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Sat Oct 22, 2022 11:04 pm


Freyja consumed her cake quietly along with her soldat as they overlooked the city. It was, as Arianda said, a remarkable view. Multiple bright lights formed in alternating patterns, gracing their eyes with a kaleidoscopic wave of colors. All things told it had been an unexpectedly enjoyable day. Arianda had proved to be quite the tour guide and proved that she was more than her initial roots had indicated - at the moment, at least.

Freyja was precisely the type of woman who wouldn't come to a conclusion until she was absolutely certain. Even so, the woman had earned a measure of her respect which is more than she expected to offer her before their day began. Perhaps, if time permitted, they could repeat an outing like this again, as friends. Arianda inquired about what they would do next, and Freyja promptly answered without hesitation.

"Enjoyable as this was, duty calls. We won't be immediately leaving at the moment, but within the next few hours, we will be boarding a plane to return. That said, I find this outing... quite enjoyable. I'd be remiss to say I wouldn't mind repeating the event again at some point. To be sure, you've earned a measure of my respect. Perhaps we can exchange contacts and hang out on occasion? Provided, you don't intend on going back on everything you said. I wouldn't welcome the thought of becoming an enemy in the future. Even so, that time is far off. Let us enjoy the view until our time is up."


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