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That's Raw, Dear. (Helle/Cyrus) - Page 3 Empty Re: That's Raw, Dear. (Helle/Cyrus)

Sun 05 Dec 2021, 9:34 pm

That's Raw, Dear. (Helle/Cyrus) - Page 3 ZnehDGG

Helle Armstrong

Anything together? That small statement had her pause and give the other woman a look over. Well, Helle has heard that before, and, honestly, she half expected Azmi to take control of her kitchen and transform into a master chef. It would coalign with prior actions. It’s probably a bit bad mannered to continue to let her mind fester like this, but she won’t let Azmi off the hook that easily. Nope. Not until she sees actual progress that her Liege is keeping true to their words.

“Mmm… Yes. Let us not get overexcited, lest we ruin our meal. Here, grate this, please.”

She passed over a block of parmesan cheese and a grater. She then turned and placed the pot she had grabbed earlier onto the stove, turning the appliance on before pouring in a plentiful amount of chicken broth. She then began to chop mushrooms while humming a bit. It seems, when in the kitchen, Helle actually showed little real care for shenanigans. Her thoughts are on fixing their meal, so any excitement must wait until after they’re no longer starving.

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