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Sun Sep 18, 2022 5:55 pm
(‘To Drown a Strawberry (Tier/Ichigo) - Page 3 UGCeMSJ

Tier Harribel | The Shark of Hueco

There are times where one is lost in their own world, consumed by thoughts and memories. Tier is feeling something of the sort, despite the situation. Her mind's gone, reminiscing her time with her family. She even found herself going back to the short moments with the other Espada. They were all different from one another, yet they had become something of a family, rotten as some proved to be. Slowly, she came to realize Ichigo again, knowing that he had made some form of commitment. It seems he is fine with his decision. He is okay with becoming the enemy. Maybe if she had enough power, she could have stopped him, but she can feel him putting his all into his next attack. Honestly, she didn't care what he had decided in the end. All she wanted was to see him chase his dreams with his heart, his whole heart. He may now be a Hollow, but he must remember that he is first and will always be, Ichigo Kurosaki.

That's why she found herself pouring all she has into her blade, watching glow with an intensity it never had to glow with before. She'll greet him with all she had, even if futile. Though, she dove with a heavy sigh, her blade coming before her as her energy hugged her body and spiraled like a drill. However, as she clashed with his attack, she found herself consumed by darkness, a sudden ray of pure white light scorching her eyes, body, soul, and mind.

'So, this is your answer, Kurosaki.'

The explosion that followed shook Hueco Mundo, her pata falling to the ground first, her right arm following it, blood spraying from the disconnected limb. As her weapon crumbled from the damage it took, one would see a ball of wispy smoke falling towards the sands, crashing unceremoniously. Tier laid there, her body steaming. She couldn't see, couldn't speak, couldn't hear. She couldn't even feel pain from the multiple lacerations all around her body. Her right leg, gone, disintegrated. Death seemed to be nearing. However, a small smile appeared on her face, an understanding clear to her.

She's glad to have helped him at least. She knows he'll make the right decision when the time comes. Now, she's tired, so let her rest for a bit. The darkness is actually a bit soothing.

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To Drown a Strawberry (Tier/Ichigo) - Page 3 Empty Re: To Drown a Strawberry (Tier/Ichigo)

Sun Sep 18, 2022 6:06 pm
To Drown a Strawberry (Tier/Ichigo) - Page 3 NNa7nnG


Ichigo felt emptier than he ever had. But he knew he shouldn't have expected anything else, and as he left his Resurreccion, his expression was only pained. He wasn't happy to have done this, and he went down to the ground below to meet his friend and opponent.

What could he say? Nothing, really. He knew words were pointless after a clash such as that. Ichigo knew he ought to get her somewhere safer, somewhere that she could actually get help. What could he do, after all? Not terribly much.

As he stepped onto the desert sands, he simply clenched one hand, before turning and opening a descorrer. He'd bring her somewhere else, somewhere other than here.

And then he had things he needed to do.

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