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Cala Paracer
Cala Paracer
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In the Shadow of Titans [Africatastrophe Part II] - Page 2 Empty Re: In the Shadow of Titans [Africatastrophe Part II]

Wed Jun 21, 2023 12:37 am


Enter Cala's Post

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After releasing the Bala and readying themselves Cala noted the responses of their opponents accordingly. They were at least pleased with the observation that the male Shinigami's Shunpo looked sloppy and slower than their own Sonido, an advantage they catalogued should it become necessary to continue the confrontation, as well as noting that despite being notably more powerful than themselves Hono took more damage from the simple Bala than they anticipated. A quick synopsis of the two before them registering in Cala's mind as: Male = Sensible but Sloppy and Hono = Powerful but fragile.

Satisfied with this Cala would relax their posture a bit as Hayden seemed intent on talking, on ceasing hostilities, a notion Cala was still supportive of, if not more than a little wary of Hono's spontaneous aggression. In contrast to Hono's remark about talking to someone who shot energy at her Cala's response was a simple nod, their tone as impassive as usual as their sightless eyes stared between the two Shinigami.

"We.... agree. We would prefer to speak. We know of Shinigami with more sense than this, acting more like the animals you consider us to be is not mandatory."

The Bala Cala had launched, however, did not simply sting the Shinigami in question however. Small, ashen deposits of Fade the size of a fist had been left on their bodies where the Bala had struck. The dry, coarse substance seeming to glut itself like wetting sand on the spiritual energy of the Shinigami, draining them like a leech, before Cala waved a hand and withdrew the relatively small patched of Fade from the Shinigami. Not wanting to harm or drain them if they were truly intent on ceasing hostilities.

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In the Shadow of Titans [Africatastrophe Part II] - Page 2 Empty Re: In the Shadow of Titans [Africatastrophe Part II]

Wed Jun 21, 2023 1:37 am
.Hayden Cemplus

There was a rather audible sigh of relief the moment the other two had decided to stop attacking each other, Hayden thankful that the two of them could pacify themselves so quickly. The shinigami picked himself back up, listen to Cala's words as he felt the sensation fade from his back, and stood straight, his shoulders rolling back, then relaxing somewhat. His sword remained in his left hand, and he began to walk past Hono, putting himself between her and the Arrancar. He had noted the draining touch of the substance that persisted after impact with the Bala, and had no desire to have any more of that thrown around. And also the use of "we" when Cala was referring to themself, but that would be another topic for another time, if he could remember next time they meet.

Once he was a few paced ahead of Hono, he raised his sword, blade-down, and stabbed it into the ground. The solidity didn't matter to him, as the enhanced strength of the blade ensured that it would glide cleanly downwards a couple inches. He had forced it to endure worse to get to the strength he was now, a bit of ground wasn't going to do anything. In fact, it hardly made a sound aside the muted "thud" of the ground being forced to part beneath the blade "See, reasonable people, simply talking. This isn't so bad, right?" he inquired, his eyes mainly shifting to his partner and nodding, but not neglecting Cala with his glare, either.

"Now, how about you help us understand what's going on here. Do you have any clue why anyone would open a giant pit in the middle of a city?" He was careful with his tone of voice, trying to not sound accusatory for fear of setting Cala into the offensive again.


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In the Shadow of Titans [Africatastrophe Part II] - Page 2 Empty Re: In the Shadow of Titans [Africatastrophe Part II]

Fri Jun 23, 2023 11:41 pm

In the Shadow of Titans [Africatastrophe Part II] - Page 2 18peDx2

Hono Kaen

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Hono soon found herself letting out another sigh, this one of relief, less fighting, and more talking. Hono decided to lower her weapon, keeping her Shikai released, lowering the cleaver to her side, letting out a few soft pants catching her breaths from her slices and the rather quick fight. Hono would look towards Hayden. "Let's hear it..." She was curious about what Hayden was going to suggest, she looked at the boy. Letting him take the floor!

It would seem Cala's fade was leaving her hand, she let out a sigh of relief. Hono would decide to move next to Hayden, standing next to the boy. "Right." She tried to remain calm, hoping Hayden's insane idea was going to work. Hono would let Hayden speak, after all, Hono's tone wasn't exactly a nice one, even when meaning well so it is better for her not to talk.

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