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Dungeons, Dragons, and Demons (Elyss/Kitarune/Arianda) - Page 3 Empty Re: Dungeons, Dragons, and Demons (Elyss/Kitarune/Arianda)

Sat May 01, 2021 6:11 pm


Dungeons, Dragons, and Demons (Elyss/Kitarune/Arianda) - Page 3 6EdIfMt

Song: Nature's Crescendo - Artist: Stardew Valley

Despite Kitarune not being terribly fond of Elyss, there had been a distinct amount of restraint that the mage had over herself at the moment. She might not have been the fondest of Elyss, but she certainly didn't want to end up killing her, especially not by accident. Thus, as she watched the woman be impaled and take the hits that she did, Kitarune's expression turned to one of concern, her hand tightening on her staff.

She averted her eyes, preparing to bolster a shield of her own as Elyss created a dust cloud of dirt and debris, but Arianda had managed to be quicker and threw up some kind of shield that protected both of them. But, just before she dispelled the defense, she felt the demon's lips press against her cheek, causing the mage to glare at her. She appreciated the gesture, but this was hardly the time or the place! Turning her attention back to where Elyss had been, she spotted the trail of blood leading away.

The mage froze in place for a moment, concerned that she had been too rough and might have injured her too much. Thankfully, Arianda was taking the initiative once again, start off after Elyss, and it didn't take Kitarune long to start moving along with her. Using her jacket, the hagaromo, she lifted off the ground, staying close, but moving fast behind her as she looked around with Ari to see where Elyss had gone.

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Dungeons, Dragons, and Demons (Elyss/Kitarune/Arianda) - Page 3 Empty Re: Dungeons, Dragons, and Demons (Elyss/Kitarune/Arianda)

Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:50 pm

ポ ス ト を 開 始

The trail of blood lead into a building, a tall building, old, cracked, and decaying with mold everywhere. Though, following this trail, it would lead towards the stairs, a broken upward arch of steps that spiraled upwards to the top of the building. However, the trail would only lead to the 10 floor before passing through the door that barely hanged on its hinges. Pushing through, one would then witness nothing spectacular, the trail ending in one of the rooms that seemed like an office. That’s when the building would shake, the redhead missing from within, but that’s because she’s not inside. Hopefully, Arianda and Kitarune felt inclined to at least check out the building because it was all a trap. As they entered and got to a certain point, a giant rock would crash into the bottom of the building, rolling through the first floor with such force that the supporting beams would break, bringing the structure down on top of the demons’ heads.

Elyss is a bit far off standing with another giant mold of brick, building, and concrete next to her. Her would from before had been patched up with her uniform, blood darkening the black fabric around her side. As if such a wound would prove enough to make her actually panic. She’s been through worse and cared less. Anyway, with the building crumbling, she moved, hiding her presence behind the ruins of the city they’re fighting in. She doesn’t like these cowardly tactics, but fighting two vs one head on wasn’t getting her anywhere. Might as well try and be a bit sneaky to see if she could find an advantage in this fight.



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