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Wed Sep 13, 2023 10:24 pm
[Spirit Class 2] Safira [Blue Supergiant] [ARC]  App-safira-Boss

» Name: Safira (Blue Supergiant Form).
» Alias: Uroboros.
» Age: Unknown [Ancient].
» Gender: Female.
» Race: Hollow (Nucleus).

» Affiliations:
Hollow powers of Safira (Red Dwarf Form).
Thrall of Asher the Empty Hearted.

» Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
» Hollow Type: Vasto-Lorde.
» Hollow Hole: Suprapubic region.
» Aspect of Death: Pride.
» Height: 20m height, 150m length
» Build: Monster.

[Spirit Class 2] Safira [Blue Supergiant] [ARC]  Ek6QtXkUwAAi5o6

Psychological Analysis
There is no discernable personality to Uroboros due to being the power that was usurped by Asher given form through his corruptive influence. As a result it behaves like a wild beast which operates without will or whim. It knows only rampage and slaughter like a wild animal. The closest it retains to a personality is the sheer level of arrogance that it presents with and Uroburos will actively destroy anything which could even begin to challenge its station as the strongest creature. In a battle it will always focus on the strongest threat in the vicinity to crush it before it deals with small fry making its attacks that hit them tend to be collateral damage.


» Asher the Empty-Hearted: *follows all commands with one exception*

» Safira (Red Dwarf Form): *kill on on sight with no means to stop it*

» Everyone else: *fuel for the conquest*


Following the defeat of Safira Aldrovandi by Asher the Empty-Hearted, she shed a great deal of power to escape being enthralled by him, the remaining power that was corrupted by his influence remained in the form of her hollow self. While she fell into the abyss of the chasm below, Uroboros remained and became Asher's new warbeast to replace Earthgrip-Sushai after it perished in the initial wave of hollows that attempted to break into the World of the Living.


» Cero: Lacking the same finesse due to being a husk of an individual, more akin to a superweapon than an actual soul. Uroboros has an incredibly well developed cero with some additional applications that it has in its repetoire. It is capable of firing off the Gran Rey Cero as well as launch cero from a multitude of locations such as the jaw, chest, and any of the many limbs that stretch along its body. It is not only capable of firing one but many to turn the area around it into a wasteland in a few moments through the use of its immense spiritual power.

» Mask Protection: Due to being the manifestation of Safira's hollow powers, the actual body of Uroboros can be called a false projection. The "mask" exists as the floating ornament behind its head that acts like a mantle. All damage to Uroboros will eventually be healed and can be healed quite quickly within a battle--where this has a great deal of weakness is its size as the amount of energy required to heal the damage can exhaust it quite quickly. It is because of this that Uroboros will try to absorb as many souls around it as possible to sustain itself; whether through means such as Gonzui to inhale the weaker souls around it, devouring prey, or trying to use its poison abilities to melt down victims into sustenance. Fatigue brought by large amounts of damage reduces the overall power of its destructive capabilities.

Any damage to the mantle that floats behind its head is difficult to heal and takes time, enraging Uroboros to become more wild and erratic as it devolves into its self-preservation instincts which may cause it to flee unless it is forced to continue the battle through the damage.

» Monstrous Size: Due to being the primal form of Safira Aldrovandi's hollow nature, Uroboros does not need to be concerned with the same drawbacks as it did before being taken control of by Asher the Empty-Hearted. There is no fears of regression due to its identity being lost. This has resulted in the ability to exist at its maximum size at all times which makes it truly titanic. Its size along can easily crawl through a city and destroy it by merit of its weight, it can display strength which is absurd to those who are smaller in scale by merit of the size. If she is not properly nourished though Uroboros will begin to shrink in size by ten percent of its mass each day that it does not feed, and its strength will deteriorate as well. Overall, it is not a very effecient form that it has.

» Hollow Reproduction: Through the devouring of souls they become part of its power, Uroboros is able to give birth to hollows asexually which can be done in a number of ways. To name a few there is its ability to exude or vomit a black muck that it can throw little bone fragments it creates into and through this black mass they can become hollows--essentially on par with an unseated shinigami in terms of power--it releases these souls from its body to take form. An alternative method is those that are devoured by it, those that Uroboros eats can be immediately hollowified due to the poisonous nature of its insides causing very rapid erosion of the soul chain.


» Malicious King's Alcohol: It is capable of creating toxins and acidic chemicals inside of its body before releasing them into the environment around it in great quantities. Uroboros can exhale a large mist of poisons all at once but it should be noted it can only utilise large quantities every few posts since excessive drawing can drain its energy reserves. For more details refer to Safira's sealed ability below.



General Skills
» Durability: Elite.
» Speed: Adept.
» Strength: Elite (Master).
» Martial Skill: Untrained.

Will Skills
» Willpower: Untrained.
» Deduction: Untrained.
» Focus: Untrained.

Hollow Skills
» Evolution Stage: Master.
» Mask Protection: Elite.
» Hollow Power: Elite.
» Cero: Advanced.

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Sun Dec 03, 2023 6:20 am
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