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Sat Jun 01, 2024 5:01 pm


Enter Aiko's Post

Aiko was on time for her and Akira's ascent to Mt.Fuji. Despite living in Japan all this time, she had never properly seen the summit, so she was curious and excited to explore it. So, she stood outside of Akira's manor in her best attire.

Her crimson eyes gleamed with anticipation, and the morning sunlight made her halo of blood glow faintly, adding a mystical aura to her appearance. Her gothic attire, with its black and red hues, contrasted beautifully against the serene backdrop of the dawn sky.

With her heart thumping at the sight of the rising sun, Aiko couldn't help but hum quietly to herself as she waited for Akira to show up and guide her through it all. Today had the potential to be amazing, and she could hardly contain those jitters as a warm smile crept across her lips. The gentle breeze played with her long, dark hair, and she clutched her bag a little tighter, feeling a mix of nervousness and exhilaration.

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