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Mon May 13, 2024 4:16 pm


Enter Veralia's Post

With them being the only ones here, Veralia noticed it was getting late. Her dreary eyes looked up at Stella as a smile curved her lips. Not long after she caressed the cheek of the other woman; gingerly getting a feel for the soft, warm touch of her skin.

"Why don't we just head back to the hotel, hm? We can relax there."

Still low in tone, her voice was tinged with fatigue and affection. Having her fill of this place, she looked around the sights; her bloody eyes aimed upward at their hotel. And while she could rip a vortex straight to there, Veralia had a more human idea in mind.

"You can carry me if you wish."

Talking in a more playful, her smile was a coy one as she leaned into Stella, ready to be taken back to their room.

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Bathing In Envy [Veralia/Stella] - Page 3 Empty Re: Bathing In Envy [Veralia/Stella]

Mon May 13, 2024 5:10 pm
Stella would smile as She would stand up. Her bathing suit was still on correctly as she lifted the smaller arancar up with relative ease. As she would carry the arancar through the hot spring entrance and out towards the hotel entrance. She would kiss the woman on the cheek before carrying her to an elevator before going to their floor. Once she would get to the room she'd push it open as she would carry the arancar in and lay her gently down on the bed.

Stella would sit next to her in quiet contemplation for a minute as she would take a glance back over to Veralia with a smile. She really did enjoy the arancars company a ton.

"T...thank you Veralia. Again."
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