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B A S I C ; ; I N F O R M A T I O N


Alexander Washi
Gender: Male
Age:638, looks 27
The Host Race: Shinigami

Appearance:Living Alex:
[Senior Class] Alexander Washi [APPROVED, 0-5] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTBtMeFSdryBlhdxJtK5Ttelvr0N1G7_BNi61wbhgLyroQm1x1YeA

Present Alex:
[Senior Class] Alexander Washi [APPROVED, 0-5] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgFcn0YOnl94iKY3steeb7biEGA--GLVduhNBm9wcSpHnaU1iF

[Senior Class] Alexander Washi [APPROVED, 0-5] Alexander-anderson-screenshot-01

He has a strange cyan blue
scar on his right arm that goes from his palm to his shoulder. It has been
there ever since he was born. His reiatsu is a spectrum of rainbow. Alex is a little bit taller than Colin, as he always has been. He has long legs and arms, as does all of the Washi brothers. He though, unlike Colin, has a healthy body weight of 150 pounds. He typically wears a long overcoat to disguise himself and jeans, much like his brother Colin. He wears rainbow-striped colored socks; the main odd thing about his wardrobe. It speaks to his creative side as well as being an excellent discussion piece. He usually has little to no facial expression, except possibly when he is around his brogthers. He holds his zanpakto it its sheathe on his right leg, drawing it out when he needs to. His feet have many scars on them from traveling barefoot in rivers as a small child when he had a small disagreement with a slippery rock. His hands have several calluses, as he doesn't mind hard labor much and trains often. He has a large vertical scar on his back from his fight with his inner spirit, where he was cut down.


P E R S O N A L I T Y; ; T R A I T S



Quite frankly, the world could
burn for all he cares. The only thing in life that he cares what happens to
is himself, and MAYBE his brothers. He has no particular problem with anyone,
whether they are a demon, Iramasha, shinigami, whatever. He doesn’t care
about factions. If they threaten him, he will retaliate against them, but
still not from dislike, but self-defense. So if you attacked him, nearly
killed him, then he held your life in his hands, he would let you go, because
he has nothing against you personally. If it is in his best interests,
however, to kill you… well you’re pretty much screwed then.

||Oldest Brother||

There are 5 Washi brothers,
Justin being the oldest. However, none of them has any idea what happened to
Justin and have not seen him since they died. That left Alex the oldest
brother to watch out for the three below him. If you threaten his brothers,
he would destroy you, for the one soul purpose. He may mess with his
brothers, tease them, mess with them. But should you physically or severely
mentally threaten them... you will have to deal with HIM.


He is unusually creative from
what one might believe from someone who cares so little. In battle he comes
up with strange but uncannily effective strategies that baffle his opponents.
He is creative off the battlefield as well, coming up with interesting
methods to daily problems and adding a bit of depth to his otherwise blank


He really only has one thing
that enrages him. If you perform this thing in front of him, he considers it
an offense to himself and something that requires self-defense. The thing is
absorbing his energy. It doesn’t matter if it is friend or foe, he deeply
believes that his energy is a part of himself, and to absorb it is the same
as being a cannibal in his eyes. His focus sharpens and he becomes very cold
in his speech and mannerisms, until he has attacked the offender or been
beaten off. The only exception to this is his own brothers, who he allows to
have his energy freely, as it is compatible to them.

||Soft Spot||

He has a small soft spot for
outcasts. Being in a family of over 7, he had never truly been alone until he
died. While first dead he experienced loneliness for the first time, and it
scarred him. It left him the uncaring person he is, cut off from society for
the most part. It is because of this that he understands other outcasts, and
tries to understand them as a person a little bit. That is his one change to

||Who Cares? And Why?

Alex has a Who Cares attitude
towards life. It is difficult to get him to do anything, as he needs a
specific reason too. Of course, if someone he respects tells him to do
something and simply adds “Please”, he will tend to do it. People he trusts
and friends if they give him a sound reason he will help. For people he
doesn’t know it would be extremely difficult to sway him unless he himself
finds a reason. He also must ask Why? He can listen to what you have to say,
hear facts, be preached to. He takes it in, but he always, always asks the
person sending the information: “And What does that mean for who?” He could
be taught a religious lesson about how the last will be first and the first
shall be last, but he’ll ask “And WHAT does that mean for me? Or is it just a
piece of empty information?” That is his typical reaction.

||Respect for Dead||

If he is forced to kill his
opponents, he will honor their body. Weather by burning, burial or otherwise,
he will give their corpse the honor it deserves. He would then walk away from
it, as after it has been respected he once again no longer cares.



U N D; ; P A S T



Theme Song: Dead or Alive by John Bon Jovi/ Wayward Son by Kansas

Background/History: Alex grew
up in a house with 4 brothers. Justin, the oldest, went missing before Brian,
the youngest, was born. The last he saw of his older brother was when their
family had house fire a month after Brian had been born. The family had seen
him safely out, but were unable to find him afterwards when the chaos had
died down. They searched everywhere, but were unable to find the oldest Washi

Growing up, Alex had a typical life for the most part. He made
friends, passed through school with ok grades, had several girlfriends, the
lot. However, two years after he graduated from high school, something terrible happened.
His brother, Colin, fell off of a cliff-face, dieing. The family mourned him
greatly and Alex had nightmares about his second-youngest brother for months
afterwards. From then on, he swore to himself that he would defend Nathan and
Brian, the last two he had. He kept his promise to himself, getting them both
through school safely.

However, three years later, it happened. Alex was driving
Nathan and Brian to meet his fiancé when suddenly, the car stopped. He
frowned, getting out to see what had happened, telling his brothers to stay
in the car. He looked around, seeing nothing. Suddenly, he felt something
moving the air of his back. He spun around and their, in the moonlight,
looking like a demon out of Hell, stood a bright flame. It was a bird, a
hawk, that had somehow been set on fire and manipulated to live and move. His
eyes widened, and his body felt paralyzed. He struggled with his fear,
managing to look back at the car. The hawk was considering him, perched on
the car’s engine. He ran at the car, screaming for his brothers to get out, a
terrible feeling overtaking him. Nathan heard him and got out, as he was in
the backseat. Brian was struggling with his seatbelt in shotgun and Alex threw
himself down, into the driver seat. He pushed his pocket knife he always
carried with him on the belt, removing it from Brian and nicking his upper
arm a little bit. He pushed Brian out the opened door, and yelled at Nathan
to get him away. Nathan nodded, picking up the youngest Washi, and running
him away. Alex tightened the key in the lock, unable to start. He cursed,
kicking the floor. He hit it so hard he hit right through to the gas line.
The bird had turned its evil head in the direction of his brothers and was
opening it’s mouth, flames beginning to leap from it and a britght light
forming around the edge of its beak. He acted quickly, getting out his
lighter. He wondered as he struck it if it was a good thing or not that him
and his brothers were all weapon nuts. He sighed as he cut a piece of cloth
off and lit it. He dropped it onto the busted and still leaking pipe. He
threw the door open, jumping out. The flaming hawk had just reared back to
fire when suddenly the vehicle exploded, the gas tank being nearly full.

Alex and the bird were both sent flying from the explosion,
the bird disintegrating as they flew. Alex’s entire right side had been very
badly burnt and ripped open, his clothing fused to his skin. He laid there
for ten minutes, taking progressively smaller breaths, unable to stand. His
brothers found him, and they mourned. He told them to take his cell phone and
to call his fiancé to pick them up. He smiled and told them to be brave as he
took one last shuddering breath, and was still. He watched as a spirit as his
fiancé picked up Nathan and Brian, and found his body. He saw her begin
crying, and wished there was a way for him to comfort her, but knowing that
there was nothing he could do. He followed them back to her house. A month later,
after the confusion had settled, he attended his own funeral, sighing as they
cremated his body and cast it to the four winds, as he had knew they would

He stayed in the world of the
living, unattended by a shinigami. He went for 7 years, isolated, alone. He
had not desired to watch the family, as he knew they would be fine. He
continually began to obsessively search for the corpse of the bird who had
attacked them and resulted in his death. The road was closed off for a while
and the wreckage removed, but he did not see it. He waited and waited,
finding nothing. Eventually, he could no longer take the strain and ran from
the place, soaring high up into the sky and emmiting a powerful howl, as he
was past the limit most spirits went through. A shinigami heard his cry, and
was immensely confused that he had missed the spirit. Alex was past distant
at this point and wanted nothing to do with the shinigami, being forcefully
sent to Soul Society. There he became
a shinigami, and after 500 years, discovered Gabriel. They fought, resulting
in Gabriels sealing inside of him and due to its power, he was banished from
the Gotei 13. He seeked a place where he could be, as he knew how suffocating
loneliness could be. He found the Rinyauru, and met their leader himself. He
was very impressed with him and decided that it would be interesting to try
to defend a man like that, to say the least. So it was that he became the
commander of Phoenix Wings, and earned his title. This has led him to the
present day, where he has his three younger brothers only a cell phone call
away should they need him or vice-versa…


T; ; W I T H I N


Ziamichi Spirit Name:
Archangel Leonardo

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance: [Senior Class] Alexander Washi [APPROVED, 0-5] Archan10


Ziamichi Personality: Leonardo
is unlike Alex. He is completely mad, insane. He cares, too much, he loves
the world and all it’s inhabitants. So, when they threaten each other, he
steps in and kills the one who was threatening. He was an angel but due to
his madness was forced to roam the earth, seeking to try to gain peace for
it. Of course, due to his madness he will also try to destroy things that are
harming humans, taking away anything from them that he can he considers evil.
In his perfect world humans would have absolutely nothing, not even each
other, since they are able to harm one another. However, being unable to
understand this is a part of his madness.

Ziamichi History: Leonardo
was cast out from the angels for attempting to murder another angel who mercy
killed a human, which he saw as unacceptable. He wondered the Earth, leaving
a trail of destruction and often times murder in his wake, as he
misunderstood nearly everything he saw. When he misunderstood something to
mean something else, he would act on it and attack the thing. He became
feared for this, but no one was able to challenge him, as to do so would go
up against his mission and he would destroy them.

During his wonderings he met a
shinigami named Alex Washi. He had just killed an innocent man for patting
his daughter on the back, which he saw as attacking. The daughter had run up
against Leonardo and hit him for it, and he simply blasted her away,
incinerating her. Alex viewed all of this as he walked up to the Archangel.
He drew his blade, and the two did battle, as Leonardo viewed Alex as an
oddity. He didn’t care about anything, meaning he was capable of anything. In
Leonardo’s mind, capacity equaled intent and so he attacked. Alex acted for 2
reasons. The man who had been killed reminded him of his brothers, and that
had frustrated him slightly. Then Leonardo attacked, and he acted in
self-defense, beginning the bout. The fought for 3 hours, nonstop. By the end
of it Alex was down on one knee, bleeding from several cuts and gashes and
other wounds. Leonardo stood a few feet away, his clothing destroyed and his
arms up into the sky. He was preaching a sermon, something along the lines of
“Forgive this evil man’s sin” Alex wondered what in the world he meant, and
then realized he still had a chance. Using the last of his energy, he
muttered an incantation under his breath, holding his arm up to gather the
last of his energy into his palm.

He burst forward, giving the last his legs
had to give. He smashed into Leonardo, Alex’s hand placed on the Archangel’s
neck. Leonardo was caught by surprise and did not have enough time to react
before Alex finished, completing the seal. He had nothing left to use, and
offered himself. Leonardo gave an unearthly scream as he began being sucked
into Alex’s arm and into his essence. Leonardo fought, causing Alex’s entire
body to spasm. He kept firm, focusing as best as he could on his task. Within
himself he defeated Leonardo, putting him into his place, the Archangel never
to walk the Earth again. There he has remained for a hundred years…

Ziamichi Powers: Leonardo’s
abilities invoke the powers of what he calls Holy. Holy is an energy type
that he uses that is said to “Cleanse the body and Soul”. It is a pure gold
in color for the most part. As Leonardo states, it does cleanse. It cleanses
by the same way boiling water does. By burning the soul out of existence. It
burns through whatever it touches, attacking the soul itself. If a shinigami
was thrown into a pool of it, which would be near-impossible for Leonardo to
make, they would feel as if they were burned alive, struggling to escape
their dissolving form. Howver, Leonardo doesn’t kill that way. He kills
mostly by impalement. Leonardo’s reiatsu himself is a strange dark-gold
looking color, and occasionally turns purple when he goes completely
mad. He is a master of shaping this
Holy energy, using it to create things like spikes to hold people to walls,
make spears to attack. He can touch the energy without it effecting him, but
he doesn’t give this benefit to his victims. He can form the energy into
rings, cubes, among other things. One of his favorite strategies is hold down
a person with his Holy either with a chain or spikes and preach to them,
waving around a sharp object made of Holy while their bindings make them
increasingly uncomfortable. He does this because no one else will listen to
what he has to say. It was one of the things that initially began his madness
was the lack of anyone to listen to him. He can also create a small field of
it around his body, except he has to set a small gold ball in the middle of
his body when he does. This is the focal point of the field and is very
fragile, meaning that if it is destroyed then the field goes bye-bye as well.

His eyes can also activate a
small illusion. Each eye gains a noticeable black dot above the pupil. If the
enemy looks at it, it begins rotating quickly around the eye, creating what
looks like a black circle around the pupil. For the enemy, they are suddenly
captured by gold vine-like tendrils, wrapped all around their body. If they
cannot break the illusion, they are unable to move. It really looks like the
enemy has simply frozen in the air.


B E N E F I T S ;


Unique Traits:
Alex can use the power of Holy to some extent. When he does so, his eyes turn
gold. Using Holy is uncomfortable for him since he knew what Leonardo was as
he walked the earth and he wants nothing to do with the insane lunatic.
However, he does recognize that he must control his spirit, so he grudgingly
uses his vast amount of energy.
Leonardo's vast amount of
energy within him is released, healing his minor wounds and filling him with
new energy. His speed increases exponentially, as does his strength, taking
on similar properties to an angel. The
energy running through him can either
be used for Holy or for Alex's own attacks. He is able to fire energy waves
of Holy; however they do not have the same potency as Leonardo himself, about
3/4 as effective. His legs also gain quite a bit of Holy energy, allowing him
to attack more efficiently with his legs. He can infuse his energy into his
Shikai as well, making the shaft take on 1/2 the effectiveness of Holy,
meaning that you should be careful if it touches you! Alex himself must
create skin tight gloves made of Holy to stop the energy from burning he
himself at this point. Leonardo does not fight Alex when he uses his energy,
since it allows him to be at least somewhat in the world. He also
advises Alex within his mind, keeping up a constant dialogue with his Host.
Most of the time Alex ignores him, since he mostly tries to preach or yell at
him due to his madness. However, he does have the rare insight due to his
vast experiences and doesn't particularly want his host to die, since he can
still use his own energy through him.

Leonardo also sees through
Alex's eyes, which is why they turn gold. He can perform the eye trick as
well, although Alex's is a bit different. His illusion is two dots in his
eyes, one black and one shining brown. They spin around like Leonardo's as
well, but the result is different. The enemy's sight is filled with darkness,
except for two things. They see that they are entangled by the gold vines,
however they also see that they are within a brown cage with bars of brown
rods. He can only maintain the illusion for a post after it is activated
before he must stop from the amount of energy it drains.


Saint Alexander

Appearance: The first form that Alex can
enter thanks to Leonardo, this is typically his power limit for using his
Ziamichi form in most battles. What happens is from the top of his head
arises a ring of Holy. It is a halo, and goes up a foot from the top of his
head. It is extremely dense, filled with 25% of Leonardo's energy. Leonardo
manipulates the halo himself, attacking with it by making Holy structures and
attacking with them. Alex is in control of his own limbs, which have now
become immune to the effect's of Holy. Alex's limbs and his entire body take
on the aura of Gold, and he forms a rainbow-colored cross-shaped

Powers: His Saint form
allows him greater control of Leonardo's energy, being able to create it from
his elbows as well as his hands. The halo attacks and defends Alex, although
it is limited by where its location is due to the fact that it must stay
equal to above Alex's skull. It is also limited by the amount of energy
within it. If it attacks but does not bring the attack back in, it shrinks

Alex's limbs gain the gold
aura, Leonardo's energy flowing through him at an enhanced rate. He becomes
more flexible, as well as faster. His
muscles are supplemented by the energy, enhancing his physical strength.

He can travel along the
lines of Holy energy he creates due to the fact that he no longer is burned
by the energy. He could fire a tendril
at an enemy and purposely miss, then travel along it instantaneously to
appear behind them and attack before letting it go. However, he can't travel along the halo's
energy stream, since it is solely under Leonardo's control.

The Rainbow Chakram on his
arm is Leonardo's weapon of choice. The Chakram is formed from Alex's energy
but held together by Leonardo. Alex can release its clip to his arm with his
mind, attacking with a punch and then firing the Chakram further at the
enemy. It is attached to him at all times due to a wire. The wire is made of Holy
energy, although it cannot be traveled on. The Chakram itself isn't made of
Holy, but Alex's reiatsu. It is as sharp as his Zanpakto and the cross-shape
allows it to surprise enemies with its strange flight pattern.

Safe Maximum: Archangel Alexander

From out of Alex’s back
fires out a pair of magnificent white wings. They are the color of snow, with
a brilliant gold aura and the tips of the edges alight with rainbow
fire. In front of Alexander forms a
katana-rapier. It has the blade of a katana and the hilt and base curve of a
rapier. It is 3 ½ feet long, and exudes Holy energy. When he first enters
this form, the katana-rapier is rotating slowly in the air in front of
himself. He grabs the handle, and points it at his foe. It begins white but
once grabbed shifts colors into blue, and once pointed at the enemy shifts to
red. After the initial sighting, whenever the blade points at the enemy’s
being, it turns red. When the blade is not pointing, it shifts between
different colors, Yellow, Orange, and Green. However… Should it turn black,
with a gold hilt, then Archangel Alexander is no longer in control.

Wings: The wings allow
Alexander to use Holy energy as a weapon and a booster, firing it out from
the wing-tips to gain momentum and speed. It can be pointed at the enemy and
fired as well. The wings can wrap around Alex’s body as well, defending him
from the energy attacks of his foes. To do so is uncomfortable for him and
not kept together for very long. If the enemy hits the wings, it would
immerse their soul in Holy, nearly burning their hand off.

Blade: The Rainbow-Blade,
Archangel Alexander’s main weapon, is deadly-sharp, being able to cut even
Holy energy. The sword fires foot long needles of Holy at the enemy at Alex’s
will, from the tip of the sword. They fly at the enemy, trying to penetrate
them. It can shift to three different Colors, each with their own ability:

Yellow: The sword attaches
itself to Alex’s arm, creating tendrils of Holy energy and placing them
within his skin. He can then extend the tendrils, being able to manipulate
the sword at any distance. He can throw it out and manipulate it with the
tendrils while still moving, cutting with it.

Orange: When Alex cuts down
with the blade, his Zanpakto’s fire blows out of the sword from all its
surface area. It extends and blows out for 30 feet, at a temperature of over
1000 degrees Fahrenheit. After the slash, it goes back to normal, but it
doesn’t slow down his swing speed.

Green: The Sword blends
onto Alex’s body, creating a solid emerald-green field around it. Not
including his wings, of course. His body mass increases by 50 pounds, but
prevents most types of attacks. It acts as body armor, also able to strike
the enemy due to its increased weight. If it is broken, the broken pieces return
to the their original spinning state in front of Alex.

Chakram Boost: Now, when
Alex throws out the Chakram, he can suddenly expand it, filling it with Holy
energy, but not having its edge becoming Holy. It is still his Zanpakto’s
sharpness, but is now much larger. It can shrink as fast as it appears, since
it can only remain large for a few moments due to how much energy it takes to
maintain it. It still rotates as it flies, but can only be increased to this
size every other post.

Slash of Heaven: From his
Rainbow blade fires out a gigantic wave of Holy. It is large enough to take
out a skyscraper at the right angle. When he does so, it releases a large
part of Leonardo’s energy, and he can fight for temporary control over the
body. The seal that Alex used means that their fates are intertwined, so he
cannot escape his body. However, he is still able to try to wrestle control
away from Alex, and this move is his greatest chance for it to happen. Alex
must stop fighting, calming himself down and pressing back Leonardo. He can
attack with it twice per thread, and if he uses it three times, he loses
control to Leonardo until he is knocked out.

Piece of Heaven: He can
lift his hand and summon Leonardo’s full power, creating a giant mass of
Holy. It is 200 feet in radius and uses the maximum of Alex’s and Leonardo’s
powers. He can swing down his arm, beginning to lose control of himself. The
sphere of Holy flies at the target at a relatively fast pace and doesn’t stop
until it hits something that can stop it. After he does it, his eyes begin
glowing gold, his eyes, not just the pupils, becoming a deep gold. His
Rainbow-Blade turns Black, and has cracks of gold.

Black: The black blade is a
deadly weapon. And is used as such. Leonardo leaves a devastating path of
destruction in his wake, killing every living thing he can and destroying the
environment as much as he possibly can as well. Nothing is safe from him, since Leonardo
has no concept of the consequences. This is why Alex remains uncaring,
because to be anything else would more likely than not release Leonardo into
him. He maintains a shield of cold indifference to hold Leonardo back, which
is why he rarely sees his younger brothers.


Drawbacks: Leonardo goes on a
rampage, destroying everything he can until he is knocked out, either by
energy use or forceful uncouncious.
When he awakes he is barely able to move from the overexertion of his
body at has to summon one of his brothers to get an energy transplant to get
up properly again. He suffers extreme migraines and loses his lunch

Control: 8-9


T H E H O S T ; ; P O W E R S




Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Taka no furēmingu
Appearance: [Senior Class] Alexander Washi [APPROVED, 0-5] Fire_h13
Inner World: It is a giant
spinning pad rainbow in color domed in by fire with a radius of 200 feet. The
fire is red only in color.

Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : [Senior Class] Alexander Washi [APPROVED, 0-5] Images11

Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities: Just
one thing. It glows a spectrum of rainbow colors at all time. They don’t do
anything, but are simply a part of Alex’s reiatsu influencing the blade. And
they also may distract the enemy if they easily lose focus.

PhatomTech: No. He doesn’t’
use technology like his brother does.

Supia moeru, furaito shite kudasai! (Blazing Spear, take

Shikai Description: Alex’s
Shikai is an anomaly. It is a large piece of glass, in the shape of a thin
spear, about 5 feet long. However, it is not a regular spear. It is emerald
green in color and can be seen through, but it is amazingly hard to break
despite being made of glass. It has a
diameter of 2 inches. It has a large clubbed end on one part of it, extending
and expanding still in the flow of the spear, ending in a tip with a diameter
of 6 inches. It is curved off of the spear, about halfway from touching the
shaft of the thin part of the spear again. The other tip of the of the spear
clips off like a cylinder. It clips onto a crimson red blade, which points
out an inch to both sides with a smaller blade and the main blade goes out
for a foot. It ends in a point that is
constantly dripping a small stream of lava.

Shikai Abilities: The
lava can burn through 4 feet of solid steel. The blade itself when it cuts
the enemy makes them feel as if they have been struck at 500 degrees
Fahrenheit, melting away skin and sometimes bone, depending on how resilient
the target is. The clubbed end is weighted slightly, allowing Alex to
manipulate its weight to create attack combos. There are a variety of ways it
can be used to attack, reflecting Alex’s creative nature.

Fire Storm: He spins around
the spear like a fan with both hands in front of himself, each hand 2 inches
from the center of the spear. Therefore there is equal lengths on both sides.
The spear turns bright red over time and gets brighter the more it is spun. Then
he releases his right hand and moves over his left, having spun it to the
left. It swings underneath his arm and
collides with it, swinging around it thanks to the clubbed weighted end. Then it begins spinning, suspended in the
air. Alex places his hand behind it and attaches its focal point to his hand
with reiatsu. Therefore, it is now attatched to his hand and he can
control it. He can indicate it too
move around and then fire 2 different attacks. The first is a fire ball and
the other is a fire plate is the best way to describe it. It’s diameter is
the length of the spear and it is equivalent to using 8 fireballs.

To charge it, he simply needs
to swing the spear around. Each spin results in a different amount of charge
equivalent to fireballs. So a small swipe would get maybe half of a fireball
but a large slash would perhaps earn 2-3.

Bankai Abilities:
The Painter.

His Bankai consists of a
Paint Brush and a large palette. The paint brush is a foot and a half long
including the brush itself which is 3 inches. The brush’s main ability is
absorbing the color of matter. When it touches an object or energy, it drains
it of its color, leaving it a dull gray.
The brush takes up the color into itself and the handle, being able to
hold one objects color at a time. From there Alex can draw something in the
air, the strokes leaving the color of the object absorbed. Therefore, with
the charge of the color he can only draw something with the same amount of
matter as the amount of color taken in. So he can brush up against a drawer,
absorb it’s color, and then draw a box as large as the drawers were. The
structures are solids, but only exist in the world for 2 posts. So he could
then kick the box which weighs only as much as the color at the enemy, hit
them with it, then it would vanish. Things that have had their color stolen
are returned to them when Alex exits Bankai or the color vanishes from the
structure that is used. It spreads out from the point the paint brush touched
and then finishes replenishing the color 3 seconds later.

The pallet has 4 circular
impressions inside it. They each are ¼ of an inch deep and have a radius of ½
of an inch. After absorbing something’s color, Alex can place the brush tip
into one of the impressions, filling it up with the color. After 3 posts, the
color spoils and vanishes from the pallet, reappearing to the object it was
taken from the same as after it vanishes from a construct. The impressions
are covered by a seal that only the brush can penetrate, allowing it to
deposit the color into it and then draw it out. The pallet can also be used
as a shield, but if it is broken it cannot be used again in that thread and
the trapped non-spoiled colors are all released. It takes quite a bit to
break the palette but it is possible. However, then Alex is able to use both
hands on the brush, increasing his speed.

The structures can only be
changed in texture. For example, he could draw flames, but they would only be
a 3-d picture of flames that he could throw or kick or interact with. He can
have it stay in one place, and if they are broken they simply shatter until
they vanish back into the thing they were drawn from. He can still make them
sharp or heavy, depending on how much color he puts in a particular place.
Each color can be used until it is gone from the brush but it can only have
one objects color at a time inside it. The colors also spoil after 3 posts,
vanishing like from the palette. Alex can only create 3 constructs of color
and have them existing at a time, unless the object is unusually big.

If the Paint Brush is
broken, then he is forced back into Shikai for the rest of the thread. He does
not need to be touching the paint brush at all times and a small pouch forms
on his arm that he can place it in. He is a master of drawing it out and
placing it back without needing to look at it. He manipulates the colors with
his mind, meaning he can make a basic sword easily by drawing a line and
focusing on it to shape it into the sword.


E X T R A ; ;


NOTE: Ziamichi's will have
three to four skill sheets possibly. One for general skills, one for racial
skills, one for the host's skill and possibly one for the spirit's skills if
they are a different race.

here for skill sheet

Ziamichi Class: A

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills

  • Durability:
  • General Speed
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Ziamichi Skills

  • Skill Of Ziamichi

  • Control Over Spirit:
  • Seal Strength

Racial Skills:

Racial Skills

  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Chaos Energy: Advanced
  • Chaos Control/Warp: Adept
  • Chaos Blast: Adept

  • Chaos Sync: Adept

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Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:33 pm

R P ; ; S A M



R P ; ; S A M


Roleplay Sample: Alex
breathed in slowly, looking around himself. He could see that he was in some
strange place, no light visible, as if they place hadn’t seen the light of
day in millennia. He knew why he was here, and slowly drew out his zanpakto,
creating some modicum of light through its rainbow shaft. He was testing out
the Rinyauru’s training rooms, and this was only the first. He held his
sealed zanpakto in his right hand and he held his left into the air, his
zanpakto seeming to be held at his side lazily. It was a ruse, however, that
particular someones would soon come to regret. On his raised hand he formed a
glove of Holy energy, beginning the age-old dialogue in his head once again.

Hey there, Alex old buddy old pal. How ya
doing? Got any little friends yet? Cause if ya do, better hope that they are
sinless, otherwise you’re in big trouble!

Oh, shut up, Leonardo! No, nothings changed, so
just be quiet and let me work!

Oh he’s mad, yes he is! Watch your temper

sighed, exasperated. He disliked how Leonardo always insisted on talking like
a gnome or a dwarf of some kind, always talking to him in the second person.
In his gloved hand, he raised a small flare of Holy energy, illuminating the
area around him. He cast his eyes around the field, searching. He wasn’t sure
for what, but he knew there must be something in here…

he spun around, countering the claws of a hollow. It roared, bringing its
claws down upon Alex once more. He held up his gloved hand, chopping the claw. It was burned right off,
and the claws fell to the ground. They both looked at it for a moment until
suddenly Alex disappeared. He reappeared behind the Hollow with a flash step,
cutting open it rock-like hide as he passed. He smiled, activating his
Shikai. He didn’t often use his Shikai for Hollows, but he had promised to
give the challenge his all. Fure appeared in his hands, and he swung it above
his head with both hands. The hollow was beginning to recover from the first
blow and was turning around to challenge Alex once more. He swung down the
clubbed end of Fure, breaking half of the Hollows mask into pieces. It had
impacted from the momentum and Alex’s on strength to crash down painfully on
the Hollow’s face.

Hollow gave a great cry, clawing at its face. Alex stood over it, twirling
Fure in front of himself. He disappeared again, reappearing above the wounded
hollow. His Zanpakto came spinning down, acting like a very sped up pendulum.
It hit the Hollow’s neck dead on, and proceeded to tear right through its
skin, removing its head. Its head dissolved, the spirit purified. Alex looked
around, knowing what would most likely happen now. He was not disappointed,
as when he looked around again with another light of Holy, he could see
something emerging from a nearby crack. He prepared himself, jumping back a
little bit. He began twirling Fure above his head again, now at 5 fireballs.
He vanished once again as three hollows emerged from the crack in the wall.
It was a fairly large crack, most likely leading to a nest of some kind for
the Hollows. Alex knew why they had chosen hollows as subjects in the
training room. They followed no law, had no goal. They were simply
abominations to be pitied.

reappeared behind the Hollows, bring around Fure’s clubbed end from the side.
He had swung the spinning Fure around his back as he vanished, grabbing it
again at his right side. He used the built up momentum in his swing, knocking
away the hollow to the wall on the other side of the room. He swung with the
momentum, putting all his weight on one foot. Now he pointed out his glove,
frining off a thin but constant stream of Holy into the room. It beamed around,
cutting off the head of a hollow, killing it instantly. He stopped Fure’s
spinning, holding it still at his side, the speared end pointing at the
ground. The one hollow was still on the ground, next to a great impression in
the far wall. The last hollow had managed to dodge the beam with only its
shoulder cut open. It screeched at Alex, its mask a grotesque mix between a
monkey and an alligator. Alex swung Fure above his head as the noise attacked
his ears, then swung it down. He hit it on his shoulder, flipping it up into
the air, where it became suspended. The wounded hollow began loping towards
him, an arm outstretched. Alex calmly reached up and grabbed the focal point
of the spinning Fure with his reiatsu. His face remained expressionless as it
finished charging up the attack.

“Fire Storm.”

From Fure
fired a plate-shaped construct of fire. It rammed into the hollow, who began
screaming even louder. The heat caused its mask to melt and roll up into a
ball. It burned into ashes this way, destroyed. Alex reatched out and
grabbedFure again, placing his other hand on as well as it stopped at his
touch. He drew it back into himself when suddenly he felt something flying
towards him. He spun around, calling on the power of Leonardo. In his eyes
formed a black dot and a brown dot on each.

You are quite the violent one, you know

Its efficient, gets the job done. And shut UP,
will you?

Nah, I’m having too much fun watching you
destroy those instruments of destruction and chaos.

chose not to reply to that. The hollow saw them and stopped dead in its
tracks, looking around, looking strained. In the hollows view, it had just
been ensnared by a golden root and caged in by brown bars. It screeched and
the vines wrapped around its face,(in its mind, at least) and it clamped its
mouth shut. The dots in Alex’s eyes were spinning, creating a ring around his
pupil. He kept eye contact, pointing out his left hand, the one with the
glove. He fired a beam of Holy, then caught the end of it with the glove. He
simply looked at the hollow as he moved his hand in a straight line across
his chest. His eyes stopped spinning and the dots disappeared, finished. The
hollow gave one last cry as it realized that it was no longer in an illusion,
and had looked down. Its waist had been burned off, the top of his pelvis and
the bottom of his stomach badly burnt. Its torso seemed to hover to the right
in slow motion after it was slashed. The legs simply fell over.

Alex sensed the other hollow flying across the ground towards him. He spun
around, holding Fure in front of his body vertical wise. The spear point was
up level with his face while the knobbed end when down between his legs. He
held it a foot out from himelf, staring intently at the hollow. The hollow
was unable to stop, ard slammed right into Fure. Alex pressed down on the spearhead, and swung
up from the force of pressing on the hollow. He increased his spiritual
pressure, immobilizing the beast. The spear lodged itself into the hollow
from above and stayed there, dripping lava into it. Its howls of pain
increased as it struggled to move through the pain. Alex thought for a minute
what he should do. Ah… Screw it, you
know what? They wanted me to use my full power… So they’ll GET my full!
held out his arms to both sides, fully extending his long arms, and bowed his
head as if in prayer of some solemn occasion. The hollow continued struggling
with Fure until it suddenly disappeared. Suddenly, in Alex’s left hand, a
palette made of reiatsu burst forth, solidifying. In his other hand formed a
paint brush, a foot and a half long, with a pouch under his arm that fit the
brush. He brought his arms together, then vanished once more. He appeared
directly behind the hollow, brushing its mask with the brush. Suddenly, the
strange yellow color of the hollow became absorbed into the brush itself,
leaving a dull gray in its place.
Alex, now behind the hollow, swung the brush down. He drew a straight line, and manipulated it
with his mind. He manipulated it into a top shape, then drew out a line with
the rest of the color wrapped tight around it. He did this quickly, before
the hollow had any chance to react. With the almost last of the color, he put
a small ring attached to the string. He grabbed the pin and swung around,
releasing the top, sending it flying towards the hollow. It began bashing it,
the rim of the cone-shaped top very sharp. Itwrapped itself around the
hollow, hitting it many times. The hollow dropped to its knees, unable to
move and depleted of energy and its fighting spirit.. There was still about a
drop of the hollows color within the brush, allowing him to finish this. He
took the drop and drew a line, thinner than even a pencil could hope to
achieve. He held it above the hollos mask, and looked down. His eyes remained
shut as he tapped the line, sending it straight down on its target. The
effect was instantaneous. The hask fell off, rolling in small circles on the
floor. Soon, both the body and the mask had vanished, and all was still
again. Alex sat down indian-style, taking a break and treating his few
injuries. He took slow, deep breaths, his paint brush in its sheathe and the
palette up against his side. He reprived in this way for 5 minutes, when he
suddenly heard something.

He looked
around, and nearly froze in his tracks. There, looking around the dark
chamber, was a humanoid figure. Alex could tell it was a hollow of some knod,
but unsure of which. He waited and watched, and deduced the being was most
likely an Adjuchas. It moved awkwardly, as if unused to the movements of a
small body. It looked around cautionsly, but Alex could feel the reiatsu
beneath its skin. Suddenly it pointed what looked like a limb at him, and
with a cry, out shot a cero. It flew right at Alex, bigger than he was. His
eyes opened wide quickly opened and he vanished, looking down to get a better
look at the hollow from right behind its head. It had a strange purple look
to it, and looked mostly like a human that had been hollowfied but kept his
small body. Alex reached out with the brush, when suddenly his arm was
grabbed and the hollow spun around to face him. Alex raised the palette to
defend himself and was pushed back by the unexpected attack, his shoulders
burning with pain from the palette not being able to cover them properly. He
panted, sliding his paintbrush back into its sheathe. He created another Holy
glove, except this time on his right hand, and vanished once more. He appeared behind the Adjuchas, Holy enrgy
charged and ready. He pointed his hand
at the hollow and fired, shooting off a blazing ring of Holy with a diameter
of a foot. It flew at the hollow, who couldn’t dodge away fast enough from
the blazing energy. It hit his shoulder, ripping off his arm and creating a
great cry of pain. Alex leapt back, earning another cero for his trouble. He dodged as best he could.

hollow cried out in pain from the attack, its body convulsing and shifting.
Suddenly, another arm shot out of its skin, replacing the one that was lost. Alex
sighed, scratching his head with his gloved hand. He closed his eyes,
speaking to Leonardo.


Oi. I need to borrow a bit of your power for an experiment.
If you help, we’ll get rid of a major killing machine.

… Fine. I’ll go into Saint Mode, then.

Suddenly Alex’s entire body felt hot, like it
was on fire. Suddenly, from the top of his head, appeared a halo of Holy energy.
It hovered there, being controlled by Leonardo himself. The gold aura flowed
through his limbs, enhancing them and giving them energy. On his left arm
formed the cross-shaped Rainbow Chakram. Alex held both arms back, leaning
back. The Adjuchas was panting, charging up another cero. Alex wouldn’t allow
that, and he disappeared. He appeared behind the Adjuchas, pushing him upwards
with the shield. He spun around, kicking the Adjuchas side with each leg. Then
he pressed down, up into the air above the hollow. He leaned forward, spinning
around. Leonardo, within the halo, fired out a whip of Holy energy. It split
the Hollow nearly fully in half, cutting him from his shoulder to his waist.
Then Alex brought around his right heel from spinning, bringing it down on the
ripped Adjuchas.
It smashed into it, causing it to spit out a pile of blood as
the heel collided into where his ribs would be. Alex stopped his spinning,
firing a small ray of Holy from his finger. It went right past the hollow, and
it looked around, as if confused. Alex spun around horizonatally, then traveled
along the Holy ray, appearing next to the hollow as his fist came around. It
collided with its face, knocking it back
and into the ground.

It smashed in, creating a crater in the ground. The Adjuchas got
up, his skin reattaching itself to its split part. It screeched, and released a
barrage of bala at Alex, who was still in the air. Alex blocked these with his palette and
Leonardo making tendrils that batted away the weak few that had a chance of
reaching his skin. The hollow was
beginning to tire out a bit, and it looked at Alex with hate in its eyes. Alex,
for his part, remained watching the hollow emotionlessly. Alex pointed his hand
at the hollow, and it roared at him defiantly. Alex began the illusion, the
dots appearing and beginning to spin. The Adjuchas froze, suddenly surrounded
by cage and vines. It struggled, and Alex had to focus. Suddenly, the hollow
made a great burst of reiatsu, breaking the illusion apart. Alex held his hand
over his left eye, straining to keep the other open. He frowned, and with his
right hand he pointed his middle finger at the hollow. He didn't particularly
care what message that sent, since he himself didn't consider it an insult.
From his finger fired a small beam of Holy, 5 feet long and as wide as his
finger. It hit the hollow where its heart would be, if it had one.

It simply roared, sealing up the wound again. Alex gritted his
teeth, thinking. He pointed his middle finger again and accessed the aura of
Leonardo, enhancing his speed. He fired a variety of small one foot long bursts
of Holy, penetrating the Hollow several
times. It simply regenerated again, howling. Alex finally said to himself. Aw,
!@$$ this…
He disappeared again, appearing directly in front of the Hollow.
However, his right hand was back, placed on the ground behind himself. His
right knee was bent and the shin was straight from the knee to the ground, the
foot flat. He maintained his weight with his right side, being able to move his
left side how he wished. His left arm had the elbow bent and back, and his
waist was turned to the right side. His left leg shot up, nailing the Hollow
right in the mask. It wasn't strong enough to break the hollow, but it left a
mark. It dented it in, and it flew up into the air. Alex used the force of the
kick to push himself back. He lifted off his right leg, staying up only by his
arm. His left arm swung back as well and the hand connected to the ground. He
was now basically doing a hand stand but moving backwards. He straightened
himself and then pushed down, shooting himself up after the still ascending
hollow. He kicked him again in the mask, denting it further. Then he swung
around from the force of the attack so that his face was level with the hollows
mask. He kicked the hollow back, flying away from himself. Then he reappeared
behind him again, his elbow cocked, his fist pointing up, equal with his

The hollow collided with his fist, and he pushed upwards. If the
hollow had a spine, it would have just been shattered. The hollow flew up into
the air once more, ramming into the ceiling. It broke through up to its waist,
stuck in the roof. Alex decided it was truly time to show them what he could
do. He took a deep breath, communicating once more with Leonardo.

OK. They want to see what I can truly do. We won't show them the
heaven or Black blade techniques, but we can do practically anything else.

I suppose so. Just make sure you destroy that killing machine.
It deserves it.

Alex suddenly felt his own heart beating. It grew faster and
faster, stress building up within himself. The hollow was still trying to
remove itself, trying to escape. Alex suddenly began feeling great stress on
his lungs, and also on his spine. He felt like he was going to implode from the
inside, Leonardo's reiatsu exploding everywhere within him. He held himself,
keeping as much away from his back as he could, knowing what was about to
happen. Suddenly, two strips of his overcoat were blasted out by Holy
reiatsu, and then he felt a great relief
on his body. The stress vanished,
replaced by a great sense of energy and power. From the holes on his back rose
out great white wings, cloaked in Leonardo's golden reiastsu. In front of Alex formed his sword,
spectruming its color as it span. He gripped its hilt, pointing it at the
hollow, who had nearly escaped. The blade turned a solid red, and Alex moved it
over to his side. It turned yellow, and fired out chains of Holy energy that
attached itself all around his arm. The Adjuchas finally broke free with a
roar, its eyes filled with rage and staring at Alex.

Alex turned to face his foes and opened his eyes quickly and put
them back to normal. He fired a great burst of the combined reiatsu, freezing
the Adjuchas in place. It roared, frozen with fear as well as the pressure.
Alex threw out both hands, pointing them behind the hollow. From his right hand
the yellow blade flew, running past the hollow. Simultaneously, the
Rainbow-Chakram flew out from his left arm, using the wire it was around. Alex
suddenly grabbed the line as it went around the hollow, forcing it to the left.
The Chakram changed course, swinging
around the hollow, cutting into him with the line. It didn't pierce through, but kept him in
place. Alex prepared himself, and pumped a great amount of Leonardo's reiatsu
into the cross. It expanded, growing huge, and separated completely the
Adjuchas torso from its waist. It screamed as it happened, and tried to reform
itself. However, Alex had anticipated that, and began to move his right arm.

He manipulated the sword, having it come back behind the hollow.
It swung up, going up behind the Adjuchas head. Alex pulled back, and the sword
descended, falling into its target. The Chakram shrunk as the blade fell, but
the enemy was frozen in place from fear. For the hollow, it would most likely
seem as if time slowed down as the blade fell between its eyeholes and lodged
itself first into the mask itself with a "Cha-lunk"and continued. It
went right through the hollows skull, splitting it in half. The sword continued
sailing, returning to Alex's hand. Suddenly, the Hollow twitched and the quiet
moment was broken.

The hollow screamed, and it began to implode. Alex's sword
turned green and sailed across his skin, defending him from the explosion. He
still put his hands across his body, protecting himself from the blast. When he
felt the reiatsu was completely gone, he placed it back into sword mode,
releasing it. It began spinning in the air again, and he flapped his wings just
once, and then released his hold on the spirits power. It returned deep within
him, returning to merely his subconscious. He stretched, yawning, and scratched
the back of his head. The wings returned with his body, the sword disappearing
in a swirl of color. He turned around to the door and slowly opened it, walking
back into the hall way. He smiled a bit as he thought about the bases location.
It was deep underwater, and stretched for miles. I’ve gotta invite Colin here sometime. He would absolutely love it! He
gave a small lazy smile, knowing his brothers obsession with fish. He walked
down the hallway, finding his way back to the conference room, where the others
had been viewing his little test of the training room. He sat down, a bit
tired, feigning exhaustion. He looked around the room, then back at the video
monitors set up on the table. He wondered how they had taken his little show of
skill. Well, not that I care, of course,
but with people like this it’s always interesting trying to understand their
reactions to things.
He awaited their report on his abilities, and prepared
to give his own report on the training room itself…

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:29 pm
Father Alexander Form (Custom form):

Knifes: Where the energy of his Ziamichi takes the form of Bayonet blades blessed in Holy Fire, called Knifes. He creates the knifes from different parts of his body, always finding their way to his hands. Each is roughly 1 and a half feet long and 2 inches wide, with a 3 inch long hilt. He can create roughly 20 knifes per post at full power at great strain, with 15 being a comfortable amount for him. He is able to use his overcoat to conceal the blades as they are recreated. Each knifes is made of his burning holy energy, making it very effective against demons and about 10% more effective against hollows/arrancars, a bonus granted in Father Form. The knifes are solid objects; able to be broken or shattered into shards. He is also consistently replenishing some of his energy while in this form, allowing him to use his abilities, but only to an extent.

Knifes Swarm: Alex throws both arms to his sides, summoning up 4 blades that slide into each hand. He throws his arms to the side, and throws them out at the enemy. The blades fly out, creating a line of Holy energy in its wake, destroying the surroundings around the radius of the attack. The knifes used in this attack are able to be bent up to 75 degrees of their starting tossing. In total, they can utterly destroy a hallway of an average building at maximum reach.

Healing Machination: His body is laced with the potent Holy energy required to summon up his Knifes. As such, most injuries that hit him short of a ripped limb will heal after 1 post, meaning a bullet wound to the head will certainly throw him off and deal pain, the wound will smoke and the Holy energy will push out the bullet. A cut that goes 3 inches into his shoulder will burn and cause him to lose blood, but the skin will re-cauterize over the next post, healing up again. However, anythign more than these moderate damages or repeated attacks over and over again in the same place will evantually lower the concentration of Holy Energy there, making it possible to damage him. The same applies if he uses more than 15 knifes in one post; he must generate more energy to heal again. Likewise, if he heals, he may only use the max of 15 knifes. If he replenishes his holy energy after using more than 15 knifes, he will NOT be able to regenerate the wound, as it has happened AFTER the wound was placed. Therefore, a powerful enough enemy will be able to get around it, and it is not that different than the regeneration of Hollows.

He is only able to use the Knifes in his other forms with the energy he has, the energy is not all around him in the other forms, preventing the healing. So, he is only as potent with the knifes and has the healing machination in this form.

Knifes End: He implants a knifes into the enemy, piercing skin. Then, he throws out 69 knifes, using all the holy energy in this form. The Knifes are attracted to the first knifes, and when it passes that knifes it falls on the floor, making them dodgable but still homing to an extent. After this, he is unable to use Father Form for 7 posts.

When Alex leaves Father Form, all the Knifes he has summoned up to that point will disperse. Until then, however, they remain where they are.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha
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Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:33 pm
re approved

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Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:59 pm
Since Gin's a total faggot and handed S ranks out like fucking toffee, I'm decreasing the Ziamichi class to A.

It's good, but not S rank.

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Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:35 pm
"Cleansing" Property:

Whatever else, Leo's fire IS still technically Holy. While he may not be life or an embodiment of it; he is a embodiment of "cleansing". Basically, it tries to consume and wipe away death energy. However, there are still many factors to this. How strong the Death Energy is, its form, and its density matter. How much power Alex puts in his Holy Fire and the flame's density also matter; as well as the form, as the higher form he is, the more Leo puts natural holy power into the flames, making them more effective proportionate to mass of Death Energy. An example in real life of this property would be soap versus a stain. If the stain can't be harmed due to a property of it, the soap won't affect it. If it is simply too large, then the soap will get an amount of it, but leave some behind and require stronger stuff to get rid of it. On the flip side, if the stain is weak and you have strong soap, you will wipe the stain off completely, clean and no longer troubled by it. However, to increase the power of the Holy energy is quite taxing for Alex, so it is best for him energy-wise when Leo's power is strong enough to counter the DE.

This means that the energy in each form has a different reaction to Death Energy.

Father Form: In Father Form, his very cells are filled with Holy Energy. This means that if he were attacked by a Death Energy that directly affected his body and his cells, the Holy Energy in his cells would be able to resist all of it but the strongest, as that is their home and where they are the most potent. That means that his body cannot be rotted away and aged away, as his holy energy will burn away the Death Energy before it can do much unless it is UN-GODLY potent. That does not, however, mean he can't take damage from them. A blast of Death Energy or slamming a chunk of it into him will definitely affect him; it's just going into his body and messing with his energies home field that he cleanses the Death Energy. His Knifes have the special property of cutting through masses of Death Energy. However, this is because of their pure concentration of Holy Energy coupled with the slicing shape. So, they can only cut the space that they touch, but for instance, they could not cut open a huge cube of Death Energy and send both halves to the side. The two halves would keep flying in the exact same direction. As such, it is extremely rare that the Knifes have any effective use in battle.

Saint Form: Has a property similar to the soap against the stain, as his effectiveness against the death energy is stronger, taking less of Alex's own energy to increase the Holy energy's power. The Halo on his head is completely resistant to DE; although this has no relative benefit to Alex whatsoever. The Halo is just about equivalent to a representation of the angel, and acts similar to the knifes, only slicing through what touches it. He also has the same property of his cells have in Father Form up to his elbows, due to the energy going up to his elbows.

Sealed: In sealed state, his holy energy can only take on minor DE usage, as anything that it tries to counter that has any kind of potency to it takes a large amount of Alex's own energy to do anything against; and he has no bodily resistance like in his Father Form.

Archangel Form: In Archangel Form, he has a constant field of Holy Energy radiating around himself not in the form of flames, but only able to only effect concentrated Death Energy. It is definitely there from Leonardo's Aura being so present. It extends around him as far out as his wing tips go in a sphere around his body, and takes strong Death Energy to break through and attack him. If it IS broken through, he has to use his own energy to resupply it, taking quite a bit of energy out of him. He can only resupply it up to 3 times per thread. To do more... releases Leonardo. His Holy Energy is now more potent against Death Energy as well, able to cleanse it with more power than before, although it is still possible for it to be overpowered. Also, due to the field being around his body, he doesn't have it ON his body anymore, meaning once it is broken through, things like decay and aging CAN affect him until he fixes the field.

(This is all subject to review; I can alter or change it to whatever is deemed necessary.)

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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