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Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:52 pm
Varas was amused with the turn of events. He had just slashed the throat of the woman, and none of the hostages were reacting to it. He sighed, and uncapped another energy drink. He downs it before throwing it on the floor. He would turn around and find a green haired man there. He would say something to Varas about not slashing people's throats when you made threats or something like that. He wasn't really paying attention to the speech. He sheathed his blade right after the speech about not killing people and that it sends the wrong message about not hesitating to kill people or something like that. He yawns before someone walks down the hall from the direction of the vault. He had no idea the person he killed was the bank's manager. But that doesn't matter at the moment, since it appeared that someone had already opened the vault for them. He walked towards the hallway at a lazy pace. He looked at the hostages before yawning. He walked with a slouch being the lethargic killer that he is.

He walked towards the vault that was open, and entered it while listening to the woman talk about being unprofessional and whatever. He really did not pay attention to that either. All of the sudden, he felt someone appear behind him. He turned around faster than one may expect for the lethargic Arrancar, to see a woman raise her foot to stomp it into the ground. Quickly thinking, Varas jumped off of the ground to hover, there a few feet off the ground when the building started to shake from the stomp that the woman performed. He saw the ground start to turn into quick-sand and draw people down into it. He flew higher just encase the quicksand had any sort of tricks behind it. Suddenly tendrils appeared out of the quicksand to pull them into the quicksand and disable them.

He turned his body so his back is towards the ground, when suddenly he felt a rush of wind behind him. He turned and looked back to see a snake creature blocking a punch from a man that was not there a few seconds ago. Behind this close to the snake creature, blasts Varas with the full brunt of his madness wavelength. He clutched his head before screaming out in pain for the voices to leave his head. He suddenly blew a hole, with a bala, into the ceiling and flew into it. He had to get away from the snake creature or he would go completely insane. He flew out of a window outside of the bank, when the snake creature suddenly blasted the entire floor with some sort of bomb.

Varas not feeling the full brunt of the madness wavelength, lands outside the bank when a woman and her subordinate arrive on the scene. He hears the little girl yell to him to get the loot and get out of there. He once more starts to hover off the ground to head towards the vault, when he sees the manager returns to being alive. He sighs, and curses his guilty conscience. He heads over to her and hovers right beside her. "I apologize for slicing your throat. I was trying to get them to see that I was serious about the threat. Now you should run." She nods before heading off towards the rest of the citizens. It seems that Varas, may be a antagonist but he does not like to kill people, unless he absolutely has to do so. He may do anything to defend his home, but killing her was not in the interest of Los Noches.

He starts to fly towards the vault only to see the hostages having their legs stuck in the concrete floor. He groans before landing. He aims his fingers at the floor around them before firing miniature balas at the ground, freeing their legs and allowing them to get the fuck out of there. They run out of the bank being freed by this not so evil antagonist. It seems this antagonist is really chaotic good. After he had freed the hostages he hears the woman start to command them to cease and desist fighting and them being unidentified suspects. He wonders if he should just leave or get the money and leave. He starts to feel the madness wavelength start to creep into his mind once more, and decided to just leave because he does not want to hear the voices in his head anymore. He waves his hand to the side opening a garganta, he walks to it and enters it. As he walks through it, he hears the little girl make demands of the law enforcement. He shakes his head and enters the garganta. The garganta closes right behind him.


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Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:04 am

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A
Such a turn of events always tended to happen in the crazy world that they were living in, it seemed that something simple as a bank robbery had turned into something quite different in its entirety. After the mishap of the Arrancar deciding to chop heads another perhaps more irritating human tried to get credit for doing actions Reigen wouldn't have needed to do to steal the money from the vault, but alas humans are a funny type who need praise from all places to redeem their purpose and worth. But right now what was more interesting was not the appearance of a petty human, but someone in a whole different class in their entirety. Seemingly appearing on the scene to ruin the party came two new faces, one Reigen was sure he had seen before but to leave such little impression on someone like the Demon of Greed meant he was probably no fun. The other a woman who considering her attire seemed to be looking to insult the jewish community of Minatumi city..... Reigen thinking whether or not such a city would hold a large frequency of religious practitioners made him ponder on it for a few moments before coming to what was going on with the many people around him. The woman appeared from seemingly nowhere but her presence wasn't so small as to not note it beforehand and Reigen was use to the tactic of appearing before others by himself, it wasn't nice to see that his moves were capable of being copied with such flagrant disregard of copyright laws.... Suddenly a stomp on the floor and the floor had changed... Now it seemed like sand and looked to eat up those who were around, Reigen moved quickly to the wall to note that there was not friction or any sort of give to the wall. "Interesting....." The Demon's chain flew back to him and stabbed into the wall while others tried to escape and launch themselves above the sand and the tendrils encroaching them anyone who had time to note something on the wall would see a large ornate chair seemingly hanging on the wall by its legs. The oddities would continue as Reigen himself would be walking on the walk which before would have had no grip yet he seemingly moved without trouble.

"Hmmm neat skill if it was anyone else I'd say that would be dangerous but I'm not one to get sucked in by a girl in a Nazi uniform~" Sitting down on the chair Reigen stuck the chain of greed into the wall like some sort of cane, he was unhindered as he took a seat in the chair that had seemingly appeared from nowhere and sighed. "Honestly I thought that this would be more fun but unprofessionalism puts me in a bad mood..." Suddenly however ANOTHER new face dropped in and seemingly looked to drop the Arrancar. "Reap what you sow I suppose..." However though the strike looked to hit on target a more agreeable face made himself known, a doctor... Of sorts and a creature of rather lovable madness. Simply his appearance led to troublesome acts taken by those who could not handle the madness wavelength. Reigen had been mad once.....Or was it twice? Besides the point the wavelength seemed quite heavy in the area, but unlike those who would run from it the pressure was more a symphony of entertainment for the Well-dressed gentleman. The wavelength had done its job as everyone without a good sense for the noise and the aura were going a bit manic not quite unlike the good doctor. The snake seemed to become more and more aggressive the longer he stood in the strangely familiar man's way.... All the while Reigen sat in his chair and seemingly now had a tea set prepared on its side, after having made a cup for himself he let go of the pot and the rest of the set as it fell into the sinking ground below as he took a sip. "Ah good tunes and a show who knew the bank could be entertaining."

The doctor moved faster and faster snaking literally in snake form from the opponent that he had made. However he wasn't leaving the woman out make comments that seemed to be rather disjointed and undescribable still it was entertaining seeing so much anarchy happening in a temple practically built to greed it was always fun to see so many people getting along through their love of money~ Suddenly the doctor found himself next to Reigen's chair, he called him by one of the Demon's affiliated names though it was nice to know in the middle of such danger a good old fashion business deal could be done. "Well Banquo I'd say that taking my own limbs would be a problem I mean an arm and a leg can cost.... Well you know what I'm getting at besides stock of body parts seems to be liquidating.." The demon looked down to the humans still caught in the quicksand floor. "Then again is something like this appropriate for liquidation? Bah never mind..." The doctor looked to the woman he had made an enemy and seemingly wanted the Demon to do him a service.... "Well.... Seems your main desire...." Reigen pointed to the innocent little girl who didn't seem very innocent anymore "Is her, but I'm sure we can work something out all you have to do it ask" Reigen said this as he finished the last of his tea, throwing the cup into the floor below before he noted that the doctor had seemingly eaten all the gold in the vault. "Well with a healthy breakfast like that Banquo you're sure to be prepared for all the days efforts..."

Reigen was becoming bothered with the amount of time the word 'SUDDENLY' began popping up in his head as once again two new faces entered the festivities, these seemed to be litigators as they looked to stop the action from getting too much worse while also acting as a foil and straight man to one another, if he had known that the bank had a comedy double act then Reigen assuredly would have made a better time for this robbery. Still it was the doctor's desire that seemed to give out quite a cold hearted form of survival making a large slab of concrete appear to keep those who were sinking perhaps with no way of survival. Still it was probably easier to do this so as to keep others out of the way, however she did beckon to the Demon and the two others to take the money. The Arrancar fled when the going got good so Reigen motioned to the human who tried to make his criminal acts so apparent. "Clearly you're skills would be better suited to take the money, Banquo just pushed up his own contract so right now this interests me more than money, when I'm done here I'll help so go on.." Reigen moved his hand in a little shooing motion as flipped from the seat of the chair to the top of it hanging above the floor now looking at all those involved with this robbery turned clash of the titans.... Not perhaps the best way to describe all those involved but Reigen was more interested in these people doing something to entertain him rather than getting the money which he could do any time, this scene was clearly more intriguing

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Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:49 pm

Ooooohh man!! The excitement from all these new appearances, the order they would come in increasing the interest each time! Saenai was overjoyed, especially with the increase and strengthening of the voices within his head. First, the gray-skinned woman came as he would walk back towards the vault. Oh, that gray skin. Finding other people like that was something rather appealing to Saenai, especially when considering that in many lightings he was taken to have the same coloured skin. Even in a prior meeting, although he was at first surprised, finding someone else with gray skin was a borderline turn on for him! And so, with the appearance of such a odd looking gal, it was only expected that his impulsive desires would act. Should I do it? ... Yes, I totally should! But there might be some pretty terrible repercussions, right? Ah, who cares about those repercussions! Whadda ya mean who cares, I care! I'm the one receiving them! But isn't it worth it? Indeed it is.

After a brief discussion with himself, the boy had settled on a decision, and a rather pleasing one at that. Before, trying to keep composure and therefore appearances to his fellow cohorts, Saenai had put on a more serious air. One of someone perhaps more suited to a crime such as robbery, but alas, that was not the true him. An impulsive man in nature, already on the verge of insanity from the perspective of the more stable, and here he was trying to act composed despite all the excitement from a crime combined with the appearance of an attractive lady! Ridiculous! He simply HAD to do this, it was a personal crime for him not to! In a brief instance, before any other actions had taken place, Saenai had made sure to open the smallest of portals behind him and stick his index finger through it. Behind the rear-end of the new comer was an exit-portal, his finger extending through it and poking the woman's butt. With just the slightest feel Saenai had retracted his finger and closed the portals, thinking to himself, WHEW. Anymore and I might become to focused on that ass! It's a shame too, I didn't even get to get a peak at it! Wait, should I? Nah, that might tempt me to much. Besides, I'm not into cougars, no matter how much of an ass-man I am. But, UGHH! It was so, so squishy! No doubt a slight lump presented itself in the front of Saenai's jeans.

Reorganising his thoughts, the woman, perhaps not feeling what the light-skinned boy had just done, stomped the ground. Certainly this gave rise to speculation as to why, but it was impulse that told Saenai to float, and in a rather rude manner. JUMP NIGGA! What, why? JUST DO IT AND FLOAT. Alright, fine, damn! At a moment's notice, Saenai had done an infinite-singular-point-teleport, or as he liked to call it, "Float". To be precise, the boy simply began to float in midair immediately after jumping to an appropriate height. Lucky for him, it was the right move to take as the ground changed in substance, accompanied by Tendrils. A bead of sweat ran down Saenai's cheek as his expression turned to one of disgust. "AHHHHHahaha nononoNO! I do NOT do tentacles, nonononono, NO. Keep that ass to yourself, I want none of it, no matter how wonderful it... it... it felt." For an instant drool had fallen down from the end of his lips as he stared off into space, but his conscious returned to him as he remembered just what exactly had freaked him out so much: Mother.Fucking.Tentacles. Haha nope. NOPE. Upon regaining his conscious, Saenai formed a portal over his head before it dropped down, consuming him whole, just barely enough to fit his whole body into it. The end of the portal appeared beside the chains that the green-haired and inexplicably well-dressed man hung onto. Coming out of it at a slow pace, before long the portal dissipated and Saenai would be left standing in mid-air, floating once again. The new appearances didn't stop there.


Upon hearing this word, Saenai looked around the room only to find another person, this time male, with an unappealing length of hair, despite seeming to go rather well with his overall appearance. Saenai wouldn't spend to much time thinking about him anyway, including time thinking of complaints as to how he looked. Although, for the brief amount of time the man had caught the pale boy's attention. Lunging towards one of Saenai's allies in this situation, the arrancar it would seem, once again another being had approached the scene, blocking the long-haired man's attack with a black rod. This man seemed to be far less appealing in appearance than the former with the long hair; however, Saenai couldn't help but appreciate the man's skin-tone and his flashy entrance, what with coming out of someone else's body. It reminded the boy of a movie he once watched, made in the early 21st century. Something having to do with Aliens? Anyways, despite the digression in thought, Saenai returned himself only to notice the voices in his head, all of his own, increase in volume. It was a bit exciting for him, of course, but a tad annoying at the same time. Either way, the two increasing emotions within himself balanced out, just in time to notice the girl speak out to him and the other two, but not before noticing her transformation. Totally hot. Mhm, yes, I agree. As do I. I concu-shut up faggot, and don't use fancy words, it pisses me off. Screw you too mate, you can say that you piss you off, and especially when I'm you and you're me. What?

Saenai recollected his thoughts despite the voices, just enough to reply "Yupyup, already on it." During this time, the boy conjured a portal within the vault, moving it around mentally as it consumed the money within it at an increasingly fast rate, the end of the portal appearing just below where Saenai was standing in mid air, beneath that portal being another one which linked to the former, basically making an infinite loop and keeping the money stable and off the ground. During this process, Saeani was about to return to the conversation within his mind, but instead turned to the green-haired man beside him, apparently sipping on some tea. "So mate, what's your name? Unless you don't want to say it, which is totally understandable. I'd be the same way if I didn't want to advertise my services. So, in the end, I say my name anyways, right guys?" The voices within were soon to reply, but were interrupted when Saenai noticed through peripheral vision that the odd, snake-like man's 'too-long-for-comfort' tongue began to slither passed the dude with long hair and towards himself.

With the same reaction to the tendrils, Saenai once again spoke out in a high-pitched voice, akin to what one may consider as freaking out. [color]"Ohohohooonooooo!!! I don't do tongue's either!!"[/color] Accompanying these words was the creation of a portal directly in front of the tongue, the end of the portal appearing behind the neck of the long-haired man, both portals being just large enough to let the tongue through. Whew, dodged that bullet. I know, huh? Yes, I concur. Dude, seriously? Again with the complaints about complex words! Oh my gosh guys, concur's not even that complex of word.

Once again, a sudden appearance of even more people! By this time, Saenai was growing a bit weary of all the newcomers, but his excitement was still apparent. But before this, he would realise that one of his cohorts, the Arrancar as it would seem, had vanished! Did he run away? The boy's thoughts wouldn't linger on such a character for very long, though, as his attention was instead grasped once again by the snake-like man, out of nowhere appearing next to the Green-haired man, inherently being too close to Saenai as he would like. In response to such a sudden appearance, Saenai made sure to open four large portals, each covering his every side and linking to each other, inherently making him invisible to the naked eye by showing through each portal what was behind him, to the side of him, etc, like some sort of camouflage. That, paired along with the fact that he was floating and that he had a lack of significant aura in most shapes and forms, took the senses on Saenai completely away from the scene, luckily just in time to 'disappear' with the appearance of the 'cops'.


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Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:05 pm

Artist: Savant - Song: Kali 47

To preface the beginning of all the action that would take place, there was one minor exchange between her and one of the males attempting to rob the place; in specific the strange black-haired teenager who had not come up on the Yuudeshi Network when she accessed it. Irregardless, that boy would be the first of the lot to react to her appearance, displaying a rather impulsive behavior as he seemed to act without thought. Nozomi was very aware of her own appearance and the effects it may have had on the weakest of wills among boys and men, but this was accentuated with her also being untouchable ...and married. Most knew not even to try, but the occasional clueless didn't know who she was and sometimes tried to grasp the untouchable. This was one of those scenarios, as upon arrival the teen's energy welled up much like the tool within his pants, indicating the use of an ability. He surely believed himself subtle, though subtlety didn't matter much against one with eyes like Nozomi. She sensed the portals immediately upon creation and deduced his intent immediately. It was a little odd given the circumstances but not something she put below people like him; he literally was utilizing his powers to try and cop a feel. There was only one thing she could do that felt appropriate for this, and that was an immediate counteraction by turning his own act against him. Immediately after his finger poked through his exit portal, it would enter a newly-opened Garganta-style portal of equal nuance, wherefore leading it straight into the core of his own behind. He'd get his gentle touch, retreat back to safety, and probably remain none the wiser that that just happened. Thus, everything else would continue in normality:

It was almost as if they all knew exactly what her stomp would do, despite her sudden appearance and the lack of tells available to them. When the sole of her foot hit the floor, they all jumped up in unison as if she'd barked the command to them, before each finding their own way of staying afloat. Most could hover upon platforms, albeit one of them stood out from the rest and instead walked sideways upon the wall as if her ability was some sort of joke. In all honestly it was, but it had required so little effort to devise that it was negligible to just throw out there. The tentacles formed out of luxurious carpet tried their best, but would ultimately fail to grasp at anything successfully. Seemingly as if in depression, they would sink back toward the ground slowly, making the floor appear flat once more. This is about when she felt the familiar presence of the snake-like doctor from within the vault, which considering Suzu's presence was not all surprising. Surely enough it was the Doctor rising from floor, muttering lines of gibberish to himself. She could not see him through the vault door by means of physical light, but her senses carried beyond that with the Omnidou, beholding the Doctor as he underwent his transformation. It seemed like sleep was not doing the job for him, and that this place was about to get a makeover, because he was already out of control from the moment he hit the scene. No longer could Nozomi sit by in a relaxed manner and idly gleam information from the criminals she fought; her focus would be subjected by dealing with this new threat. Kabuto Hebi was not your average ordinary comedy relief, and it almost annoyed the girl that she had to deal with him on the day she brought her husband out to a playdate. Nonetheless, for the sake of heroics, it turned out she'd have to defend this bank and the people around it from the great evils that were present on this day. It was nice to be a good guy every once in a while.

Speaking of her beloved, he'd arrive in the hallway from the other side now, with killer intent clear in his eyes. She understood exactly why, considering how well she knew the man, and watching him kneel at the foot of a dead woman's body beforehand. It was honestly a sentimental thing, for Nozomi could very well just bring said dead woman back from the grave as long as she was not too long gone, and he'd still likely get upset over it. Realizing the perpetrator, Sagumi would soar through the air and throw a devastating attack at the back of the male Arrancar before he could even react to it—if only the Doctor hadn't decided to block it. Warping in between the two in much the same way Nozomi got from place to place so fast, Hebi would jump out and wall off Sagumi's Sotensuu with the staff of his scythe. He took the full force of it into his arm and just endured it, showing off the great strength he possessed while in this form. Last time she had fought him he had used the Stein state against her, but by that time Nozomi had had well enough energy built up to cope with it. This time was not so similar as she was just beginning to produce her Onikagahi energy and spread it throughout the area—if she tried to fight him head on at this point, she would not be able to hold out. Thankfully, Sagumi was another beast entirely, and he would be able to handle the Doctor without a doubt. If she played support to her husband, she was sure that he could achieve victory. Thus, first priority was to get close to him.

Before rushing off to Sagumi, Nozomi figured she had time considering how much Hebi oh-so-loved to ramble on when he was having fun. She released a surge of energy through the hand she had placed on the vault door, opening a Garganta on the inside. From the dark maw of the otherworld came a new figure, who hopped through and landed with a great metallic thwump. This one was not organic; instead, it was a hulking suit of dark steel armor and tough brown fabrics woven in between to make the form more flexible. Spiked protrusions were laden all around to give it a more menacing look, coupled with a terrifying mask that could bite a man's head clean off. It was tall, wide, beefy, and surely powerful, yet it spoke with young feminine voice: ''Hadelinde, at your service mistress Sumashuu~'' Thankfully, the vault was soundproof, but Nozomi could hear her irregardless through a telepathic link. She transmitted a series of basic commands, emphasizing to Hadelinde that she was to guard the money in this vault to the best of her ability, and in turn received a mental nod to show the orders were understood. For now the robotic thing would just stand and watch the wealth present here, as the Garganta closed behind her. Nozomi was off to better things, now starting to move toward where Hebi was starting to swing his limbs and weaponry around at people.

Just as she was about to take off, there was a brief disturbance in the atmosphere. Even if Nozomi hadn't had the Omnidou eyes to realize it, she could easily gather that the little girl of an Arrancar had vanished from in front of her to directly behind her. As it was, she witnessed the muscles in Suzu's leg move with the intention to deliver a roundhouse kick into her upper body. It did not matter where she was aiming for. All the same, Nozomi would release a sudden and violent wave of kinetic energy from her back using a repulsion technique. It was like an invisible wall would slam straight into her face and push her away with dizzying power. Given that Suzu had no foothold on the ground and relied entirely on her platform of Reishi to stay in place, as well as the fact that she was only as heavy as a toddler she resembled to be, there would be little preventing her from flying back into the wall that was just a few feet away. Dodging wasn't too likely an option considering that this shockwave encompassed the entire length and width of the hallway, and that it surged out at the speed of sound. Given all factors, Suzu was almost assured to be launched straight into the wall with a crash, imprinting her petite form into the concrete and preventing her from dealing out the kick. If she did get caught in the grasp of the wall, then it would come to life at Nozomi's direction, pulling her deeper into the foundation as though it were a liquid, yet difficult to resist for it was truly a solid. Given only a few seconds and Suzu would be swallowed up by the wall and out of sight. Simultaneously, Nozomi would also throw in a couple potshots at the girl in flight, aiming two Holy Arrows at her face—one for each of her eyes. These two projectiles materialized from thin air without a bow to aid them, and flew at speeds of one kilometer a second, though they only needed to cover a meter to perforate Suzu's head. They wielded the heat of the sun at their tips and could very well end her in an instant, but Nozomi was more interested in using them as test shots, just to see what would happen.

She'd observe the effects as a side project, but use this opportunity to escape and take a running start down the hall towards Sagumi and Hebi. In mid-sprint her body would collapse into itself again and vanish, before instantaneously reappearing further down near the green-haired one. She popped into existence above his head, arm outstretched to catch the upper plateau of his fedora and snatch it right off the top of his head with excessive amounts of dexterity. When he no doubt would turn towards her in horrified shock at having his hat stolen, he'd meet face-to-face with the bottom of her boot. Its sole was pointed at him, and opened up to unveil the barrel of a shotgun-esque weapon pointed straight for his face. It was physically impossible for an entire firearm to fit within the threads of her footwear, and yet it defied any such laws that told it that it could not. There was a click and a bang, projecting a heavy-duty paintball straight for Reigen's chest. It had enough force to knock him straight out of his high chair and send him tumbling down to the ground with a big green-hued splat across his business suit. Nozomi would continue along her trajectory, accelerated by the recoil of the weapon while fitting the hat comfortably on her head. The shotgun retracted into the sole and closed back up to return to normality. The only person left between her and Hebi now was the male Arrancar now, but even he would just jump out of the way in fright, smashing through the wall (Windows in the hallway to a vault are not a thing) clasping his head and just wanting to escape this all. Clearly he was not very experienced—he wasn't prepared to be a criminal, but that didn't mean his presence here nor his deed would be forgotten. If Hebi wasn't on the scene, he would not be able to escape as he was attempting.

She made it, finally arriving on the other side of Hebi from Sagumi. Yet, the Doctor would fly up into the air cackling and muttering to himself, as he charged up for another attack. Nozomi narrowed her eyes and shifted her trajectory, soaring into the air after him. She recognized Dust Release, and he'd know she knew about Dust Release unless he had conveniently forgotten such facts in his spiel of madness. He held onto his lovely box of desolation as it continued to expand, but the blue-haired Quincy would rush headlong towards it without concern. Just as he was about to release it, Nozomi acted with perfect timing like she could read his mind. She stopped and threw out her arms, manipulating the fabric of space in a sphere around Hebi. There was a loud inhuman squeak and groan, just before the darkness encapsulated him. It was fun with portals: A garganta twisted into the shape of a ball to cover every angle of escape, seamlessly. Then with one push of her will, she pressed her fingers down on the edges and crushed the ball, causing it to implode upon itself. Doctor Kabuto Hebi would reappear in a ballpit within the playplace of a McDonald's restaurant, somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. His discharge of Dust Release would blow out an entire face of the building and cause it to collapse over him. Thankfully, it was very late over there in the Americas, and no one was present to get hit by his attack. Yeah, Nozomi knew he could easily return using Suzu's seal again, but she only was trying to buy a little time. In Hebi's absence, Nozomi would wreak havoc upon the madness wavelength while he had no means of reinforcement; It was a mental signal, and that was her specialty. She sliced and diced it, tenderized it, and took it out behind the building to slap it around a bit, all until it no longer held sway. With it gone, Nozomi could then put safeguards among the minds of the bystanders so that when they came into contact with it for a second time, it would be irrevocably repelled.

Next order of business, Nozomi fell back down to the ground beside Sagumi and shot him a toothy smile, flicking the brim of her new hat with a finger as a cute little gesture. Without a word of warning, she projected a mental link into his mind to connect the thoughts of the two: It was a common trick Nozomi employed with him. It allowed the two to synchronize information and act in unison, and they'd been at it for a while now in their long lives. This time however would be a little different, as it would be the first time she would have to filter her side of the link. Nozomi's mental process had advanced worlds beyond the last time they'd connected, so much so that an unadulterated stream of her consciousness would overwhelm Sagumi and actually harm him. Realizing this, Nozomi would cut a lot of the needless information out before it was sent to him, but even that was a hefty amount for him. At the very least, it gave him one huge advantage: usage of the Omnidou. There was nothing these eyes could not see, and their only drawback was that they were limited in distance. Besides that, nothing escaped the dominion of Nozomi's sight, and it's what allowed her to react to any threat that presented itself to her. In Sagumi's possession, this ability was downright dangerous. She would blow a mental kiss his way before stepping behind him, letting him know she wanted him to be the point man so she could support from the sidelines. She'd supply him with information about attacks that were aimed his way, so that he could properly counter them, and all the while lend him her eyes for this fight. The reason she did not wish to attack yet is because most of anything she could do right now could be countered, with the limited knowledge and energy she had to work with at the time being. She wanted to be able to concentrate on reading the capabilities of her opponents without being disturbed, and idly allow the presence of her Onikagahi to grow; she explained as much to Sagumi.

To make matters even more hectic, more people were arriving on the scene of the crime, such as the two 'cops' that drew and aimed their firearms at the people in the hallway. Ironically, the two people at the brunt of their crosshairs would be the two people on their side: Sagumi and herself. Nozomi was about to link their minds with hers to join in on the telepathic link, but stopped when she noted the tin-foil hats being worn. It was a circlet with the purpose denying mental effects from intruding, and that included Nozomi's telepathy. She did not have the patience to try and break through the thing, and it was more energy than she was willing to expend irregardless. She simply shot them an exasperated expression and tried to wave them off with her hand. It was perfect timing anyways, as just then a new threat would arrive at the doorstep of Minatumi Harbor, tossing cops around like ragdolls. ''We'll take care of these guys if you take care of him,'' Nozomi would respond to them with her finger pointed towards the chaos taking place outside. It was for the better if everyone didn't try to cram down this tight hallway at once. As it was... it was already too cramped for Nozomi's tastes.

In the meanwhile, Hadelinde the robotic butler was now panicking as she watched the contents of the vault draining down into the floor. She did the only thing she could think to do and project her telekinetic forces. Grasping the pile of gold and paper with a massive invisible hand, she would pull it back up and keep it out of the portal that had opened up beneath it. Wherever that thing led, Hadelinde made it her goal to hold it all up and keep the money in the vault. Still, that didn't stop her from whining about this mysterious hole that was trying to foil the job she had been tasked with.

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Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:28 pm

Artist: Stephen Edwards - Song: Twin Warriors Theme

Sagumi was not an especially jealous person, so the strange person attempting to fondle his wife did not really elicit much of a reaction from him. He knew what his wife looked like, it was one of many reasons why he married her, but he also knew that he wasn’t the one who had to protect her. If she had an issue with whatever contact the little worm attempted, she’d smite him down. Very, very rarely did his wife even require his help, much less his protection and she definitely wouldn’t need either for a creature such as Saenei, he simply wasn’t that much of a threat. Consequently, Sagumi was able to stay on target, keeping the threat assessment streamlined and focusing on who really was a threat to the humans here, which at the moment was a list restricted to the waste of oxygen he was about to shatter. Unfortunately, or fortunately for the waste of oxygen, something interfered with the Sotenshuu. The full oomph of Sagumi’s strike would reverberate up the strange man’s arm as the Sotenshuu slammed into the butt end of his weapon. It was impressive, not many creatures could take one of Sagumi’s Chi enhanced strikes, even through a weapon, with nothing but a quivering arm. Sagumi hadn’t managed to wound him at all. It would almost be exciting if he hadn’t stopped Sagumi from killing his target. Sagumi would have to see if he could handle an attack from the inside. Sagumi directed his Chi through his opponent’s weapon and up his arm, the Sotenshuu itself possessing no inherent kinetic energy, the Chi itself generating all of the kinetic energy, and as the man’s arm shook from the impact, the chi would linger. Moving quickly, Sagumi’s hand fingers clamped down hard on the butt of the weapon before quickly disengaging, leaving behind one last little surprise for Hebi, the seal forming on the weapon’s butt before Hebi broke away and started lashing out at Sagumi’s original target. There was something, strangely familiar about him. From the maniacal laughing, to the way he moved, to quite literally everything about him. Sagumi felt like he knew it, even the creeping, unhinging aura that permeated around him, he’d felt this kind of thing before, in the other world, he knew this kind of madness. Those were different though. Those were calculated, precise, direct, those had intention. The world flipping, unhinged psychosis that permeated the air around him was different, it wasn’t an intention, it was a symptom. There was nothing calculated about this weapon, it just was. Sagumi was better equipped to resist madness like this, he was a very willful person and he had experience with effects like this before, in the same way he expected Nozomi to be alright, he could not say the same for the others present.

The wild scythe flinging would not be restricted to just Varas however, as he repositioned himself low to the ground, or underneath it even, the Scythe blade rose at a completely vertical angle, clearly intent on cleaving Sagumi in two. He was a little more suited to this kind of close range combat with weapons however. As the man had been swinging at Varas, Sagumi’s center of gravity lowered slightly and as the man’s attention shifted to the red-tressed man, he quickly pushed from the ground, darting backward and away from the wild scythe. As Sagumi finished landing, skidding slightly along the ground and bracing himself with his palms on the floor, and reorienting himself to his opponent, Hebi had let his upward momentum carry him toward the roof of the bank, glaring down at Sagumi. His words, as they had been up to this point, were mostly out of context, nonsensical gibberish, and consequently were not paid much mind, but his actions on the other hand were a completely different matter. Now that, was something Sagumi had seen before. He had fought against many from the Hidden Stone and he had seen Jinton before, he’d seen this exact ability before. How was this possible? It was a genetic trait, how did someone in this universe emulate it?

“That’s...Jinton...but how…”

Sagumi, unfortunately, was stunned long enough to need to be protected, as Nozomi sped in front of him, stunning her direct opposition plausibly long enough to allow her a free range of motion to the spot. Knocked back to reality by her action, Sagumi placed the second seal on the floor, beneath his palm before, his other hand simultaneously clenching into a fist, slammed down on to the seal placed on the ground. Using his amazing powers of space time shenanigans, Sagumi utilized his Seismic Hammer ability, funneling the Chi from his fist, through the Hiraishin seals, and straight into the Scythe, instantly, the energy from the Seismic hammer would quickly rifle through the weapon and into his arm before detonating, the first shockwave feasibly ripping apart his muscle and bone from the inside and causing a considerable amount of pain. If only that were all. The unstable Chi Sagumi had already left through the weapon and the man’s arm would, as one can imagine, respond rather negatively to the explosive tremor detonating through his body. Shortly after, a second explosion would ring through Hebi’s arm, far stronger and far larger than the former. Provided the man did not have some miraculous defensive qualities to protect himself from energy moving along AND inside his body, he would have his arm and most likely his shoulder blown clear off his body. At best, all worked as planned and Sagumi destroyed his arm and removed him from the fight for awhile, at worst, he would definitely be hindered long enough to be caught by Nozomi and sent away.

Should he be sent away effectively, Sagumi’s form still crouched on the ground, a sigh of relief would escape him. Not only from Hebi’s absence, but from whatever unhinging aura permeating the area weakening by the second. Nozomi fell to her backside, not an especially useful position given the fact that even if they had sufficiently removed the snake man, at least for awhile, they still had three other potential enemies, as the creature he had marked for death had already fled the field, no doubt the effect of the aura that radiated whilst Hebi was present. Sagumi noted the toothy grin and reciprocated with a small smile, but now was truly not the time for cutesy antics, noting that she had managed to swipe one of the hats from their opponents, they were outnumbered and they were still woefully ignorant of the true strength of their adversaries. Antagonizing them probably wasn’t the most tactful of choices, but he had just try to blow one’s arm off. As confident as they were in their abilities, they had not even confirmed that they’d killed or rid themselves of the first enemy. Sagumi dragged himself to his feet and took a few steps forward toward the three before him: Reigen, Saenei, and Suzu. A tired, yet calm look permeated his face as Nozomi established their mental link. It was one of the few of his powers that he was fine with, keeping contact with her on any level was something that he cherished after their millennia long separation, but he didn’t necessarily enjoy what was coming from it. Sagumi was never very fond of Doujutsu, it was a powerful weapon that far too many people used as a crutch and while he had found himself appreciative of the Omnidou on more than one occasion, he was less appreciative when he was tasked with utilizing it, like Nozomi attempted to give him now. The man would resist the applied use of her ability for now, his eyes maintaining their sparkly and attractive quality as he stared down the remaining opponents...before more people arrived. The situation was apparently not convoluted enough. They began shouting at Nozomi and Sagumi, leveling their weapons upon the bank. Sagumi sincerely doubted that their firearms were likely to injure them, much less hit them, but he had learned against denouncing human ingenuity a long time ago, it was why he loved the species so very much. He did not turn to them as they made their presence known however, Nozomi was typically better at diplomacy, he would let her handle them. His focus was on the ones potentially dangerous to humans, still suppressing her offer of the Omnidou. Then, the last arrival appeared, this one with a substantially more violent course of action and choice of words. Then...Sagumi felt the life being snuffed out. Any sense of calm from him was gone, any sense of patience or mercy evaporated. The man’s eyes slowly closed as he felt the create known as Eric butchering the people outside.


Sagumi’s eyes shot open. No longer were they the attractive, warm, reddish-blue hue. Nothing remained of those calm, pleasant eyes and in their place was a deep, dark, black void. He had allowed the Omnidou to take hold, the couple now fully sharing their abilities as the information flooded to Sagumi. Fully processing every iota of data available to any form of sensory ability in a matter of moments, fully and completely analyzing everything around him. His focus truly was not on the creatures before him though, even though his focus could technically be everywhere at once. Any play, any enjoyment Sagumi could have gotten from fighting these people was swept aside. Right now, they were obstacles, he was going to kill the man who was butchering his people outside. If they continued to stand in his way, he’d bowl them over. He didn’t care what energy output the little girl was capable of, what strange portals the small one was capable of erecting, what strange headwear the other chose to employ, all of it was irrelevant if they chose to remain here. The man’s long tail start waving behind him, as if a strong gust was billowing around him and it might as well have been. The amount of pressure that his energy output exerted spiked up massively. Nozomi and Suzu would be unaffected and Reigen mostly unaffected, but Saenei would quickly find himself struggling to move under the sheer weight of Sagumi’s anger, the man on the verge of entering his first state of awakening. If they stayed there, he’d direct that fury at them instead of Eric...he’d see just how badly they wanted that money.

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Sat Jul 05, 2014 11:54 am

"So his ears are bad, are they…?"

The male muttered to himself as he was repulsed by Sagumi, his body flipping about as he looked at the bottom of his scythe, smiling. "I found the source of the ticking! It's a pipe bomb~!" The male let out happily, seeming completely undisturbed by the strange seal that had appeared on his staff. "Oh wait, no, it's just another portal." He restated as he sighed, his Rinnegan tracing the seal's make and source back to Sagumi. After all, it didn't seem to be doing anything, yet, so obviously that meant that it would do something later. What did circle-y things do when you put them on an opponent? Generally ended up opening up and something exploding. OF course, this was one of the thousands of possibilities that the Doctor had come up with, but seeing how the male before him used Chi, it seemed highly unlikely that this would do anything else other than be a transmitter for some kind of attack. 2+2=4.

However, what happened even before that was quite surprising to the Doctor. "Hell is hot!" He let out as an explosion rocketed from his arm, the energy that had attempted to go inside of the Doctor's body instead circulating around his arm and exploding, his sleeve being rendered into nothingness as half of his face had been burned, that smile still on his face even as half of his jaw was now visible. "Naughty, naughty." The male was quite simply difficult to enter the actual body of; the sheer density of energy currently coursing through his body allowing no extra room for anything else to course through him, in part due to his Cursed Energy which disallowed interaction with other energies.

"Those eyes…" The bleeding doctor stated as his right arm, which had suffered a terrible loss of arm hairs, rose up and behind him as he ascended into the sky, his body landing on the ceiling. "Jin-ton…?" The male muttered as his head turned a full 360 degrees, looking down at Sagumi. "Hmm hmm, I really don't know what Mu is! Maybe you do…? YOU KNOW SOMETHING OF MU?! YOU HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE?"

And just like that, this battle changed. The male before Sagumi became suddenly and rapidly sharper, as the coursing streams of information coursed through the Doctor's mind, a massive amount o pure energy coursing around his body as he at last noticed what Nozomi was doing. "….Dimiprin…" He let out as he realized that he had been caught in something, the smile on his face as he was exploded once again, the energy still failing to get through his body as the ravenous explosion shot up his hand, the Scythe being knocked away into the Garganta's around the male's body. "…" The male was silent as he contemplated the loss of his fingers, looking at the blood as it dripped down his former extremities, beholding the sight of his own blood in silent contemplation as he was devoured by the Garganta which surrounded his body, his form vanishing from the area.

As this occurred, something strange would begin to flood through the area. Where Suzu had been knocked into the wall, a pair of hands had stuck out, the earth that was the wall becoming soft sand as Suzu landed against it, before the figure within the wall was dragged into Nozomi's creation, preventing Suzu from being able to do so as the strange, snake-like arms were devoured, a noise like a sad violin leaving from another corner of the room as the body was devoured and destroyed within the wall, blood sinking out of it. The two men who had arrived… were both the Doctor. Identical in facial feature and bodily structure, with the exception that they were both wearing Black cloaks and lacked the ring that he always wore.

The first had been devoured by the wall after having pressed Suzu out of it, and the second had appeared in the corner of the room, his body standing on the floor as he played a violin made completely out of snake skin. As this began to occur, the walls and floor all around the area began to morph and shift. Without warning, forms began to rise out of the building and its parts, as many more Doctors began to appear. Even within the Vault, one had appeared next to the metal rust bucket, and with a single hand outstretched that was peeling away, the dissolving ground was halted.

"Your only orders are… to stop… the vault's contents… being taken… right…?" The strange, peeling Selve asked the Tin Woman, his body sitting on top of a column of safes. "Then… I am… Fine here…" He continued, as the black-eyed Selve that was being possessed by Mu closed its eyes, sitting there. "...The Doctor is raging again, it would seem… … please treat him well… he's so happy to have… playmates…" The strange Selve continued, a scarf-like trail of bandages made of the Selve's flesh peeling off around his body.

Meanwhile, back in the action, more Selves had appeared. They were swarming in as pillars of rock shot out of the ground along with them, Snakes pouring from their bodies as the entire floor had become purely snakes. Where Hanako was, both she and her assistant would suddenly come under the realization that… they were floating. Indeed, they had been caught within a Wind Manipulation, with a Selve standing behind them. "…" The Selve was silent as it held them within the wind-prison, which was nullifying any movements within its sphere, including those firearms that the both of them possessed.

Where the hostages had been, more Selves began to rise out of the ground. Where Sagumi was attempting to run to, an entire line of the beings, massive cobras coiling up in front of their bodies as they hissed, the line of Doctor's looking directly at the male as at last a Coffin began to slowly rise out of the ground behind them, the Selves smiling at Sagumi as behind their bodies, a strange purple wall began to appear.

"Oh, so you have desire? Kehehehehe…" One of the Selves muttered as the War-Time Barrier became deployed around the Bank, a MASSIVE purple shield which had only one purpose: To serve as the ultimate wall. Getting through it was extraordinarily difficult, and to truly take it down one would need to kill the four Selves that were currently positioned at the four corners of the Bank. In exception to this, of course, was the Doctor, Kabuto Hebi. On the outside of the barrier, just outside Sagumi's reach, was Eric slaughtering the humans.

* * * Meanwhile, in a McDonalds somewhere in the USA* * *

Balls. Was all the Doctor thought, from every stream of his consciousness, as he was dumped into a ball pit, throwing his hands in front of his face as the Dust Element exploded, devastating the entire building as the Doctor's form was launched far out of it, the male smiling as he chuckled. "Deployment is already begun..? He knows about Mu..? I haven't… I'm… SO… EXCITED!! KEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" The deranged male's mouth let off as he closed his eyes, gripping onto the Scythe that was his Soul, his body curling up as bolts of lightning coursed from his form, before he finally opened his mouth, his entire body seeming almost to stretch as if space and time itself were rejecting him, the wavelength of Madness coursing through his body becoming a much higher pitch as his body fluctuated and warped, like snake going out of control, before he finally vanished.

* * * Continued. * * *

Out of the ground next to the Coffin, another figure began to rise out of the ground. As he rose, the line of Selves standing before Sagumi and Nozomi became consumed with fire, red hot flames appearing all over their body, growing in intensity and heat as the Doctor continued to rise up, his snickering flowing all around the area, and as he fully appeared out of the floor, the Selves' bodies could no longer take the heat, flaking and melting like cooked fish as they fell on the ground, turning into piles of dust. "Dimiprin… If you do that to me again...I will release the Madness State within a city's limits. If only for the honor of a fight between two combatants... Because that's what it will take for me to resist it." He told her as he narrowed his eyes, his hand cranking the screw on his head all the way counter-clockwise, no smile on his face as he looked at her.

"...But this Chaos will not do." The Doctor stated as behind the group, where Eric was, an absolutely COLOSSAL snake began to fall from the sky. Launching forwards as it's great maw opened, consuming all the humans within the area as a horde of Selves that were riding it jumped off, all of them standing in front of Eric. "There, you bigot." He informed Sagumi as he looked directly at the male, the Omnidou and Rinnegan staring each other down in a way that had never once happened before. "Now the only ones who have to die are the ones who aren't a part of 'your' precious race." The male stated as the humans in the snake's mouth reappeared on its back, far away from harm as the scale's of the snake carried them away, evacuating them from the area s the snake continued to perform evacuation, destroying the city in the process as the buildings were toppled by its absolutely massive size.

"…." The Doctor's mind determined that there were no more words he desired to state at this time as he pulled the scythe out of the ground, pointing its blade at the male before him. "What, do you know, about the Dust Release? That is what I will find out. Prepare for dissection…………… Kehee…" The noise left the Doctor's mouth as he smiled once again at last, the Rinnegan shining in his eyes as a small part of his mind imagined it.

Sagumi knew now everything in his field of vision; this was the Omnidou, the power that Nozomi's eyes held. Those same eyes that had dissected him the last time he had fought. They could presumably see everything, even better than the Rinnegan. But what the Rinnegan was excellent at was neither of these, but it could be used across… multiple transmitters. Indeed, the Doctor was now viewing every single area around the Bank simultaneously, taking in all of the information in the entire range. Each of his current Selves had been created after the Titanomachy, when the Doctor had killed Nagato. As a result, each of them was equipped with the former Elite Arrancar's eyes, and even the one in the Vault was providing the Doctor's mind with information.

So the question was, that the Doctor's mind was instantaneously working on: how to handle this? The answers were going rapidly through his mind, the Madness Wavelength coursing and pulsing like a heart from his body. Any move I make is rehearsed; anything he does will be rehearsed as well… The only option…? Simultaneously attacking with such force that not even those eyes can conceal it… or otherwise, hiding… Hiding…. Hiding….

Meanwhile, on the outside of the Doctor's body, not a second had passed. The example of his mental processes faded as he crouched down, his hand gripping onto the floor as he brought the scythe behind his body, a line of pure wind appeared behind him as he suddenly and rapidly shot forwards. The ground where he had been standing before had become totally destroyed by him leaving, with the sheer amount of force and speed he was now employing. He was going at the full potential of Stein State, forcing Sagumi to have to use his full force in order to react to the information he was now being given.

"You're born alone, you die alone… the world goes on, without you there… What's the point of living…? Whatever you choose." The Doctor's mouth continued to ramble in between the conflict as his scythe struck out, flames sparking from his movements as he moved the scythe through the air, like a fire-work going off as it attempted to collide with its target. Indeed, the amount of force that it was exerting was enough that if Nozomi wasn't careful, the sheer wind being generated by the Doctor's movement would send her spinning away. In the midst of the attack, the Doctor's scythe moved rapidly, sound taking what felt like ages to catch up as he slashed at Sagumi's arms and legs, targeting his nervous system as the scythe glowed purple, the medical technique attempting to cut the male's tendons and nervous system, eventually making it difficult for him to move, and if he was unfortunate, leaving him without the ability to use the limbs effected. Six, seven strikes left the Doctor's body rapidly, as at last his mouth opened.

"Gack!" He let out as a wrist-watch flew onto where Sagumi's face was, made out of pure diamond. The Doctor's body spun as this projectile left his mouth, his center of gravity dipping to the left as he opened his mouth, as a sword launched out of it, the Doctor's tongue covering it as it attempted to pierce into Sagumi's side. "Bankai… Slither…" The male let out as the Zanpaktou shone, the area around the Doctor's tongue turning totally white and hard like marble as it suddenly and violently expanded, stretching at several times the speed of sound with a massive impact as MASSIVE spirals appeared in the ground, destroying the entire side of the bank and likely ending up with Sagumi or the Doctor's body pressed up against the barrier, on either side of it. Likely both.

"Cero…?" The Doctor's mouth continued to utter as a massive purple energy appeared on his tongue, before launching directly at Sagumi, a concentrated blast of energy attempting to slam into the male before piercing into his body, the Doctor's Satanic energy coursing through the blast and preventing outside influences from directly manipulating it. "You hear it's whisper, don't you, sane man… Otherwise… why the fierce look…?" The Doctor stated as he began to smile, chuckling as his mouth expressed the idea that Sagumi's change in attitude towards Eric was indeed, a by-product of the wavelength of Madness that was constantly projecting from the male's body.

"Madness… can't be stopped by others… It's up to the individual…" He continued to state, his body pressed up against the wall as his back smoked, but didn't burn, the back of his garment having melted from the power of the Great Wall behind him. "Shielding against it after its whisper has touched your mind is useless…" The Doctor continued to state as his body fell down to the ground, turning into a quivering, giggling mess, his burned cloak laying around his body, his eyes closed and his face turned towards the ground. "You hypocritical bigot, looking down on me is something you're doing right now, isn't it?" The male's voice was solid, as solid as a quivering madman's could be, before it suddenly increased in pitch. "Isn't… IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!?!?" The simple voice became a sharp, piercing wail as it left the Doctor's mouth, like a banshee's scream as the wavelength of madness increased in intensity by hundreds of times, the shells of mental protection set up by Nozomi shattering from the raw piercing power of the Iramasha. "I look up to everyone else… They all look down on me…? Is not that madness, in and of itself…?" The Doctor asked as he slowly rose from the ground, his limbs seeming almost like a rag doll's, the only exception being the tight grip he held on his scythe.

"But when you are lain out on the table, with only the knife pressed against your neck, I'll know… I'll know everything I desire…" He finished letting out as the tongue returned to his throat, the sword dropping down next to his body. He wasn’t willing to put something that had touched Sagumi back inside of his body; it was simply logical after what he had done to the male's Scythe.

"So try your best… and realize it's futile to attack something beneath you…"

The Barracks!


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Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:06 pm

Hanako Iramasha
"It is business, don't make it personal."

When the ultimatum was issued by Suzu, Hanako looks at the damages. Judging by the scale of Suzu's threat and while the Arrancar is running away, Hanako was lifted off the ground as she struggles against the occurrence. As her hair flicks around, Hanako realizes that it is wind manipulation within the bank. It is clear that whoever did it officially attacked her and that grounds for assaulting the leader, but it would not count as she is only transitioning and could not get full power yet; for now, a dominant tone echoes within Suzu's mind as Hanako establishes a telepathic connection that she learned from her husband before she turns it into a form that her powers can perform,

"Ouae est innocena...Et oblita est. Your voice means nothing for what your husband has committed, Arrancar; I was going to allow the robbery continue and scold the two vigilantes for endangering lives, but since your husband happened to make the choice for will have to face the fact that you threatened my domain and now my domain is against you. Et iratus Dea Virtuta cum non virtuta habea."

She closes her eyes and begins feeling the wind; each reishi, reiryoku and reiatsu particle within the air around her and the others are subjects to her detection. Every whim she makes, the particle shifts around in its own swarm as it can be felt as if being in front of many oscillating fans surrounding oneself. Then a whisper echoes in the mind of all who are in the thread...

"Come children...Defend your haunt...From the darkness...shine...Come forth...Children of Souls..."

The air begins to sparkle with a swarm of wisp dancing about around the others, including Eric Zarathos who stands outside the barrier. On the inside of the bank, the lights flicker on and off in wildly as white, glowing butterflies form from the sparks before they flutter about and some of them perches on each individual. On the outside, the sparks gather at one spot in front of him and creates a white glowing puddle before a gaunt, horrific figure climbs out of the puddle, glowing white with a dark outline.

For each butterfly that lands on a person, there was a sudden rushing feeling of power coursing through them like a boost, but that only lasts a millisecond before the butterfly flutters off and sink into the walls around them. Seconds afterwards, white glowing figures emerge from the walls in different shapes. Oddly they seem familiar as they set themselves to do, but for Suzu, Dr. Hebi's clones and Dr. Hebi, they would have a red mark on the front of their neck (just underneath their chin) if they allow these harmless and majestic butterflies perch upon them.

The way to remove the mark was to eliminate the Children of Souls that are similar to the one that is confronting Eric Zarathos. They are the ones that will attack them head on and try to kill them while the other Children of Souls that would look like themselves or the others are illusions created by the actual Children of Souls, but still behave with either vigilance or with animosity. The illusions' special attribute was to sacrifice themselves to destroy enchantments, auras and barriers that they come to contact with while they can mimick the desire of the hosts as the hosts can mentally control them except for attacking Hanako, which the Children of Souls will not allow (example: Sagumi desires to protect Nozomi from Eric Zarathos, and the Illusion of Sagumi will act as a barrier in between Eric Zarathos and Nozomi, given Nozomi ample time to retaliate.)

Given to Hanako's mastery in Ancient Spells (advanced), she can only summon three Children of Souls and they can only take three hits of any strength to be eliminated, despite the illusions (which each Children of Soul will each summon one for each character--except for those marked with red--in the area other than Hanako) will keep coming back after being eliminated. Eliminating the trio will also cancel out the spell itself, making the illusions disappear with them. Since Hanako cannot exactly escape the wind manipulation because she needs to move her arms to manipulate this prison, the Children of Souls will have to fight in her stead.

So far; four illusions appear in the vault with two Saenai's trying to help Saenai steal the gold by jumping on top of the pile of gold like children with a tantrum while two Hadelinde's are helping Hadelinde efficiently keep the gold pile from falling into the portal by creating a triangle formation of support with Hadelinde. Somewhere in the bank, two Children of Souls are emerging from the ceiling, but with the chaos going around, it would be difficult to detect them with the other 0-tiers around. With Eric Zarathos, one Eric emerges from the barrier surrounding the bank and he looks at Eric before he shouts,


Reigen would notice two of him, but all white and having tea with him as Nozomi's theft has gone noticed. They look at Nozomi with a studious eyes as they look back at Reigen. They simply wait for what their host desired them to do.

As it all happens, Hanako remains in suspension while Michael cannot get his clones because the butterflies cannot reach him. She was somewhat drained after casting the counteroffensive curse spell of the night upon the individuals known as Dr. Hebi and the Arrancar who threatened her domain with others as collateral. Perhaps the wind prison can allow her to rest and recover her spent effort before she could try to escape during the confusion that is working its way into the hearts of the issue.

Technical Note: Illusions that look like the characters can only take one hit before they are eliminated, but they will come back next turn as along the two Children of Souls inside the bank are alive while the Child of Soul with Eric does not affect the others as it is outside the barrier and cut off from the others. If one of them dies, their set of illusions will go away for good until it is summoned again.

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Alright, this is just a notice for the thread. The current posting order should be Zet > Dansen > Se > Phan > Ima > JJ > UHCM > Kade. That is how the posting order should be in the 3rd round and we are waiting for Zetsurin to make her post for this thread. So she has 3-5 days to get it up before she can be skipped now that this notice is up.

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Suzu was interested now more than ever. this was such a small job that she was 80% sure it would be completely boring. but now it seems the remaining 20% had come to pass against the odds. Forming such a large wall of energy to repel an attack showed that this girl had lots of energy to burn. The speed that she made it shows she has more than sufficient reflexes. As Suzu went flying back from the impact and into the arms of the doctors self she was already contemplating her next move by saying some light words. "Bakudo8 Seki." With this girls shown ability it would be foolish to not assume she is use to combat and even more so that she would not counter strike. But suzu could see the energy gathering up, Along with the Physical motions she would have to make to fire would takes less than a second. it was obvious that she was going to try a ranged attack at this point and judging for the wall she made before it would be fast and strong. with suzu mental processing speed seeing the arrows form and being released was easy. calculateing the trajectory Suzu razed her arm up in-front of her eyes to try and shield her self. arrows was almost a let down, Suzu was expecting some thing with more of an explosive effect and for it to ignight upon hitting the kido. if both arrows would collide with the Seki they would be miss-directed and sent flying off to different sides. Given how small her body was and her own speed this was highly likely.

Szuzu looked behind her at the self that was now geten eaten by the wall. (So that was her game? she layed a trap for me.) Suzu Could feel anger rizeing up in her, tho her body language did not show it. seeing one with a likeness to her beloved die in a wall was sturing her heart. it did not help things that there was such sad music being played. " This body... it wont do will it?" A child like body has a lot of limitations such as reach, high, strength,it was by far a hindrance form. its only good point being Time and energy efficiency as it took a lot less maintenance to upkeep, that and the cute innocent look that being a kid adds to things. Suzu was thinking about using her form control but shot it down as this was a opportunity to use something in a field test.

The little girl brought her hand up in front of her face blocking her right eye." Discard the pseudo-self." A hole would open up in the hand allowing her eye to be seen through its center. Black ball of energy would fill the hole as, her physical form was covered in a black coating. the coating extending and morphing into a new shape. "and let them tremble in my reality. Chrysalis"

Any one 1-2 or lower would simply stop feeling her energy at all, her reiatsu levels to them would seemingly just disappear. The black that once covered her would brake away revealing a teenage looking girl with dressings that resembles an arrancar's. to any one that could feel her spiritual presence with under advanced mental deduction she would be unlike any race they have ever seen. if advanced mental deduction she would feel almost like a Vizard but not at the same time. Anyone with a master could tell that she had successfully breaking the boundary between Hollow and Shinigami and even had a faint hint of demon in her.

Suzu punched her hand in the wall where the self have given his life. if it was still acting under Nozomi's will it would be seen trying to swallow her arm before a large chunk of the wall just turned to dust. in her right hand that she punched the wall with there was now a sword modelds after her old Zanpakutō. What Suzu has done was broke down the matter that made up the wall and converted it in to the matter that make up the sword. the dust was a by product of this. as it was leftover matter that she did not need.

the bank did not offer much free space to move in and there was also a barrier around it keeping them all sealed inside. This was not ideal as she was sure almost all the beings in here could destroy the whole building with out trying and the money with it. Energy would rise up from with in her as she snapped her fingers. Once doing so the writing that she put on the banks out sidewall would react and start spreading all over the outer structure. Given that it is all happening on the out side of the bank normal eyes would not see it. It would also take a small amount of time for the spell to complete its task. for once the markings covered the building the structure as a whole would be transported to the demon world. if this happened thru the front door you would see a flash and then the scenery changing to a desert wasteland like area.

The people who wants this job done clearly said that they did not care if we stole the whole bank itself. Suzu took that to heart and has been planning to do so from the start. the writing she had made on the outside were for this effort. to quicken the spell and fortify its strength. For now she had to buy a little time for it to complete its deed.

Using her sonido to move from place to place along with coordinating bala fire at nozomi. Suzu using her pesquisa with the speed of her mind to track nozomi's position. the bala's were not just 1 or 2 but like a machine gun as they were being shot at 60 per second. if nozomi did not keep moveing to avoid them it would be like they was coming at her from all sides as Suzu never stays still.The Bala's tho some others may get hit with them would only harm nozomi and her husband. anyone else who caught a stray bullet so it say would be unharmed. not even the building would get damaged from a shot hitting it due to her force control.

Yes Suzu was taking a ranged approach so far but as the sword indicates she wanted her opponent to move in closer. If some one tried to come in at Suzu she would spin her sword around with full force and try to deal a deep slash across the midsection of their body. Any 0 tire being so cloce to suzu would feel the effect of her aura at this descendent and slow them down by 20% as well as disrupting all others energy nearby the same. one could retain their speed by focusing their energy.

Hanako's attempt to contact suzu thru telepathy would give her a small sharp pain that would fade away right after. Suzu could not receive such types of communication as a downside of her mental barriers.

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