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Tue Oct 04, 2022 6:39 am
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Another day of rounds. Each member of the division requires a checkup at least once a week, and it's always a rotation of who checks up on who. Ojo, today, has about 30 members to check on, and she's already gone through 29 of them. Each person has their own quirks, but as long as they're capable of their duties, Ojo found those quirks but minor flavors that gives the Second Division life. The last person she needs to check on is no other than Tomoe Asahina. A quick bout of questions to other members helped her find her target's location: the training grounds.

The purple haired short stack found herself on the ground eventually, taking note of the multitudes of training going on. Members are always testing Kido, whether perfecting a usual spell or attempting to create something new. It's an interesting display of success and failure, painting the grounds in an array of color and disaster. Ojo couldn't help but remanence on her reason for joining the Kido Corps. However, she has her duties, so each of her steps only brought her closer to her goal, the other purple haired Shinigami not too far away.

"Tomoe Asahina. Ojo Koga. Today's your routine checkup, and I'll be giving you your assessment."

With a calm demeanor, no emotional strain on her face, Ojo proceeded with performing her tasks with the discipline one would expect.

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