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A Most Awkward Meeting [Hyosuke/Hana] - Page 3 Empty Re: A Most Awkward Meeting [Hyosuke/Hana]

Sat Mar 11, 2023 6:15 pm


Enter Hyosuke's Post

Hyosuke easily caught the glimmer in Hana's eyes and smirked easily, before giving a casual shrug, and raising his eye to look up into the sky as if in thought.

"Well, I suppose that depends on what you consider 'making fun of you' to be, turtle-chan...."

At Hana's next statement he chuckled and then crossed an arm cross his chest, continuing his VERY pensive and not at all teasing expression.

"I can't? I wouldn't see why not.~ You will always be my student, after all, and I have never known a Shinigami to die of old age......"

Hyosuke paused only as a very offensive thought came to mind, a frown gracing his lips, and the arm that crossed over his body would extend as he stepped forward. That warm, strong hand came down on Hana's head gently, but with fatherly firmness, as his singular eye met hers and he held that distinct frown as his tone changed from teasing to serious with startling quickness.

"However. If you go getting yourself into serious trouble I'd cut down a hundred Hollows to keep you safe. You are my first student, very small, and you have a lot to learn. You won't be being hurt on my watch and, if you DO get yourself into harm's way, you had best return in one piece. Do you understand?"

Hyosuke gently raised an eyebrow, his tone still firm, not angry, but rather frank as he slowly let a rather tired, concerned smile grace his features. His handsome features sagging a tiny bit as he sighed.

"Not that I want to add more rules to your life, but I would be a very poor instructor if I did not care for your safety turtle-chan.~"

Gently would Hyosuke now remove the hand from Hana's head, inhaling gently, before adding quietly.

"I do believe that hairpin will look quite nice Hana-chan."

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A Most Awkward Meeting [Hyosuke/Hana] - Page 3 Empty Re: A Most Awkward Meeting [Hyosuke/Hana]

Sat Mar 11, 2023 6:38 pm
A Most Awkward Meeting [Hyosuke/Hana] - Page 3 Hana_PostingHeader7
Enter: Hana Aoyama

Yeah, I'm never living that down...

The mention of death was a tad dark for Hana. She said nothing about it, but she'd be fine! So far, she had not encountered anything that was remotely a challenge! Nothing was going to stop her now! And when that hand came down on her head, Hana froze, her eyes shifting up to Hyosuke, though her head never moved. The words he used, the tone he carried... It was all reminiscent of what her own Father used to be, before everything went very wrong. She wasn't used to that anymore.

"O-Okay," Hana nodded her head under his hand. "I will do my best."

Hana slid her hand into her bag, wrapping her fingers around the hairpin he bought her, but didn't take it out. She kept it hidden away, but chose not to let go either.

"I think it will too."

End Post
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