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Sat Aug 05, 2023 10:08 am

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Kaito Tomoyuki
» Character Application: App Link

» Upgrade Details: Unlocking Shikai/Zanpakuto


» Zanpakutō Name: Reishiki [霊史記, Historical Account of Spirits]

» Zanpakutō Spirit: Reishiki, fitting to its powers and name, is a figure with pale, porcelain skin and long, black hair. A Noh mask hides its face, keeping a mystery of whether it is man or woman. It has wisp-like tendrils at the hem of its clothes, deftly hiding its bare feet.

It wears a kimono of mixed white and black, along with a set of prayer beads around its wrists and neck, further blurring the line of identity. It is also often accompanied by various spirits, ghosts, and familiars, from both Rukon and the Living World.

A mystery, a trickster, and oddly playful, Reishiki is an enigma, even to its wielder. It teases him, often speaks cryptically, and helps only when it feels necessary. However, it still cares for Kaito, aware of his motivations, and how dangerous the road ahead is for him. It is wise in the ways of the dead, knowing and understanding funeral rites, ghost stories, and urban legends of any culture, including the Konsō Reisai of the Shinigami.

» Inner World: Kaito's Inner World takes the form of an abandoned version of his home in the Rukongai. Unique to it, though, is that the world looks as if it were from a traditional Japanese painting. A dense fog surrounds the large, empty village.

Stepping through causes someone to either move to another area of the district, or be sent back to the entrance at random. If one were to explore the district, they would find no living beings there, only ghosts and shades, spirits yet to be unlocked by the wielder.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Kaito's Zanpakuto takes the form of a simple katana with white wrappings around the hilt, a circular tsuba, and a gold pommel with a rather ornate design. The sheath has a black color with a charcoal-like design, and an illustration of clouds along the end of the scabbard.

Sealed Zanpakuto Power:

Yonakamon [夜中門, Midnight Gate]
A derivative of the Oumagatoki, the hour where the worlds of living and dead overlap, Yonakamon is a twofold ability. The first is comparatively simple, allowing Kaito to store and retrieve things from his shadow, such as his Zanpakuto, or other inanimate objects.

Additionally, this also allows Kaito to phase through any physical matter he touches, such as causing the blade of his Zanpakuto to phase through a wall to catch an opponent by surprise, turning himself intangible to pass through walls, or even holding onto someone to turn them intangible for a brief period.

However, doing this causes all body functions to cease working, as the natural elements required will also pass through him. Therefore, it is considerable more practical to perform this with inanimate objects rather than living.

But, he needs to be directly touching the thing in question and must remain touching it in the case of objects and people outside of himself, as well as only being able to affect objects up to the size of a car. This ability can only be used once per post, having to wait one before using it again.


» Shikai Release Phrase: "Recount the tales, Reishiki."

» Shikai Release Action: Kaito lifts his sword next to his head, as if whispering to the spirit.

» Shikai Appearance: Upon release, the blade of Kaito’s sword peels away, a scattering mist flowing from the steel as the shards of the blade turn into a flurry of talismans and book pages, revealing a glass-like, ethereal weapon. The tsuba turns into a distinctly rectangular shape akin to an omamori, a type of protective amulet or charm, and a small ring manifests at the end of the pommel with an ofuda attached to it.

» Shikai Abilities: The power of Reishiki is to bring into reality the ghosts and ghost stories of the Rukongai, many of which were originally variations and derivatives from those in the Living World. His Shikai contains several base traits, the first of which being the potential for an increase in power.

Should Kaito release his Zanpakuto at night or within the Rukongai, he will receive a 25% boost in power in addition to his Shikai’s natural boost, with an additional 25% if he’s in his home district. Furthermore, should someone be in a state of fear, his powers gain another 25% boost. All of these buffs can be stacked, should the respective requirements be met.

Currently, Kaito cannot call much. As the legend of the Ghost grows, more spirits will come to his aid and fight by his side.

Shinchōkage [伸張影, The Stretching Shadow]
A derivative of the Living World’s “Nobiagari” according to Reishiki, The Stretching Shadow is an old ghost story in the Rukongai, a living shadow. It can exist in any shadow within a fifty meter radius around him, though it commonly stays in Kaito’s sheath or his shadow, earning it a humorous name by Reishiki as “The Sheath-Living Shadow.” Currently though, the overall purpose of Shinchōkage is versatility, though it is limited, unable to do much with the current scope Kaito is able to wield.

It is able to store things inside it, wrap around Kaito’s sword as an extension of the blade, and allow Kaito to teleport to and move within any shadow within the aforementioned radius twice before having to wait a post to do it again. It is not particularly strong, nor particularly weak, it is both mischievous and malicious, a duality obtained through a long game of telephone of conflicting stories. Yet, it has, without question, tremendous potential to grow into a fearsome power.
    Katsukabe [活壁, The Living Walls]
    Derived from the “Mokumokuren,” a story of the Living World associated with haunted houses, “The Living Walls” is another old ghost story from the Rukongai. By saying “encroach,” Enshinbiko can encompass any space the size of an average building. With this, he can use it as a surveillance point and due to Enshinbiko’s nature as a “living shadow,” it alerts Kaito of any entities inside, allows him to keep track of their movements and general information, such as emotional states, all while remaining undetected.

» Supporting Material: Kaito has had Adept Zanjutsu for a good bit, yet with tireless training and constant effort being put into his practice, the spirit would never answer. While originally going for a typical training session under Byakuya, he was able to learn the name of his spirit by being pushed against the wall, made to remember fear, and affirm his resolve.

With the spirit able to confirm that Kaito was willing to cement the legacy he wishes to emblazon unto the Rukongai with his own hands, he whispered the name in his ear, "Reshiki." While a monumental achievement for someone like him, an ordinary man from the gutters of the Rukon, it is merely the first step. There is still room to grow, to live up to the legend that he wishes to cement.

I. Hazard Rating Information

» Power: E

» Influence: F

» Resources: E

» In-Character Summary: Not much has changed. He's still an academy student with a couple of friends, so these don't need to change.

I. Additional Information


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The People's Hope [Kaito's Zanpakuto] Empty Re: The People's Hope [Kaito's Zanpakuto]

Sat Sep 23, 2023 10:24 am
[mod] Sealed Ability Yonakamon:
This is too much for a sealed ability. The first portion of this ability is perfectly serviceable as a Sealed power, storing stuff in his shadow is fine, however I would like there to be a limit in how much can be stored within the shadow. I'd say him having a storage space equivalent to his own volume would fit well.

The second section however is more on the level of an actual Shikai ability., Being able to phase through things is a very strong ability, and as such not only should this be made a primary shikai ability, but it needs to have limitations, for example if they decide to phase through an inanimate object that is affected by or produced by someone's powers, there should be a stat check to allow him to simply phase through it (Otherwise, this becomes a pretty absolute defense). Additionally, you should expound on what it means when you mention that "All functions cease" while this ability is in use. You mention a limit of it being useable once per post, is that also the max duration he can stay within an object? What happens if he can't escape the object by the end of the post?

Shikai Abilities: Going to pause here. Specifically in the description of the Zanpaku'to's general abilities. Namely that it can, apparently, develop multiple powers based off of ghost stories. This is something that would be found in a very high level zanpaku'to, even having low-level powers of multiple varieties based on the theme of the zanpaku'to is a bit much.

So far the powers seem to be shadow/ghost based, which is perfectly acceptable to fall under the umbrella of a Shikai. However, this description does not explain that future abilities need to follow this theme. A unified limitation on these story-based powers would need to be decided, otherwise you would need to pick one and stick with it until sufficient mastery is attained to allow the zanpaku'to to branch further.

At present, migrating the second portion of the sealed ability already would qualify as it's own immature shikai. Katsukabe and Shinchokabe also qualify as at or above what one would expect from a Shikai.

As such, I would advise that you pick one for the time being and provide an overal theme to the powers these stories provide in the Shikai Ability description. Once we've narrowed these down, we can then see about tuning them to what should be expected from an Immature Shikai.[/mod]
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