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Sun Jun 20, 2021 6:30 am
The Earth and the Heavens [Arcadia, Helle] Azura

Arcadia of the Clear Skies

Standing on the tallest point she could find, Arcadia's eyes scanned over the landscape. All aspects had their purpose and while she was unsatisfied with her own, the great opponent it was ultimately something she would learn to be content with. One thing that stuck out though was Shirohime, she did seem extremely important to Mazda but Arcadia could not discern why that was.

"I'm overthinking it, surely."

Still, the enigmatic individual having such influence on both sides of the coin that was God and Man did bother her. She had no aspect, she was not changed to either of them and yet they seemed thoroughly entwined with her.

"Whatever. Preparations are needed."

The danava slipped off the rooftop and sunk back down to the Earth. Wandering back through the halls of the Vandenreich while still lost in thought. It was hard to guess what Ahura Mazda was up to but she was his servant so she didn't exactly care. Whatever happened to this demon didn't evoke an iota of care from Arcadia of the Clear Skies.


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Sun Jun 20, 2021 7:02 am

The Earth and the Heavens [Arcadia, Helle] ZnehDGG

Helle Armstrong

One issue begets another. You can solve the lack of practicality in the process of moving information around, but you can’t keep your errand boy from catching a fever. Today is not the day. With Jefferson City, Ahura Mazda and Cyrus, Vastime’s state, Claudia, and the sudden news revolving the disappearance, and possible death, of Ulv Aubur, Helle has her hands busy handling everything. She has all hands on deck though, all that is allowed her, but even with such a force at her disposal, she still finds herself understaffed. Considering the poor state of The Vandenreich when she had first joined, expecting to not fall short in some departments would have been foolhardy. They are growing, but not fast enough to keep up with the shit storm that is their world.

What she doesn’t need right now is to see another blonde traversing the halls as she is hurriedly moving on her way. On instinct, her eyes began to waver, their emeralds fading into a pale yellow as she felt the other being residing in her mind resonate with the pest that had slithered its way into Arcadia’s psyche. Something had irked Helle when she had first felt another being like herself come into existence. She didn’t like it, particularly because it was Mazda’s doing, and that entity is something she is not entirely down to Earth with just yet. That is why she had busied herself with work, work and taking care of Cyrus when she can. It kept her mind busy from having to actually deal with Mazda, or anyone related with him. Cyrus, that fool of a man, is the only one with a pass, simply because of their relationship and his condition.

Hopefully, she will be allowed to pass by with her papers without any complications. She has yet to speak with Arcadia, but after everything, it may be best if they continue on their own way. But, what’s best for them is always what’s good for them.

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