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A Meeting of Urchins [Kaito/Hyosuke] - Page 4 Empty Re: A Meeting of Urchins [Kaito/Hyosuke]

Sat Feb 25, 2023 3:51 pm


Enter Hyosuke's Post

As Kaito deflected the Byakurai Hyosuke was both pleased and.... decidedly not for a couple reasons. A fact he would make all to clear as he lowered his hand and nodded. His expression neutral as he approached Kaito and sighed softly.

"Well, Kaito-san I am certainly satisfied with your capabilties with a blade for now. Though I will make a note to instruct you on Kido, specifically, after your next training session as I already have it in mind. As a whole I am pleased you deflected the spell as aptly as you did....."

At this moment the spot in the wall the Byakurai had impacted fell apart, leaving a basketball-sized hole in the wall of charred wood and singed paints, to which Hyosuke frowned as he looked at it. Only to turn his eye back to Kaito as his voice was just a bit more firm.

".... if not a bit DISPLEASED to the property damage involved but, well, the physical labor involved in fixing the wall will serve to hone your focus and stamina. Thus even from mistakes can we learn and grow."

Turning Hyosuke would return to the front of the classroom and retrieve a small piece of paper, holding it gingerly, before returning to Kaito and offering it to him. The folded paper would include the name of one Hana Aoyama and some very basic information about her.

"This is another student of mine , Miss Hana Aoyama, and you and she will be sharing a training session this Friday. She will be your first sparring partner and, I expect, an excellent candidate for helping you continue to hone your restraint. Be here in the evening, 5 PM sharp, prepared. Any questions Kaito-san?"

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A Meeting of Urchins [Kaito/Hyosuke] - Page 4 Empty Re: A Meeting of Urchins [Kaito/Hyosuke]

Sun Feb 26, 2023 8:28 am
A Meeting of Urchins [Kaito/Hyosuke] - Page 4 TPy8WTV


He didn't like the neutral look -- he knew that there was something that Hyosuke didn't like. Even if he had managed to deflect the attack, albeit probably not in the way that he was hoping, he lowered his sword, gripping it tightly at his side as Hyosuke began his assessment. He felt a little bit of pride in him being pleased at his deflection, only for him to look down to the floor in embarrassment as he noted the damage to the room.

His head lifted as he heard the man's footsteps carry him across the room, watching him take a slip of paper before walking to him and holding it out to him. Taking it from his hands, he gave it a brief skim. It was a small information sheet about someone named Hana Aoyama. He remembered Hyosuke mentioning her a few times, whether by name or just as "another student".

He looked at him, a little concerned when he said that she would be his training partner next. He remembered the man mentioning that Hana wasn't at his level of skill -- something he doubted -- but, he made note of her, what Hyosuke expected of him, and the time that he wanted him there.

"...No sir, not as of now, at least."

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