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Tue May 09, 2023 5:19 am
Homewrecker (Elyss/Murasaki) - Page 3 6rJcRB5

Tenmarin | Blood

"It's not hers," Tenmarin spoke, turning her back to Murasaki. "Don't you remember how you received your swords. It wasn't you, but her. Due to the complications of your soul, her energy was enough to awaken the dormant power inside of you, but of course you couldn't control it. I was born first and decided to control it for you, but it was just a matter of time before you learned how to wield that power."

Elyss understood Tenmarin for the most part. She even remembered that particular evening where she had brought her Ausachi to Ulv and the next day that came where she suddenly had two swords. It wasn't her that had bonded with those swords, but that didn't answer how Ulv was able to bond with her Zanpakuto for her, unless... Realization dawned on Elyss' face but something like that's as rare as they come. Tenmarin, however, nodded her head.

"You two shared a soul. In fact, this sword in my hand is the remnants of that soul, a foreign entity inside of you that Ulv also had. Ulv was the reincarnation of some woman named Mirja, and somehow her soul was mixed with yours. This isn't a fight just to beat a Hollow. It's a fight to prove you no longer need any help to be the woman you want to be."

"Now, shall we begin."

Tenmarin suddenly lunged, her sword rising to pierce right through Elyss' chest. However, the redheaded Captain instinctly dodged, stepping back with wide eyes at the sudden act of aggression. Without a sword of her own, she could do little to stop Tenmarin's advances. Retreating wouldn't help, so she suddenly dug her heels into the ground, moving out the way of that large sword before stepping into Tenmarin's space and punching the Hollow. The strength of the punch was enough to lift the rampaging spirit free from the ground towards Murasaki, but Tenmarin easily spun in the air, brandishing her sword in preparation for anything the Captain Commander may do.

END POST | Crimson
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Tue May 09, 2023 9:34 pm
Homewrecker (Elyss/Murasaki) - Page 3 WuN0REi

Hearing that suddenly made a lot of things all piece together in Murasaki's head. Not just any misunderstandings about the zanpakuto in question, but the situation itself here. This was a zanpakuto belonging to someone who wasn't here at all, a parasite.

It had to go, and as Tenmarin flew toward Murasaki, she understood that Elyss had sent her toward her for a reason. There were plenty of things she could do here, plenty of zanjutsu techniques that would have probably cut down an enemy like this in an instant. But just cutting it down wasn't enough. This was an anomaly in the cycle, something she couldn't just let go through.


Spiritual pressure erased. Presence erased. Nothing but the self, the blade, and the enemy. Tenmarin's blade was raised, but that didn't matter to Murasaki. After all, she knew better than anyone that a Zanpakuto's blade was itself. She stepped forward to meet Tenmarin, her sheer speed making flash steps unnecessary, and her blade cut toward the hollow without any hesitation or down.


The cut that attacked one's very being, which cut before the wound had even opened. She would erase this sword without any hesitation.

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