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Cala Paracer
Cala Paracer
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Old Friends, New Beginnings - Page 2 Empty Re: Old Friends, New Beginnings

Tue Nov 01, 2022 9:18 pm


Enter Cala's Post

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Cala was, truly, out of their depth and lacked both the experience to understand what it is they wished to say and the vocabulary to vocalize it effectively. All these feelings, all these emotions, with no way to let them out or even tell Ari a way in which they COULD be helped. It was frustrating and Cala was pleasantly warm from the demon's hugging, the sensation of her head resting on Cala's made them sigh quietly. Giving a small, uncertain wiggle at being so close to someone, their arms tightened around Ari's and hugged it close, almost clinging to it, as they mumbled quietly.

"It... It's gone.... but not.... not somewhere else. It's gone uhhh....."

Cala tapped the center of their chest with a finger through their kimono, their eyelids drooping out of focus as they finished with a wispy exhale.


The highly anxious, frustrated and warm bundle of Cala resting against Ari would limply lean their head against the demoness, their slim chest rising and falling in slower and slower motions, their grip on Ari's arm becoming less active and more of a locked position as they curled up and snuggled into her. A quiet, tiny yawn escaping them as their eyes struggled to stay open. Their eyelids would flutter haphazardly, struggling mightily to stay conscious, which was odd because as far as Cala knew they didn't need to sleep. Then... why were they so sleepy?

A slow, uncertain frown creased Cala's features before they simply... passed out. Their soft hair fluffing out against Ari's chest as their lavender eyes finally shut and they snoozed gently in Ari's embrace, still limply 'holding' Ari's arm close to them as if it were an object of safety in and of itself. Their eyelashes would softly flutter, their lips gently moving and murmuring against Ari in breathless, noiseless words in a very... odd tone. A strange, lilting and slow motion to the sleep-induced motions as Cala simply curled up there in a warm little ball in Ari's lap, snoozing away.

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Old Friends, New Beginnings - Page 2 Empty Re: Old Friends, New Beginnings

Wed Nov 02, 2022 7:31 pm

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: N/A

Arianda was slowly starting to let Cala's words collect inside of her brain, preparing to reply to the woman... man? Dear god what gender was Cala now that Ari thought about it? Cute and feminine was all that fit in the demon's head for the being that sat in her lap; a really fucking adorable Arrancar. Regardless, Arianda just stuck with a straight up "they" for the sake of safety. However, what Cala said almost made no sense. From the sound of it, it almost seemed like her powers had been sealed up inside her by compression of those three hundred years. However, Arianda had no honest clue why this would have happened. Regardless, she gave a small answer while Cala was still barely awake.

"Perhaps your own powers are locked deep inside, waiting for you to reclaim them...?"

However, Arianda could soon hypothesize no further as Cala started to drift off into what seemed like an uneasy slumber. Frankly speaking, even if an Arrancar may not need to sleep, it was quite as beneficial to most beings as a human sleeping. A form of rest was still rest, and it can be extremely beneficial. Regardless, the demon couldn't help but be perplexed as she watched Cala's grip loose, their eyes closed, their breathing slowed, and soon they were fast asleep; curled up against Arianda's soft form. The demon blinked, chuckling quietly to herself as she gently pat Cala, calmly leaning her head back to look up at the ceiling. Truly, this Arrancar was quite the goofball. Arianda carefully adjusted her arm so that she could wrap it around Cala, securing the petite Arrancar in her embrace before the demon quietly pulled out of phone and decided to ebb the time away as Cala slept. Before long, she too had likely joined Cala in the realms of slumber, her phone resting lazily in her lap. No matter the reason, a good rest was always a nice idea for the demon, and it was hard to resist the urge to slumber with such a warm being on her body. Not to mention, Arianda didn't mind having more sleep. Amidst her slumber, she muttered randomly, but it seemed pointed towards the slumbering Cala.

"What is lost... Can... Always be fouuund...Zzzz"

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