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Second Contact[Kenichi, Saber]  - Page 3 Empty Re: Second Contact[Kenichi, Saber]

Thu Jan 12, 2023 8:44 pm
Second Contact[Kenichi, Saber]  - Page 3 ASSp7Iq

KENICHI MURATA | Rising Dragon

His confused expression persisted as he observed the hollow in silence, noting the pulsating spiritual pressure emanating from her form, slightly taken aback by the abnormal rasp. Did the energy shift occur as a result of her consuming that large hollow? There were several questions he wanted to pose, but Kenichi erred on the side of caution, concluding that it was best to avoid upsetting her in this current state of mind. He wasn't going to press the matter.

As she stepped through that opening space she'd created once again, Kenichi nodded assent as he stepped through the hastily formed gash in the air, hurriedly following her direction as they made a swift return to the living realm. Stepping out through the other point in space, Kenichi sighed softly at the familiar sight. Directing his gaze towards Saber, he quickly confirmed that the hollow was not in the mood for parting words.

There was some type of phenomenon taking place here, and on some base level, he certainly cared enough about his hollow hunt partner to hope it wasn't something excruciatingly terrible. Bowing softly, Kenichi turned away, walking in the other direction. If she still retained everything that had defined who she was up until this point, then this certainly wouldn't be their last meeting.

"Until next time, Saber."


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