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Snow Miser, Fire Miser Sing-a-long (Shishiyuki/Elyss) - Page 2 Empty Re: Snow Miser, Fire Miser Sing-a-long (Shishiyuki/Elyss)

Fri Feb 02, 2024 12:56 pm
Snow Miser, Fire Miser Sing-a-long (Shishiyuki/Elyss) - Page 2 Zhtk5n8

Elyss Kishimoto | Red

"What a weird question, Shishiyuki." Elyss grumbled as she fixed herself, taking her fighting stance.

"You already know my answer. I want something, and I won't stop until I have it."

It doesn't matter how she achieves it. She'll either learn to do it like Shishiyuki or come up with her own Shunko. Those are her only options. Whichever comes first doesn't matter because any attempt is a step closer to her goal. Elyss' too stubborn to ever back down from what she's aiming for, just like when she wanted Shishiyuki to open up.

"Now, throw whatever else ya got my way. I'm not done experimenting."

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