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Tue Jan 17, 2023 12:51 pm


Enter Saiko's Post

"Yep. That's the unremarkable truth of it. I just wanna get to know people better since this is my home now."

Well, from what Saiko could notice, Noharu was at least amused. So, she nodded in return at the woman before listening to everything that came after. It sounded as if she didn't want to waste too much of the hybrid's time, but the honest truth of it was that this was what she was here for. Most of the evening had been written off as a lot of her objectives were done for the day, so trying to get to know others in the Gotei was key to building good relations, and she decided to take her up on the offer to see her train.

"I don't have much to do since I've gotten much of my work done for the day. I'd love to accompany you~."

Smiling, she opted to look around for a few moments before asking her another question.

"Anywhere special you train or do you just go anywhere you want?"

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Sat Jan 21, 2023 3:16 pm
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Noharu snorted softly and put on a playful grin. "HEH. Well not really. Unless I'm goin out to train with my Bankai. But I aint gonna pull you into something like that." Sh noted playfully, reaching out and giving Saiko a little light elbow to the bicep, though she did have to say, she hadn't really...ECXPECTED Saiko to ... uh... aggree. But eh, whatever. As the two of them started heading to the nearest Courtyard, she decided not to worry about it too much. She'd probably just do some exercises and simple stuff while the two talked a bit more. She still didn't really.....know what Henrex saw in the girl. She was ..... quirky? But she'd perhaps have to talk to the guy later about it.

IN the meantime, she'd just keep it a good fifty fifty with this Saiko girl. Give the gal a chance to make a good impression.
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