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Rin Taoka {Completed} Empty Rin Taoka {Completed}

Mon 23 Jan 2023, 02:31
Rin Taoka {Completed} ZOdf6nI

I. Basic Information
» Name: Rindou Taoka
» Alias: Rin
» Age: 210
» Gender: Nonbinary (He/They)

» Association: The Gotei 13; Taoka Family

» Appearance Written: Rin strikes an image that is typical of what one would think of a warrior, on the shorter side in terms of stature with a lithe form honed through training. His skin is darkly toned, reminiscent of a fine wood, with an ever present and healthy blush around his cheeks, which normally that grows in intensity with his emotions. He has stark white hair that falls in a silken curtain around his face and form, though it is often pulled into a high ponytail.

His eyes are almond shaped, with lush lashes. They are a vibrant lilac in color, though the most notable feature is the fact that they glitter with highlights that give off varying shades of violet and lavender. His facial features can be described as androgynous, with pouty lips and a delicate nose, complete with a slightly effeminate bone structure.

Despite the strength he holds, Rin is light, and moves as though weightless and floating through the air. When he steps, he most often than not makes no noise. And as a warrior of the blade, and many other weapons, he favors clothes that are more loose-fitting in order to not restrict his movements. His garments often swirl and swish with his movements, as flighty and whimsical as the wind.

» Appearance Image:
The Prodigal Son:

I. Personality

» Personality: Rin comes across as someone who is comfortable in their own skin. His actions are always measured and controlled, approaching most situations with a cool, easy-going air about him. He is rather laid-back, not being bothered b much, which makes it easy for him to socialize with others. When he does, he comes across as mature, polite and kind, and makes sure to come across as a person others are able to talk to without fear of judgement. Or at least appear sympathetic enough to their plight for them to talk to him.

Rin is also rather playful, poking fun at those around him, giving people nicknames, playing games or pulling pranks. He is never one to let a good joke or sarcastic remark slide by without taking the opportunity to capitalize on it. He is the kind of person that slowly warms up to you and, once friendly with, is nearly impossible to turn away or become angered towards.

While he can be described as "chill", he also knows when situations call for the utmost seriousness, and does his most to help anyone he can in any way he can. He affords the correct respect to those of a higher rank or standing than himself, and will go out of his way to help those who are less capable than he (such as civilians), taking on an almost chivalrous quality in how he goes about it.

» Likes: Swordplay, thunderstorms, classical music, playing the flute

» Dislikes: Overly hot weather, bitter foods, loud spaces, the color green

I. History

» History:
Fallen Flower Petals:

I. Powers & Abilities

» Prodigious Talent: To say that Rin is talented with a blade is an understatement, he is a prodigy in all things martial. His talent displayed itself from a young age, shown as he perfectly mimicked the motions and styles of his siblings down to the very last detail without any instruction on their part or the part of any tutor. As such Rin picks up new blade styles with ease, however the true extent of his talent allows Rin to examine and track his opponent's movements in combat and alter how he fights in order to match their strengths or exploit their weaknesses. In a case where an opponent outclasses him, he is even capable of altering his style in order to further cover the gaps in how he fights, making him a fighter with unparalleled versatility.

» Erratic Spiritual Power: Rin possesses a strange Reiatsu signature that seems to stutter and fluctuate in waves. It swells and recedes seemingly without pattern, making it difficult to accurately gauge his level of power. When he expresses his Reiatsu, it is colored lilac and takes the form of electricity. When enough of his spiritual pressure is brought to bear, he is capable of causing a slight tingling sensation, numbness and even paralysis within those affected by it. The feeling of his Reiatsu is often compared to what it may be like to be struck by lightning.

» Kido Practitioner: As a Shinigami, Rin has done his best in order to be able to cast at least some Kido. He has discovered that the reason why his skill with the talent is so rudementary, and why it is more difficult for him to hone this skill, lay in the fact that his Reiryoku itself is not "ambient" like that of other Shinigami. His Reiryoku is aligned almost completely with the element of lightning, thus requiring him to convert this energy into other forms when using most types of Kido. This has resulted in his electricity and lightning aligned Kido being the most powerful spells in his arsenal, while others have fallen to the wayside.

» Zanjutsu Master: Rin has put his prodigious talent towards mastering all forms of Martial Arts that he could, but he has come to master none more deeply than the art of the blade. His own style of Zanjutsu focuses on utilizing his speed to its fullest potential, drawing his blade and striking out several times in a single instant in order to cut an opponent to pieces before they've even realized their lives are in danger. This has had a unique effect on Rin's natural speed, as while he is capable of moving fast, his natural speed is focused more on his arms than anywhere else. This allows him a tremendous draw speed, causing his sword strokes to become a blur.

Due to the abilities of his Zanpakuto, Rin has also learned to employ a method of fighting with his sword sheathed, using it as a bludgeoning and cutting instrument rather than a slashing or piercing one. Where the great amounts of speed he is capable of achieving with his sword strokes is turned to cutting through defenses with the sword drawn, while it is sheathed he is capable of exerting a shattering force upon whatever he strikes. With this, he is capable of tearing down defenses much more violently and totally.

I. Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Hakujin Issen (白刃一閃, "Flash of a Drawn Sword")

» Zanpakutō Spirit: Hakujin Issen takes the form of an almost impossibly tall woman with pale skin and long, dark hair. Her hair falls in such a way that it almost always seems to shadow the upper half of her face, leaving only her mouth and jaw visible to any on lookers. One would still call her beautiful, though with features that are always schooled into an impassive mask. She is dressed in the regalia of an empress, in a luxurious kimono of flowing purple and lilac fabric.

Despite it not being her true name, she prefers to be regarded as Hakujin (白神, "Pale God"). She is a very imperious spirit, regarding herself in manner much like that of royalty. She does not impose this upon others, not even Rin, however the way she speaks and regards others makes it very obvious that she believes herself a being worthy of reverence. So thorough is this bearing, that it can draw others into treating her as such as well.

Despite being so, Hakujin is not a mean or cruel entity. She simply knows that she is powerful, and carries herself as such. She often finds herself confused at the machinations of the Shinigami that Rin associates with, but is fully supportive in his own endeavors and often makes strides to understand him in earnest. She can be described as a kind, if passive and unflinching, spirit.

The Pale God:

» Inner World: Rin's Inner World cannot be said to belong to him, as its entire space seems to be dominated by Hakujin. It is not something that he takes issue with, as she has to reside within it more than he, though it is always obvious the power she holds over the space. It takes the form of a large clearing surrounded by torii gates in various stages of destruction. There is a light later of water that covers the ground, and a black star sits upon a violet horizon.

The Pale Expanse:

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Hakujin Issen takes the form of a nagamaki, rather than that of a katana. The blade of the weapon measures at three feet long, with a uniquely made handle that is about 2/3rds that length. The first half of the weapon is constructed similarly to that of a normal katana, with a nearly black hilt wrapping. The second half of the hilt is more abstract, being formed of a sturdy wood with a section carved out of the middle of the weapon. It possesses a simple hexagonal tsuba and a black lacquered sheath.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power: While the Zanpakuto is sealed, Rin is capable of channeling a limited form of its ability to generate electricity, known as Raiyoku (雷浴 "Bathed in Lightning"). In order to use this ability the weapon must be sheathed, during which time Rin begins to pour his spiritual energy into the sheath, the weapon itself consolidating and converting this energy into lightning and drenching the weapon in it. This process has a unique effect on the lightning generated, changing it into a form similar to that of liquid.

As Rin charges the weapon, the open space in the hilt begins to fill with a lilac glow. Rin is capable of unsheathing the weapon and striking out at any point after the glow manifests, at which point his sword is bathed in this "liquid lightning" and leaves a trail of it behind every strike, even being able to issue out the lightning in strikes of its own. This allows Rin to charge his attacks with the power of his Zanpakuto without needing to sacrifice the blade itself. With each swing of the blade, the glow within the hilt is depleted, thus the longer Rin charges this ability, the longer his blade is empowered.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Shine brilliantly, Hakujin Issen.

» Shikai Release Action: Rin runs his hand along the flat of his blade while speaking the release phrase of the weapon, causing it to glow with a soft purple Reiatsu.

» Shikai Appearance: Upon speaking the release phrase of his weapon it begins to glow more and more steadily with a violet energy before it shatters in a shower of sparks. The Shikai of this Zanpakuto is not a complete departure from its sealed state, only lacking a blade and causing arcs of electricity to crackle along Rin's form.

» Shikai Abilities: Hakujin Issen's main ability is known as Zennou Inazuma (全能稲妻, "Almighty Lightning") and it allows Rin to gather, generate and even manipulate natural electricity in the form of lightning. The power of the Zanpakuto is extremely dense with spiritual energy, allowing it to generate lightning even in conditions where its presence would be deemed impossible to maintain. Rin is capable of guiding the electricity he generates into different forms using the motions of his blade, creating fleeting blades with which to strike out at his opponents. However, due to the new form of his Zanpakuto he lacks the ability to defends himself with his weapon while this Shikai is active.

Seidenki (静電気, "Static Electricity") is the name of an auxiliary ability granted within Hakujin Issen's Shikai. With each "strike" of the weapon or the electricity it generates, an opponent is marked with a violet symbol taking the shape of a lightning bolt. While this symbol persists, the target gives off a unique electrical signature that Rin is capable of tracking, allowing him to know their general direction in relation to himself. This mark can be empowered up to two times by further strikes, increasing Rin's tracking ability from a general direction to a specific direction, and then a specific location. Upon the mark being fully empowered, Rin is also capable of activating it to call down a bolt of lightning to strike his opponent. Upon this being used, the mark dissipates.

Another completely passive ability of this Shikai is Kurezan Tokkan (暮残突貫, "Lingering Charge"). This ability has to do with the charges applied by Seidenki and allows them to linger upon a target even if this Shikai is sealed after they are applied. The charges are capable of being used to track a target as normal, however they are only capable of being empowered if the victim is struck by the lightning infusion of the Raiyoku ability. Should the charge be at max power, Rin is capable of striking a target with lightning as normal however the charge is still consumed and a new one cannot be placed without releasing the Shikai once more. The sealing of the Shikai allows for the charges to be actively dispelled by those afflicted with them, which can be done with a significant burst of spiritual energy.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: Fūrinkazan Hakujin Issen (風林火山白刃一閃 "Swift, Quiet, Fierce, Immovable Flash of a Drawn Sword")

» Bankai Release Action: Rin draws his "blade" through the air while calling his Bankai's name, causing the hilt of the weapon to rapidly funnel electricity into itself. Rin raises the hilt up and forms a circle of electricity in front of himself before dragging the hilt sharply downward. Upon completing this motion, a large pillar of lightning lances down from the heavens and engulfs him.

» Bankai Appearance: Once the lightning from the release of this state dissipates, it shows Rin and his Zanpakuto have both transformed. Rin is decked in a resplendent violet kimono with long trailing sleeves. Additionally, upon his left arm is a large pauldron wrought in the face of an oni, he wears a crown shaped into demon's horns and an armored skirt moves beneath the fabric. The nagamaki in hand has become much more ornate, the hilt filling out with a deep violet wrapping and the hilt guard changing into the shape of interconnecting tomoe. The blade itself is tinged purple, and appears to have veins of electricity running across its surface.

» Bankai Abilities: The ability of Rin's Bankai is known as Inazuma Tenjoumukyuu (稲妻天壌無窮, "Lightning as Eternal as Heaven and Earth"). This ability magnifies the scope of the Shikai's ability by permeating a large area around Rin with his Reiryoku. This causes the area to become charged heavily with electricity, enhancing the electromagnetic fields of items within the space exponentially. This causes items that would not usually be magnetized to gain a magnetic charge, while sparks of electricity seem to dance in the air. Rin himself claims that his power electrifies the very air, however the truth of it is that it not only amplifies the scope of Rin's lightning generation, but his control over the lightning that he generates as well. This allows him to not only manifest lightning from thin air, but control it as though it were an extension of himself.

Mae — Fudouyama Chigumo (前・不動山千雲, "Front: Immovable Mountain, A Thousand Clouds") is an ability that takes effect immediately upon Rin activating his Bankai. His power supercharges the atmosphere to the point where he is capable of influencing the very weather in a large area around himself. As the Bankai is sustained, clouds gather and spread above Rin's form, turning the sky into a see of dark storm clouds. Rin himself is the "eye of the storm", and as such these clouds move with him so that he is always at their center. These clouds generate a great deal of electrical energy that Rin is capable of manipulating on a whim, and this energy builds along with the swelling of his power as the Bankai persists.

Migi — Jinkaze Eiga (右・迅風鋭牙, "Right: Swift Wind, Sharpened Fang") is the second ability of the Bankai, and a more active one. It appears that when entering Bankai, the Zanpakuto regains its blade however that is not entirely true, rather it forges a new blade made of solid lightning with which to strike opponents. The blade is capable of being used to manipulate the lightning capable of being generated by the weapon itself. This not only allows Rin to deliver this lightning in the form of bolts, but also form it into various shapes such as beasts to chase down a target or more swords to assail them with. The forms generated by this ability are at times confused for abilities in their own right, due to their complexity and size, however this is entirely because of the fluidity of control awarded by this ability.

Hidari — Seirin Sekawaru (左・静林世界剖天, "Left: Quiet Forest, Sundered World") is an ability that capitalizes on the area around Rin being bathed in his Reiatsu due to the nature of his Bankai. This causes the very world around Rin to become charged with electricity, allowing the sky, the land and even other individuals around him to be used as conductors or batteries for his abilities. This ability allows him to call down lightning from the clouds generated from the Bankai, or even have it strike up from the ground to catch his opponents off-guard. This ability allows Rin to strike out at an opponent from any position within his Bankai's realm of influence, making it an exceedingly dangerous ability to employ.

Ushiro — Mouka Nyoronyoden (後・猛火如露如電, "Rear: Fierce Fire, Transient Existence") is can be considered the only "active" ability of the Bankai, as it is the only one that Rin requires conscious effort to activate and draw upon. With the activation of this ability, Rin draws all of the electricity generated by his Bankai in towards himself, absorbing it into his body by way of his blade. With the activation of this ability, Rin is not only surrounded by a maelstrom of electricity, he becomes a living embodiment of lightning itself.

In this state, he moves at impossible speeds that far outstrip the capabilities of Shunpo, seeming to flicker in and out of existence as he moves from one point to another. As a downside to this technique, once initiated Rin loses the ability to issue electricity from anywhere other than his person or blade, seeming to limit the capabilities of his Bankai to something akin to what his Shikai is capable of. Additionally, he becomes extremely fragile and unstable as the lightning courses through his body, with a single mistake or attack being enough to leave a grievous wound or even potentially end his life.

Naka — Touken Rantan (半・弢剣結端, "Center: Sheathed Sword, Storm Conclusion") is a technique, rather than an ability, and can only be used once Mouka Nyoronyoden has been initiated. Rin gathers all the lightning surrounding and permeating his form into the edge of his blade, causing it to crackle violently with the barely contained electrical energy. Rin then performs a singular sword strike that unleashes all of this electricity channeled into this technique at one point, carrying enough power to atomize whatever is struck by this attack. Should the strike not come into contact with an enemy, or some sort of defense, then all of the electricity is released in a sweeping wave that cuts through everything in its wake. Upon using this technique, Rin's Zanpakuto is immediately returned to its sealed state and while he is capable of reactivating its Shikai, its Bankai becomses unavailable for a time after use in order to allow it (and Rin) to recover from the strain of containing so much energy.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: None yet.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: Adept
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Beginner
» Martial Skill: Elite

Will Skills
» Willpower: Adept
» Deduction: Adept
» Focus: Adept

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Advanced
» Kidō: Beginner
» Zanjutsu: Elite
» Hakuda: Adept

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:
Excerpt from Samael:

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