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Wed Nov 10, 2021 2:16 am
It Takes a Village [Saisei/Liuva] 2VpfLK6

Saisei | Mr. Vandenreich Himself

It was a change of pace, visiting the mountains of a foreign land. It wasn't what one would consider normal, let alone convenient in most cases. Despite that, the young man found himself at the midway point of a relatively long trail leading along the Atlas Mountain's rocky edge. It had been months since Saisei had interacted with anyone remotely connected to The Vandenreich, his absence from the world post Jefferson was something of a mystery to most. If anyone had knowledge, it would be his Commander Ms. Armstrong. Nevertheless, here he was now. The edge of a world unknown to most.

The trail was one that only came to fruition through the constant pitter patter of those who lived nearby. It wasn't much but it was clear as day, those that wished to find solace remained within the Mountain's grasp. The trail was simply bruised by the feet of its visitors. Following it closely, Saisei tucked his gloved hands to his sides, scratching at his thick, padded pant legs.

If someone were to ask why he found himself in such a secluded and odd place compared to the City of Lights, well, he'd have no answer. Its unfortunate really, his time in Africa was just another meaningless day in a meaningless week within a meaningless month. Saisei wasn't what you'd consider sad, he wasn't anything that most would consider to be bad. Frankly, he found himself in a safe little world with a sufficient amount of money to live comfortably. Still, he couldn't help but be lost, sent adrift in a world that already to struggle on its own.

Saisei adjusted the sunglasses he dawned momentarily, the young man had finally made it to the end of his little journey. As long as this trail may have been there was clearly an end somewhere down the line. At that end was a village, small in size and with few others around. Though the count of their buildings remained within single digits they all seemed of sturdy make. Even in such places as this it seemed civilization would continue marching forward.

"Well this is cozy, isn't it?"

Tucking away his glasses, he ventured past the village entrance and towards its very core. The few people that littered the rock-paved street were tending to the outside of their homes, storing wood and the like near their exteriors. It seemed the chose to live without luxury, Saisei could respect that.

Before he could give himself even a moment of rest, the young man found himself by three very young children. All were of various shape and sizes, colors and clothes. Children were innocent so they tended to flock without hesitation to the pink-haired man, it was in his nature.

"Well isn't this a warm little welcome? Whatcha' guys need, hm?"

He dropped to a crouch, a bright and bold smile filling his face. It radiated warmth despite his growing concern of the world. It was pleasant meeting children, they were the lifeblood of a civilization's future. It's Hope.

"Nice little town you all have here. Whatcha gonna show me first?"

END POST | Finding A Way Forward

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