

She would be the one to command his armies. Though it was through her power of plants and skill he was embedded into her body. With one final bang in the center, a purple light shot into the sky as lightning fell.

The trees were dead and decayed along with much of the fauna and other things. She'd been fed successfully, he walked over to his latest creation. The Creepy Trails had turned into a location. Where the trees had died and the forest seemed to hold a cold chill to it.

It felt as though a monster would leap behind any bush as the vines that came along now, grew well. His own hand gestured out before he spoke in a tongue that few would know.

" تعال إلى الحياة ابنة الممر والغابة"

A massive pulse went from him causing his skin to grow paler and his expression to seem more tired. He'd just given life to this creature, he sat back down sweat dripping from every crevice of his body.

Slowly her eyes opened the small child seemed five years old, her body seemed frail as the thorns covered her arms down to her hands. But if one looked there were meat and flesh here. But it had been combined expertly with plant fibers. She had no powers yet, this didn't come quickly or fast.

She looked around her deer and elk ears perking. Astaroth could see her as she came over to him and rested her head on his lap. She didn't speak yet, her hair was like silk. But had a lovely shade of green and seemed almost alive. But as you got to her feet, they became darker like roots.

This was his latest creation, he touched her hair running his hand along with it. She'd taken to him as her father very quickly.

"Two birds with one very flashy light show, wouldn't you say Thara?"

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Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:04 am



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The grand spectacle that unfolded before Thara's eyes was nothing short of divine. It filled the covetous demon with a sense of awe as the undead gathered together in a collective ritual to create something. From what Astaroth had uttered before he began to join in, it would seem as if he intended to create a child out of sheer spontaneity.

Artist were known for such spontaneous actions and it seemed as if Astaroth was no different. Thara's eyes widened as she witnessed the vitality being drawn from the forest. The plant life was withering with every passing second and yet still, Astaroth added more to his creation. Trees, deceased humans, dead animals, and his own undead were being brought together to forge his great creation.

Her eyes could hardly look away as she stared on, stupefied by the awe-inspiring sight that played out before her. Everything molded together and with a purple, blinding flash of light travelling up to the sky, his creation had been born.

In a word, it was... no, she was beautiful. A pulse emitted from Astaroth as he grew pale and his body bucked ever so slightly. It seems as though creating this graceful creation had consumed a good portion of his energy. The arcane creature walked towards Astaroth and rested its head on his lap, an act signifying that it had recognized the necromancer as her father. Thara could do nothing but clap her hands at the entire scene before floating over towards Astaroth as she gave him a small hug.

"You did a number on yourself there, Astaroth... but I must say that for all my expectations wandering into this trail, I have been nothing short of entertained so far. She's beautiful. Do you have a name?" Thara would ask, playfully grazing her hand against the creature's elk and deer ears.

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Thu Jan 28, 2021 2:02 pm

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Exhaustion hit him after these creations so hard. Corpses and even creating life like this, sustaining it and tying her to him. That was all part of the ritual that took place. She couldn't speak yet, a newborn didn't have such capacities. His body wanted to hibernate somewhere. This place was suitable, but Thara was still present.

"Titania, for the Queen of Faeries. I think that name is suitable for you my young one." He felt his body slumping more and more, destroying him would be an effort. His countenance must have looked dreadful, but this ritual required so much energy. It was exhausting and didn't go easy on his body. Mavra's body was that of a mortal and he'd not obtained cosmic level power like other members.

So he was just a simple Danava Artist, who created pieces much like his sweet one here. His head began falling forward, starting to nod off. He'd need one of his Familiar's to relocate him to a safe place to hibernate for a while. Recovering a large amount of energy spent on the ritual. The Trail was creepy and had excellent colors for its name now.

"I must apologize, but I need to rest. I'm going to let her rest inside of me, thankfully she's not gained a voice yet..otherwise, the other five would be noisy."

He said as a black mist formed around her, the body and form she had flowed into Astaroth. Vanishing inside of his body, her voice was silent. But she was there, soon Tobias the Raven came fluttering out. Landing on his shoulders, his eyes looked dazed. As the Raven would relocate its master as he looked at her with tiredness that weighed heavily on him.

"Your company was enchanting Thara, I'll be going now see time." His head finally went forward and those eyes shut. He fell into a deep sleep-like state, hibernating as his energy replenished itself. The raven's wings extended wrapping around him.

Before finally, it sank into the ground and the shadows, having transported him off leaving the world to admire his work. Where he would appear next would be a mystery to Astaroth, as Tobias was told a safe place. Not anything more, so a place safe to the demonic being would be first and foremost.

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