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Tue Nov 14, 2023 9:46 pm
For Old Time's Sake [Emil, Lukas] Z8BwsP5

Emil Grey

It was the promised time established by a summons from a most expected party - So Ätherisch wished to test himself against his senior, hmm? It'd been some years since they last had any form of clash, be it practicing or serious. He knew of his performance on the field, of course, but where were they compared to one another?

Adjusting those dark gloves he never seemed to part with, he was not alone with his arrival to the training facility, his challenger bearing witness to his tall figure and the shorter stature of a similarly pale yet visibly unenthused girl, appearing normal and well dressed apart from the strange, black, weaving formations that one could refer to as horns extending from her silvery locks.

"Mr. Ätherisch, you are in better health and spirits I see! So much as to send me such a terse message to meet," His smile was wide and tone worked into pure glowing friendliness, a relaxed gesture for the two of them to move to the secured field, only stopped with a brief exchange with the little lady and handing off his bag as she was left in the viewing area, not even his coat removed as he addressed his readying opposition.

"I trust you understand the situation," Those closed eyes parted to reveal a piercing gaze, "It has been quite a while, no? Perhaps you'll knock me down before I have even the chance to draw my weapon this time."

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Fri Nov 17, 2023 1:38 pm
Lukas Ätherisch


The new leiden hant felt tight. They always did, when Lukas got a new one. That minor discomfort at the forefront of his mind, he goaded on another combatant. Someone with a bit more bite than what he had been sharpening his claws on.

Then again, maybe it was the bark that mattered more.

"Got no interest in playing killer with you, herr doktor." Lukas' gaze matched Emil's, silver reflecting a glint of blue. "Wouldn't let you get out that easy."

The tip of Ahnengeist flickered like a star, trailing a slash in the air as the sword formed behind it. A swirling galaxy trapped between pillars of crystalline blue, the weapon leveled forward, it's blade facing skywards. Reiatsu surged momentarily, a bucking horse that found itself forced upon with a saddle. Stepping forward, the point was raised, Lukas' opposite arm drawing behind his back.

"En garde."



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