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Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:43 pm
Suzu watched Ashlei as she spoke to Valin the words she said cutting in to her ears sending pain thru her body that was steel week from her spirit energy being suppressed by Ashlei's reitsu witch was far to much for her child-like-body to stand. if not for the involuntary reaction of her muscles locking up she would have fallen to the ground.

Ashlei's power was amazing and suzu thought the same way about traitors nor did she care for demons but she was curious of the runes. The way Ashlei's portrayed her self was terrifying yet beautiful to suzu. With an adamant will and the glow of her reitsu outlining her body Ashlei looked like a enraged goddess of chaos and destruction. As Ashlei turns and walked over to suzu she could not help but tremble. it was to exciting . suzu did not know what was going to happen. As Ashlei held suzu's chin she tryed to control her trembling and listen to Ashlei.

"Thank you my lady. Than I will set out to find him at once... If there is any traitors id like to take part in there extermination.“ when Ashlei was done talking with her back to suzu and Valin walking away suzu would use Sonido to disappear in a flash&foom sound.
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