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Danava Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ajita
» Titles: Tathagata; ‘Maitreya, The Vessel of Empty Nirvana’; ‘Ajita, the Mother of Blissful Truth’, Bodhisattva
» Age: Looks 20, is 403
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: None

» Shifter Appearance Written: Ajita takes the form of a tall, shapely dark-haired woman. Standing at about 6’ she has gentle yellow eyes which seem to pierce the soul even with the gentlest of looks. Her breasts are quite large, providing around E cup. Her body itself is soft, curvy, and her skin is fair as can be, though she is far from doll-like having a warm healthy color to her skin. Her hair is soft and smooth though not quite silky. All the same it is very heavy and thick, making up for it’s lack of sheen with volume and character, having a very curly and wavy way that it grows and is often styled.

It is often her prerogative to dress as casually and plainly as possible, really only adding flair if she is going to some sort of occassion which dictates as such and even then she goes for beauty in simplicity. Her outfits can tend to be on the conservative side, rarely showing off a huge amount of skin or other features, which makes the rare times when she shows herself off all the more startling as she tends to sweep into the opposite end of the spectrum. She is usually showing either almost nothing, or almost everything.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:
Ajita Maitreya [3-5, Hazard Rank C] PROFIMG__hijiri_byakuren_touhou_drawn_by_sam_ashton__sample-a5c316ded8a448ed3766c973d530dc18

» True Appearance Written:
There is not actually a tremendous difference in the actual physical appearance when her shifter form is abandoned. Rather, it is that her demonic qualities begin to shine through. Enormous horns sprout from her head, wide and arching, as if showcasing her station. Finally, along the very center split down her body, her skin peeles apart, as well as her organs and flesh splitting clean down the middle to allow her true self to spill open. A slimy fleshy growth of tentacles and red eyes bubbles up from this split, though this opening can appear anywhere on her body. Once that opening yawns wide enough she shows the truth of her insides and the void that dwells within: A Chasm of tentacles and reaching hands, often engaging in buddhist mudras when they emerge into view. These limbs and tentacles can reach out of her body up to 10 meters and can vary in size and slightly in shape.
IF fully out in the open, she is approximately 5 meters in diameter and a vaguely spherical mass of tentacles, hands, and eyes with her ‘body’ in the general center.

I. Personality

» Personality:

In her Shifter form, she is a warm, gentle and loving woman. Seemingly with an infinite capacity for love and kindness, often going out of her way to impart wisdom on those around her. She is sharp and insightful, often taking considerable time to try and understand even her enemies. She is curious, asks many questions, and even seems intent to try and find the deepest of wounds so that she can heal them. She feels like one would attribute to a mother: The picture of comfort and care.

In her True Form, her Origin spills out and corrupts her personality. Everything she learns in her True Form is retained, and it is not so much that her personality changes, but she allows her true motivations to spill free, her Slavery to her Origin showing through as she vies to pull at every available thread in order to drive people into ‘Nirvana’. Or rather her twisted idea of it.

Thanks to her fractured Origin, she believes DEEPLY that there is no point in purpose. There is no truth, no meaning, that existence is a pure and utter chasm of roiling chaos and random chance. She believes that merely existing is the purest form of actualization: to brutally and viciously prove yourself to be alive and that you DESERVE to be alive by testing others. By killing, maddening, saving, or otherwise asserting your will over others you reaffirm what it is you ARE. Life has no intrinsic purpose so it is the duty of the individual to MAKE that purpose, but purpose cannot be born from a gentle, peaceful soul. It is her belief that she should bend, twist, and even break as many people as possible, and through their suffering come to her definition of Nirvana: the solidification of one’s chosen purpose. To wholly and completely separate one’s self from everything but that Truth they forge for themselves. Anything incapable of doing this is trash and to be discarded, though she does try her best to make them into something regardless.

It is BECAUSE of this belief that her sometimes cruel and vicious intentions cannot easily be detected or discerned. This cruel, horrible mannerism is her own true belief in what is good and right, she fully believes that this is the best. If a being is capable of finding Truth and Nirvana, she is helping them to realize it. If they are trash and incapable, she is ripping them apart, destroying this useless life and allowing them to be reborn hopefully into something that Can realize their Truth.

» Likes: Socializing, Listening to the problems of others, physical affection, physical brutality, Suffering, Loss of sanity.

» Dislikes: People who try to keep people from changing, the quincy, concepts of good and evil.

I. History

» History:

It was originally a cult, and truth be told even Ajita would admit that it was essentially a cult unto the very end: for even in stumbling on the truth, they still were slaves to falsehood.

Upon the introduction of the spirit world to earth's living population at large with the attack of Ender, the notion of a true afterlife, spirits, and the reality of a world beyond the living hit the world of the living like a ton of bricks. People had to come to terms with the actuality of spirits, no less spirits that didn't exactly fit so neatly into the beliefs so many had held for ages. And in that wake, some new religions, (or in a lot of cases just alteration on existing religions) popped up in an attempt to consolidate belief with this new reality. And of course, some using the guise of faith. Hers was one such cult. The Eyes of Maitreya.

Taking principles and naming conventions from Buddhism as well as some of the moral sprinklings of Catholicism, this little cult sold itself as the True Way.

Under The Eyes of Maitreya, they believed that Heaven was not ACTUALLY a material place. With the growing knowledge of the spiritual world and the fact that Soul Society became rapidly recognizable as…. not quite the paradise people envisioned: The Eyes of Maitreya spread the false doctrine that Heaven was actually a STATE rather than a place. Mixing these more monotheistic beliefs with the notion of reincarnation in buddhism, the Eyes of Maitreya (So named after the supposed Bodhisattva promised to appear in the future) taught that Heaven was more or less a state of Modified Nirvana, but rather than the traditional definition of enlightenment and the separation from worldy attachments, this religion focused on the fixation onto reality and the physical world.

They depicted notions that heaven and hell were the offshoots of the physical, that humans were the true physical origin of the universe and that it is through reaching enlightened "Truth" that they came to be sorted into three categories:

According to the cult, those who reached true Enlightenment and Truth, ascending into a true state of Divinity and focus on their own personal enlightenment. These beings, generally seen as Iramasha and Davana, belonged in the heavenly realm of pure thought and bliss, but existed on earth and such because of their desire to enlighten others.

Second, the cult taught that there were those who were unable to reach any sort of truth, these are those of other humans and human variants. These individuals were considered base humans and more or less consisted of the majority of sattva (sentient beings). Unable to attain enlightenment and generally searching for it in their own ways. The Eyes of Maityreya consider these the most precious of individuals who can be guided into the second category while being kept away from the third.

Third, were those who had abandoned their pursuit of Nirvana and Enlightenment, and instead in their sorrow and deep spiritual frustration came to rob the rest of the world of it. This is the lowest and most pitiable type of Sattva in the teachings of the Eyes. In here belong Demons and Shinigami who abandon truth in favor of either hedonism and khalaism or the false truth of maintaining the soul cycle, which the Eyes of Maitreya believe is entirely self sufficient and that even any stalls and pauses in the soul cycle are not only natural but necessary for the world to reach its Truth. Quincy also belong in this category as they remove a soul’s ability to continue seeking their Truth by instead obliterating them.

These were the core concepts of the major believer base. However, there was another side to the cult. The leadership: Individuals who manipulated the other members but in themselves did not believe in any sort of spiritualism. These individuals consisted of hard nihilists who believed that life and the universe had no meaning, that there was no purpose or Truth to pursue, and simply followed their desires and pursuit of survival and success as the only truly worthwhile venture on earth and beyond. However, even if they did not believe in the doctrine, they practiced it in order to maintain the facade and to placate their believers while they themselves took no real belief in it as they themselves had lost any such divine notion of purpose and order with the destruction caused by Ender. As such, unlike normal cult leaders they were DEEPLY involved and although they rarely added to their group, they still held many theological discussions about their religion, how it should evolve and progress in order to assure that they could adopt more and more people into the cult and thus increase their revenue.

Because of this, the leaders of this cult had an unusual passion for the lie they gave to their main body of members, which strengthened the cult as a whole and would ultimately be their undoing. A third group began to form within the Eyes of Maitreya, a section of Zealots who took the beliefs of the Eyes to the absolute extreme, and as the cult began to grow and they saw these small gradual changes they recognized that the leaders of their faction were crippled. While they were not aware that they were lying, they DID recognize that they did not have the same sincerity for the word despite their passion. As such this third group began to work in tangent to the main cult itself, a true Religious section that operated outside of the main cult, but still maintained a presence within it, like a tumor it grew within the cult and absorbed members in secret.

It was within this tertiary group of followers that the Cult brought in one of its most influential members: Ghast Ater A Danava of Trickery. Drawn in by the deception of the Cult's leaders, and this tetiary group of believers deceiving the leaders and primary group of followers. Enticed and enamored with the sheer audacity of humans to pull such ploys on one another even under the banner of religion, he became a tremendous player in the internal politics of the cult and began to orchestrate a plan of his own: To find out what the TRUE belief of the cult would be! Between those true believers and the nihilistic leadership of the cult itself, Ghast was DETERMINED to see just who among the cult would have the prevailing belief! Initially he had surmised to orchestrate an actual physical conflict between the groups, but ultimately he decided on something far more sinister: A Davana Creation Ritual. Pitching it to the Zealots of Maitreya as a purer more complete form of worship, Ghast began to put his plan into motion.

These zealots convinced the Leadership to hold a summit of all members, claiming to have great news for the entire of their following. Most of the leadership felt suspicions and even incredulous at these middle members trying to take the reigns, while they were largely unaware of the sheer scope of the actual group they had suspected that a sort of splinter group had been forming within the cult itself. The leadership decided that they would utilize this summit in order to weed out those that were part of this little splinter group, intending to sabotage the event in order to cause a failure, even going so far as to planting a few among the gathered. These individuals would be armed with weapons and use the event to kill a number of the members, namely targeting those suspected of being in the splinter group. They hoped that this would be sufficient to mark these splinter members as heretics once they were blamed for the incident, removing them from the picture and strengthening the core beliefs they worked to uphold.

It was then, unbeknownst to anyone involved, that their religion would birth it’s own Goddess.

At the summit itself, the Zealots held a Meditation. A common practice, it was a sort of trance that they used that mixed meditation and prayer, not to any entity but to one’s true self hidden inside. This was to be the largest Meditation the Eyes of Maitreya had ever had, and even the Leadership felt themselves caught up, looking inward, sinking themselves into their own internal struggles, unaware that one individual in particular: Ghast, had used demon magic in order to force them into this internal trance, bringing out their truth, their desires, their beliefs about the reality they lived in. All with the intention of funneling those thoughts and intentions into the ritual circle engraved into the very room they prayed in.

With Ghast's spell keeping everyone in a trance, the collective thoughts and beliefs of the entire Cult were funneled and focused into the ritual itself. Ghast had intended to have the ideals and concepts split and clash with one another. After all a Danava could not form without a very clear intent on the Origin that one intended to instill in them. As such, he designed the ritual so that the concept that was most dominant among the Cult would manifest as the new Danava's Origin, killing all of the cult members in the process as their bodies were used as the sacrifice.

As the Ritual began, what has started as a prayer soon ended in a bloodbath. With the Ritual active, the cult members found themselves being peeled apart piece by piece, unable to scream or even cry out as Ghast's spell kept them locked their trance, merely able to suffer as their minds remained locked onto the belief in their heart of hearts, as the cult members at it's very center: The Zealots and the Leaders, had their bodies and souls were shredded together and then combined at the ritual's center as the general populace of the Cult itself could only watch in sheer awe.

However, this Ritual did not quite go as Ghast had planned. Rather than the origins clashing and one particular Origin holding superiority over the other, they instead mingled! Producing a single Danava with not one, but TWO origins!

Before their very eyes: Ajita was born. Not of the Believers who so deeply felt for the spoken word. Not of the Zealots whose radical ideals fueled the ritual in the first place. Not of the Leaders whose broken nihilistic views drove them to exploit and manipulate the rest. But it was ALL of them that created the danava. Their thoughts, beliefs and ideals coming to a pure mix.

Ajita, the Mother of Blissful Truth. A newborn Danava from the seeds of the Eyes of Maitreya.

While the effect was not exactly what Ghast had been expecting, the result was still what he had hoped for: The surviving members of the cult were in awe and instantly fell to their knees before what seemed to be the very incarnation of the beliefs they had dedicated themselves to for so long.

Freshly born into the world, Maitreya found herself suddenly as the object of Worship within this newly baptized Cult. Feeling their faith rewarded and affirmed, the remaining members became incredible Zealots, and as word of the incident spread, the cult actually began to sway from the deceptive money-collecting cult into an actual religion. All the while, Ajita, or Maitreya as she would be called in most instances, was educated and kept by Ghast Ater himself, having inserted himself as the Adviser and liason of the goddess Maitreya, he positioned himself as the Eyes go-to between the general masses and the woman herself. Of course, in actuality most of the new doctrines simply came directly from Ghast with no actual conversation with Ajita about them.

For the first fifty years this continued, with Ghast deceiving and playing with the hearts and minds of the followers to his heart's content, while Mai herself rapidly began to learn more and more about the nature of humans. Her split nature was something that SHOULD have torn her apart, but for some reason the concepts within her mixed alarmingly well. In her eyes, these believers were TRULY her children. Watching as they devoted themselves to this strange religion was something that filled her with an interesting sensation, as often people threw themselves into the rleigious activities with such gusto that their own personal lives began to fall apart, more or less becoming entirely dependent upon the Eyes of Maitreya to keep going on. It was fascinating, but unacceptable!

The more that she saw of these members, she more she felt that they were WEAK. And in her own, secluded moments, she would often pull members aside. As their goddess, her actions were not questioned in the slightest. She would pry with questions, asking them about their devotions, how their activities within the group effected their personal lives and their families.

These people were weak. Broken. Whatever strengths and dreams they had had they abandoned for the promise of false purpose. And yet, hearing what they had been before the birth of their goddess, she was surprised to find that they had been even WORSE before that! Sad, weak, pathetic souls who had found purpose, and even though it had warped them, the cult had actually made them somewhat stronger than they had been originally! Enduring the bizarre, even DANGEROUS new practices by Ghast, the members that managed to survive and maintain membership were stronger and more......perfect! She saw, through Ghast's sadistic manipulations, that suffering slowly seemed to drive these humans to something better! And so she began to administer her own gatherings.

Each and every month, she would pull aside the most zealous among the followers and subject them to horrible, terrifying trials. Forcing them to endure extreme torture, pitting them against eachother in brutal deathmatches. Subjecting them to all manner of creative psychologtical torment. All of this, she would take days, even weeks to slowly whittle them down. The vast majority of the members would simply die and be eaten by Ajita herself. A smaller number of them would be practically worthless, broken into weaker failures of what they once were. These too, were devoured by the goddess, sending them back into the cycle of reincarnation in hopes that their next life would give them a better shake at things. And then there were those few who THRIVED, who managed to persevere and even feel reborn through these horrendous trials! These individuals Ajita took under her wing. A group she came to call the Hands of Tathagata. These select individuals who had endured so much and were all but irrevocably bound to the goddess became her eyes and ears within the organization. In addition to helping her select members for these trials, sometimes she would involve them in the trials themselves, causing this elite group to slowly grow in size.

Sensing the shift in the power dynamic, and somewhat perturbed that Ajita had begun to show signs of autonomy beyond her position as a figurehead, Ghast decided that enough was enough and confronted Ajita, intending to use his control over her in order to put an end to this. when Ghast finally confronted Ajita, she found herself in a trial all her own. Using the authority granted by the very ritual that created her, Ghast attempted to bend Ajita to his will. However, he did not take into account the Hands of Tathagata. Seeing the man attempting to assert himself over their goddess, they reacted violently, swarming the Danava and breaking his hold over Ajita. As she recovered, she found that those she had helped mold into their strongest selves showed the strength she had given them.

Having survived her trials, the Hands of Tathagata were incredibly strong in body and will, and even more, the experience of the trials triggered tremendous growth, and so even the seasoned Danava found himself overrun and slain, his corpse presented to Ajita. Looking upon the children she had put so much work into having triumphed in such a way, she felt a reaffirmation of her beliefs! Suffering truly was the purest way to find one's true self, and she believed that by continuing to suffer her children might reach true nirvana.

Consuming the corpse of the slain Danava, she began to work, spreading her religion as best she could across japan across Japan. And while the Eyes of Maitreya never became a true proper religion during this time, it still grew steadily in numbers. However, it would be World War 3 that truly tested the Group's ability to survive. With the invasion of the Living world by the demons, suddenly mankind tasted a fresher, more permanent kind of spiritual influence beyond the spark that Ender's attack.

When the invasion began, the Eyes of Maitreya sprang into action, specifically Ajita's own elite guard: The Hands of Tathagata. Over the decades, these Trials had become much more focused with Ajita experimenting in the manner and process with which she would test her followers to not only bring out their truest self, but also to awaken spiritual abilities within them. However, the success of the cult did wind up limiting it's success. While the Eyes of Maitreya had spread to many regions and the Hands of Tathagata were considerably potent among human fighters, the religion had spread so far that the Hands themselves were spread very thing. As a result, while they put up heroic fights, many of their numbers vanished beneath the numbers and might of the demon armies. Though their acts of heroism inspired and caught the attention of those around them, and soon groups began to spring up around the Hands, as the rank and file members would help people escape and hide to avoid the collateral damage of the battles themselves. Even Ajita herself partook in some of the Fighting during the war, though with considerably more success having a core group of Elite Hands to support her in the battle.

When the war itself finally came to an end, ultimately Ajita and the rest of the Eyes of Maitreya were forced into hiding, but among the many humans that witnessed their deeds, word of the Religion spread considerably, causing a boom all across japan as mention of their exploits became something of urban legend. Ajita herself of course felt that the War was a blessing. A true test of the world as a whole! Testing not only the humans, but she and her hands as well! With every fallen Hand she would conduct ceremonies sending them off into their next incarnation, praying that they would be reborn stronger and even closer to Nirvana.

Throughout the entirety of the demon occupation, Maitreya continued her work in spreading her religion and conducting her Trials. Though now she had new targets: The demons that were occupying the world of the living. Rather than some organized military force, a good number of demons worked entirely independently, which made it easy to lure some into traps. Corning them into remote corners and conducting special Trials designed to test the demons using her Hands, even participating in the Trials herself as she would fight and torture the demons alongside her hands. The vast majority of whom simply were killed and devoured, but amidst it, some demons were actually converted. Because of the vicious brutality of these new Trials, the population of her Hands plummeted, however the quality of them, as well as her own prowess grew considerably.

Through the duration of the demon occupation of the world of the living, the cult once known as the Eyes of Maitreya soon became a true proper religion called Maitreyism, and while it never quite reached any tremendous popularity because of it's rather extreme beliefs and the tendency of it's followers to be killed in their trials, it still spread in terms of reputation as the general population became more and more familiar with the results of these trials, though the more clandestine activities remained largely a secret.

When World War 4 finally reared it's head, the believers of Maitreyism jumped into action. Through the years, the belief system had shifted to an almost viking-like movement, spreading the notion that life was a test, and that it was through thriving or dying and starting over, that one reached their true self. As a result, the numbers that Maitreyism had garnered during the demon occupation plummeted to incredibly low levels as the followers threw themselves at the Demons with astounding abandon. Because of this, while the actual core of Maitreyism belief actually became lost because of the sheer drop in numbers, those that DID survive were recognized as war heroes, as stories circulated and were blown out of proportion, the members of the religion depicted as unstoppable berserkers tearing through the Demons occupying earth before finally breathing their last.

This perception was one that Ajita did nothing to correct. With her followers almost completely obliterated, she and her Hands allowed the religion to fal into obscurity as once again the World of the Living came to know peace. So far as Ajita was concerned: A golden age had ended. A period of incredible suffering and strife and evolution had come to pass, and now with the World of the Living slowly slowing to a more peaceful lul, she began to plot and scheme. Simply throwing the world into a war of her own design would be foolish: Amidst the war she had seen that even her most Devout Hands were still not perfect, falling under the might of Demons. Perhaps the vicious, violent sort of Trial was .....imperfect. Perhaps humans and even Demons were too frail to reach their true shape in such abrupt fashions. She thus dedicated herself to study how best that one's power and potential could be drawn out. For the time being, after World War Four, she repurposed her remaining followers into relief organizers, helping rebuild and reinforce what remained after the fourth war. To spread her influence so that once she found the perfect path to Nirvana, she would be able to execute it en masse.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Heaven Reaching Truth: Ajita’s ability to extend her true body. This ability allows her tentacles and hands to emerge out of any point of her body in order to extend and manipulate her surroundings. These limbs can exert incredible force and are very strong, capable of grabbing and compacting materials into useable weapons or other useful shapes. When in her shifter form, these extensions can reach up to 20 meters, as the limbs in her true form are combined and strengthened/elongated. In her true form these limbs can only reach 5 meters in length.

Origin Switch: Her ability to switch between her Origin powers. This transition is seamless and quick.

I. Origin Powers

» Origin Names: The Blissful Truth (Purpose) The Empty Vessel (Nothingness)

» Origin Powers:

Purpose ‘The Blissful Truth’: This Origin is from the Zealots and believers of the Eyes of Maitreya. This origin encompasses the seeking and attainment of nirvana and personal truth. This power revolves around creating and applying ‘purpose’ to the things and beings around them. It involves reshaping and giving meaning to things.

Nothingness ‘The Empty Vessel’: This Origin is from the Leaders of the Eyes of Maitreya. It is the refusal and opposite of Prupose. It is the nihilism of any real divinity and as such it involves stripping away the affects and purpose of what is around them. Stripping away sovereignty of forces over objects and beings.

» Origin Abilities:

Finding Self Truth: A self-modification ability. Beyond just their basic shifter form, this ability is from ‘The Blissful Truth’, allowing Ajta to modify her body as she wishes, changing her shape and physiology around. This ability allows her to change the position, shape, and function of any tissues in her body, allowing her control not only over her appearance but also function (For example, if she wishes, she can alter her stomach to function like a heart in pumping blood, or into kidneys/liver tissue to filter something out of her body). While she is able to shift around and modify her flesh, she is NOT capable of regenerating it, and while she can adjust the function of her parts in order to compensate for injury, she still has finite resources to work with even in her massive true form. While in her Shifter form, this can SEEM like regeneration, but in actuality, she is simply changing bits of her true form into replacements for damaged tissue and moving it into place of what was lost. However this still cuts into her finite mass. Can only be used while Ajita's Purpose Origin is active.

Hollowing Air: An ability stemming from ‘The Empty Vessel’. This ability allows Ajita to modify her surroundings, namely by transforming it into a special sort of Inert Black sand. When this black sand comes into contact with an object or attack, the special qualities are stripped away (Example: A Cero that poisons targets coming into contact with the sand will simply become a normal cero once passing through it). This however applies to any energy or matter that makes contact with the sand, including Ajita's own.
However, while an excellent defense against special powers and attacks, the black sand that these materials are reduced to have almost no mass and are incredibly light, such that while a thick mass of this sand will be able to provide excellent protection against special abilities, even moderate force by mundane forces such as explosions, strong winds, normal ceros, or even just physical matter thrown into it will scatter them into the wind. So far as physical attacks are concerned, this Inert Sand may as well be dust, and as such whatever barriers formed by this ability generally don't last long as even left on it's own, the sand naturally spreads out slowly, dispersing completely the post after it's been produced.
This ability has a maximum range of 20 meters.
Can only be used while Ajita's Nothingness Origin is active.
This ability scales off of her Possessive Influence skill. Abilities with equal or inferior skill are negated and stripped as normal. Abilities with superior skill level are reduced by 50% instead. Abilities with 2 skill levels superiority are merely reduced by 25% in effectiveness. Abilities beyond that are immune to this stripping effect.

The Forward Path: An ability originating from ‘The Blissful Truth’, and the inherent ability to give purpose to her surroundings. Using this origin, she is able to apply the purpose of "Pathway" to the space between her and her destination, stretching the space itself and reducing obstacles such as friction or resistance to almost zero, allowing a sudden quick burst of speed similar to a Shunpo or sonido using almost no energy at all. However, unlike normal high speed movement abilities, this isn't a personal effect but creates an actual Pathway that will accelerate anything traveling along it's length to this high speed until Ajita's next post. Can only be used while Ajita's Purpose origin is active.

I. Eternal Partner/Conceptual World

» Conceptual World: Ajita's Conceptual World is a vast space of shattered material. A massive planet-sized cathedral shattered into massive fragments with massive blighting voids dotting it's entire expanse. This combination of Purpose and Nothingness shows the sheer dichotomy that rules over her soul.

» Rilīja Attributes: Using Rilīja, Ajita is capable of summoning both massive chunks of her internal cathedral as well as the black voids that pepper it, allowing her to both carve out sections of her surroundings to be filled with a sheer void and vacuum which replaces nonliving material and subjects living things within the zone to be subjected to the vacuum pressure as air and such rushes in to fill the space and exerting an expanding negative pressure on the target themselves, or to summon parts of her sanctum infused with her power, as well as ....crushing them as bigass chunks of cathedral come out of nowhere.

I. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: Voice of Tathagata

» Atma Vatou Appearance: Voice of Tathagata takes the form of a large Ceremonial Bell and Vajra. The Vadra itself looks like two pairs of three-pronged claws joined together at the ends, while the bell itself has a long handle and is made mostly of intricately shaped metal. The Vajra is about half a meter in length and the bell is a full meter in height and 30 centimeters in diameter. The names of those from the Eyes of Maitreya are carved into the surface of the bell.

» Atma Vatou Abilities: The Voice of Tathagata is based on 'The Blissful Truth', the Origin of Purpose. The Vajra fires concentrated beams of force which can be fired like a railgun, puncturing targets or sending them flying. However, the primary function is to strike the bell and fire at the same time, channeling this force into the bell which amplifies, resonates, and then expels this force in massive turbulent waves with thew intent of reshaping and molding the terrain to serve her needs and thus giving it purpose. This can be either a radial unfocused burst which manipulates objects in massive strokes, or it can be focused by pointing the opening of the bell and making very specific alterations with much more concentrated force.

I. Merged Paths

» Phyuja Rājya Appearance: Under the influence of her Phyuja Rajya, Ajita's true eyes turn from blood-red to gold as circuit-like halos form around her wrists, ankles, and above her head pulsing with a dull black energy.

» Phyuja Rājya Powers: The Fusion of Nothingness and Purpose, this transformation results in a new Origin called Reshape "The Final Truth." This origin rather than simply stripping away purpose or gifting it is based upon inciting radical change in an existing purpose.
» Phyuja Rājya Abilities:

The Whispered Truth: An ability revolving around a ritual in which the Dark Halos expand and form a set space which must be at least 20 meters in radius to serve as an Alter. The Purpose of this space is to better identify the truth behind that which she lays eyes on. So long as this Altar remains intact, The Altar whispers information to Ajita on anything she sets her eyes on, allowing her to identify a target's spiritual power, race, age, and even allow her to see identify impurities and foreign spirit energy at work on a subject. The purpose of this Altar is to give understanding, one must know a thing to know best how to alter it. While this alter is intact and producing this effect. This Altar's durability matches Ajita's and creating the altar has a 3 post cooldown. While this Altar is designed to see into one's very soul, details aside from those previously mentioned are up to target discretion to allow them to be revealed.

Final Schizm The Primary ability of Ajita's Phyuja Rajya and the ultimate culmination of the concept that has allowed her to exist with such a bizarre combination of Origins in the first place: The concept of forcing others into their Truest self.
This ability is a manifestation of the belief burned into her by the cult that made her. Ajita is capable of deconstructing a willing target down to it's base components and then rearrange them so long as she has had the chance to observe them during the thread while The Whispered Truth has been active. This ability allows her to alter a target's personality and the base structure of their soul, even allowing her to create a new being of the same race. The beings produced by this process are not only shaped to Ajita's whims but also have the very core of their existence hinge upon Ajita's will, giving her complete control over them and their continued existence (On Player characters, this control is up to the target's discretion, though resisting will be incredibly painful). This ability is primarily for use on NPCs and cannot be used on PCs without consent, even if the target is completely dead.

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Appearance:

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Powers:

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Abilities:

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment: (If your character has any equipment, then you should put it in this section. Otherwise, if they don't, do not fill in this section and you can leave it blank.)

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

Danava Skills
  • Origin Embodiment: Advanced
  • Origin Focusing: Adept
  • Atma Vatou: Adept
  • Eternal Partner: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

I. Roleplay Sample

» Roleplay Sample:


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Sat Sep 11, 2021 11:56 pm

Overall, this history is marked by a significant number of timeline inconsistencies and other things which seem outright contradictory with each other, to say nothing of the problems with how it would fit into the setting proper. There seems to be a misunderstanding of how recent Demon Incursion was, as well as how well-understood the spiritual realms are by this point.

During the rampant spread of Khalaism after the demon incursion in soul society and it’s challenging of other conventional beliefs in the spirit and mortal realms, this paved the way for other more radical beliefs to bud and grow as well as the dogma of tradition came to erode.

I don't know what challenging of beliefs in the spirit and mortal realms Khalaism really presents, and given the interactions between SS and the mortal realm for hundreds of years prior to Demon Incursion, I don't think this would have caused such a radical shift given Demon Incursion was only 7 years ago.

Those who reached true Enlightenment and Truth, ascending into a true state of Divinity and focus on their own personal enlightenment. These beings, generally seen as Iramasha and Davana, belonged in the heavenly realm of pure thought and bliss, but existed on earth and such because of their desire to enlighten others.

That's not how either of those things work. Iramasha are the equivalent of fairies, and Danava are, barring extreme extenuating circumstances, made naturally by Nidhana.

as knowledge of the spiritual world trickled down

I don't know how this would really be a factor given this was only a few years ago, and by this point knowledge of the spiritual realms is common enough to be on the Basic English Wikipedia. It's been common knowledge for centuries.

It is in this place that they stumbled upon a ritual in order to, in their eyes, manifest a true being. A Davana Creation Ritual.

Where exactly does one just stumble across this?

Unbeknownst to them, down below the ritual had begun. Sealing all of the exits, one of the Zealots: a fullbringer, used their spiritual powers in order to ampolify and connect the meditative states of those above.

Why is there a fullbringer in this Soul Society cult?

The leader of the zealots promptly died, becoming a plus.

Isn't he already in Soul Society?

For years, the Zealots had slowly begun to worship and endear themselves to hollows and arrancar, feeling that the process of a hollows mask removal, or at least what they knew of it, was the purest form of reaching nirvana, and so they intended for their new god to be an arrancar, intentionally hollowfying the spirit of their now-dead leader.

How can this have been happening for years if she's 6 years old, and this takes place after demon incursion, which was 7 years ago?

Hollowing Air:

The very nature of this ability is an absolute to a degree that can't really be balanced, as by its nature it gives her an extreme degree of control over any situation that can't meaningfully be bypassed.

The Forward Path:

The justification for this ability being attached to this origin isn't unapprovable, per se, but it is weak. Beyond that, what are the limitations on this, how strenuous is it, what's the range? Also, please go into further detail about the venting, as we don't actually understand what it does or what is meant by it.

Phyuja Rajya Powers: ...This ability allows her to not only gift and remove purpose but to change it, revolving around altering and changing the properties of things in her environment.

Please elaborate on what is actually being changed about these properties.

There isn't much justification for many of these higher skill rankings. We know little about the character beyond how she was made, and so several of these, in particular the Elites in Strength and Mental Deduction, feel unjustified.[/adm]
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Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:29 pm
History has been revamped. This is a Human world cult, not a SS cult. Also was confused about when certain things happened.

Hollowing Air has been adjusted.
The Forward path has been adjusted.
Phuyja tbh I have no idea how to merge these two concepts into a single ability so I'm just nixing that for now.

Skills have been dipped a bit to reflect her new age and activities.
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Thu Sep 16, 2021 10:58 pm
Phuyja revised to be actual specific abilities.
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Thu Oct 07, 2021 7:09 pm
Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in [X]
  • RP Sample Present [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Hazard Ranks
  • Power: C
  • Influence: C
  • Resources: D

Comments/Notes: I'll never forgive you.
Tier: 3-5
Hazard Rating: C
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FC update
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