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Natural Enemies [Mizu/Cala] - Page 2 Empty Re: Natural Enemies [Mizu/Cala]

Thu Jan 19, 2023 2:58 pm
Natural Enemies [Mizu/Cala] - Page 2 JGYv9eD


The Arrancar's explanations were rather shocking to Mizu. This was not the first time she had heard of a Hollow or Arrancar trying to deceive with words, and she knew she could not take this one's at face value regardless if they truly meant them or not. For a Shinigami trained in the Shin'o Academy, sent on dozens of Hollow Hunt missions over the years, and having suffered family tragedy at the hands of beings like this one, Mizu just could not accept Cala's offer to break bread. After all, regardless of it's reasoning it had just attacked her. Such a thing could not be so easily forgiven.

"I cannot say for sure whether you are telling the truth, Arrancar. What I do know is you helped me in a somewhat troublesome situation, and for that reason alone I will give you an opportunity to escape with your life. If you linger here or attempt to "test me" again, I will be forced to do my duty as a sworn officer of the Gotei United and purify you. This is your one warning." Having no love for Hollows, even something as threatening as this was Mizu showing great restraint. She did not know just how dangerous this Arrancar could be, but she was confident in her ability to avoid dying should the worst come to pass.

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Cala Paracer
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Natural Enemies [Mizu/Cala] - Page 2 Empty Re: Natural Enemies [Mizu/Cala]

Sat Jan 21, 2023 5:32 pm


Enter Cala's Post

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Cala did begin to feel a bit bad seeing the determination and anger on Mizu's face and considered that maybe their time in Hueco Mundo had desensitized them to just how.... offensive having something attack you could be to some beings. Having felt how exhausted she was from her Kido and no doubt how offensive she found their very existence, Cala decided to do what they could to further make peace with the rather fierce Shinigami. After considering it they did not fault her for her anger, and as Mizu made a bit of a show of 'forgiving' them while also stating her duty as a Shinigami rather proudly Cala hummed and nodded. Making an equal show of stowing away their weapon Cala would turn and finish breaking down the corpse of the other Hollow, their Fade pulling what energy remained in it's body into Cala.

With that done Cala turned back to Mizu, took a few steps closer, and simply replied.

"We understand your anger and, for whatever it might mean to you, while you may struggle or regret letting us leave know that we do not regret our choice to aid you. If that Hollow had killed you, that is what we would have regretted."

Their statement made Cala waited to see if the Shinigami had anything to say before finishing.

"Also, should we cross paths again, we will have no need to test you. Until then, farewell."

With all that needed saying done Cala's Sonido carried them away from the battle site, away from Mizu, and onwards to go and finally, hopefully, meet up with Aina once again. Mizu's determination had, in truth, only made them miss her a bit more.

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