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Not My Vice (Hanako/Elyss) - Page 2 Empty Re: Not My Vice (Hanako/Elyss)

Thu Mar 18, 2021 2:29 pm

ポ ス ト を 開 始


She’s done it again. Once more, someone has tried to become something more for her than what they were. Once more, she has ripped out those growing roots and left nothing but upturned soil. It’s her charm, her quirk, and her pain. However, she doesn’t feel as hurt as she had thought she would have. If anything, it’s more like a weight off her chest. No longer does she feel burdened with trying to understand how she feels or how Hanako feels. It’s all become dreadfully clear, and maybe, it’s that clearness that’ll strengthen their bond, or, as another might put it, drift them away in opposite directions. Still, the redhead can’t deny that Hanako had grown from this little experience. Maybe she has as well. She can’t tell, but it’s nice seeing Hanako struggle with her emotions and finally come to a conclusion.

An olive branch, huh? She has a lot of them now, and only time will tell if she ends up growing an orchard or burning down a forest. Whelp. Best not waste anymore time with this then. They both have work left to do. Still, she couldn’t help but smile, a refreshing sight. It’s not everyday that Elyss puts on such a true and simple expression.

“Chin up, soldier. Maybe one day we’ll find ourselves relaxing under a palm tree, watching the day tick by, second by second. But, for now, we each have our own roads to walk down.”

Rising from her seat, Elyss would only give Hanako a brief flash of her teeth, a smile more surreal than the last, but in that same second, it’s gone as she turns her back on the Vice Captain. To the door she’d walk, stopping for a second, just in case Hanako had any more words. However, she would not respond to any of them and simply walk out to return to her duties.



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Not My Vice (Hanako/Elyss) - Page 2 Empty Re: Not My Vice (Hanako/Elyss)

Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:10 am

The Big Woman

Hanako Yamada

Not My Vice (Hanako/Elyss) - Page 2 6EdIfMt

Suddenly Hanako couldn't help but smile her crooked smile when she saw Elyss' smile. It was a rare pleasure.
A day under a palm tree, letting it tick away without doing anything? Sounded wonderful.

"Some peace and quiet?" Hanako asked. In her mind appeared the visit to the Onsen.
"Count me in."

Who could say if that really would happen? Maybe...maybe not. Time would tell. But for now, this was where they were at: Hanako watching Elyss' back as she walked out the door. Even though she knew they would probably run into each other again every now and then, it felt like a farewell of sorts. Because it was exactly that.

After Elyss was gone Hanako sat down again and looked at the reports again, without really seeing them. Instead, before her inner eye, there was a question: How the hell was she supposed to feel about all this?

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