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Sun May 23, 2021 11:53 pm

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Artist: SilvaGunner - Song: Hip Shop

Something was odd, something was off.

Her wits and instincts were sharply yelping at the corners of her mind, keeping her obscenely aware of what was going on around and on her. She didn't have time to fully process everything, those thoughts merely getting a pin in it, as she had a bunch of infinitely more squishy and allergic-to-certain-death creatures to protect who were embraced by her larger form's wings. Her eyes were squeezed shut, feeling something or someone pressed against her side, and feeling a lot of very non-human appendages occasionally brushing at her body. She didn't have time to look, she just silently hoped the protective measures would work.

Of course it shattered - she didn't have enough time to ensure it'd be secure enough for how large a group she had under her protection, especially between having to get away from the thing and warn whatever amount of the squad she managed to get together. She heard the violent howls of winds around them, feeling their unforgiving lashes upon her body. She remained steadfast however, her self bent on protecting what remained - she had suffered worse for less. She remained her embracive stance until she no longer felt the elements beat on her, opening her eyes and immediately rearing her head to look at whoever was below her, catching a look at a very much not human swarm of tendrils coating the group.

Calypso didn't panic, she could tell who (or what) it was pretty quickly, despite the odd form, making a quick check to make sure they were alright. However her relief wouldn't be enough to mitigate a particularly powerful emotion she felt in the moment - Pure anger.

When we're safe, I have a lot of questions for you.

She very clearly and directly transmitted the thought to Ky'rin, before her form shrank back down to that of her previous appearance, though the air around her felt far more intense than before, as she took in the sheer destruction of the area around them. Her mind was running through what she had learned of this demon... Alvah, what that familiar said, the sensation she felt before the explosion went off, why the explosion happened.

Bastard wants to act like a filthy animal? Fine. I'll treat him like one.

A sensation flowed through her as she put things together, spite for this demon hot in her blood as Omega 3 approached them, her gaze constantly searching the area for details and bits, as if she was deep in thought for a moment or few.

"...Glutton... Taking things and spitting them back out..."

That main familiar's behavior was the strangest out of all of them, as if it were being directly controlled. It referred to her by name - whoever this 'Alvah' was knew about her, which obviously wasn't a stretch, but he had to at least have been around Demon World long enough to do so, or had ties to Shadow Fall. Both combined with their current actions were more than enough to justify what she wished to do to the culprit.


She let out a short breath as she called to the group, reaching a hand in a 'stop' motion. A better look at the woman would show that her body took damage, however the darkened spaces were already healing. She was not even a quarter ways to poor shape, but she certainly got a hit from that encounter.

"Those definitely were familiars, or some other kind of creation - not free-thinking creatures. We're only dealing with one real guy from what I can tell, which is bad since if he's capable of pulling off this big of a move, he must at least be competent and pretty strong. Definitely room for worry, and all the more reason for us to work together."

Her gaze sharpened, her furious emotions obvious yet used to fuel her as she went on,

"Demons have certain things that fuel their power. In this instance.. I think this guy takes energy from things or others, and deals it back in some way. I'm not one-hundred percent sure but, if we're going to have any success, best not to throw big energy attacks at them until we have a better grasp on how this 'Alvah' guy works - just to be absolutely safe."

Her gaze flicked between both remnants of each squad, "Unless you're strong or smart enough to outdo and directly attack a powerful bastard, I greatly suggest directing efforts to backing us up, go for anything on the ground that would want to screw us up. I don't want more people dying to this jackass."

Venomous anger spiced her voice with that last insult - she certainly had more to say about such a miserable creature, but there was no time. Her hands curling tightly into fists, turning to face the distant battle. It was a tragedy all over again - she almost smelled the stench of burning bodies and the stark heat of hell all around her all over again, ghosts of the past whispering in her ears.

For this insult on their grave, you will pay dearly.

"...It may not mean much from me, but.. Stay sharp, stay alive. We can get through this."

Her anger momentarily subsided to give way to another sensation, that of compassion and earnest, before she walked along with them towards the danger.

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Thu May 27, 2021 11:04 pm
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I will most likely not answer them.

Ky'rin responded to Calypso's statement with denial as it slowly started to slink itself back into the form that people were most comfortable with, and one that it had grown attached to. The mass of black tendrils, goop, various organs, and suspicious lights would eventually take the form of the androgynous Ky'rin once again. However, there appeared to be scrapes and bruises all over it now, the explosion that it just tanked presumably the cause of these things. It stared at Calypso curiously as she began explaining the situation, though roughly halfway through Ky'rin remembered those that it had shield and direct its attention to them.

Walking up to Loukas, Ky'rin extended out a hand. There was no need for it to open its mouth in the situation as its intentions were clear: concern. Ky'rin wondered if he was okay, physically anyways. The subject of mental matters was, ironically, outside of Ky'rin expertise or understanding. Hell, even if fear was plastered on his face, there was a strong chance that Ky'rin was going to dismiss it. Either way, there was an interest in the boy's wellbeing, despite the odd treatment that it received earlier. Perhaps caring for another was something that broke racial boundaries, something that was just ingrained into every existence.

Or maybe Ky'rin was slipping, becoming more and more human by the day. Truly a terrifying thought, one that would not end well if it came to fruition.

Anyways, like the rest of them, it waited to see what was going to happen next.


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Tue Jun 01, 2021 9:47 pm
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Saisei Satō | Lookin' For His Place In Life

This was quite the mess, it seemed. Many of the members of Bravo 1 were wiped from the face of the earth with little effort used. Not just that, it was clear that from the state of the battlefield in general, it was far from any different in regards to the other two squads. Saisei's original mission was clearly a failure, from here he could only follow a single directive. Those around him needed to make it out alive from here on out.

That being said, there wasn't much Bravo squad to do on its own, their members and Omega squad's linking up was a god send at this point. The Vandenreich had suffered massive casualties among all three groups it seemed, not to mention that the main objective of the mission was far from complete. It wasn't hard to discern that the grotesque monster that spewed itself along the battlefield was just a puppet, as were the bats that came with it. Omega knew something that Bravo clearly didn't, Saisei would take any info they could give.

"Ah... No chance at a little breather, huh?"

Before Saisei could motion for the group to move without concern, Calypso began a rant that was... well, useless frankly. Nothing she said would effect the outcome of the intel Omega had on the situation at hand. Not to mention, if the pig from before wasn't the real problem they surely had more than 'big energy attacks' to be worried about. Nevertheless, for his lack of interest he let the girl speak without interruption. Once she made her points clear, he turned towards Loukas and the little one before motioning for them to follow through with Omega's request.

"As of now, we don't really have a choice. Stay together and keep an eye on one another's backside. Last thing we need is to get lost in the chaos."

Though Saisei took damage from the prior explosion, it's effects weren't anything to really worry about. Singed hair and torn clothing wasn't a concern of his, the young recruit working his way towards the front of Omega squad. He wasn't one for words with the current state of things. What would talking solve?

Seemed like the three squads would take what they had left and become one. One job, one group. A lot simpler at the end of the day. The real question was if they had enough left in the tank in regards to man power to get the job done. Saisei and the crew would find out soon enough, especially with Omega leading them to their potential doom.

"Lets make it out of this mess alive."

END POST | Hoping For A Clear Future

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