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Avant Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Iota Laho. Iota has greek origins, being the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet, but can also mean small. Laho has origins from multiple Phillipino languages, meaning eclipse but is often used in reference to the mythological eater of the moon, Bakunawa.
» Titles: Nine (Alias), Iota Asthavon
» Age: Because she became a demon through death, her age is a bit wonky. As a soul, she is 30 years old. As a human, she was 29. As a demon, she is 1 year old and some change.
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Shadowfall, Asthavon Family

» Physical Appearance Description: Due to the circumstances of her current existence, Iota's base appearance is more like a human's than your normal demons. Her age shows in this form, with her looking more like a middle-aged woman despite her white hair. Speaking of her hair, Iota has a single blonde streak going down it, for some reason that was the only remnant that wasn't altered by her conversion. The most notable feature of this form is the cross in her eyes that replaces her pupils and the two large red horns that spawn from the top of her head.

» Physical Appearance Measurements: 5'7" and 165 lbs

» Physical Appearance Image:
Iota Laho [Approved 3-4] Iota-normal

» Shifter Appearance Description: What Iota perceives to be a more stereotypical appearance for a demon. Complete with horns and odd-colored eyes, this Shifter appearance is perfect in situations in which Iota wants to keep her identity hidden or doesn't trust someone enough with her actual appearance.

» Shifter Appearance Measurements: 5'0" & 120 lbs

» Shifter Appearance Image:
Iota Laho [Approved 3-4] Will-to-live-die

I. Personality Traits

» Sexuality: Pansexual (Not really a trait perse but it does contribute to who she is a person)

» Vindictive: Yeah, this is probably a given based on the rest of this application, but Iota is an incredibly vindictive person. This was not always the case, but after she died it was something that went from being a normal human thing to skyrocketing to a point that it becomes her only reason to live.

Iota has lost all capacity to forgive people. Once she is wronged, she will do everything in her power to do the same back to that person before she can even think of rebuilding the relationship that they once had. She takes being lied to as a significant transgression now rather than a minor inconvenience, treating it like someone has said the most offensive thing possible. Her search for revenge knows no bounds, and once you end up on her shitlist it will not only be hard to get off of it but even harder to leave it unharmed. Iota's strength is rarely taken into account in her plans when it comes to revenge, only focusing on the ends rather than the means. As well, the punishments she stirs up are rarely proportional.

» Racist: Not a very complicated trait of Iota. She was killed by a demon, ripped from her life because of a demon, got caught in the middle of a war that was basically started by demons. In short, she fucking hates demons. Iota doesn't think she's better than them, hell she's the same as the trash that she hates, but she does think that all of them are just a stain on reality. This is why in her ideal world, demons do not exist.

» Cunning: A trait that has carried over from Iota's previous life. Lying to people and being perceptive and distrusting of everyone is basically ingrained into her being by this point, having worked in an industry where something of that sort was basically required to survive. At this point, Iota would consider herself a pretty good liar, to where she can sometimes trick herself with how well she can believe a lie and how well she could get into that character. In another life, there's a good chance that Iota could have become an actor rather than a businesswoman.

» Business Oriented: It's not totally correct to say that Iota is a serious person, but she's also not incredibly playful. Lying somewhere in the middle, Iota thinks that her existence is not worth it unless she gets something done. That being said, Iota is the kind of person to always have a goal to strive towards and something to keep her busy. If she doesn't then she'll find something to do.

This makes her a less than stellar person in social gatherings for the fact that she probably has something on her mind and would rather be somewhere else than where she is. This sort of mentality world most often pops up when she was in business meetings as they were always a long waste of time for basically no information is given, something that irked her the wrong way. She was under the philosophy that time is limited and thus one should spend theirs wisely, yet she was obligated to show up to these things.

» Respectful: This mainly applies to first impressions and relationships she wants to keep up. If you are able to stay on her good side then you'll most likely see her good side. Good-side Iota is just how she was when she was alive, the person that her business associates would see. The kind of person she was when she had to please some diligent eyes at parties that she just wants to please and forget later. This isn't really respect but Iota brings herself up to the standards of bearable to wear she won't cringe at her own acting nor give off the impression to people that she's faking it.

» Sinful: Now that she is a demon, Iota finds it easier to succumb to her worst features, figuring that if since she is now among some of the worst being to have ever existed, then she shouldn't hold herself to the same values and beliefs that she did as a human. What this really means is that Iota has basically lost her ability to care for her social repercussions, something that would have been important to survive in human society. On the same point, it doesn't bother her when she comes across other people that share this same trait with her, no longer surprised her.

What she finds herself most often to succumb to are Pride and Wrath. Wrath is pretty much a given when you know who Iota is as a person now, having a deep hatred for demons and anyone who wrongs her. She finds herself not above violence, however solving all her problems with murder would be pretty boring in her eyes. Pride, on the other hand, is where Iota becomes more and more impressed by her own accomplishments and fuels her ego. This happens more often than one would think since she is growing her demon abilities on a regular basis.

» Kind: Deep down, underneath all the hate and anger, Iota is a kind person with a soft spot for those who are in need, granted they aren't demons. This is probably one of the most minor things brought over from her life that still exists but has very little to do with her everyday life, however it is still notable enough to be stated.

The way that the demon most often shows her kindness is through selflessness, often giving up something that she cherishes to those that she trusts, though there are times where she may act on a random gesture of kindness as well. It's not like being nice is her first priority, but she won't go out of her way to be a dick either.

I. Character History

Iota was not always a demon. In fact, for most of her existence, she was a human, a normal one at that.

30 years ago, Iota was born as the daughter of two nobodies in America. Her father was an Italian-American and former military and her mother was part of a rich family from Greece, though the money was starting to trickling through the generations, leaving them well-off but not exactly rich by any means. Iota was given her name merely because her mother thought it sounded pretty and was unique, something that didn't require much thought and would be a theme throughout Iota's life when it came to her mother. Her father, on the other hand, did not really care what his child was named as long as he got to raise her. His time in the military sort of simplified all his outlooks on life and boiled them down to short-term satisfaction. If he would like it at the moment, then he'd most likely do it.

Though one thing the army didn't teach him was how to use a condom, so soon after she was born Iota became the eldest of 6 spread out over 15 years of her life. Growing up, it was nice. She always had someone to talk to, someone to fight, and someone who was good to rely on. However as things went on and on, they got worse and worse. Her mother and father started fighting more and more, their marriage got worse and worse, and Iota was just a bystander to the whole thing. By the time she was fifteen, her father killed himself and her mother was at the bottom of a bottle or a dumpster or a brother, Iota stopped caring by Christmas.

After that, she had to raise her siblings herself while also going to school. It was tough and she rarely got the time to actually live her life, but she did it. She went from high school into college to become a lawyer, however, that didn't work out and she ended up falling out halfway through. Luckily for her, she caught the eye of some big guy at some insurance firm and he wanted to make her his secretary. Deciding to take the chances when given, Iota went from secretary to management in a couple of months. By the time she was 25, she was on the board of directors and was on an upward slope to marry that guy that got her the job way back when.

Though everything changed two years ago. When the war started, things got rocky. Money-wise things were fine, but her family started dropping like flies. First, it was the youngest, and eventually, it led up to her. Killed by a demon in cold blood at the end of the siege of America. Iota wondered if it was just a last-ditch effort to prove a point before they lost, but in any case, Iota died. Dead as a statistic in a war she had no part of. Hell, she was just your normal everyday human trying to live day by day. Not anymore.

For some reason her soul went exceptionally fast through the reincarnation process, making her come out a week later as a demon. And Avant one at that too. Not that she knew what that meant at the time, but it was something that would define her for the rest of her new life. In the beginning, it was weird. Because demons have the ability to alter their body, it was another month and a half as a child before Iota was able to take a form she was much more used to, bring the form she has now. For a while, she was on her own but had made up her mind on what she was going to do with this new life of her: destroy those who had destroyed her. She was going to get back at the demons as a whole to atone for their transgression against humanity, but mainly her. Iota decided to take the weight of all those who couldn't fight back and avenge them, getting her revenge in the process.

A few months into her new life, Iota had run into another demon for the first time in a while. Over that break, she was trying to refine her abilities to a point that she could be confident in defending herself. However, at some point, she ran into a much stronger demon and this demon would end up overpowering her and doing some... things. It makes Iota shudder to this day, but through weird demon fuckery Iota was given the blood of an Asthavon and learned that the name of the offender was Inami. Through an attempted guilt trip, Iota was able to get this demon to help her train her abilities, which increased her progress rapidly as it allowed her to develop her Chaodis Roi into a viable weapon and made Empatia. Though it left her with a vacuum of what to do in actual combat, it refined her tools as a demon and left her a nice foundation on which she can build upon.

With these new tools, Iota has decided to enact her plan, aiming to infiltrate both Shadowfall and the Asthavon family to take out the demons at the head and then work her way down.

I. Natural Abilities

» Novice Marksman: In her life as a human, Iota had moderate ability with firearms. This was nothing serious, but she did have a pastime of going to her local shooting range when she was able to find the time to do so. She is most familiar with pistols, those being the most easily accessible for her. Her aim is semi-accurate and she's past the need of having a strict form to be accurate.

» Faker: Not really a natural ability of Iota's rather something she was given by someone else, however, there is no other place to really put this to make sure it is taken into account.

Not long ago, Iota had a run-in with the Inami Asthavon who at the time was incredibly inebriated. For reason unbeknownst to Iota, Inami on a whim had tainted Iota's blood with that of her family, making her partly an Asthavon herself. This given Iota the ability to say she's part of the family despite having no real connections outside of the blood in her veins, which means that if anyone were to want to check it would come out positive regardless. Removing this would be incredibly difficult as by this point in time it has basically mixed in with her being, but that's not to say it is impossible just that it would require some smart minds, a lot of work, and possibly some magic.

I. Equipment Section

None, for now.

I. Racial Abilities & Skills

» One With Her Ideals: Her ideal world is a world built on vengeance, something that Iota has been fueled by since the time of her death up until the current day. Because she channels this desire and has an incredibly clear picture of what she wants the shape the world around her into, her ability to summon, maintain, and alter her Chaodis Roi would maker her objectively one of the strongest Avant Demons to date. Because of this, it's also one of her biggest crutches and naturally her biggest flaw. If someone is able to make her waver from her ideals or point of view for a second, she would drop back down to an abysmally low level.

I. Ideal Powers

"I dream of a world of vengeance, where it's an eye for an eye and everyone is blind. A world with no demons, a stainless reality."

» Ideal Power: Iota's demon capabilities are still in their infancy, so currently she is only able to manifest a singular power though she's become skilled at doing so. This power is, thematically, vengeance. This also includes aspects of it, such as rage, hatred, anger, atonement, and retribution. She also has innate counter-demon measures that stem from her seething hate for the entire race.

» Ideal Abilities: Most of the abilities that focus on the hate and vengeance portion can be found in Neos Revival.
» Grande Amore, Grande Dolore: A passive ability. Using the aspect of both vengeance and redemption and Chaodis Roi, Iota is able to turn her hate into fuel that will keep her going on for as long as she desires, granted that she feeds the beast that lies inside of her. Basically, for the damage and pain that Iota brings upon others, she heals and feels pleasure in that same amount. This does not negate her frailness or durability of her physical form For when there is great love, there is great pain, and where there is hate there is love to counter it. Granted, this is a love for herself, but a love nonetheless.

One of the biggest problems with this skill is that it scales off the damage done and pain, so if she has a high level of Durability then it will start to become more and more ineffective as she starts to resist more and more. It is important that she finds a good balance of durability and her defenses to use this skill effectively.

» Senza Amore: Loveless, another passive ability that uses Iota's hate for demons and pinpoints it into an incredibly useful skill that can be utilized to achieve her goal. By applying the reality of the destruction of demons to her abilities, most of her skills and techniques that rely on Chaodis Roi are 50% more effective against demons. This mainly allows her to still have an offensive to rely on if she catches herself in a pinch, but also enables an easier accomplishment of her goals towards her ideal world. Because Metria spells are rooted in each Avant's ideal world, this applies to them as well, but not Root spells.

On the same plane, demonic abilities are only 2/3 effective on her when it comes to effects and abilities. This especially comes in handy with magic as it allows her to fight magic-heavy demons and fight them for longer. This does not affect things such as skill checks, though if she were to fail those she would still be able to resist the in character effects of those things. The damage reduction is percentage based and happens post-buffs for the other character, so even if they double their damage it would still only do 66% of that double.

This is effective against all sub-species of demons, but not hell beasts or Rakshasa who have combined with their hell beasts.

» Aggressore fallito: Failed Agressor. Because her powers are based on vengeance and revenge, Iota is physically unable to be an aggressor in combat. When she tries to raise a hand against a docile enemy, her body will freeze in place. The more that she tries to fight it the more active their restriction becomes, from breaking bones to death. Death only happens if she comes in contact with said person, though if the person walks into her fist then it is seen as self-harm rather than Iota actively attacking them.
» Ideal Techniques: N/A

I. Metria Spellcraft

Metria Spell Name: Fine
Metria Incantation: None
Metria Spell Abilities: A Metria spell that finds its roots in the source of Iota's anger, rage, hate, and vengeance. Upon speaking the spell, all those who hear it, including Iota herself, are washed with the feeling and experience of death. Everyone who is under the effects of this spell will, at that moment, go through the same experience that Iota went through when she died. They go through the pain, the shock, the emotions, the dread, the realization that their life is coming to an end. It's one thing to experience that over time, but since Iota was killed quickly, all these effects happen almost instantly and at the same time. Using Metria, these are also amplified to an acute point, where even some of the most strong-willed people will still feel a shudder, but those who are weak (Beginner or lower in Willpower) are likely to just die from the shock. It is not guaranteed but is likely.

Metria Spell Name: Vendicatrice
Metria Incantation: None
Metria Spell Abilities: Through focusing on a point that the user can see within 10 meters, this spell will fling them there at high speeds. This acts much like a base level Shunpo or other racial equivalents, however, it isn't physically restricted. Anything on the person follows them, so if the caster is bound they will still be bound but now 10 meters away. There is no limit on how often this can be used in succession, only be determined by the metria limits of the caster.

I. Root Spellcraft

Root Spell Name: Chaos Ball
Root Spell Incantation: Be the score upon which reality is written...
Root Spell Abilities: A simple offensive spell that takes the Metria from within the user and manifests it into a ball. The size varies depending on the user, with a novice forming one no bigger than their palm and a master being able to make one the size of a pickup truck. It is fired shortly after forming in a straight line and explodes on contact.

For some odd reason, people liken it to a shinigami spell.

Root Spell Name: Apostle Wall
Root Spell Incantation: Present these men, so I may lay hands...
Root Spell Abilities: After clapping their hands together, red lightning shoots out of the hands of the caster and begins altering the ground beneath their feet, raising it around them to make a 360-degree wall of whatever material they were standing on, with jagged corners pointed outwards.

Root Spell Name: Mad Villain
Root Spell Incantation: Release all ethics, abandon every code...
Root Spell Abilities: A spell that fills the target with Metria, enhancing their physical parameters. The target is designated by the user's left hand making contact with them and requires itself to be recast if it wants to be used on multiple people. Increased Strength, Speed, and Durability by 0.5x and lasts for 3 posts per cast.

Root Spell Name: Miracle
Root Spell Incantation: Release all ethics, abandon every code...
Root Spell Abilities: Simple spell. Allows the user to fly, though it's more accurate to say "hover". Works similarly to other spiritual races but allows for more novice demons a quicker way to access the same tools that everyone else has.

Root Spell Name: Daunted Horizon
Root Spell Incantation: Light, darkness, pain, pleasure, life, death. The dualities converge at one point, and like everything, it will break. As above, so below.
Root Spell Abilities: The caster's metria is sent out in the air around them, sticking to everything, even the atoms of the air. Then, the metria gets heavier and drags everything it's attached to the ground. This even affects the caster, however, if they're standing they can fight against this as can others caught in range.

Speaking of range, this spell goes out as far as a 15 meters radius. The effects of this spell scale, meaning that the strength of the weight will always be enough to bring a person to their knees unless they resist it regardless of size.

Root Spell Name: Split Impact.
Root Spell Incantation: N/A
Root Spell Abilities: A physical enhancing buff that can be turned into a weapon in the right hands. At its fundamentals, it applies metria into the muscles to amplify them, however, this often spreads the body's metria pool thin. Those who have a good grasp on how to use their metria can pinpoint this to a single point on their person and turn it on or off at will.

The overall buff increases strength and durability by half a tier while active, though the short burst increases strength by 4 times its normal output or durability by double its normal output. The burst cannot do both at the same time, however.

Root Spell Name: Gemaga
Root Spell Incantation: N/A
Root Spell Abilities: Directing metria to the fingertips of the caster, they can then solidify it and weave it into a gem crude in shape roughly the size of their palms. These gems by themselves have no real purpose but can act as a catalyst for Avant Gauge to store effects into or as a one-time use for spells.

Root Spell Name: Total Conversion
Root Spell Incantation: N/A
Root Spell Abilities: Expands the avant's natural ability to convert other demons to their race by expanding the pool to any race. By injecting the target with their metria to the point that they're overflowing, the metria will cling onto their soul like a virus and then fuses with it and rewrites them. If used on a non-demon in any capacity it becomes an incredibly painful process for both parties and the target requires a week of healing before they can function at the capacity they were at previously. For demon adjacent races such as hybrids or hell beasts, they just feel the pain but otherwise can function normally following the procedure.

Requires OOC consent to be used on PCs (or staff approval under special circumstances). Outside of that, it can be used for plot reasons as well.

I. Neos Revival

Neos Títlos: Dio Della Vendetta, God of Vengeance

Neos Fasi: Le tue lacrime mi daranno gioia (Your tears will give me joy)

Appearance: In Iota's Neos Revival form, her eyes glow a deep blue and her sclera turn black. Along with that, a pair of ethereal wings appear behind her and hover 20 cm from her back. These wings are turquoise in color, though closer to the blue that her eyes are, and have a feather-style that mimics modern-day angels.

I. Neos Revival Powers/Abilities

» Empatia Minore: Empathy, probably one of the ultimate forms of vengeance in the way that Iota utilizes it against those who dare wrong her, at least physically anyway. In its lowest form, Empathy Minor, takes 10% of the damage that Iota is the receiver is and sends it back to the originator as long as they are within the able parameters of her reality and Iota can realistically target them. Fatal blows will still apply this effect, but death blows will not. If Iota is not conscious this ability does not proc, making her most vulnerable in her sleep.

In Miden Break, this becomes 25%.

» Vendicami con me: Avenge with Me, a skill that allows a bit more flexibility within the rules that most Avant demons abide by. Where it's assumed that most Avant demons place down their ideal reality around them, leaving it in a fixed space that they have the freedom to traverse through, because of the nature of many of Iota's abilities her reality works a bit differently.

Using half scaling that the rest of the race uses unless stated otherwise in later releases, the field in which constitutes Iota's reality follows her around with the measurements after calculation being a radius rather than a diameter. What this means is that for every ability she has that requires an enemy to be in range on in her reality, as long as they are close enough to her to be in the range of her reality field they will be affected. In theory, she doesn't even have to see the person if they are in her range and she has a general idea of where they are and have seen them.

II. Enas Break

» Empatia Maggiore: The point in which Empatia starts to take a front seat in Iota's moveset. There's nothing really of note to talk about here except that Iota has started to become more in-tune with her ideal world and thus can draw for its power at a higher level. This now has a percentage of 50%, meaning that half of the damage she takes is done upon the offender.

» Certezza: Some people hate the world, some people had just one person. In Iota's case, it varies depending on the situation, however who she should direct her wrath at is always up in the air. With this skill, however, it becomes much easier to pick a target to direct a world's worth of negative emotion towards.

Basically, either upon entering this break or at any point after, Iota can pick one person within range of her ideal world and label them as the "Nemesis", named for the sake of mechanics. This target takes double the amount of damage that they normally would from Iota and no other source. On the flip side, she can no longer attack anyone who is not this marked nemesis, and for the sake of large area moves those who are not marked simply are not affected. For example, if she were to pick a mark and then drop a bomb on them while they were surrounded, only the Nemesis would die.

If the Nemesis leaves the range of Iota's world, the mark is dropped and she must wait for 2 posts before picking a new one. If the mark is defeated, then the cooldown is negated and another one can be assigned almost immediately following.

III. Dýo Break

» Empatia Assoluta: The highest level of Empatia. Increases the scaling of Empatia to 100%, meaning that all damage dealt onto her is reflected back on the attacker as long as they are within range. This does not mean to say that she does not take any damage, as she still very well bleeds while in Dyo break, but just that those who are caught in her field and hit her will feel that same level of damage and pain. This does not happen if she is knocked unconscious or is killed, and effects such as being frozen in ice or stunned would not be sent back, making her prone to status effects and burst damage.

» Certezza: Martire: An addon to the Certezza ability gained in her previous form, however, it now gains two new effects. The first effect and the simplest one is that Certezza no longer only uses the damage from Iota on the Nemesis, rather it applies to everyone in the field. This can be a blessing or a curse, as it means everyone within the field can only attack this one person and any other sort of fighting is pretty much null and void. Those other than her only have a 25% increase to the damage they deal rather than the 120% that Iota now gets in this form as to make things fair, though if there is a numbers advantage on Iota's side then it makes fights against stronger enemies much easier.

However, this effect also works in reverse of allies of the Nemesis, making it that they can only deal damage to Iota and not her allies, sort of strongarming her into a front-line position.

The second effect that is added is that all damage is staggered, meaning that damage to Iota and the Nemesis is not immediate. Being delayed by one posting round, once someone is hit they will not feel any of the effects until the next time they post. This is meant to allow for some leeway and saves both Iota and her target from being one-shot almost immediately after being marked assuming she's in this form.

All in all, this gives Certezza an overall buff, but at a cost.

I. Skill Sheets

Avant Demon Skill Sheet
  • Metria Circuits: Adept
  • Thirio Amyna: Untrained
  • Avant Gauge: Beginner
  • Chaodis Roi: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept


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Adding in both of these from my bursts.
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