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Wed Nov 23, 2022 6:07 pm
Hanako Yamada : Tento's oldest and most dearest friend. Meeting the strong and stric Hanako during his fist year at Shin'o Academy, their relationship started as a rough rivalry holding emotions of assumptions and egg shells. Over time of exchanging words (and blow) the clarity of ideas about one another was cleared; giving a raise to a mentor - mentee relationship that grew to a friendship before Hanako graduated. Unknown or not, there is a bubble of gentle emotions held within Tento to Hanako. One that is beyond his causal teasing/flirting that he is trying to figure out what to do with.

Laskt : (Former) 3rd seat of the 4th division. Interaction has been short and straight only really mission wise. One, an introduction of the division and self assessment of Tento's protentional as a warrior out of Shino Academy.

Amon : One of Tento's newest friends. A fellow comrade of the 4th division. A man wishing to grow like Tento, the two have established a friendly working relationship.

Henrex : Captain of 5th division covert operations and teacher within Shino Academy. Primarily known from Tento's time at Shino taking accelerated Zanjustu classes. Over the years in his classes, Tento has grown to greatly respect Henrex's skill with the sword.

Edelo : A human Tento had met during the co-operated tournament. A serious man's man with heart and guts! Just the type a person Tento believes he can fight alongside and respect. He hopes to see more of the man and that all is well in these trying times.

Lerna : 4th seat of the 7th division. A curvy well toned woman with a kick ass attitude. A substitute Shinigami that Tento had done a mission with while stationed in the world of the living one time. So far she seems to be a very chill person.

Cala : A strange arrancar with...concerning abilities. The power to impact memories, she is remember both for delivering a serious blow to Tento while being caught off guard, and for putting him a serious emotional trial that he had to overcome. She...somewhat has his thanks for this, and an odd view of her existence.

Nao : A loud short stack with an even bigger presence. This firecracker that has a hard look to pass on and a drive that is astonishing to be honest. Although their first meeting was far less in the regards of appreciated in Tento's eyes, her martial art skills is something to be respected. He has a bit of a rough opinion of her due to that situation.

Arkin: Former Captain of the 4th division before Tento's arrival. He had not gotten the chance to personally meet the man, but he is frightening in his strength and from what Tento was able to tell, an alright guy.

Amaranta : A fiery Lioness Arrancar that Tento once thought was interesting. Focus of power and competition seemed to be her string of life with no focus towards harming others just to do so. But due to her recent actions of siding with the Africatastrophe invaders, he has aimed to be the one to shut her down if she ever shows her face again and causes destruction to that level.

Solomon : A Quincy Tento met during the early stages of the Africatastrophe ground zero response. A tough man who is an irregular amongst Quincies as a sword user. A warrior on the field of battle that Tento holds a high level of respect for.

Igendai: A fellow Shinigami of the Gotie United that Tento met in response to the first wave of hollows within Africatastrophe. A strong warrior specializing in hakudo, cool person.

Moe : A new member of the 4th division that Tento found out about during the co event of the Seaside tournament. After cheering her on in her match Tento got the chance to know her a little bit more after throwing a welcoming party and working with her in a spar alongside Vice Captain Rio against Captain Kanae. There is one thing for sure, CHICK GOT HEART!!!

Wakaba: ...that person
To say the least. A former member of the Gotei 13 that refused to join the reformed Gotei United. Tento's encounter with her left a bitter taste in his mouth after a shouting contest. He has no desire to interact with her and hopes she keeps her criticism of the Gotei United out of his way if she will not do anything about it. She is far too stuck in old days long passed.

Hiroe : Once Junior now a fellow member of the Gotei United. Hiroe is a pretty woman who Tento has befriended, a causal mentor big brother dynamic in his eyes with her. They both have a long way to grow in their service to the Gotei United but he is proud of her progress so far,

Rio, Shihoin : Co Vice Captain of the 4th division. A powerful and dedicated warrior with insane endurance that is matched by her beauty. Friendly demeanor but a bad note with Tento due error of judgement during a sparing match between them. He has yet to find a way to make it up to her.

Beetle : A bubbly outgoing women of the 8th division. Tento has not had many chances to speak with her. Not much known beside the tank level of strength she can gush out with ease.

Kaminari : 4th seat of the 2nd division. A...uneasy relationship in the terms to how they work. She does not trust him due to a failure of controlling his inner hollow as well as informing her that he was a vizard. He is stiff around her and feels a bit of shame of letting her down.

Kanae : Current Captain (4th division). Straightforward but professional. Polite and yet off putting. Stern and disciplined. Ex- criminal and an original Captain of the 1st Gotei 13, Tento has had not many interactions with his latest Captain but they all have been pleasant. She is strong, reliable, and a good leader by all accounts. Her killing aura just sends bad vibes to him and yet he can't say why they get along as well as one would expect.

Shura The 3rd seat of the 4th. Merciless and Psychopathic good ways to describe her, but she is a strong warrior and has been a good sparring partner. They have a good working relationship. Stunning woman but perhaps a weee crazy in intensity.

Nanashi : Another new member of the 4th division. A bombastic hourglass tomboy, she is the new 20th seat right out of graduation. Givern the same happened to Tento he wishes her well and give aid whenever appropriate. Maybe hang out too.

Natasha : A Quincy he met in the downtime of the Seaside event. After witnessing her match against his newly appointed Captain, Kanae. He was curious to seek out this feminine warrior. She was a showstopper to say in way with the character and bravado she showed. She seemed a chill person, attractive too. She did give some warning to watch out for his Captain though...

J. : A superior that responded first to the sudden attack at the hole in Africa after a perimeter was set up. Tento has not talked to the man and has only met him that one time.

Kizuna : Currently truly unknown. Arrancar engaged in combat upon a sudden attack on the perimeter of the hole in Africa. Questions of if this Hollow is tied to the hollows or independent. The signature was tracked by Tento later with no success of locating the source within Brazil

Safira : Speaking of, upon entering the domain Tento encountered a being that called this territory hers. Cautious and prying was their interaction. And for some reason, he felt sick after leaving the area and making his report.

Mizu :
Vice Captain of the 2nd division. A new generation Shinigami as Tento who graduated a bit before him. Personal interactions between the two of them have been somewhat few, but her reputation precedes her and he has heard nothing but good things. This has continued to be the same in getting to know her more personally. A smart and extreme handworker by all merits

Lukas : WIP

Arianda : WIP

Ikari : WIP

Hyosuke : WIP

Ojo : WIP

Hana : A sweet innocent cinnamon roll that needs support and time to grow. He hopes her life gets better

Khaana : WIP

Hannah :

[url=Yuuki][/url] : Newish member of the 4th division. Appointment to the 9th seated position but for how long not known by Tento. Yuuki has just come back from vacation to a shaken-up 4th division. Smart, short with words, and a bit sarcastic

Armina : An old member of the 4th that Tento had gotten to finally meet. The 4th seat of their division, she is a blue haired beauty much like Shura, but has a higher layer of violence and bloodlust common within the females of the 4th that is higher than normal. Be as it may she is a sociable lady and chill and has gotten on with good terms with Tento so far.

Ranma : Animated...and strange

Rei Hara : WIP

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